The Best Stroller for Big Kids: Find Comfort and Durability

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Best Stroller For Big Kids
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Strollers are an essential tool for parents to maintain an active lifestyle while ensuring their child’s comfort and safety. As children grow, their needs change, which includes how they are transported during outings with the family. Standard strollers may not cater to the needs of bigger or older children who still require a ride during long walks or family trips. This is where strollers designed for big kids come in, offering more room, durable construction, and greater weight capacity.

Choosing the right stroller for a big kid requires consideration of several factors. A higher weight limit is a must, ensuring that the stroller can accommodate a child’s growing body without compromise. Additionally, a spacious seat with plenty of legroom is crucial for the comfort of larger children, alongside durable wheels and a sturdy frame to handle the extra weight. Features such as adjustable handles, accessible storage options, and a smooth ride are also important for parental convenience and satisfaction.

When shopping for a stroller suitable for big kids, it is critical to look for products that offer not only the right specifications but also ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for both child and parent. From the strength of the harness system to the quality of the materials used, every detail contributes to the overall functionality and longevity of the stroller. Our focus is to highlight strollers that excel in these areas, offering a reliable solution for families with older or larger children.

With this in mind, we’ve conducted thorough research and testing to identify strollers that stand out in terms of quality, design, and user experience. The following section will reveal our top picks for the best strollers for big kids, each chosen for its ability to make outings enjoyable and stress-free, ensuring your child rides in comfort and style.

Top Strollers for Big Kids

We’ve thoroughly researched and selected the strollers that stand out for their durability, maneuverability, and comfort, suitable for bigger children. Our focus is on providing reliable options that cater to the needs of growing kids and the practicality for everyday use. Whether you’re navigating city sidewalks or traversing parks, our picks promise to support your child’s journey with ease.

Dream On Me Coast Rider

Dream On Me Coast Rider Stroller

We believe the Dream On Me Coast Rider Stroller is a great investment for parents seeking a multifunctional product for their growing child.


  • Versatile usage as a stroller, scooter, or rider
  • Lightweight aluminum frame for easy maneuverability
  • Compact one-hand fold for convenient travel


  • Separate purchase of canopy for weather protection
  • Additional weight on handle could tip stroller
  • Safety advice needed to prevent entanglement and suffocation risk

For families that are frequently on-the-go, the Coast Rider Stroller from Dream On Me offers a creative solution that adapts to the varying needs of a big kid. Its innovative design, honored with industry accolades, highlights its ability to switch between a stroller, a rider, and even a scooter, ensuring it grows with the child.

Agility and ease of use are at the forefront of this stroller’s design. Its aluminum framework provides the necessary support without adding excessive weight, making it a breeze to navigate through busy sidewalks and crowded spaces. Storage and transport pose no issue, as the stroller flaunts a one-hand folding mechanism that minimizes its footprint significantly when not in use.

Practicality doesn’t come at the expense of safety, as the Coast Rider Stroller is equipped with a 5-point safety harness and meets stringent CPSC/ASTM standards. However, parents must pay heed to the manufacturer’s safety advice, as additional weight on the handle or misuse of straps could pose a risk to the child. Despite this, with careful use, the Coast Rider Stroller stands out as a versatile and smart choice for savvy parents and their adventurous little ones.

Jeep AdventureGlyde Stroller

Jeep AdventureGlyde Stroller

We think the Jeep AdventureGlyde Stroller is a terrific option for parents who need a lightweight, versatile stroller that can easily navigate different terrains and make daily trips more convenient.


  • Effortless maneuverability with advanced front-wheel technology
  • Light frame and compact umbrella fold increase portability
  • Designed with a five-point harness and multiple recline positions for enhanced safety and comfort


  • Not suitable for children under 9 months of age
  • Some may find the storage basket too small for their needs
  • Carry handle design might not cater to all parent’s preferences

Navigating busy streets and juggling a child’s comfort can be daunting, but with the right stroller, our excursions can become more manageable. The Jeep AdventureGlyde Stroller boasts precision technology, making it glide smoothly over various surfaces, substantially easing the task of pushing.

A bulky stroller can weigh us down, hence why we appreciate that this model is lightweight with a slim fold. The convenience of carrying it around, even in crowded areas or while traveling, addresses a significant concern for us as parents.

Safety and comfort matter most when we’re on the move with our children. The stroller’s multiple recline positions ensure the little one’s comfort, whether awake or asleep, while the five-point harness system provides the safety we prioritize without compromising on a snug fit.

Gb Pockit Air All-Terrain Stroller

Gb Pockit Air All-Terrain Stroller

We find this stroller to be a sterling choice for parents on the go who need a lightweight, ultra-compact option for their big kids.


  • Folds into an extremely compact package suitable for airplane hand luggage
  • Lightweight design allows for easy lifting and maneuverability
  • Breathable mesh fabric keeps the child cool during hot weather


  • May be less durable when compared with heavier, more robust strollers
  • Limited padding, with extra cushioning available only as an accessory
  • Double wheels might not fare as well on very rough terrain

When considering a stroller for big kids that’s also travel-friendly, the gb Pockit Air All-Terrain shines with its incredibly compact size. It is designed to fold quickly into a handbag-shaped package, which is ideal for air travel or public transportation. As we recognize the importance of a breathable environment for children, the mesh fabric backrest is a standout feature, ensuring your child remains cool on warmer days.

Handling the stroller is nearly effortless. Weighing only 4.6 kg, it’s probably one of the lightest travel strollers you’ll encounter. This lightness in weight does not compromise its functionality; the Pockit Air All-Terrain ensures a smooth ride for children weighing up to 22 Kg. The innovative double wheels are crafted to tackle a variety of urban surfaces, making them a versatile choice for city and travel adventures.

Yet, with every stroller comes trade-offs. Families expecting long walks on very rugged paths might find the stroller’s lightweight nature a bit challenging. Moreover, the base model doesn’t include additional warmth or cushioning, prompting a separate purchase for parents seeking extra comfort for their child. However, when the primary requirements are portability and convenience in urban settings or while traveling, this stroller stands out as an admirable option. The gb Pockit Air All-Terrain positions itself as a reliable, go-anywhere companion for active families.

Century Stroll On

Century Stroll On 3-Wheel Lightweight Stroller, Metro 3-Wheel Metro

We recommend this stroller for parents seeking a lightweight, planet-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on style.


  • Environmentally friendly with recycled materials
  • Easy to navigate and store due to light weight and compact fold
  • Compatible with Century infant car seats for seamless travel


  • May not ride as smoothly on rough surfaces
  • Storage capacity might be limited for some
  • The lightweight design could affect sturdiness

Taking your big kid out for a day in the city requires a stroller that’s easy to maneuver and won’t slow you down. The Century Stroll On 3-Wheel Lightweight Stroller rises to the occasion with its chic design and effortless portability. Its emphasis on eco-conscious materials resonates well with the growing demand for sustainable products.

Navigating through crowded spaces can be challenging with a stroller, but not with this one. Its three-wheel configuration and featherlight frame make it a breeze to steer through tight turns and busy walkways. And when it’s time to pack up, the stroller’s self-standing, compact fold means you can store it away quickly.

Transportation is also taken into account; it’s compatible with all Century infant car seats, making it versatile as your child grows. And while it handles everyday city strolling with ease, those planning to traverse more rugged terrain might find the ride a bit rough for their little one. Despite its size, the storage basket ensures that necessities are always within reach.

In sum, the Century Stroll On balances urban functionality with a thoughtful, simplistic approach to design and sustainability, making it a strong contender for urban families.

Jeep PowerGlyde Plus Stroller

Jeep PowerGlyde Plus Stroller

We find the Jeep PowerGlyde Plus Stroller stands out for its smooth navigation and space-saving design, ideal for parents who value convenience and comfort for their children.


  • Exceptional maneuverability and control with precision tech front wheels
  • Lightweight and portable with a durable aluminum frame
  • Abundant storage solutions including a large basket and cup holder


  • Limited color options may not satisfy all personal preferences
  • Some parents may need time to master the folding mechanism
  • May require additional accessories for ample storage space

The Jeep PowerGlyde Plus Stroller by Delta Children offers a balance of comfort and practicality for the busy, on-the-go family. With an easy glide and turn mechanism, parents appreciate the reduced effort required to transport their big kids around town or on vacation. Its light aluminum frame makes this stroller easy to lift and carry, which is an undeniable advantage for those navigating through crowded places or when tackling public transport. Moreover, it offers a compact umbrella fold for quick storage, making it a suitable option for families with limited space.

In addition to the basics, this stroller ensures the comfort of its little passengers. A four-position recline and an extra-large extendable canopy show that Delta Children anticipates the needs of growing children and their varying states of restfulness or curiosity about the world. The thoughtful addition of a cup holder adds a touch of convenience for both parents and children alike.

While the stroller receives high marks for ride quality and lightness, we note that it may come up short in terms of style variety; the color options are not extensive. Some users might also find the folding mechanism requires a bit of practice to perfect, though this is often the case with compact strollers. Furthermore, while its storage basket is sizeable, those with heavy loading needs may consider additional accessories.

In conclusion, the Jeep PowerGlyde Plus Stroller is an excellent solution for parents of larger children needing a stroller that’s easy to maneuver and transport. Its combination of lightweight design, convenience features, and comfort for the child makes it a strong contender in the market.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

We believe the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller is a smart choice for parents who want a travel-friendly stroller without compromising on their child’s comfort.


  • Extremely light and portable for hassle-free travel
  • Sun protection canopy with visibility to keep an eye on the little one
  • Offers a straightforward one-hand, self-standing fold


  • Seat recline does not go completely flat
  • Cup holders may not accommodate larger drinks
  • Assembly cleanliness and maintenance can be challenging

For families who are always on the move, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus offers a practical solution. Its lightweight design makes it easy to navigate busy streets or crowded airports, ensuring a stress-free experience. The stroller’s nimbleness is matched by a comfortable seating arrangement with a multiposition recline, allowing your child to relax at their desired angle.

The added sun protection is a highlight, shielding your kid from harmful rays while out on sunny excursions. Having a peek-a-boo window is an excellent feature for parents to stay connected with their child during strolls. The one-hand folding mechanism adds to the convenience, especially when you need to quickly pack up and go.

Although its lightness is a boon, potential buyers must be aware that it doesn’t recline fully flat, which might be a limitation if you want your child to take flat naps comfortably. Also, the stroller’s cup holders may not fit larger beverages, which could be inconvenient during longer trips. Lastly, keeping the stroller clean may require extra effort due to its fabric and design, which is an important consideration for parents who value ease of maintenance.

Joovy Caboose Stroller

Joovy Caboose Stroller

Navigating stroller choices? We believe the Joovy Caboose stands out for its versatility and high capacity for bigger kids.


  • Robust 90lb weight capacity provides longevity of use
  • Three reclining positions offer comfort for naps on the go
  • Foldable design with easy-tap brakes caters to convenience and safety


  • Bulky when folded, can be a tight fit for smaller vehicles
  • The rear seating arrangement might be less comfortable on longer trips
  • It’s a larger investment upfront than some simpler models

When in pursuit of a stroller fit for bigger kids, the hunt is rife with options that promise convenience and comfort. With our keen attention to the multitude of strollers available, we’ve taken a closer look at the Joovy Caboose. This durable sit and stand tandem stroller is adept at accommodating growing children, ensuring a smooth ride for little ones with its four-wheel suspension system.

The needs of both children and parents matter, and this stroller ticks many boxes. For our growing children, the freedom to choose between sitting, standing, or strolling can make every outing an adventure rather than a chore. Parents will appreciate the Universal Car Seat Adapter, making this stroller a long-term companion even as the family expands.

Let’s veer towards practicality; we all seek ease of use. The one-hand fold mechanism and easy-tap brakes underline this stroller’s design with user-friendliness in mind. However, a point of consideration should be its size when folded—checking your trunk space against the stroller’s dimensions could prevent a snug fit from becoming a squeeze.

In conclusion, the Joovy Caboose offers a balance between a practical design and accommodating features that cater to both children’s comfort and parents’ convenience. For families with bigger kids who are not ready to abandon the stroller just yet, this could well be the vehicle to numerous pleasant outings.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best stroller for big kids, we should consider several key features that ensure safety, durability, and comfort.

Weight Capacity

Firstly, assess the weight capacity. It’s imperative to choose a stroller that can safely accommodate the weight of a larger child.

Factors to Consider Description
Maximum Weight Limit Check the manufacturer’s specified weight limit to ensure it fits our needs.

Dimension of the Stroller

The stroller’s size is another crucial aspect, especially the seat dimension. We need to ensure there is ample room for comfort.

Seat Width Seat Depth Canopy Height
Wide enough to fit a bigger child comfortably. Deep enough to allow the child to sit securely. Tall enough to accommodate a taller child without crouching.

Harness System

A 5-point harness is recommended for its increased security, making it essential for a big kid’s stroller.

Wheel Design

We should look for robust wheels suitable for various terrains. Larger, air-filled tires generally offer a smoother ride.

Frame Durability

The frame’s sturdiness is key to longevity. A high-quality frame can withstand the rigors of frequent use.

Foldability and Storage

Considering how the stroller folds and the compactness once folded can be crucial for convenient storage and transport.

Feature Importance
Easy Folding Mechanism Simplifies the process of storage and transport.
Compact Fold Ensures the stroller fits in car trunks and storage spaces.

Being well-informed about these features helps us select the most suitable stroller for our children, keeping in mind their comfort and safety as our top priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting a stroller for bigger kids, it’s important to consider durability, comfort, and appropriate weight capacity. We aim to provide clear answers to some of the common questions that arise during the search for the best stroller.

What are the features to consider when buying a stroller for a child with special needs?

For a child with special needs, we recommend looking for strollers with adjustable seating for comfort, supportive straps or harnesses for security, and specialized wheel designs for maneuverability. It’s crucial to consider medical equipment compatibility if needed.

How do you choose a stroller suitable for a heavier child over 50 pounds?

A stroller for a child over 50 pounds should have a robust frame, high weight capacity, and larger, durable wheels. We suggest ensuring that the stroller has a roomy seat area and a sturdy harness system to keep the child secure.

What options are available for strollers that support up to 100 lbs in weight capacity?

Options for strollers with up to 100 lbs weight capacity include jogging strollers, off-road strollers with reinforced frames, and some double strollers designed for older children. Look for features like durable fabrics and reinforced seating.

At what age should parents typically transition their child out of using a stroller?

The transition out of a stroller typically happens between 3 to 5 years old, but this can vary based on the child’s size, developmental needs, or mobility issues. We advise considering the child’s comfort and the parents’ convenience.

Can you recommend strollers that are designed specifically for older children around 7 years old?

For children around 7 years old, we recommend strollers with higher weight capacities, taller and adjustable handles, and larger seats to accommodate their size. Brands like Joovy and BOB offer strollers tailored to meet these requirements.

What are some travel stroller recommendations for a 5-year-old child?

For a 5-year-old, travel strollers should be compact, lightweight, and easy to fold. Look for models that have a deeper seat, a robust canopy for sun protection, and adequate storage for convenience on the go. UPPAbaby and Baby Jogger have reputable travel strollers that fit these criteria.

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