The Best Electric Guitar for Kids: Picks for Young Rockstars

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Best Electric Guitar For Kids
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Electric guitars ignite the passion for music in people of all ages, and this is especially true for kids who dream of rocking out to their favorite tunes. The electric guitar, with its versatility in sound and style, has shaped various music genres, making it an iconic instrument in the world of music. For children, a guitar can be not only an outlet for creativity but also a tool that aids in developing fine motor skills, improving concentration, and enhancing patience. When tailored to the younger crowd, electric guitars are designed to be manageable in size and weight, ensuring a comfortable learning experience.

When considering the best electric guitars for young aspiring musicians, the selection process involves finding an instrument that aligns with the child’s age, size, and the intended use. An electric guitar for a child needs to be lightweight and appropriately scaled to fit their smaller hands and body. This way, the child can handle the instrument comfortably, encouraging regular practice and enjoyment. Additionally, the quality of construction becomes a deciding factor, as a well-built guitar will not only sound better but will also be more durable to withstand the enthusiasm of young rockers.

Key features to consider include the guitar’s neck width, the spacing of the frets, and the type of pickups used, as these aspects directly affect playability and sound. Moreover, the inclusion of user-friendly controls for volume and tone adjustments is crucial to accommodate the learning curve of new players. Amp compatibility and the presence of a headphone jack are also helpful, making practice sessions flexible for any environment.

Choosing the right electric guitar for a child can lay the foundation for a lifetime love of music. As we explore the options on the market, we focus on finding instruments that promise to be a comfortable fit, sound great, and inspire continual progress and enthusiasm in young players. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the top contenders that hit the right notes for kid-friendly usability and quality.

Top Electric Guitars for Kids

Our curated selection of electric guitars is tailored for young musicians ready to embark on their musical journey. We recognize the importance of a quality instrument that fits comfortably in smaller hands, and our list reflects models that blend playability, durability, and appropriate sizing. Whether for a beginner or a budding rockstar, these guitars will help foster a love for music in children, laying a foundation for skill development and a lifetime of enjoyment.

Best Choice Kids Electric Guitar

Best Choice Kids Electric Guitar

We believe this Best Choice Products guitar kit is an ideal starting point for young rock stars honing their musical skills.


  • Perfectly sized for younger musicians
  • Comes with a complete kit, including an amplifier
  • Durable, all-wood construction for longevity


  • May require frequent tuning
  • Amplifier may not be powerful enough for advanced users
  • Potential intonation set-up needed for optimal playability

This guitar’s size is just right for children, making it easier for them to grasp and play compared to a full-sized instrument. The inclusion of all essential accessories allows budding guitarists to start playing right out of the box, without the hassle of additional purchases.

Playing this instrument can be a joy, thanks to its single-coil pickup that transforms string vibrations into a classic electric guitar sound. This feature provides a consistent sound that supports a quality learning experience.

Durability is key when it comes to children’s instruments, and this guitar claims a solid build that can withstand the enthusiasm of a young rock star. Its stylish finish adds to the aesthetic, emulating the look of professional guitars that inspire kids to keep practicing.

Smartxchoices Electric Guitar for Kids

Smartxchoices Electric Guitar

We believe this beginner guitar kit is an excellent choice for children eager to explore the world of music.


  • Complete starter kit with accessories
  • Lightweight and size-appropriate for children
  • Attractive design and color suitable for kids


  • May require frequent tuning due to sensitivity to environmental changes
  • Amp of modest quality, may need upgrading
  • Strings may be prone to breaking and need careful handling

If you’re venturing into the realm of music education for kids, you’ll appreciate the Smartxchoices Electric Guitar Kit as a gateway for young beginners. Its compact size and light weight are just right for the small hands and stature of a young rockstar-in-training. Every essential a newbie would need is bundled in, letting them dive into playing without the hassle of purchasing additional accessories.

The allure of the guitar is not solely in playing it; the design must also captivate the young ones. This guitar sports a polished finish and a vibrant blue body countering the dark fretboard, catching the eye and fueling the enthusiasm to play. Not only will it stand out in appearance, but also in its potential to ignite a passion for music.

Our Smartxchoices Electric Guitar for Kids offers a comfortable start in their musical journey. The included accessories are enough to begin without extra cost, yet the quality is such that as skills grow, upgrades may be considered. We see it as a bridge: a solid first step that promises more roads to explore as confidence and interest in playing the electric guitar develops.

Master Play Kids Electric Guitar

Master Play Kids Electric Guitar

This Master Play Electric Guitar kit offers a comprehensive set for budding musicians, combining convenience with a user-friendly design.


  • Includes essential accessories, eliminating the need for additional purchases
  • Light and comfortable design suitable for children
  • Versatile tone settings accommodate various musical styles


  • Sound level may be underwhelming for some users
  • Tuner lacks instructional material
  • Past issues with shipping and product condition upon arrival

When encouraging a child’s musical interests, having the right equipment is crucial. The Master Play 39″ Electric Guitar strikes a balance between affordability and functionality, aimed at both beginners and intermediate young players. With an all wood construction and a vivid black finish, it assures a combination of durability and aesthetic appeal.

The complete kit is particularly advantageous for parents. It comes packaged with everything a young guitarist needs to start playing immediately, including a gig bag, amplifier, and digital tuner, among others. This addresses the convenience factor, as you won’t need to spend time and money gathering additional accessories.

Considering the specifics of young learners’ needs, this guitar’s size and lightweight construction are positive attributes. Moreover, the versatility of sound that the 20 Watt amplifier provides ensures that a child can explore a range of genres, from calm melodies to more punchy rock riffs, fostering a diversified musical education.

It’s important to be forthcoming about the potential drawbacks. Several users have noted the sound level of the amplifier to be less than powerful, which might be appreciated by neighbors but not by kids eager to rock out. Additionally, the lack of directions for the digital tuner can be a snag for those new to music. Finally, there have been isolated instances of shipping or condition issues, but these seem to be exceptions rather than the rule.

Vangoa Kids Electric Guitar Kit

Vangoa Kids Electric Guitar

We’ve found the Vangoa 30 Inch Electric Guitar to be a solid starter kit for young aspiring guitarists, featuring useful accessories and an appropriate size.


  • Lightweight design suitable for children
  • Easy to hold and play, which encourages practice
  • Includes a comprehensive set of beginner accessories


  • Build quality may vary
  • Tuning stability could be an issue for frequent players
  • May not be suitable as children grow and advance

The Vangoa 30 Inch Electric Guitar Kit is tailored for kids taking their first steps into music. The size and weight of the guitar make it an ideal match for younger players. Its ergonomics cater well to the short reach of children’s arms, allowing for comfortable practice sessions, whether seated or standing.

In tandem with the guitar itself, the kit comes with an array of accessories to get started right out of the box. From the portable amp to the carrying bag, it’s a package that offers great convenience and ensures a beginner has everything they need. This eliminates the hassle of purchasing additional gear, which can be daunting for parents unfamiliar with musical instruments.

However, we note that consistency in craftsmanship might not align with professional instruments, which is noticeable in the tuning stability. While the Vangoa guitar is excellent for beginners, as a child’s skill level progresses, they may outgrow this model. It’s also key to set expectations regarding its durability and longevity, especially with rigorous use.

Donner Kids Electric Guitar

Donner Kids Electric Guitar

We think this guitar kit is an excellent choice for young aspiring musicians due to its size and completer accessories.


  • Light and ergonomic design tailored for comfortable play by kids
  • Comes with a full starter kit including an amp and instructional materials
  • Crafted with kid-friendly materials to protect delicate skin


  • Shorter scale may require tuning adjustments for optimal playability
  • May not suit the needs of more advanced young players
  • Accessories provided may be of basic quality

When choosing an electric guitar for kids, the Donner 30 Inch Kids Electric Guitar Beginner Kit strikes a balance between functionality and ease of use. It’s designed specifically with young learners in mind, making it a practical first step in a musical journey.

The materials used promise a gentle touch against a child’s skin, potentially boosting practice time without discomfort. This small but important detail could be a big win for sustained interest in learning.

Moreover, the kit includes essential items to start playing right out of the box. This hassle-free aspect is ideal for parents looking for an all-in-one solution to their child’s musical needs. A good tone is crucial even for beginners, and this guitar does not compromise on sound despite its compact size.

Still, it should be noted that as children grow and develop their skills, they might outgrow this model. Those expecting this guitar to carry a child through to intermediate stages might want to consider longevity against initial suitability. Nonetheless, for beginners, the Donner Electric Guitar Kit serves as a solid starting point.

Master Play 30″ Electric Guitar

Master Play Electric Guitar

We believe the Master Play 30″ Electric Guitar is an excellent choice for kids and beginners, as it offers a complete starter kit with a practice-friendly size and a range of accessories.


  • Sized right for young learners
  • Comes with a comprehensive starter kit
  • Variety of accessories for immediate play


  • May require additional setup for optimal playability
  • Quality control issues mentioned in some reviews
  • Limited durability compared to professional instruments

Engaging with music can be one of the most enriching experiences for children, and the Master Play 30″ Electric Guitar is designed to kickstart this journey. With its alloy steel strings and maple neck, this guitar offers a comfortable playing experience for little hands, and the vibrant red color is sure to catch the eye of any budding rockstar. Its 30-inch size is ideal for kids, making it easier for them to handle and learn on compared to a full-sized instrument.

When beginning a new musical venture, having the right tools can make all the difference. This electric guitar comes as part of a starter kit, boasting a variety of accessories such as a 20-watt amp, extra strings, picks, a gig bag, shoulder strap, digital tuner, cable, and a washcloth. This means your child can start practicing immediately without the need for additional purchases, providing a wonderful value.

However, parents should be aware that while this guitar offers great initial value, there might be some additional steps before it reaches its full potential. Tuning the instrument before each play session is a must, as with any string instrument, especially for those making their first foray into music. A few reviews have pointed out inconsistencies in quality, particularly with maintaining tuning stability, which may necessitate a bit of extra attention or potentially even professional setup.

In summary, the Master Play 30″ Electric Guitar kit is a well-rounded starting point for the aspiring young musician. The inclusive set of accessories, combined with the child-friendly design of the guitar, offers a promising starting point for learning and growth. However, keep in mind some users reported issues that could require attention, such as initial setup or adjustment. It is an affordable and eye-catching option for introducing children to electric guitar.

Pyle 30″ Kids Electric Guitar Kit

Pyle 30" Guitar

We recommend this guitar set for any child eager to explore the electric guitar, thanks to its child-friendly design and complete set of accessories.


  • Perfect size for young learners
  • Comes with a practice amp and other essential accessories
  • Attractive design with a high gloss finish


  • Built-in speaker might lack advanced sound quality
  • May require tuning stability improvements
  • Limited tonal variety with a single pickup

The Pyle 30″ Electric Guitar Kit is crafted specifically for kids taking their first steps into the world of music. With its compact design and lightweight nature, it sits comfortably in the hands of the young rockers. It provides everything they need to get started, including a small amp for practice sessions.

Looking at its playability, the maple neck and high-density man-made wood fretboard cater to small fingers, making it easier for kids to form chords and scales. It’s a worry-free option for parents, as the guitar arrives with all the extras their child might need.

Moreover, the single humbucker pickup delivers a sound that’s clean and crisp, which is essential for early musical development. While it may not offer the tonal variety of more expensive guitars, it is certainly ample for beginners to learn and enjoy the instrument. The accompanying amp, tuner, and carrying bag add tremendous value, allowing young guitarists to play anywhere, from their bedroom to their first stage.

Buying Guide


When we’re shopping for electric guitars for kids, size is one of the first aspects we consider. A full-size guitar can be cumbersome and difficult to handle for young players. Therefore, it’s important to find a guitar that fits the child’s stature comfortably. Typically, guitars come in quarter, half, three-quarter, and full sizes.

Guitar Size Approximate Age Range
1/4 Size 4-6 years
1/2 Size 5-8 years
3/4 Size 8-11 years
Full Size 12+ years


Heavier guitars can be tough to manage, particularly for younger children. We should look for lightweight options that won’t strain their shoulders or back during play.

Neck and Action

The neck of the guitar should be comfortable for small hands, with a manageable fretboard width and a smooth finish. The action, which is the distance between the strings and the fretboard, shouldn’t be too high to prevent finger strain and improve playability.


Durability matters, especially considering the guitar may undergo rough usage by kids. We usually seek guitars made with robust materials such as hardwood for necks and composite materials or solid woods for bodies to ensure they withstand the test of time.

Sound Quality

We aim for guitars with decent sound quality, as this will keep the child interested in learning. Even though we’re looking for a kid’s guitar, that doesn’t mean we have to compromise on the sound. Rich and clear tones will encourage continued practice and enjoyment.


Lastly, we opt for guitars that are simple to use. Complicated electronics and numerous knobs can be overwhelming. We consider guitars with straightforward controls for volume and tone, and a simple pickup configuration, to be most suitable for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering electric guitars for kids, it’s essential to focus on size, usability, and appropriate features that make learning enjoyable. Below, we’ve compiled the most common questions and clear answers to guide you.

What should I consider when choosing an electric guitar for a young child?

We recommend assessing the child’s hand size, the guitar’s weight, and the neck profile. A lightweight guitar with a thin neck is easier for small hands to manage.

What size electric guitar is appropriate for children of different ages?

For ages 6-8, a 1/4 size guitar fits well, while ages 8-11 may be more comfortable with a 1/2 size guitar. Children older than 11 can usually handle a 3/4 size or even a full-size one depending on their growth and comfort level.

Are built-in amps beneficial for children’s electric guitars?

Yes, built-in amps can simplify the setup for a child’s practice space and make it more accessible for spontaneous practice sessions.

Which qualities are important in an electric guitar for a beginner child?

Consider a guitar with a low action setup, simple controls, and a solid body for durability. Reliability and good playability will also keep a beginner child motivated.

At what age is it suitable for a child to start learning the electric guitar?

Children as young as 6 years old can start learning, provided the guitar fits their stature and they show genuine interest in the instrument.

How does an electric guitar compare to an acoustic for a child’s learning experience?

An electric guitar generally requires lighter string gauges, making it easier to play. However, it also involves more equipment, such as an amplifier, which could be more engaging for children fascinated by electronics.

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