The Best Fitness Watch for Kids: for an Active Generation

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Best Fitness Watch For Kids
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Fitness trackers and smartwatches have evolved into valuable tools for monitoring our health and activity levels, making them an extension of our daily routine. For adults seeking to maintain their wellness, these gadgets offer an array of features such as step counting, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking. Now, this technology has been adapted to fit the lifestyles and interests of a younger audience. Kids’ fitness watches are designed to be fun and engaging, promoting an active lifestyle with features tailored to children’s needs, such as interactive challenges, rewards systems, and parental controls.

When looking for the best fitness watch for kids, durability and ease of use take the forefront. These watches should withstand the rough and tumble of playtime, with a comfortable design that doesn’t hinder a child’s movement. A simple interface allows children to operate their gadgets with minimal assistance, fostering a sense of independence. Battery life also becomes a significant consideration since frequent charging can be impractical for both parents and kids.

The safety and security features of kids’ fitness watches are paramount. GPS tracking allows parents to locate their children when they’re outside, and some watches have the capability for parents to set safe zones and receive alerts if their child ventures beyond them. Additionally, it’s essential to look at the social features of these devices. Some allow children to message friends, which necessitates robust parental controls to ensure a safe and controlled environment.

Taking all of these elements into account, we can select a fitness watch that not only motivates children to be more active but also aligns with the priorities of parents looking for a balance between fun, safety, and durability. With the right watch, we can provide kids with an engaging and interactive tool that cultivates healthy habits while giving parents peace of mind. Considering these key factors will ease the decision-making process as we move on to reviewing specific models that excel in these areas.

Top Fitness Watches for Kids

In our search for the best fitness watches that cater to the younger demographic, we’ve focused on features like durability, ease of use, and engaging interfaces that can keep kids motivated. From tracking steps to monitoring sleep patterns, our upcoming roundup highlights the top models that are both kid-friendly and parent-approved. Stay tuned for our picks to help you find the perfect device to support the active lifestyle of your little ones.

Slothcloud Kids Smart Watch

Slothcloud Kids Smart Watch

We recommend this watch as an engaging gift for children who are active or starting to learn about personal fitness.


  • Personalized watch face enhances the fun for kids
  • Comprehensive activity tracking encourages a healthy lifestyle
  • Waterproof feature expands usage opportunities for water-related activities


  • The heart rate and sleep tracker are not medical-grade tools
  • Limited to basic smartwatch functionalities
  • Compatibility restricted to certain smartphone operating systems

Finding the right balance of fun and functionality in a fitness watch for kids can be quite the quest. This Slothcloud smartwatch strikes the chord with its vivid and customizable 1.5-inch touch screen. Giving children the autonomy to personalize their gadget could spark their interest in using the watch daily.

The array of features offered by this watch aims to mingle fitness with enjoyment. Engaging kids with 19 different sport modes and activity tracking will not only make fitness a fun activity but also help instill healthy lifetime habits. Moreover, features such as the sedentary reminder and water intake prompt serve as little nudges towards a more active and hydrated lifestyle.

Despite its playful allure, it’s important to acknowledge the watch’s limitations. The heart rate and sleep data should be viewed as a rough guide rather than a substitute for professional health monitoring. Similarly, while the watch does bolster basic smart functionalities, it won’t replace a smartphone or high-end smartwatch. Lastly, compatibility with smartphones is limited, meaning this watch might not function with all devices, potentially narrowing its user base.

BIGGERFIVE Vigor 2 L Kids Tracker


We find the BIGGERFIVE Vigor 2 L to be a valuable tool for keeping children engaged in healthy activities, with a design tailored for their comfort and a range of features to promote an active lifestyle.


  • Comfortable silicone strap designed for children’s skin
  • Waterproof and versatile for various activities
  • Encourages positive habits with fitness tracking and rewards


  • Might be challenging to set up for some users
  • Potential durability concerns over time
  • Possible skin irritation for sensitive individuals

Finding a fitness watch that not only withstands the rough and tumble of kids’ play but also motivates them can be tough. Our search made us appreciate the BIGGERFIVE Vigor 2 L Kids Fitness Tracker. Its comfortable silicone band fits nicely on a child’s wrist, making it wearable day in and day out. With multiple activity modes and a waterproof design, it’s equipped to handle nearly every playground adventure and pool day your kids encounter.

Staying on top of a child’s health is made simpler with this tracker. It monitors heart rate and sleep patterns effortlessly, offering insights you can use to ensure they’re getting enough rest and physical activity. The silent alarm is a thoughtful addition, allowing children to wake up for school without a jarring alarm disrupting the household.

As responsible as this tracker is for tracking fitness data, it also plays a part in the fun. By rewarding kids with virtual badges for reaching exercise goals, it turns daily activity into an exciting challenge. With a user interface designed for kids, they’ll enjoy independent interaction with their watch, which supports us in teaching them about healthy habits in a technological world.

BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker for Kids

BIGGERFIVE Kids Fitness Tracker

For young ones eager to emulate their active parents, our tracker offers a blend of fun and wellness monitoring in a kid-friendly package.


  • Encourages physical activity with a variety of sport modes
  • Features comprehensive health monitoring for peace of mind
  • Highly water-resistant, suitable for all sorts of aquatic play


  • Some may find the device interface less intuitive
  • The durability could be an issue over long-term use
  • Heart rate data not always instantly visible, which may require app interaction

When searching for a gadget that can keep up with the perpetual motion of children, we find the BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker to be a noteworthy candidate. Its diverse sport modes and health tracking cater to the needs of active kids, rewarding movement and making fitness fun.

We appreciate that safety comes first, and with its robust water resistance, this watch can bravely join in on pool games and hand-washing without skipping a beat. The broad compatibility it boasts means that managing the device is streamlined across various smartphone platforms.

Our insight into this device is not without recognizing points of improvement. Parents or older children might occasionally grapple with navigating the interface for the first time, but this is generally a minor hurdle.

In sum, the BIGGERFIVE Kids Fitness Tracker strikes a balance between encouraging fitness and providing health insights, all while enduring the rough and tumble of child’s play. It stands out as a reconnective bridge between playtimes, promoting a healthier lifestyle for the digital native generation.

Amazfit Band 5

Amazfit Band 5

For those venturing into fitness tracking for kids, the Amazfit Band 5 is a comprehensive tool that offers a variety of health-related features and an impressive battery life for continuous use.


  • Offers extensive health management including blood oxygen level and 24/7 heart rate monitoring.
  • Integrates with Amazon Alexa for added convenience and smart device control.
  • Delivers an extended battery life of up to 15 days, reducing the need for frequent charging.


  • Might have a learning curve for kids to utilize all health monitoring features effectively.
  • The watch’s text size could be too small for some, leading to readability issues.
  • Advanced features may go unused if buying just for basic fitness tracking needs.

Offering health management in a small package, this fitness tracker is tailored to keep up with the energetic lifestyle of kids. The convenience of Amazon Alexa being only a voice command away enriches the user’s experience, making it more than just a fitness tracker by allowing control over smart devices and access to information readily.

Its robust 15-day battery life stands out, providing peace of mind for parents and kids alike by eliminating the worry of daily charges. This means more time being active and less time tethered to an outlet, which is particularly useful during outdoor activities, trips, or sports camps.

Despite all these high-end features, it’s important to consider the practicality for daily use in a child’s routine. The Amazfit Band 5 comes with an array of in-depth health tracking that might be more than necessary for just monitoring a kid’s physical activity. Also, with a display that might prove challenging for some youngsters to read, it’s crucial to weigh the value of these advanced monitoring tools against usability for the intended age group.

FITVII Peacock Green Kids Watch

FITVII Kids Fitness Tracker

We recommend the FITVII Kids Watch for parents wanting a multifunctional fitness tracker that operates without a smartphone, suitable for swimming and packed with features catering to your child’s active lifestyle.


  • Independent use without a smartphone, ideal for children’s safety and simplicity
  • Variety of functions like a pedometer, active playtime tracking, and sleep monitoring to encourage a healthy lifestyle
  • Fun interactive mini-games to keep your child engaged


  • Some users have reported difficulty understanding the 24-hour clock format
  • Limited to no expandability due to no compatibility with smartphones
  • A selection of only three entertainment games which may not sustain long-term interest

As we explore the FITVII Kids Watch, it’s clear that it’s crafted to foster an active way of living for children. With in-built sports modes, it supports a variety of activities, making it an excellent motivator for youngsters to exceed their fitness goals. Additionally, the device comes with entertainment features that not only provide amusement but also improve reflexes and creativity.

Admirably, the FITVII Kids Watch allows the creation of multiple alarms, helping children manage their schedules effectively. This makes it an ideal companion for daily activities, from waking up to organizing study times. Furthermore, with its sleep monitoring capabilities, it gives insights into sleep patterns, ensuring children get adequate rest.

The concept of a kids’ watch that promotes health and time management, yet still packs engaging games, is quite compelling. While interactive features are limited, they are thoughtfully selected to enrich the user experience. However, this watch’s lack of connectivity with smartphones may be restrictive for some, limiting its functionality to the pre-installed features. Despite this, the FITVII Kids Watch stands out for its focus on fostering independence and providing a safe, tech-friendly option for kids.

Cubitt Jr Smart Watch

Cubitt Jr Smart Watch

We recommend Cubitt Jr Smart Watch for parents looking to introduce their kids to wearable tech with fun and fitness tracking features.


  • Tailored functions for kids including educational games and habit-forming alarms
  • Comprehensive activity tracking and health monitoring beneficial for encouraging a fit lifestyle
  • Simple app pairing and impressive battery life for fewer charges and consistent use


  • Limited smartphone functions may not satisfy tech-savvy kids or those used to more advanced gadgets
  • Possible allergy to metal components for some children, as noted in a customer review
  • The functions may seem basic when compared to adult smartwatches

When exploring options for a child’s first smartwatch, the Cubitt Jr Smart Watch fits the bill with its child-friendly features. We appreciate the range of functionalities tailored specifically for younger users. This smartwatch not only encourages daily physical activities through fitness tracking but also promotes mental exercise with its brain-teasing games.

An aspect worth highlighting is the convenience offered to parents. With the watch’s good habit alarms and the parental control options, it aids in structuring a child’s routine. The device’s app synchronization is straightforward, ensuring ease of use for both parents and children. Additionally, the vibrant display with customizable faces is likely to appeal to kids, ensuring they are excited to wear the watch daily.

However, while the Cubitt Jr Smart Watch is well-suited for children just being introduced to such technology, it may not fulfill the desires of children expecting more advanced features akin to those on a smartphone or adult smartwatch. It’s important we also consider the feedback regarding potential allergic reactions to the metal components and weigh this against the benefits when deciding on the purchase.

Mgaolo Kids Smart Fitness Watch

Mgaolo Smart Fitness Watch for Kids

We think this smartwatch offers a variety of features that cater well to keeping kids engaged and active, while also providing peace of mind to parents through various health and activity trackers.


  • Customizable wallpaper to suit your child’s preferences
  • Multifunctional with features such as a pedometer and sleep tracker
  • Long battery life to sustain regular use throughout the week


  • The band may be too large for smaller wrists
  • It’s not waterproof, limiting its use in certain activities
  • Step counting accuracy has been questioned in some reviews

The Mgaolo Kids Smart Fitness Watch is designed with a modern style, aiming to offer children an engaging way to stay active and monitor their health. It includes 19 sports modes to encourage diverse daily activities and the heart rate and sleep monitors serve as excellent tools to help kids develop healthy habits from an early age.

Charging this device is quite convenient, and it typically lasts 5 to 7 days on a single charge, depending on usage. It’s certainly capable of keeping up with the bustling energy levels of children, allowing for constant use without frequent recharges. The watch’s ability to send sedentary and drink water reminders also provides additional support for a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.

The DIY watch face feature stands out by allowing kids to personalize their watch, giving it a unique touch that makes the experience more enjoyable. However, one potential drawback is the band’s size, which may not be ideal for all kids, especially those with slender wrists. Additionally, while the array of features is impressive, ensuring that the tracking is consistently reliable is essential for accurately monitoring fitness progress.

Buying Guide

Understanding the Basics

When we’re in the market for a fitness watch for kids, the first step is identifying what basic features are essential. Durability, battery life, and water resistance are key since children will be wearing these watches throughout various activities. Look for a solid build that can handle the knocks and bumps of playtime.

Key Features to Consider

Essential Features:

  • Durability: Watches should be made from sturdy materials to withstand rough handling.
  • Water Resistance: Opt for water-resistant watches for swimming or sweaty activities.
  • Battery Life: Longer battery life is beneficial to avoid frequent charging.

Additional Features:

  • Activity Tracking: Counts steps and other movements for general fitness.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Useful for keeping an eye on their physical exertion.

We should evaluate these features based on our child’s lifestyle and what we hope to achieve with the fitness watch.

Safety and Privacy

It’s crucial to look at the privacy settings and safety features of the device. Secure devices that allow for parental controls and GPS tracking can provide peace of mind.

Comfort and Design

Considerations for Wearability:

Aspect Description
Size The watch should fit comfortably on a child’s wrist.
Weight Lighter watches are more suitable for smaller wrists.
Materials Hypoallergenic materials help prevent skin irritation.

Kids will be more willing to wear the watch consistently if it’s comfortable and visually appealing to them.

Comparing Costs

We need to balance features with cost-effectiveness. Expensive doesn’t always mean better, so we should look for a watch that offers solid performance and durability without unnecessary bells and whistles that may increase the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we provide clear answers to common questions about the best fitness watches for kids, focusing on popular models, suitability for different age groups, and essential features for child-friendly activity tracking.

What are the most popular fitness trackers for children?

The most popular fitness trackers for children often include the Fitbit Ace series and Garmin vívofit jr. range. These models cater specifically to young users with their durable designs and engaging interfaces.

How suitable is the Fitbit Ace 3 for children’s activity tracking?

The Fitbit Ace 3 is designed with children in mind, featuring a swimproof build, sleep tracking, and a customizable animated clock face. It motivates kids by offering rewards and badges for meeting activity goals.

Can a Garmin smart watch meet the needs of kids’ daily fitness regimen?

A Garmin smartwatch, such as the Garmin vívofit jr. 3, can indeed meet the needs of kids’ daily fitness routines. It provides activity tracking, step counting, and interactive games that tie physical activities to in-game rewards, fostering an active lifestyle.

What are the features to look for in a pedometer watch for kids?

When looking for a pedometer watch for kids, key features should include a step counter, durable construction, a comfortable and adjustable strap, and a user-friendly interface. Bonus features might include reward systems and educational games that promote physical activity.

Which smart watches provide the best parental controls for monitoring children’s activities?

Smart watches like the Vodafone Neo Smart Kids Watch and Verizon GizmoWatch offer robust parental controls for monitoring children’s locations and contact lists, in addition to fitness tracking features.

Are there any smart watches designed specifically for teenagers’ fitness goals?

Teenagers may prefer smart watches with a more mature look and advanced fitness metrics. Models like the Fitbit Charge series and Garmin Forerunner watches cater to teenagers by offering heart rate monitoring, exercise recognition, and smartphone notifications.

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