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Fun Ways to Exercise With Kids
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Looking for fun ways to get active with your kids? Look no further! This article will show you how to incorporate exercise into your family’s routine in exciting and engaging ways. From outdoor adventures to creative indoor activities, you’ll discover a variety of options that will keep both you and your little ones excited and energized. So grab your sneakers and get ready to make fitness a family affair!

Fun Ways to Exercise with Kids

Fun Ways to Exercise with Kids

Are you looking for fun and engaging ways to get your kids moving and active? Look no further! We have compiled a list of exciting activities that will not only keep your children entertained but also help them develop healthy habits. Whether you prefer outdoor adventures, indoor games, dance and movement, sports and team games, adventure sports, yoga and stretching, fitness challenges, obstacle courses, or water play, we have got you covered. So let’s dive in and explore the wonderful world of exercise with kids!

Outdoor Activities


Cycling is a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors while getting exercise. Take your kids on a bike ride around the neighborhood or head to a nearby park with bike trails. You can make it even more entertaining by setting up a scavenger hunt along the way, where your kids have to find certain objects or landmarks. Cycling helps improve cardiovascular fitness and strengthens leg muscles, making it a perfect activity for the whole family.

Roller Skating

Strap on those roller skates and glide your way to fitness! Roller skating is a fun and thrilling activity that gets the heart pumping while enhancing balance and coordination. Find a local roller rink or skate park where you and your kids can enjoy some time together on wheels. Don’t forget to wear protective gear like helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads for safety.


If you love spending time in nature, hiking is an excellent way to exercise with your kids. Find a nearby trail suitable for all ages and pack some snacks and water for a refreshing adventure. Hiking not only strengthens muscles but also improves endurance and mental well-being. Encourage your children to observe and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors during your hike.


Nothing beats a dip in the pool on a hot summer day! Swimming is a low-impact exercise that works the entire body and provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. Whether you have access to a backyard pool, community pool, or local swimming facility, swimming is a perfect activity for kids of all ages. Plan swimming races or challenge your kids to see who can hold their breath the longest underwater.

Jumping Rope

Remember the good old days of skipping rope on the playground? Dust off those jump ropes and introduce your kids to this classic exercise. Jumping rope is not only a great cardiovascular workout but also improves coordination and agility. Teach your kids different jump rope techniques and even try jumping rope together as a family. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to get moving and have loads of fun!

Indoor Games

Balloon Volleyball

When the weather doesn’t cooperate, indoor games come to the rescue! Balloon volleyball is a exciting and safe alternative to traditional volleyball that can be played in any large room or even the living room. Set up a makeshift net using chairs or a string and blow up a balloon as your volleyball substitute. Get ready for some intense rallies and friendly competition that will keep everyone entertained and active.

Pillow Fight

Who said exercise can’t be cozy and playful? Grab some pillows and engage in a friendly pillow fight with your kids! This high-energy activity is not only loads of fun but also a great way to burn calories and get your heart rate up. Just make sure everyone participates safely and that the pillows are soft enough to prevent injuries. So, gear up and have a fantastic pillow fight that will leave everyone laughing and energized.

Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is a classic game that never fails to entertain both kids and adults. Set up a circle of chairs and have your little ones walk or dance around the chairs while the music is playing. When the music stops, everyone must quickly find a seat, and the one left standing is out. Keep removing one chair each round until only one player remains. Musical Chairs is a wonderful way to incorporate physical activity and enhance listening skills in a fun-filled environment.

Simon Says

Simon Says is a classic game that promotes listening skills, coordination, and body awareness in a playful manner. In this game, one person takes on the role of “Simon” and gives commands such as “Simon says touch your toes” or “Simon says hop on one leg.” The catch is that when Simon doesn’t say “Simon says” before a command, players should not follow it. If they mistakenly follow a command without hearing “Simon says,” they are out. This game is a great way to get your kids moving and laughing!

Scavenger Hunt

Indoor scavenger hunts are an exciting way to combine physical activity and cognitive skills. Create a list of items for your kids to find around the house and set them off on a search adventure. You can make it even more challenging by adding clues or riddles to solve along the way. Indoor scavenger hunts not only keep your children active but also stimulate their problem-solving abilities and imagination.

Dance and Movement

Freeze Dance

Get ready to bust some moves in Freeze Dance! This game combines dancing and freezing into one fun-filled activity. Turn up the music and have your kids dance, jump, and twirl around the room. When the music suddenly stops, they must freeze in whatever position they were in. The last one to freeze is “out” for that round. Freeze Dance is a fantastic way to enhance coordination, body awareness, and creativity while grooving to their favorite tunes.


Let the rhythm take over your living room with a Zumba dance party! Zumba is a high-energy dance workout that’s perfect for all ages. Follow along to a Zumba video or create your own Zumba routine with your kids. The vibrant music and easy-to-follow dance steps make it a fun and exciting way to get your heart rate up and burn calories while enjoying family time.

Follow the Leader

In this classic game, you become the leader, and your kids must follow your every move. Whether it’s marching, hopping, or skipping, your little ones will have a blast mimicking your actions. Switch roles and let your children take a turn leading the movement. Follow the Leader not only gets everyone moving but also improves coordination, listening skills, and creative expression.

Dance Party

Turn your living room into a disco with a family dance party! Clear some space, create a playlist of your favorite dance tunes, and get ready to shake it off together. Dancing is not only a fantastic way to improve cardiovascular fitness and coordination but also an opportunity to let loose, express emotions, and bond as a family. So put on your dancing shoes and let the music guide your moves!

Yoga for Kids

Introduce your kids to the wonderful world of yoga and watch them unleash their inner peace and strength. Kids’ yoga classes or online videos provide a fun and engaging way for your children to practice yoga poses that help develop flexibility, balance, and mindfulness. Join in the yoga journey and create a serene atmosphere where you can connect with your kids while promoting physical and mental well-being.

Sports and Team Games


Soccer is a popular team sport that offers numerous physical and mental benefits for kids. Set up a mini soccer field in your backyard or head to a local park with a soccer field. Divide your family into teams and let the fun begin! Soccer improves cardiovascular fitness, coordination, and teamwork skills, making it an excellent choice for both exercise and social interaction.


Basketball is another fantastic team sport that can be played indoors or outdoors, depending on the available space. Install a basketball hoop in your driveway or take your kids to a nearby park with basketball courts. Engage in a friendly game of one-on-one or create teams for a more competitive match. Basketball is a high-intensity sport that improves cardiovascular health, muscular strength, and hand-eye coordination.


Few childhood games are as timeless as tag! The simplicity and excitement of running away from or chasing after someone make tag a perfect activity to get your kids moving. Play tag in your backyard, a park, or any open area that provides ample space to run around. Tag encourages running, dodging, and quick thinking, promoting cardiovascular fitness and agility in a thrilling way.

Relay Races

Relay races are an excellent way to incorporate friendly competition and teamwork into your exercise routine. Set up a relay race course with markers or cones and divide your family into teams. Choose various challenges like running, jumping, or balancing to make the race more exciting. Relay races improve speed, stamina, and coordination while fostering teamwork and cooperation.

Tug of War

Add some friendly rivalry to your workout with a game of Tug of War! This team sport is not only fun but also an excellent way to build strength and endurance. Tie a rope securely around a tree or sturdy object and divide your family into two teams. The goal is to pull the rope to your side, testing your strength and determination. Tug of War promotes teamwork, communication, and healthy competition.

Adventure Sports

Rock Climbing

Challenge your family’s strength and agility with the thrilling sport of rock climbing. Look for indoor rock climbing gyms or outdoor climbing centers that offer courses suitable for beginners and children. With proper safety equipment and guidance, rock climbing is a fantastic way to build whole-body strength, improve flexibility, and boost confidence. This adventure sport will bring your family closer as you overcome obstacles together.


If you’re craving an adrenaline rush, zip-lining is the activity for you! Many adventure parks and nature reserves have zip-line courses, allowing you to whiz through the air while enjoying breathtaking views. Zip-lining requires minimal physical effort but provides an exhilarating experience for the whole family. Soar high above the ground and create lasting memories that will fuel your love for adventure.

Trampoline Parks

Bouncing around on a trampoline is not only fun but also a great way to improve balance, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness. Trampoline parks have become increasingly popular, offering various jumping zones and activities suitable for all ages. From open jump areas to foam pits, trampoline parks guarantee endless fun and excitement for your entire family.

Ice Skating

Embrace the beauty of winter and glide across the ice with your kids during a fun-filled ice skating session. Whether at an indoor ice rink or an outdoor frozen pond, ice skating provides an enjoyable full-body workout. Pushing off and gliding on the ice improves balance, leg strength, and coordination. So grab a pair of ice skates and let the winter wonderland be your playground.

Ropes Course

Ropes courses are designed to challenge your physical and mental abilities while providing a thrilling experience. Some ropes courses are specially designed for younger children, featuring low obstacles and safety harnesses. Others cater to older kids and adults, with higher elements and more complex challenges. Ropes courses develop strength, balance, problem-solving skills, and confidence as you navigate through elevated obstacles and zip-lines.

Yoga and Stretching

Animal Yoga

Bring the animal kingdom to life through animal-inspired yoga poses! Animal yoga is a playful way to introduce your kids to yoga poses, using animals as inspiration. From downward-facing dog to cobra pose, your children will have fun imitating the movements and postures of their favorite animals. Animal yoga enhances flexibility, strength, and mindfulness while sparking imagination and creativity.

Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations are a sequence of yoga poses that can be practiced in the morning to energize the body and mind. Invite your kids to join you in this gentle flowing sequence that incorporates stretches and movements inspired by the sun. Sun Salutations promote flexibility, focus, and overall well-being. Create a serene ambiance, and let the sun’s warmth and energy fill the room as you and your children flow through the poses.

Partner Poses

Nothing strengthens bonds like practicing yoga together as partners. Partner poses encourage collaboration, trust, and communication between you and your child. From mirror poses to partner balances, exploring these poses will bring you closer and deepen your connection. Partner yoga develops flexibility, balance, and teamwork while fostering a sense of unity and togetherness.

Balancing Poses

Balance poses challenge your concentration, core strength, and stability. Encourage your kids to explore various balancing poses like tree pose, airplane pose, or warrior III. Balancing poses teach focus, body awareness, and perseverance. Make it a fun challenge by timing how long each of you can hold the poses or creating a balance pose contest among family members.

Stretching Games

Stretching is an essential part of any exercise routine, and it can also be a fun activity for the whole family. Turn stretching into a game by challenging your kids to touch their toes, stretch their arms to the sky, or reach for their toes while sitting down. Create a stretching routine that incorporates stretching games and make it a habit to stretch together regularly. Stretching improves flexibility, promotes relaxation, and helps prevent injuries.

Fitness Challenges

Plank Challenge

The plank is a highly effective exercise for strengthening the core and improving overall body stability. Gather your family and challenge each other to see who can hold a plank position the longest. Get creative and add variations like side planks, plank jacks, or plank shoulder taps. The plank challenge is a fantastic way to build core strength and have a friendly competition to keep everyone motivated.

Burpee Challenge

Burpees are a full-body exercise that targets multiple muscle groups while also providing a cardiovascular workout. Gather your kids and challenge them to a burpee challenge. Set a timer and see who can do the most burpees in a certain amount of time. Encourage proper form and safety while performing burpees and stay determined to push yourselves to the limit!

Wall Sit Challenge

The wall sit is an isometric exercise that works the lower body, particularly the quadriceps and glutes. Challenge your family to see who can hold a wall sit the longest. Find a sturdy wall and instruct everyone to slide down into a seated position, with their thighs parallel to the ground and backs against the wall. Time each other, and don’t forget to cheer each other on during this leg-burning challenge!

Jumping Jack Challenge

Jumping jacks are a classic exercise that gets the heart pumping and targets the whole body. Challenge your kids to a jumping jack contest and see who can do the most jumping jacks in a given time period. Whether you go for speed or endurance, the jumping jack challenge is a fun way to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscle coordination.

Push-up Challenge

Push-ups are a compound exercise that strengthens the upper body, core, and arms. Arrange a family push-up challenge and see who can do the most full push-ups or modify the challenge with modified push-ups or knee push-ups for younger children. Practice proper form and encourage everyone to give their best effort. The push-up challenge will not only build strength but also instill perseverance and discipline.

Obstacle Courses

DIY Backyard Obstacle Course

Turn your backyard into an action-packed playground with a DIY obstacle course. Use household items like hula hoops, cones, and jump ropes to create challenges for your kids. Set up a crawling tunnel, a balance beam, or a ladder made of ropes to climb. Design the course based on your kids’ age and abilities, and let their imagination soar as they navigate through the obstacles.

Parkour-inspired Obstacle Course

If your kids are thrill-seekers and love a physical challenge, a parkour-inspired obstacle course will be right up their alley. Find a local park with safe and suitable structures like benches, walls, or low bars that your kids can climb, jump, and vault over. Ensure safety by supervising their movements and teaching them proper techniques. Parkour-inspired obstacle courses develop strength, agility, and mental acuity.

Obstacle Course Relay

Combine teamwork and obstacle course fun with an obstacle course relay. Divide your family into teams and set up a series of challenges that must be completed before passing the baton to the next team member. Each team member must navigate through the obstacles and hand off the baton to the next teammate until all team members have completed the course. Obstacle course relays provide an excellent opportunity for cooperation, communication, and physical exertion.

Balloon Obstacle Course

Add a twist to the traditional obstacle course by incorporating balloons into the challenges. Set up a course with various obstacles such as crawling under strings, hopping through hoops, or stepping over cushions, and attach balloons to certain parts. The goal is to complete the course without popping any balloons. Balloon obstacle courses make exercise even more entertaining and encourage careful movements and coordination.

Pirate-themed Obstacle Course

Arrr, matey! Embark on a pirate adventure with a pirate-themed obstacle course. Transform your backyard or living room into a treasure-filled, obstacle-laden paradise. Create challenges such as climbing over “rocks” (obstacle cushions), walking the plank (balance beam), or finding hidden treasures (scavenger hunt). Dress up in pirate costumes and let your imaginations run wild as you and your little pirates conquer the obstacles and find the hidden treasure.

Scavenger Hunts

Water Balloon Fight

What’s better than a water balloon fight on a hot summer day? Combining exercise and water play, a water balloon fight scavenger hunt is a thrilling and refreshing way to get your kids moving. Hide water balloons throughout your backyard or outdoor space and create clues or a treasure map to find them. As your kids search for the hidden balloons, they can cool off and have some splash-filled fun!

Slip ‘n Slide

Turn your backyard into a water wonderland with a slip ‘n slide scavenger hunt. Set up a slip ‘n slide and spread out various targets or objects for your kids to find. Create clues or a list of items they must locate while sliding down the slip ‘n slide. The slippery adventure will keep your kids active and entertained as they glide through the water on their quest to complete the scavenger hunt.

Water Gun Battle

Engage in an epic water gun battle scavenger hunt with your little soldiers. Set up different hiding spots and create clues or a map that leads your kids from one hiding spot to another. Along the way, they can find water guns and ammo to arm themselves for the final water gun battle. Water gun battles not only provide a whole lot of fun but also promote cardiovascular fitness and agility.

Splash Pad Fun

If you have access to a splash pad or water park, take advantage of it for a thrilling scavenger hunt. Create a list of items or clues for your kids to find while exploring the splash pad. From fountains and sprayers to water buckets and slides, there are plenty of interactive elements that make for an exciting scavenger hunt. Splash pads provide a safe and engaging environment for your kids to exercise and cool off.

Pool Games

If you have a pool, organize a pool game scavenger hunt to spice up your water play. Drop various objects into the pool and assign point values to each item. Create clues or riddles that guide your kids to the objects they must find. Make it a competition and see who can collect the most items or earn the highest number of points. Pool games are a fantastic way to combine exercise, creativity, and friendly competition.

In conclusion, exercising with kids doesn’t have to be a chore. By incorporating these fun and engaging activities into your routine, you can make exercise a joyful and bonding experience for the whole family. Whether you choose outdoor adventures, indoor games, dance and movement, sports and team games, adventure sports, yoga and stretching, fitness challenges, obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, or water play, there are endless opportunities to keep your children active while creating lasting memories. So grab your gear, gather your kids, and embark on an exciting journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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