The Best Apple Juice for Kids: Mmmm Mmmm Good

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Best Apple Juice For Kids
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Apple juice is a beloved beverage enjoyed by people of all ages, especially children. Its sweet taste, refreshing nature, and nutritional benefits make it a staple in many households. Apple juice provides a source of hydration along with a variety of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C and potassium. It is also often more palatable for children who may be picky eaters, ensuring they receive some nutritional benefit in their daily diet.

When it comes to kids, choosing the right apple juice is crucial. Parents should look for options that are not only tasty but also healthy. The market offers a range of apple juices from organic to those fortified with additional nutrients. With concerns about sugar content and additives, selecting a juice that is 100% pure and without unnecessary extras is key. This ensures that children enjoy all the benefits of apple juice without consuming high quantities of sugar or artificial substances.

In evaluating the best apple juice for kids, we consider factors such as the source of the apples, the presence of added sugars or preservatives, and the production process. Many parents prefer organic juices to ensure their children are not exposed to pesticides. It’s also important to scrutinize the label for additives that may not be beneficial in a child’s diet. Options that retain most of the natural nutrients without added sugars are generally preferable.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive analysis of apple juices available on the market, to help parents make an informed choice about what they serve to their children. This includes taste tests, nutritional profile comparisons, and scrutinizing manufacturing practices. With health and enjoyment as our guiding principles, we hope to pinpoint the best apple juice options for young consumers. Join us as we explore and recommend the top picks to keep kids both happy and healthy.

Top Apple Juice Picks for Kids

We understand the importance of providing wholesome and delicious beverages for our little ones. In our search for the best apple juice for kids, we have rigorously tasted and reviewed numerous brands to ensure that what we recommend not only delights their taste buds but also meets the high standards of nutrition and safety that every parent expects. Our lineup of apple juices is carefully selected to cater to young palates while providing the vitamins and hydration necessary for their active days.

Honest Kids Apple Juice

Honest Kids Apple Juice

We think this apple juice is a solid choice for parents looking for an organic, less sugary option for their kids.


  • Organic ingredients offer a healthier profile
  • No added sugars aligns with a nutritional approach for children
  • Convenient packaging perfect for on-the-go snacking


  • Less sweetness may not appeal to all children
  • Contains only 42% juice, which might be concerning to some
  • Higher price point compared to non-organic alternatives

Parents are constantly on the lookout for healthier beverage options for their children, and Honest Kids Apple Juice seems to fit the bill quite well. Its organic credentials mean we’re giving our kids something that is less likely to have been exposed to harmful pesticides and fertilizers during its production.

One of the main advantages of this juice is its no added sugar content. Considering the amount of sugar in typical children’s beverages, finding a juice that doesn’t contribute to excessive sugar intake can feel like a rare win. What’s more, the juice boxes are extremely handy during hectic mornings, field trips, or playdates – they’re easy to pack and even easier to dispose of.

We do have to acknowledge that juicier expectations might waver upon realizing it’s a 42% juice blend. For some of us, the closer to 100%, the better. Additionally, the natural tartness of apples means the juice isn’t as sweet as others on the market, which might be off-putting to some kids who are accustomed to sweeter drinks. Lastly, organic products often come with a higher price, and this apple juice is no exception.

In summary, Honest Kids Apple Juice offers a sensible balance between convenience, healthiness, and taste. If your priorities include organic ingredients and reduced sugar content, this juice comes as a recommendable choice, even if it may come at a premium price.

Honest Kids Juice

Honest Kids Appley Ever After

For those seeking a kids’ drink with less sugar without sacrificing taste, Honest Kids Appley Ever After is a prime pick.


  • Lower sugar content compared to many kids’ drinks
  • Certified USDA Organic, ensuring high-quality ingredients
  • Free from caffeine and GMOs, providing a healthier choice for children


  • Some may find the apple flavor not as pronounced as expected
  • Difficulty with the packaging’s plastic straw can be frustrating
  • A few reports of quality control issues with damaged packaging

Organic options for children’s beverages are crucial in a world saturated with high-sugar drinks. Honest Kids offers Appley Ever After, a juice that caters to health-conscious parents looking to quench their little ones’ thirst. This juice provides a satisfactory option, blending a commitment to healthier drinking with organic certification.

We also value transparency in terms of product contents. The Honest Kids brand proudly meets this criterion, providing an accessible fruit-flavored beverage without the additives that concern many parents. It’s comforting to know that when handing a juice pack to a child, it contains about half the sugars they would otherwise consume.

Despite its many benefits, some feedback indicates the taste might not meet everyone’s expectations regarding strength of flavor, which can be a deciding factor in children’s preferences. Handling the packaging might pose minor inconveniences, as express concerns over the straws. Reports of pack damage are important to consider when judging long-term storage and overall satisfaction with the purchase.

Capri Sun Apple Juice

Capri Sun Apple Juice

We recommend Capri Sun Apple Juice pouches for their convenience and natural flavor, making them a hit for kids’ lunches and snacks.


  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Fruit juice from concentrate, offering a natural taste
  • Comes with an attached straw, perfect for on-the-go sipping


  • Not a low-calorie food, which might not be suitable for all diets
  • Contains added ingredients apart from apple juice concentrate
  • Pouches may be less eco-friendly than some alternatives

When searching for a drink that caters to the taste buds and health concerns of children, Capri Sun Apple Juice pouches could be just the right pick. The absence of artificial elements and the promise of 100% apple juice from concentrate are compelling. These pouches conveniently equip parents to provide a quick beverage, whether for a school lunch or midday snack.

Capri Sun’s credence to natural flavors aligns with our preference for fewer additives in kids’ diets. The brand’s recognition and the high volume of positive reviews attest to the product’s wide acceptance. It strikes a fine balance between the sweet lure that kids adore and the parental nod for nutritional approval.

Considering environmental factors and dietary needs is essential. While the pouches may raise an eyebrow among the eco-conscious, the brand’s move away from high-fructose corn syrup and artificial additives speaks to broader health trends. The practicality of a straw-attached pouch can make hydrating children less of a chore during the frenzied rhythms of daily life.

Capri Sun Apple Juice

Capri Sun 100% Juice

We’ve found an excellent option for kid-friendly hydration with the Capri Sun 100% Juice Paw Patrol Apple Juice.


  • Contains all-natural ingredients without added sugar
  • Convenient packaging for easy on-the-go consumption
  • Fulfills 3/4 cup of the daily recommended fruit juice intake


  • Price may be higher compared to other juice boxes
  • Not suitable for children with certain fruit allergies
  • Packaging can be challenging for younger kids to open

Capri Sun’s 100% Juice Apple Juice brings together taste and nutrition, catering perfectly to children’s preferences while keeping health in mind. The natural fruit sweetness without added sugar supports dietary recommendations, and the brand’s recognition makes it a reliable choice for parents.

The ease of carrying these pouches makes them ideal for various settings, from picnics to school lunches. Children love the taste, and the thematic Paw Patrol packaging is an added excitement for little fans.

While these juice pouches offer several benefits, we consider the practicality of giving them to very young kids. Despite the easy-to-use straws, some may find the pouches difficult to handle without spilling. Considering the balance of both sides, these Capri Sun pouches stand out for their effort to provide a wholesome drink to keep kids refreshed.

Apple & Eve Juice Boxes

Apple & Eve 100% Juice Variety Pack

We find the Apple & Eve Juice Boxes to be a delightful choice for parents seeking a variety of juice flavors for their children without added sugars.


  • Offers a wide range of flavors catering to different palates
  • Contains 100% pure fruit juice for a natural taste experience
  • Utilizes high-quality, non-GMO ingredients ensuring a healthier option


  • Limited customer reviews may not fully represent user satisfaction
  • May be priced higher compared to similar products
  • Potential for packaging waste if not disposed of properly

A consideration for families is a dedicated space in the pantry for kid-friendly choices. The Apple & Eve Juice Variety Pack could effortlessly fill that gap, offering a selection of flavors that may keep children engaged and satisfied. Not only does this accommodate a spectrum of preferences, but it can be useful for discovering new favorites.

Health-conscious choices are more important than ever in our children’s diets. These juice boxes jump ahead with their commitment to 100% fruit juice without additional sugars or artificial flavors. Parents who prioritize pure and simple ingredients in their family’s diet will likely appreciate the brand’s dedication to quality.

Finally, convenience is key in our often busy lives. Individually packaged, these juice boxes are handy for packed lunches or quick snacks on the go. The environmentally friendly aspect of the recyclable materials adds a conscientious touch to an already appealing product. With portion control built-in, one can feel at ease about moderate consumption.

good2grow Apple Juice

good2grow Apple Juice

We think these good2grow apple juice bottles are a fantastic pick for kids who enjoy a sweet drink without the added sugars.


  • Contains 3/4 cup of fruit per serving, providing a healthy source of Vitamin C.
  • Comes without added sugars, aligning well with a health-conscious diet.
  • The bottles’ design is environment-friendly, being both recyclable and reusable.


  • The spill-proof tops are sold separately which may be an additional cost.
  • With 24 bottles, storage might be an issue for some.
  • Price point may be higher compared to other juices on the market.

When choosing a juice for children, health factors play a pivotal role. good2grow’s 100% Apple Juice stands out by offering a significant amount of a child’s daily fruit intake without the compromise of added sugars, making it a strong contender for parents seeking healthier beverage options.

Every family juggles convenience and health, but with these easy-to-handle bottles, there’s no need to sacrifice one for the other. They’re designed for little hands, inviting kids to the good habit of self-serving with minimal mess.

Moreover, in our ever-evolving world, an eco-conscious approach to everyday items is crucial. good2grow ensures that while satisfying your child’s drink needs, you also contribute positively to the environment by opting for BPA-free, recyclable materials. This responsible choice benefits not just our children’s health but also the planet’s longevity.

Apple & Eve 100% Apple Juice

Apple & Eve Apple Juice

We believe your kids will relish the natural goodness of Apple & Eve 100% Juice, making it a delightful addition to their daily routine.


  • No added sugars, aligning with healthier dietary choices
  • Conveniently packaged for on-the-go lifestyles
  • Free from common allergens, accommodating classrooms and parties


  • Contains natural sugars, which may require consumption moderation
  • Not a low-calorie option, important for calorie-conscious diets
  • Bulk packaging may be excessive for smaller households

Selecting a juice that your kids will enjoy and you can feel good about is often a challenging task. With the variety of options available, Apple & Eve’s 100% Apple Juice stands out due to its commitment to natural ingredients and the absence of added sugars. It is not only a thirst-quenching drink but also serves as a handy snack for kids’ lunches or while on the move.

Understanding that safety is paramount, especially when it comes to our children, it’s reassuring to know this product is produced on peanut-free machinery. This attention to allergen-free production makes the juice an ideal choice for school settings and birthday parties, providing peace of mind for parents and guardians.

However, where there are pros, cons are never far behind. It’s vital to remember that, while free from added sugars, the juice does contain the natural sugars of fruit – moderation is key. Additionally, the juice being not low-calorie means it is better suited as a treat rather than a constant sipper for the calorie-conscious.

In summary, we find Apple & Eve’s 100% Apple Juice to be a robust choice. Its ability to harmonize convenience with health considerations makes it a standout selection for kids’ consumption. If your family’s dietary preferences align with the natural and allergen-free composition, this wholesome juice could well claim a spot in your pantry.

Buying Guide

When we choose apple juice for our children, we consider several important features to ensure we provide them with the best option. Here, we’ll guide you through the crucial factors.

Nutritional Content

We look at the nutrition label for high vitamin C content and check for no added sugars. It’s essential to opt for juices that provide a good source of essential nutrients.

  • Vitamin C: At least 100% DV (Daily Value)
  • Sugar: Preferably none added


The fewer the ingredients, the better. We aim for pure apple juice with no additional flavorings or preservatives.

  • Apples: The only ingredient, if possible
  • Additives: Avoid if listed


We prefer packaging that is safe and convenient. BPA-free containers with clear expiration dates are a must.

  • Material: BPA-free
  • Expiration: Clearly marked


Certifications can assure us of quality and safety.

Certification Meaning
Organic Free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers
Non-GMO Not genetically modified


While personal preference varies, we look for a balance between sweet and tart flavors indicative of a natural apple taste.


Clarity can be an indicator of filtration. Some kids prefer clear juice without pulp, while others enjoy a more robust, cloudier drink.

  • Clear: Filtered, pulp-free
  • Cloudy: More natural, contains pulp

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address common queries regarding apple juice for children, focusing on health, sugar content, and leading brands.

What are the healthiest apple juice options for children?

For children, the healthiest apple juice options are those that are 100% juice with no added sugars. We recommend choosing organic juices that have no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Are there any sugar-free apple juices suitable for kids?

Yes, there are apple juices labeled as “no sugar added” which are suitable for kids. These juices contain the natural sugars from apples only, without extra sweeteners.

What brands offer the best juice boxes for children?

Brands like Honest Kids and Apple & Eve offer some of the best juice boxes for children. These tend to have lower sugar content and are made with organic fruit juice.

Can apple juice help alleviate constipation in infants?

Apple juice, being high in sugar and containing sorbitol, can help soften stools and may alleviate constipation in infants. It should be given in moderation under pediatric guidance.

Which juice brands are recommended for toddlers?

For toddlers, we often recommend brands like Mott’s, which has specific lines of juices fortified with vitamin C, and Gerber, which produces juices suitable for young children’s developing digestive systems.

How does Good 2 Grow Apple Juice compare to other kid-friendly apple juices?

Good 2 Grow Apple Juice is notable for its fun packaging and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. It has a convenient spill-proof cap, making it comparable to other top juice brands aimed at kids.

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