The 7 Best Hula Hoops for Kids To Buy Now For Fun

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Best Hula Hoop For Kids
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Hula hooping is a playful activity that not only promotes fun but also encourages physical fitness among children. This simple circular toy has been enjoyed by generations, providing a delightful blend of dance and exercise. It helps kids improve their coordination, balance, and motor skills, all while they’re spinning the hoop around their waist, limbs, or neck. The best hula hoops for kids are designed to be lightweight and durable, often made with bright colors and patterns to catch the eye and engage a child’s imagination.

Based on our research, the best hula hoops for kids are the following:

  1. Best for Versatility – 2Buyshop Kids Hoops
  2. Best For Nighttime Play – Black Series LED Hula Hoop
  3. Best For Adjustability – 2Buyshop Adjustable Hoops
  4. Most Popular – Liberry Kids Hula Hoop
  5. Best Visual Experience – SIKWO LED Hula Hoop
  6. Best Two-Pack – Liberry Kids Hoops
  7. Best Three-Pack – Liberry Kids Hula Hoops

To see our reviews on each product, keep reading. If you are looking for more hula hoop options, then you can find them HERE.

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When choosing a hula hoop for a child, there are several factors to consider. The hoop’s diameter should be appropriate for the child’s size and age to ensure it is not too difficult to maneuver. Additionally, the weight of the hoop is important; a lighter hoop is great for beginners and allows for easier control, while a slightly heavier one can help with building up core strength. The material also matters; many kid-friendly hoops are made from plastic or foam, which provides a softer impact and reduces the risk of injury.

We also take into account the hoop’s durability and the ease of storing and transporting it. Some hoops are designed to be collapsible or sectional, making them convenient to store and take on the go. This is especially useful for families who may want to take the hula hoop to the park or on vacation.

With these considerations in mind, we’ve analyzed a variety of hula hoops, focusing on those features that offer the best experience for young users. Our goal is to guide you to a hula hoop that will not only be a hit with the kids but also encourage a healthy, active lifestyle. Let’s move on to our top picks for the best hula hoops for kids, where we’ll examine the standout options that meet these criteria.

Top Hula Hoops for Kids

We’ve scoured the market to compile a collection of the top hula hoops that combine safety, durability, and fun for children. Our roundup features choices that cater to various skill levels and ages, ensuring your little ones can engage in healthy physical play and develop their coordination and fitness.

Best for Versatility – 2Buyshop Kids’ Hoops

2Buyshop Kids' Hoops

These toy hoops bring vibrant color and fun to any child’s playtime, offering versatility and a simple way to get kids moving.


  • Adaptable to child’s size with detachable sections
  • Can be used for various activities beyond hula hooping
  • High-quality, durable plastic construction


  • Assembly might be required frequently if used vigorously
  • Potential for being too light without added weight
  • May be too heavy for very young children once weighted

Hula hoops have stood the test of time as an enjoyable activity that can spark a child’s imagination and keep them active. With the 2Buyshop Kids’ Hoops, children get more than the traditional looping experience. The adjustable and detachable design allows each hoop to be tailored to the child’s size. You can add or remove segments to ensure a comfortable fit for your child’s waist, accommodating growth or different participants with ease.

As we look closer, we realize this product is not just for spinning around hips. Its multifunctionality shines through; it can be a tool for pet training or a festive decorative piece. Creative applications are only as limited as one’s imagination. The hoops invite various uses, making them a valuable tool for kinesthetic learning and physical coordination.

Maintaining the durable toy’s condition is straightforward, as its sturdy plastic can endure the playful rigor of children’s activities. Although a lightweight hoop is easier for children to handle, some may be surprised at the hoops’ initial lightness and can opt to add some weight to enhance stability. Careful consideration of how much weight to add will ensure that the hoops can be enjoyed without them coming apart.

In conclusion, the 2Buyshop Kids’ Hoops stand out for their versatility and the joy they can provide. However, individual needs regarding weight and assembly must be considered to ensure the perfect play experience for each child.

Best For Nighttime Play – Black Series LED Hula Hoop

Black Series LED Hula Hoop

This LED hula hoop adds a colorful twist to your child’s playtime, making it a fun choice for both day and night activities.


  • Enhances nighttime play with bright LED lights
  • Appropriately sized for both children and adults
  • Simple to activate with an on/off switch


  • Requires sun exposure for optimal shape restoration
  • May have durability concerns with the on/off switch
  • Plastic snap closure can be susceptible to damage

Providing an enchanting spin on a classic activity, the Black Series LED Hula Hoop invites kids to light up their play. Its 24 LED lights can transform a simple exercise routine into a dazzling experience. With a suitable diameter for a wide age range, this hula hoop promises to be as much a spectacle at a night event as it is a playful toy in the daylight.

Even as we cherish the vibrant display this product offers, it’s important to acknowledge the potential for operational hiccups, like an on/off switch that may require extra attention. Before the fun begins, patience is necessary to allow the hoop to resume its intended shape by basking in sunlight.

In assessing this product, we must be mindful of the build quality. The plastic snap closure, pivotal to the hoop’s longevity, might be a weak point if not handled with care. Overall, the Black Series LED Hula Hoop could be the star of the show at children’s parties, or just a refreshing update to a family’s outdoor play collection, provided the user is mindful of its handling requirements.

Best For Adjustability – 2Buyshop Adjustable Hoops

2Buyshop Kids Hoop

We think these colorful and adjustable hula hoops are a great option for kids’ parties and physical activities, offering versatility and fun.


  • Versatile use for games, gymnastics, and even pet training
  • Easy to assemble and adjust for various sizes
  • Durable and high-quality plastic construction


  • Might be too lightweight for some users to maintain momentum
  • Not suited for larger individuals due to size limitations
  • Hollow design may affect the sturdiness unless weighted properly

These 2Buyshop hoops are not your average children’s toy. They boast an adjustable design, which means they grow with your child or can be tailored to kids of different ages and sizes. Assembly is a breeze, and the bright colors make them visually appealing to youngsters.

When it comes to storage, these hoops stand out for their compactness. Their ability to break down into smaller pieces is a space-saver – a huge plus for parents who are tired of bulky toys cluttering the playroom.

Functionality extends beyond just hula hooping; they can be turned into an agility course for furry friends or used as a garden decoration. However, the lightweight nature of the hoops means they might not stay up as easily for some, which may lead to a bit of frustration for those still learning.

Overall, our assessment finds these hoops to be a sound investment for active fun. The potential need for extra weight can be seen as a custom feature, allowing for tailoring to each child’s hula hooping capabilities. Their colorful appeal and easy adjustability make these 2Buyshop hoops a standout choice for kid-friendly entertainment.

Most Popular – Liberry Kids Hula Hoop

Liberry Kids Hula Hoop

We recommend this hula hoop for its adjustable size and creativity-inducing play for kids and pets alike, despite some assembly challenges.


  • Adjusts in size to grow with the child
  • Can be used for play and pet training
  • High-quality, durable plastic construction


  • Assembly may be challenging
  • Hoop may be too light without added weight
  • Might be cumbersome to re-adjust once assembled

If you’re on the hunt for a toy that’s sure to spark joy in your child’s daily activities, the Liberry Kids Hoola Hoop is a versatile choice. It’s not just a toy; this playful accessory doubles as a pet training device, expanding its utility beyond simple amusement. The ease with which you can modify its size means it is a product that adapts to your growing child, ensuring long-term use.

However, not all that glitters is gold. We’ve taken into account the product’s shortcomings, such as the reported difficulty in assembly. It might require a bit of patience and persistence to click the pieces into place. Plus, if you’re looking to have a hoop that stays up during use, consider adding sand or small pebbles to give it the necessary weight.

Durability is an aspect we can’t overlook. This hoop’s sturdy build should withstand the robust play of children, surviving more than a few knocks and falls. It’s a wise investment for parents seeking a blend of quality, durability, and adaptability in play equipment. Your child’s laughter and physical activity could very well make up for any initial assembly woes.

Best Visual Experience – SIKWO LED Hula Hoop


We think this LED hula hoop is a captivating toy that lights up playtime with vibrant colors and is built to last, making it a hit for kids who love to move and groove.


  • Integrated LED lights offer a dazzling color display.
  • Durable HDPE construction withstands frequent use.
  • No assembly required for immediate fun out of the box.


  • Batteries not included, so be ready to purchase separately.
  • May take some effort to reshape after unboxing.
  • Metal button can be tough to press, which might be challenging for smaller children.

Hula hoops have always been a staple when it comes to kids’ playtime, and the SIKWO LED Hula Hoop adds a modern twist with LED lights. The colorful display not only attracts children but also adds an element of fun to their exercise routines. Perfect for performances, the hula hoop can help kids explore movement and coordination in a playful manner.

Moreover, the hula hoop’s sturdy material is worth noting, particularly for those of us seeking long-lasting play equipment for our kids. The reliability of the HDPE tube ensures that a few drops won’t end the fun. Additionally, there’s no need to fumble with assembly; the hoop is ready to go as soon as it arrives.

That said, there are a few minor drawbacks to consider. Since the hula hoop comes without batteries, you’ll need to have a couple of AA batteries on hand to get the lights going. Upon arrival, the hoop might have retained a shape from packaging that requires some flattening. Lastly, while the updated metal button denotes durability, it may require a firmer push, challenging for little fingers, to switch on the lights.

Best Two-Pack – Liberry Kids Hoops

Liberry Kids Hoop

We believe these adjustable and durable hoops are a great investment for active play and motor skill development.


  • Versatile adjustment to suit children of different sizes
  • Can be used for both kids’ play and pet training
  • Sturdy build quality to withstand frequent use


  • Assembly might be challenging for some
  • Pieces could be more secure once connected
  • Potential difficulty in adding weight as described

Finding the perfect hula hoop for your child can be challenging, but we’ve got you covered with the Liberry Kids Exercise Hoop. This hoop stands out with its adjustable size, offering versatility as your child grows or as different children want to join in the fun. Its texture isn’t just for aesthetic appeal; it also adds uniqueness to your child’s playtime equipment.

Considering the usefulness beyond just play, this hoop can be an excellent tool for pet enthusiasts. From simple exercises for kids to training sessions for your pooch, this hoop brings a lot more to the table than its traditional use. Plus, it easily snaps together, making it a breeze to store or take on the go.

Quality is at the forefront of the Liberry Kids Exercise Hoop, with strong plastic that holds up against the test of time and spirited play. Whether it’s used in a park or a backyard, the hoop promises to endure. However, some customers have found it tough to assemble, which is worth noting if you’re not fond of puzzling pieces together.

Though it’s designed to be weighted if desired, actual implementation might be a bit trickier than anticipated. Also, securing the pieces together for a stable hoop experience might require a little extra elbow grease. Even with a few potential hiccups in assembly and weight adjustment, the hoop’s resilience and adaptability shine through, making it a solid choice for active kids.

Best Three-Pack – Liberry Kids Hula Hoops

Liberry Hula Hoop

We recommend the Liberry Kids Exercise Hoop for its versatility in size and weight, making it suitable for a wide age range and various skill levels.


  • Adjustable size and weight cater to different children’s needs
  • Durable, high-quality plastic for a long-lasting product
  • Can be used in a variety of ways, from playtime to pet training


  • Some customers find assembly difficult
  • May be too small for adults
  • Difficulty in disassembling for storage reported by some users

Hula hoops have always been a favorite among kids, offering not just fun but also a wonderful way to keep fit. With the Liberry Kids Exercise Hoop, we find that its adjustable size and weight options are particularly beneficial. The product adapts to the growing skills and size of your child, ensuring it remains challenging and engaging.

Durability is an aspect we value, and this hula hoop stands out with its high-quality plastic construction. This resilience means the hoops can withstand the rigors of active play, and your investment continues to pay off over time.

The multi-use nature of these hula hoops is a strong selling point. Besides being a traditional toy, they can double as dog agility equipment or even as a decorative piece for a party. This versatility stretches the value of the hula hoops beyond just a form of exercise.

A noteworthy point of concern is the assembly, which has proven to be tricky for some. Although this could enhance the product’s solidarity, it can be a hurdle if frequent disassembly is needed for storage. Additionally, despite being a fantastic fit for kids, it may not accommodate adults who wish to join in on the fun.

It’s clear that the Liberry Kids Exercise Hoop brings much to the table. Whether your child is a beginner or looking for a more challenging hula hoop experience, this product can be adjusted to fit their needs. Plus, when you’re not using it for exercise, it can elevate the atmosphere of any child’s event as a decorative piece. Keep in mind its robustness is a double-edged sword if space-saving is a priority for you.

Comparison of Specifications

Product Name Best For Key Features Pros Cons
2Buyshop Kids’ Hoops Versatility – Detachable sections
– Multifunctional
– Durable plastic
– Adaptable size
– Multifunctional
– Durable plastic
– Frequent assembly
– Potentially too light
– May be heavy
Black Series LED Hula Hoop Nighttime Play – Bright LED lights
– Suitable for all ages
– On/off switch
– LED lights enhance play
– Suitable for all ages
– Easy activation
– Needs sun for shape restoration
– Durability concerns
– Fragile closure
2Buyshop Adjustable Hoops Adjustability – Adjustable design
– Colorful
– Easy to assemble
– Versatile use
– Easy assembly
– Durable
– Too light for some
– Size limitations
– Needs weighting
Liberry Kids Hula Hoop General Use – Adjustable size
– Dual-use (play/training)
– Durable plastic
– Adjusts in size
– Dual use
– Durable construction
– Assembly may be challenging
– Might be too light
– Cumbersome to re-adjust
SIKWO LED Hula Hoop Visual Experience – Integrated LED lights
– Durable HDPE construction
– No assembly
– Dazzling color display
– Sturdy construction
– Ready to use
– Batteries not included
– Reshaping after unboxing
– Hard button press
Liberry Kids Hoops (Two-Pack) Two-Pack Value – Adjustable size
– Versatile use
– Sturdy quality
– Adjustable
– Versatile
– Sturdy build
– Challenging assembly
– Connection issues
– Weight adjustment difficulty
Liberry Kids Hula Hoops (Three-Pack) Three-Pack Value – Adjustable size/weight
– Multi-use
– High-quality plastic
– Adjustable size and weight
– Versatile
– Durable
– Difficult assembly
– Too small for adults
– Hard to disassemble

Buying Guide

When we are choosing the best hula hoop for kids, the decision should be influenced by several key factors to ensure safety, durability, and enjoyment. Here’s what we should consider:

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the hula hoop are crucial for a child’s successful handling and enjoyment. Here’s a quick reference:

Age GroupDiameter RangeWeight Range
3-5 years26-30 inchesLight
6-8 years30-34 inchesMedium-light
9-12 years34-36 inchesMedium

A lightweight hoop is easier for younger children to handle, while older kids can manage slightly heavier ones, enhancing their workout.


  • Plastic: Durable and cost-effective, suitable for casual use.
  • Foam Padded: Offers improved grip and comfort, ideal for prolonged usage.

Select a material that suits the child’s intended use and frequency of play.

Safety Features

Ensure the hoop has no sharp edges and is made from non-toxic materials. If the hoop is segmented, check that the connectors are secure to prevent accidental disassembly.


Consider hula hoops that can adjust in size to grow with the child, providing a lasting investment for their physical activity preferences.

By keeping our focus on these points, we equip ourselves with the necessary information to make a well-informed choice for the right hula hoop that guarantees safe, enjoyable physical activity for children.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of the most pertinent questions to assist you in selecting the ideal hula hoop for young users.

What factors should I consider when choosing a hula hoop for a young child?

When selecting a hula hoop for a young child, we consider the hoop’s weight, size, durability, and safety. Also, we ensure the materials are non-toxic and the design is kid-friendly, with bright colors and patterns to engage their interest.

How do I determine the appropriate size hula hoop for a child?

To find the right size, we measure from the child’s waist to the floor and choose a hoop of a similar diameter. Ideally, when stood up vertically, the hula hoop should reach between the child’s waist and chest.

At what age can children start using hula hoops?

Children as young as three years old can start using hula hoops, but we match the hoop’s size and weight to their ability and stature for the best experience.

Are weighted hula hoops safe for children to use?

Weighted hula hoops are generally not recommended for children due to the increased risk of injury. We opt for lightweight hula hoops that are easier and safer for children to use.

Where can I find quality hula hoops for kids?

Quality hula hoops for kids can be found at toy stores, sports retailers, and online marketplaces. We look for reputable suppliers that specialize in children’s toys and sports equipment.

How can hula hooping benefit the development of my child?

Hula hooping can enhance our child’s motor skills, coordination, and balance. Additionally, it promotes physical activity, can increase stamina, and provides a fun way to encourage exercise.

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    • 🎨 Creative Crafts and DIYs
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