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The Best Soccer Shoes for Picks for Young Athletes

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Best Soccer Shoes For Kids
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Soccer is a globally beloved sport that captivates kids and adults alike. It’s a game that combines fitness with strategy and teamwork, making it an ideal sport for young players. As children engage in soccer, one of the most important pieces of equipment they’ll need is a proper pair of soccer shoes. These shoes aren’t just about sporting the latest brand or style; they’re about providing the right support, traction, and comfort on the field to empower each player’s performance.

When selecting soccer shoes for kids, there are several factors to consider. The right fit is paramount, as children’s feet are still growing and developing, which means that shoes should facilitate proper foot health and comfort. Traction is another key factor, with varying cleat patterns tailored for different types of playing surfaces—be it natural grass, artificial turf, or indoors. The material of the shoe also plays a significant role, as it needs to be durable enough to withstand regular use while still allowing breathability to ensure comfort throughout the game.

Durability and safety cannot be stressed enough. Kids are hard on their footwear, and soccer shoes need to withstand a great deal of wear and tear. Safety features, like adequate padding and reinforced soles, help to protect young athletes from injuries during play. It’s a balance between a sturdy build and keeping the shoes lightweight enough not to hamper the child’s natural movement and agility on the pitch.

With these key considerations in mind, we have combed through numerous options to help parents and guardians find the best soccer shoes for kids. Our focus on fit, traction, material quality, durability, and safety ensures that we recommend shoes that will not only perform on the pitch but also stand up to the rigors of active children’s play. Let’s move on to explore the top picks that cater to the various needs of young soccer enthusiasts.

Top Kids’ Soccer Shoes

In our search for the best soccer shoes for kids, we prioritized comfort, durability, and performance. Understanding the importance of proper foot support for young athletes, our selections cater to the needs of various playing styles and field conditions. Whether for recreational play or competitive matches, we’ve compiled a list of top-performing soccer shoes that offer the quality and reliability both kids and parents expect.

Adidas Goletto VIII Turf

adidas Little Kid Goletto VIII Turf

We believe that the Adidas Goletto VIII Turf soccer shoe is a solid buy for its durability and comfort, especially tailored for active children.


  • High customer satisfaction with a 4.7-star rating
  • Designed for comfort with a synthetic sole and fabric type
  • Machine washable, simplifying care and maintenance


  • Some customers report sizing issues
  • May not be a genuine Adidas product as per a customer review
  • Higher price point when compared to some other kids’ soccer shoes

When considering soccer shoes for young athletes, durability and comfort are at the top of the checklist. The Adidas Goletto VIII Turf appears to have hit the mark in these criteria. Customers have appreciated its sturdy construction and pleasant fit from the first wear, which demonstrates how the shoe can support the rapid movements and general playfulness of kids.

Good traction is crucial for any turf shoe, and this model seems to offer just that. We’re well aware of how important it is for children’s shoes to withstand all sorts of conditions, and these shoes are praised for maintaining good condition even after regular use. Plus, being machine washable is a bonus for busy parents.

We should keep in mind the considerations regarding sizing and authenticity. It’s essential for soccer shoes to fit well for safety and performance, so it may be wise to closely check sizing guides or customer feedback to ensure a good fit. Furthermore, the concern about the authenticity of the shoes brought up by one review is worth noting, although the majority of reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

In conclusion, the Adidas Goletto VIII Turf for kids stands out as a reliable choice for young soccer enthusiasts. Its benefits in terms of durability, comfort, and ease of care align well with the needs of children and their parents. However, pay attention to sizing when ordering and consider the lone concern regarding authenticity to make an informed decision.

Youth Hypervenom Cleats

Nike Unisex-Child Cleats

For the aspiring young soccer player, these Nike cleats offer precision control and unbeatable comfort.


  • Engineered for superior ball control
  • Dynamic Fit collar and Flywire cables provide robust foot lockdown
  • All Conditions Control (ACC) technology ensures performance in any weather


  • Higher price point compared to other kids’ soccer shoes
  • Limited customer reviews available
  • Bold colorway may not appeal to all preferences

Finding the right soccer shoes for kids is crucial, as it affects their performance and their enjoyment of the game. The Youth Hypervenom Cleats boast a design that prioritizes ball manipulation, making them a strong contender for kids who want to improve their game. With the Anatomical Sockliner, Nike ensures that the midsole cushioning keeps the foot snug and supported.

Foot stability is key in making those swift, decisive movements on the field. These cleats utilize Flywire cables, which combine with the Dynamic Fit collar to keep the foot secure and make the shoe feel like a natural extension of the body. And the game doesn’t pause for bad weather, which is why the ACC technology is a standout feature, permitting consistent performance no matter the conditions.

When it comes to pursuing their passion for soccer, kids need reliable equipment that will grow with them. The durable yet agile soleplate of the Youth Hypervenom Cleats grants the agility young players crave, coupled with a striking color that stands out on the pitch. These shoes promise to elevate the game of any serious junior player ready to shine.

Adidas Samba Classic

Adidas Samba Classic

We think the Adidas Samba Classic Soccer Shoe offers a great blend of comfort and durability for young soccer enthusiasts.


  • Time-tested design with suitable traction for indoor soccer
  • Durable construction with a leather upper
  • Easy cleaning with machine wash compatibility


  • Some may find the sole less cushioned compared to others
  • The classic design may not appeal to all kids
  • Potential size discrepancy; ordering a half size up might be necessary

Looking for a reliable soccer shoe that can withstand the rigors of active play while also doubling as a casual school shoe? Adidas delivers with the ever-popular Samba Classic. Its leather upper ensures the shoes are robust enough to handle daily wear and tear, plus the rubber sole grips well on indoor surfaces to prevent slips during play.

Comfort has been a focal point for these shoes, as echoed by the praise from parents. The option to machine wash these shoes is an added bonus, simplifying maintenance. This aligns with our wish for practicality and longevity in kids’ footwear.

However, it is important to consider individual fit and comfort preferences. The Samba’s sole design provides less cushioning than some other models, which might not suit all children, especially those who spend a significant amount of time on the field. Also, the retro style of the Samba might not entice kids who prefer footwear with modern aesthetics. It’s wise to reassess sizing, as several reviews have suggested that the shoes may run slightly small.

adidas Nemeziz 19.4 Kids

adidas Nemeziz 19.4 Kids

We find these adidas firm ground shoes a solid choice for young, aspiring soccer players inspired by Messi.


  • Vibrant colorway appeals to kids
  • Good fit for children who adore soccer
  • Positive user feedback highlights durability


  • Not water resistant
  • Narrow fit may not suit all foot shapes
  • Select reviews suggest authenticity concerns

Choosing the right soccer shoes for kids can greatly impact their performance and enjoyment of the game. These adidas Nemeziz 19.4 soccer shoes are specifically crafted for firm ground play, which is a common surface for youth soccer leagues. The lace-up closure ensures a snug fit, allowing young athletes to run and maneuver with confidence.

The appeal of these shoes isn’t just performance-based; the aesthetics are also a big hit. The vibrant colors and association with soccer icon Messi make them a popular choice among kids. However, it’s worth considering that the narrow fit might not be comfortable for every child’s foot—a critical factor to think about for growing feet.

Lastly, while user reviews are mostly positive, highlighting the shoe’s durability, there are mentions of the shoes not being water resistant, which might be a limitation for playing conditions that involve wet weather. A few reviews have raised concerns over authenticity, which is something shoppers should be cautious about, ensuring they purchase from reputable sources. Despite these concerns, these soccer shoes stand out for the combination of style, fit, and sport-specific features.

Adidas Goletto VII Cleats

Adidas Little Kid Goletto VIII Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

If you’re on the hunt for reliable and comfortable soccer shoes for your child, the Adidas Goletto VII is a worthy contender.


  • High ratings underscore their quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Synthetic sole provides durability on firm ground.
  • Lightweight design ensures comfort during play.


  • May run large, which necessitates careful sizing before purchase.
  • Limited color options might not satisfy all personal preferences.
  • Laces may be shorter than expected, which could affect the fit.

When we look for soccer cleats for kids, we prioritize comfort, durability, and performance. The Adidas Goletto VII Cleats deliver on all these fronts. These shoes are acclaimed for their snug fit and the reliability that the Adidas brand is known for. Kids will enjoy the lightweight feel that supports their quick movements on the field.

Durability is key for children’s soccer shoes, as they must withstand rigorous use in varying conditions. The synthetic sole of the Goletto VII is crafted to provide lasting support and endurance, reflecting the shoe’s high rating by parents and guardians. The shoes’ construction and materials are chosen for extended play, which means less worry about wear and tear.

However, no product is without its downsides. Sizing can be a challenge; ensuring you’ve gotten the correct fit for your child is crucial to avoid returns or exchanges. Furthermore, while the design is generally applauded, some might find the color options limiting if they are looking for something outside the classic palette. Additionally, the length of the laces is a minor concern; but it’s easily remedied should you require a longer set.

In conclusion, the Adidas Goletto VII Firm Ground Soccer Cleats offer a sound balance of quality, longevity, and price, making them a solid choice for children taking on soccer.

New Balance Kids Furon V7

New Balance Furon V7

We believe that the New Balance Kids Furon Dispatch Turf V7 Soccer Shoe could be a functional pick for young soccer enthusiasts who play on artificial turf.


  • Designed for comfort and stability with a knit collar and lightweight synthetic upper
  • Rubber lugged outsole provides traction on turf surfaces
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance


  • Some users found the closure type to be misleading, as they expected Velcro but got lace-up
  • With a 3.3-star rating, opinions on overall quality may vary
  • Wide-footed players may face limited options despite these being a good find

These soccer shoes by New Balance are thoughtfully crafted with a knit collar and lightweight synthetic upper to enhance the comfort and stability that kids need during a match or practice. The balance between a snug fit and room to move is crucial for budding soccer players, and this offering from New Balance aims to strike that equilibrium.

When playing on artificial turf, traction is imperative. The rubber lugged outsole of these cleats is tailored to assist with grip and maneuverability on the surface, likely to help kids make those quick turns and sprints a little easier.

Maintaining sports gear for kids needn’t be a chore, and the machine-washable feature of these soccer shoes is a nod to the need for convenience. Parents will undoubtedly appreciate the ease with which these cleats can be cleaned after a muddy day on the field.

However, it’s worth noting that some buyers did not get what they expected in terms of closure, as these are lace-up rather than Velcro-slip on. It’s important to double-check this aspect to ensure it meets your child’s needs. Furthermore, the 3.3 rating indicates that experiences may have varied among customers, necessitating a deeper look into user reviews for reassurance. Lastly, for those children with wider feet, options can be limited, but these cleats could potentially be a rare and suitable choice.

Dream Pairs Soccer Cleats

Dream Pairs Soccer Cleats

We recommend these soccer shoes for kids who need a vibrant, functional option for indoor play.


  • Eye-catching design that stands out on the field
  • Versatile for various indoor surfaces, thanks to the rubber sole
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance


  • May run narrow, which could be a fit issue for some
  • Durability may vary based on frequency of use
  • Mainly designed for beginners and may not suit advanced players

The Dream Pairs Soccer Cleats offer children the chance to enhance their game with a touch of style. The rubber outsole provides solid traction on turf, preventing unnecessary slips and aiding in stable, confident moves during play. Their PU construction equates to a blend of durability and lightweight design, a necessary feature for young athletes who are always on the move.

A unique aspect of these cleats is the ability to machine wash them. This feature is perfect for parents, as it allows for easy clean-up after a day’s game without the hassle of hand-washing. This convenience ensures the cleats remain in top condition for the next match.

However, considering they may have a narrower fit, it’s important to assess your child’s comfort before committing to a pair. Although the build quality seems suitable, kids who play soccer frequently might require a more robust shoe designed to withstand intense, regular sessions. The Dream Pairs are great as a starter option, providing the basics needed for an enjoyable game at a very reasonable price.

Buying Guide

When choosing soccer shoes for kids, we must consider several important features to ensure we make the right purchase. Our focus should be on comfort, durability, and suitability for the playing surface.

Comfort and Fit

It’s vital that the shoes fit well to prevent injuries and blisters.

  • Proper Size: Measure your child’s feet. Soccer shoes should be snug but not too tight, allowing for natural movement and growth.
  • Insole Support: Look for shoes with cushioned insoles for comfort and support.

Materials and Durability

Durable materials extend the life of soccer shoes under rigorous play conditions.

  • Upper Material: Synthetic or leather materials balance durability and flexibility.
  • Sole Quality: Strong soles offer stability and longevity.

Playing Surface

The type of cleats should match the playing surface to ensure safety and performance.

  • Grass Fields: Firm ground cleats work best.
  • Artificial Turf: Turf shoes or cleats designed for synthetic surfaces are appropriate.
  • Indoor Soccer: Flat-soled shoes provide better grip on indoor courts.

Safety and Design

Safety is paramount, but we also want shoes that kids feel confident wearing.

  • Cleat Pattern: Choose suitable cleat patterns that offer traction without increasing injury risk.
  • Heel Counter: Ensure the shoe has a strong heel counter for stability.

Putting these considerations into a tabular format can help us compare options:

Feature Detail Why It Matters
Size Snug fit, room for growth Prevents injury, promotes comfort
Insole Cushioned Support and comfort
Upper Material Durable synthetic or leather Durability, flexibility
Sole Firm ground, turf, indoor-specific Match for playing surface
Safety Adequate traction, strong heel counter Reduces injury risk, stability

By keeping these features in mind, we can ensure we’re selecting the best soccer shoes for kids, balancing performance, safety, and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting soccer cleats for kids, it’s crucial to consider features for performance and safety. We’ll compare popular brands like Nike and Adidas, discuss the right fit, and explore the types of shoes suitable for different playing surfaces.

What features are important when choosing soccer cleats for children?

Key features include a snug fit to avoid blisters, non-slip outsoles for traction, and lightweight materials to help maintain energy levels during play. Durability is also essential to withstand regular use.

How do specific brands like Nike and Adidas compare for kids’ soccer shoes?

Nike and Adidas both offer a range of kids’ soccer shoes that provide excellent support, comfort, and durability. Nike often emphasizes innovative designs, while Adidas might focus on classic styles and comfort.

Are there different types of soccer shoes required for indoor and outdoor play for youth?

Yes, outdoor soccer cleats generally have longer studs for traction on grass, whereas indoor shoes have a flat outsole suitable for flat surfaces. It’s important to match the shoe to the intended playing surface.

What size and fit considerations should be taken into account for children’s soccer shoes?

Proper fit is crucial. There should be about a thumb’s width of space between the toe and the end of the shoe. Shoes that are too large can lead to trips and falls, while too small a size can cause discomfort.

How often should kids’ soccer cleats be replaced?

Soccer cleats for kids should be replaced when they are outgrown or show significant wear. Kids’ feet grow quickly, so frequent checks for fit and wear are advisable.

What are the most durable soccer cleats for active children?

Look for cleats made with quality materials and robust construction. Synthetic leathers are often durable and easy to clean, while real leather may offer more comfort but require more care.

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