The Best Activity Tracker for Kids: Fitness Tracking

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Best Activity Tracker For Kids
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Activity trackers have become essential tools for monitoring and encouraging physical activity, and they’re not just for adults. Kids can benefit greatly from activity trackers that make fitness fun and engaging. These devices often come with colorful designs and interactive features tailored to younger users, such as virtual rewards or games that require movement to play. Just as adults use activity trackers to monitor steps, sleep, and heart rate, kids’ activity trackers can offer similar functionalities but with extra durability and age-appropriate interfaces.

With the rise in screen time and sedentary lifestyles, it’s increasingly important to find ways to motivate children to stay active. Kids’ activity trackers add a layer of excitement to daily activities and can help parents monitor their child’s fitness levels. Plus, they’re designed with child-friendly features, such as waterproofing, to withstand the rough and tumble play that’s typical for the age group.

When looking for the best activity tracker for a child, it’s essential to consider factors like ease of use, durability, battery life, and privacy settings. The design should appeal to children, but also be secure enough to not easily fall off or get damaged. It’s also important to evaluate the tracking features and whether they are relevant and understandable for children. Some trackers offer educational insights about exercise and health, which can be beneficial for developing long-term healthy habits.

As we navigate the expanding market of kids’ activity trackers, we look for products that balance fun, form, and function. A great tracker for kids should not only measure activity but also encourage a healthy lifestyle in a way that resonates with them. Let’s take a closer look at the top contenders to help parents make an informed decision on which device will best suit their child’s needs and promote a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Top Activity Trackers for Kids

We’ve meticulously researched and compared numerous kid-friendly activity trackers to provide you with a roundup of options that stand out for their durability, fun features, and ease of use. Each device on our list is designed to motivate and engage children in staying active, offering a variety of tools and games that encourage physical movement and healthy habits. Whether you’re looking for a tracker with educational incentives, one that withstands rough play, or a device that helps foster family fitness challenges, our selection aims to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of young users.

Fitbit Ace 3

Fitbit Ace 3 Activity Tracker

For a fun way to encourage kids to stay active and get proper rest, the Fitbit Ace 3 is a solid choice.


  • Motivates with virtual badges and celebrations
  • Long battery life reduces frequent charging
  • Water resistance is ideal for kids’ everyday adventures


  • No heart rate monitoring for detailed health tracking
  • Over-simplified sleep stats for deeper insights
  • Short charging cable may be inconvenient

Encouraging an active lifestyle from a young age is crucial, and the Fitbit Ace 3 is designed to do just that. Its engaging interface and virtual rewards system make daily movement a game that kids are excited to play. It’s amazing to think that this small gadget could be a powerful ally in setting the foundation for lifelong health habits.

Water resistance is a critical feature in any kid’s activity tracker. Considering how often children encounter water, whether it’s during pool time or while washing their hands, we appreciate that the Ace 3 can survive a dunk without issue. This kind of durability means less worry for parents and uninterrupted fun for kids.

Yet, it’s important to understand the Ace 3’s limitations. Without heart rate tracking or advanced sleep analysis, it doesn’t offer the comprehensive health data that some parents might be looking for. But for a basic introduction to fitness and sleep patterns, it serves its purpose. The goal is to make health fun, not to inundate young ones with complex stats they won’t understand. With that in mind, we regard the Ace 3 as an age-appropriate stepping stone towards a healthier lifestyle.

BIGGERFIVE Vigor Kids Tracker

BIGGERFIVE Vigor Kids Tracker

We find the BIGGERFIVE Vigor Kids Tracker to be a thoughtful purchase for parents who want to promote a healthy lifestyle for their kids without spending a fortune.


  • Designed for comfort with a soft silicone strap ideal for children’s skin
  • Features comprehensive activity tracking, including step counting and calorie burn
  • Boasts a durable IP68 waterproof rating suitable for swimming


  • The screen may have durability issues as indicated by some user experiences
  • Requires specific compatibility with Android 6.0+ and iOS 9.0+ smartphones
  • Several reports of the app having glitches on newer phone models

BIGGERFIVE’s Vigor Kids Tracker is crafted to endure the rough and tumble adventures of kids aged 5-15. Its gentle, skin-friendly silicone strap is a major selling point, making it suitable for continuous wear. The tracker’s array of features, which includes round-the-clock activity monitoring and waterproof capabilities, equips kids with a gadget that stays by their side through diverse activities, from cycling to pool games. As fitness becomes more digital, this product represents an effective way to introduce youngsters to the concept of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Managing your children’s fitness activities is streamlined with the Vigor Kids Tracker. Parents can relish the ability to oversee multiple devices under one family account, simplifying the tracking of each child’s progress. The watch interface, tailored for ease of use by a younger audience, enables kids to navigate their daily stats and achievements with confidence. By fostering independence, the device empowers children to take charge of their own fitness journeys.

We must bear in mind that, while robust in its feature set, this particular tracker’s longevity may come into question. A noteworthy number of reviews have mentioned concerns regarding the reliability of the screen over extended periods. Additionally, the device’s reliance on compatibility with certain operating systems could be a potential limitation. Users having trouble with the app on the latest phone models might find this frustrating. Despite these obstacles, the BIGGERFIVE Vigor Kids Tracker holds its ground as a cost-effective fitness companion for the young ones, offering a balance of functionality and motivational incentives.

BIGGERFIVE Vigor Kids Tracker

BIGGERFIVE Vigor Kids Fitness Tracker

Our collective experience suggests that the BIGGERFIVE Vigor is an ideal pick for parents looking to encourage their children to stay active, offering features that cater to youthful users.


  • Comprehensive activity monitoring with a variety of sport modes
  • Waterproof design giving kids freedom to play in water
  • Simple charging mechanism and impressive battery life


  • The band might be difficult to remove for recharging
  • Sleep tracking functionalities are basic compared to advanced models
  • Smaller screen might challenge young users’ readability

Having the right activity tracker can make exercise and wellness more engaging for kids. The BIGGERFIVE Vigor is particularly designed for younger users; it’s hardy, lightweight, and can easily accompany your child throughout the day. With this tracker, we see kids getting excited about meeting daily activity goals, which can be a fun way to foster a love for fitness early on.

Water resistance is an essential feature in kids’ watches—spills, splashes, and playtime in the pool are all part of a day’s fun. The fact that the BIGGERFIVE Vigor can survive these escapades ensures that kids can play without any hindrance. Moreover, not having to worry about the device around water boosts both a child’s and a parent’s peace of mind.

Battery life is a crucial concern for anything designed for kids, as frequent charging can be a hassle. With the Vigor, we appreciate the week-long battery life, minimizing the need for constant reminders to charge the device. The easy USB charging also means kids can quickly learn to take responsibility for keeping their device powered.

It is worth mentioning, though, that while the device offers core functionalities, the simplistic nature of its sleep tracking might be underwhelming for those seeking detailed insights into their child’s sleep patterns. We also acknowledge that some users might find the band a bit tricky to remove for charging, which could require parental assistance. The screen’s compact size, while suitable for small wrists, could be challenging for children who are still honing their reading skills.

Garmin vívofit jr. 3

Garmin vívofit jr. 3

We believe this fitness tracker is a solid choice for kids who love to be active and parents who appreciate staying informed about their child’s activities.


  • Engages children with educational app adventures and challenges
  • Durable and swim-friendly with a year-long battery life
  • Helps with chore management and positive reinforcement through the app


  • Additional themes and adventures come at an extra cost
  • The tracker might be outgrown by older children or those with larger wrists
  • Limited display size may affect usability for some kids

Fitness trackers for kids should be fun, hard-wearing, and motivational. The Garmin vívofit jr. 3 hits these marks with a design that withstands the rough and tumble of children’s play while also being waterproof. Its interactive app experience makes daily activity more exciting by letting kids unlock new adventures, providing an incentive to meet fitness goals.

When it comes to parental control, the Garmin jr. app is a game-changer. We can assign chores, set up alerts, and reward our kids for good behavior. It’s a versatile tool that extends beyond activity tracking, helping us manage daily routines and responsibilities.

The Garmin vívofit jr. 3 integrates physical activity with the virtual world, an approach that resonates well with today’s tech-savvy kids. They get to enjoy a sense of achievement as they watch their step counts translate into rewards and unlockables within the app. It’s a clever way to keep them moving, and we think it’s a beneficial feature to have in a child’s activity tracker.

Amazfit Band 5

Amazfit Band 5 Activity Fitness Tracker

In our quest for a balance between functionality and ease of use, the Amazfit Band 5 stands out as a strong contender for tracking your child’s activity levels.


  • Comprehensive health management tools and built-in Amazon Alexa
  • Remarkable 15-day battery life reduces the hassle of frequent charging
  • 5 ATM water resistance and 11 sports modes cater to all workout conditions


  • Small screen size may pose a challenge for quick glances
  • Advanced features may be overwhelming for younger children
  • Limited color options could be less appealing to kids who prefer vibrant choices

When considering a fitness tracker for children, it’s essential to focus on durability, utility, and the balance of features offered. Amazfit Band 5’s extended battery life means less downtime and more consistent usage, which consistently benefits health monitoring. The inclusion of Amazon Alexa provides a touch of modern convenience that can be particularly engaging for tech-savvy kids.

However, usability is a crucial consideration. The device’s smaller screen might be a stumbling block for children who need a larger display to easily interact with the tracker. Additionally, while it’s packed with advanced features, they might be more than what a child needs, potentially complicating their experience.

Lastly, appearance matters to children. The limited color range might not resonate with kids who are drawn to more colorful and personalized gadgets. Despite these considerations, the Amazfit Band 5 offers a range of features that cater well to more mature kids who take their workouts seriously and are comfortable using tech-centric devices.


BIGGERFIVE Vigor 2 Kids Fitness Tracker

We find the BIGGERFIVE Vigor 2 to be a well-rounded fitness tracker that strikes a balance between fun and functionality for kids.


  • Pleasant design with a kid-friendly interface
  • Diverse activity tracking including heart rate and sleep monitoring
  • Robust waterproof build for worry-free use during water activities


  • Limited screen size may not appeal to some kids
  • Possible challenges in syncing multiple devices to one app
  • Durability of the strap might be a concern over time

Tracking our kids’ activity levels can be crucial for their health and the BIGGERFIVE Vigor 2 allows for such monitoring in a fun, interactive way. The device’s strong waterproof rating means kids won’t have to take it off for a swim, and the varied activity modes keep them engaged in numerous sports.

Sleep and health go hand-in-hand, and sleep tracking on this device helps in ensuring your kids are getting adequate rest. This is coupled with heart rate monitoring to keep a close eye on their overall wellbeing, an aspect often overlooked in standard kids’ watches.

Behind every healthy habit is an incentive, and the BIGGERFIVE Vigor 2 is designed to award virtual badges, promoting a sense of achievement. Plus, the family account option makes it simple for parents to manage their little ones’ fitness journeys effectively.

DIGEEHOT Kids Smart Watch

DIGEEHOT Kids Fitness Watch

We consider this smartwatch a strong contender for keeping your child engaged with their health and activity levels in a fun and interactive way.


  • Includes 11 different sports modes to cater to various activities.
  • Waterproof design offers protection against rain and splashes.
  • User-friendly interface and good battery life are ideal for kids.


  • Not suitable for use in hot water or sea water.
  • Step counter accuracy may be questionable based on some reviews.
  • The companion app’s translation and usability could be improved.

Introducing kids to an active lifestyle can be a breeze with the DIGEEHOT Kids Smart Watch. This wearable is crafted to capture the essence of being a fun yet useful gadget for children aged 5-16. Its ability to track various physical activities encourages youngsters to move more and be conscious of their health early on.

Durability and resistance to water are top concerns when choosing a device for kids, and this tracker doesn’t disappoint. It stands up well to the rough and tumble of kids’ daily play. The waterproof rating means parents won’t have to worry about the watch getting damaged during a sudden rain or while washing hands.

Setting up the watch is straightforward, making it a great first watch for children. The multiple sports modes offer children a sense of variety, and the sleep and heart rate monitoring add an educational aspect, allowing kids and parents to understand their health metrics better. However, it’s worth noting that like any such device, ensuring it complements physical play rather than replaces it is crucial.

While the DIGEEHOT Kids Smart Watch ticks many boxes for a child’s activity tracker, some feedback suggests the step counter may not always be precise. Additionally, navigating the app associated with the watch can present challenges due to suboptimal translation. Parents considering this purchase should balance these points with the product’s overall benefits.

Buying Guide

When we look for the best activity tracker for kids, it’s important to consider several key features that ensure the device meets our needs. Here’s a breakdown of what to focus on:

Durability and Design

Kids are active and not always careful with their belongings, so the tracker’s build needs to withstand rough play. We seek materials like silicone or rubber, which are tough and water-resistant.

Feature Importance
Water-resistance High
Rugged construction High

Battery Life

A long battery life is crucial to avoid frequent charging. We prioritize trackers with at least a few days of battery life.

Tracking Capabilities

The core purpose is to monitor activity, so accuracy is non-negotiable. We look for:

  • Step counting
  • Movement tracking
  • Sleep patterns

Comfort and Fit

The tracker must be comfortable for kids to wear all day. Adjustable bands are a bonus, catering to children of different ages and sizes.

Ease of Use

It should be straightforward for kids to operate. A simple interface is key.

Parental Controls

We prefer devices that offer parental control options, allowing us to monitor our child’s activity level and set goals.


While we want value, we balance cost with quality. The goal is to find a competent tracker that fits our budget.

By keeping these factors in mind, we can confidently choose an activity tracker that is both an enjoyable accessory for kids and a helpful tool for parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting an activity tracker for children aged 10 to 13, we prioritize features like durability, ease of use, and engaging interfaces. We also consider whether the device offers educational benefits that complement its tracking functions.

What features should I look for in a fitness tracker for children aged 10 to 13?

For kids in this age group, a fitness tracker should have a robust design, a user-friendly interface, and fun incentives to keep them engaged. Features like step counting, sleep tracking, and activity recognition are essential. Additionally, it should have a secure, adjustable band to fit growing wrists and parental controls for safety.

Which fitness tracker brands offer models designed specifically for children?

Brands like Fitbit, Garmin, and Vodafone have developed fitness trackers specifically tailored for children. These models often include kid-friendly designs, simple navigation, and motivational rewards systems that encourage regular activity.

How does the Garmin kids’ watch compare to other children’s activity trackers on the market?

Garmin’s kids’ watch stands out due to its durability, customizable features, and educational games that reward physical activity. It often includes a step counter, sleep monitoring, and a battery life that exceeds many competitors, appealing for parents looking for a long-lasting investment.

Are there any fitness trackers for kids that also function as educational tools?

Yes, several fitness trackers for children integrate educational tools that promote learning through movement. Examples include the Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2, which offers educational mobile app alongside its tracking capabilities, providing additional value for parents and kids alike.

What are the benefits of a pedometer watch for kids, and how accurate are they?

A pedometer watch for kids helps encourage physical activity by tracking their steps and providing goals to strive for. While pedometers may vary in accuracy, most modern devices are sufficiently precise for tracking kids’ daily activity levels, and they are especially effective when paired with fun challenges and rewards.

How do I choose a durable and child-friendly fitness tracker for my child’s daily activities?

Focus on fitness trackers with water-resistant materials and sturdy construction that can withstand daily wear and tear. Look for watches with intuitive interfaces that don’t overwhelm the child. A good child-friendly tracker should resist scratches and be comfortable enough for all-day wear.

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    • 🎨 Creative Crafts and DIYs
    • 📚 Exciting Learning Tips & Resources
    • 🍎 Healthy Snacks and Fun Recipes
    • 🎉 Monthly Giveaways and Surprises!

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