The Best Tablet for Kids: Top 7 Picks for Learning

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The Best Tablet For Kids
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Tablets have become a staple in technology for individuals of all ages, and their educational and entertainment value is especially appreciated when it comes to keeping children engaged. These devices offer a blend of interactivity and visual stimulation that can be tailored to the varying developmental stages of kids. When selecting a tablet for kids, the design needs to be kid-friendly – often featuring rugged cases to withstand drops and spills, and with interface options simpler for young users to navigate.

Parental controls are a core aspect of tablets designed for children, allowing adults to regulate the content their kids can access and setting limits on screen time to encourage healthy usage habits. Durability and battery life also take center stage, since children’s electronics are subject to more wear and tear compared to those used by adults. An aspect worth considering is the educational content that comes preloaded or is available for the device; many models come with age-specific educational apps and games to aid in learning and development.

When evaluating the best tablets for kids, it’s crucial to consider the robustness of the parental controls, the durability of the hardware, and the quality of the content available. Processing speed and memory size, while important, often take a backseat as a trade-off for child-friendly usability and tough construction.

By emphasizing these criteria, we ensure that our recommendations not only serve as a fun gadget for children but also as a tool that supports their learning and respects the concerns of parents. With this in mind, we proceed to examine specific models that excel in these categories.

Top Tablets for Kids

In our search to discover the top tablets for kids, we’ve examined numerous options to bring you our selection of the most reliable and engaging devices on the market. Our criteria for selection included durability, easy-to-use parental controls, educational content, and entertainment value. We aim to give you the information you need to choose a tablet that will not only withstand the challenges of daily use by children but also support their learning and playtime.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro Tablet

We find the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro to be an excellent choice for children looking for a tablet that’s more than just a toy and offers educational content along with robust parental controls.


  • Comprehensive parental controls from your phone
  • 1-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ with ad-free educational content
  • Durable kid-proof case with a 2-year worry-free guarantee


  • Kids+ subscription auto-renews after 1 year which may incur additional costs
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts and choking hazard
  • Limited to Amazon’s ecosystem which might not have as many apps as other platforms

Looking for a reliable kids’ tablet can be challenging, but the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro strikes a balance between entertainment and education. It’s built to adapt to the needs of kids ages 6-12, ensuring they are safe online while providing a range of fun, educational content through Amazon Kids+.

The parental controls let us manage almost every aspect of the tablet remotely, from setting screen-time limits to pausing device use. It’s reassuring to have such comprehensive features at our fingertips, which allow us to curate the tablet’s content and usage to suit our children’s needs and our family’s values.

Durability is crucial when choosing tech for kids, and this tablet doesn’t disappoint with its kid-proof case and a 2-year worry-free guarantee. It’s comforting to know the tablet can withstand the rough and tumble of everyday play, and if it doesn’t, there’s a guarantee in place that makes replacement hassle-free.

In conclusion, the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro is an investment in your child’s digital and educational journey. It’s not just a piece of technology; it’s a tool for learning and discovery within a safe, controlled environment crafted specifically for them.

Fire 7 Kids Tablet

Fire 7 Kids Tablet

We believe this tablet is a solid choice for kids’ entertainment and learning, given its affordability and tailored content.


  • Parental controls allow for a safe, customized user experience.
  • Durable design suited for young hands.
  • Alexa integration adds convenience for both kids and parents.


  • Limited to Amazon’s Appstore with no Google Play support.
  • Modest camera quality may not impress budding photographers.
  • Ads included on the lock screen in this ad-supported version.

Children today are growing up in a tech-centric world, and having a device that gives them access to a myriad of books, games, and educational content is invaluable. Our examination of the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet reveals a gadget that seems designed for the rambunctious nature of childhood, with a sturdy build that can withstand the occasional drop or bump.

One thing that stands out is how the device puts a premium on age-appropriate content. Parents will appreciate the extensive parental controls, which enable them to govern screen time and manage content, ensuring their kids are safe online. This feature is particularly useful for fostering independent learning and play, without worrying about the little ones stumbling onto something they shouldn’t.

The Alexa functionalities augment the tablet’s charm, as hands-free commands make it simple for kids to interact with their device. Whether they need to call a family member, get help with homework, or play a song, voice assistance is right there to help. However, the lack of Google Play means you’re confined to the Amazon ecosystem, which, while extensive, may not have every app your kids desire.

Considering the price point, the Fire 7 tablet delivers value by focusing on what’s important for a kid’s first tablet. Although camera quality is modest, it’s adequate for the occasional video call with relatives. And while the presence of ads might be a slight annoyance, the trade-off is a fully-featured tablet at a budget-friendly price.

In the grand scheme, if you’re looking for an affordable tablet for kids that balances functionality with parental peace of mind, the Fire 7 Kids Tablet is a compelling option.

Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet

Fire HD 8 Kids

We believe that this tablet strikes a fine balance between entertainment and educational content, designed specifically for younger children’s use and learning.


  • Includes a year of Amazon Kids+ with kid-friendly content
  • Durable Kid-Proof Case with a built-in stand
  • 2-year worry-free guarantee


  • Only suitable for children ages 3–7
  • Parental controls setup may be complex for some
  • Additional cost for subscription after the first year

Families seeking a reliable and child-focused tablet will appreciate the Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet. Its 8-inch HD display and long battery life match a young user’s needs very well.

The case is a standout feature, protecting the device from inevitable drops and bumps. Designed to be tough, it provides peace of mind for us as parents knowing that minor accidents won’t be the end of the tablet.

Of course, the real value comes in the curated content available via Amazon Kids+, which offers a variety of educational and entertaining options. Guardrails are in place to ensure content is age-appropriate, and those parameters can grow with our child.

When discussing the tablet’s cons, we must acknowledge the age limitation. The device is most effective for children aged 3 to 7. As they grow, their needs may extend beyond what this device offers.

Setting up parental controls can sometimes be daunting. It’s our responsibility to ensure these controls are appropriate and functional, which can be a little time-consuming.

Lastly, the ongoing cost after the initial year of free Amazon Kids+ could add up. While the content offered is excellent, it’s crucial to plan for this in our budget.

In summary, our families can expect a balance of education and fun with the Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet, knowing it’s designed for little hands and active minds. The pros outweigh the cons, especially considering the protective case and extended warranty. For those of us looking for an age-appropriate, durable device that keeps young users engaged and learning, this tablet is a solid choice.

ApoloMedia Kids Tablet

ApoloMedia Kids Tablet

We believe the ApoloMedia Kids Tablet is a well-rounded device suitable for children, offering a balance of educational and entertainment features.


  • Includes Google Kids Space with teacher-approved apps
  • Durable, kid-friendly case with stand and ample storage
  • Enhanced parental controls for child safety online


  • Maximum display resolution is lower than some competitors
  • Possible lag with demanding applications due to modest CPU
  • Limited to a 7-inch screen, which may be small for some uses

Finding a tablet that strikes the right balance for kids can be daunting. ApoloMedia has designed their Kids Tablet with features that cater to both the playful and educational aspects of a child’s development. The kid-proof case and parental controls offer peace of mind, while Google Kids Space and dual cameras encourage learning through play.

The ample 32GB storage space is a boon, making room for a plethora of apps and media. Plus, the expandable storage option through a TF card is a thoughtful addition, catering to the ever-growing appetite for digital content.

Safety is paramount when it comes to kids’ gadgets. The built-in parental controls enable us to customize the user experience, ensuring our kids only access age-appropriate content. This level of oversight is essential in today’s digital world.

The modest screen size and resolution suffice for young eyes, and the durability of the design means it can withstand the rough and tumble of everyday play. While the performance may not match higher-end devices, for its intended audience – children – this tablet hits the mark as an all-rounder, perfect for gifting on any special occasion.

Fire HD 8 Kids Pro

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Pro tablet

We find the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro to be an enriching and dependable choice for your child’s digital learning and entertainment needs.


  • Offers extensive parental controls to tailor the experience for educational purposes and screen time regulation.
  • Comes with a 2-year worry-free guarantee for peace of mind, plus a kid-friendly case for enhanced durability.
  • Provides a 1-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, supplying a wealth of ad-free educational content.


  • The built-in storage might be limited for some users, though it accepts expandable storage.
  • Some may find the interface less intuitive than other operating systems.
  • May require additional cost after the first year due to the subscription-based content service.

Parents seeking a tablet that balances fun and learning will appreciate what the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro brings to the table. Its sturdy construction is a relief for those concerned about the occasional drop or bump. The tablet’s inclusive one-year Amazon Kids+ subscription offers a hearty selection of content that can foster love for reading and exploration in young minds.

The built-in parental controls are noteworthy. They allow us to monitor and manage what our children are viewing and interacting with, which promotes a safe online environment. Additionally, the option for kids to request downloads from a digital store adds an educational layer, letting them learn to make informed choices under our supervision.

Reflecting on the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro’s offerings, we see a comprehensive package designed with children in mind. The 2-year worry-free guarantee is a standout feature, reassuring us that if something goes wrong, help is on hand. The longevity promised by the all-day battery life means children can engage with content without frequent interruptions to charge the device. Overall, this tablet embodies a blend of entertainment, learning, and durability suited for today’s tech-savvy kids.

ApoloSign Kids’ Learning Tablet

ApoloSign 10 inch Android 13 Kids Tablet

We believe this tablet strikes a great balance between educational features and playful design, making it a smart choice for young learners.


  • Designed with an emphasis on educational content and parental controls
  • Sturdy build with a convertible shockproof case ideal for kids
  • Long battery life to support extended learning and play sessions


  • Limited RAM might impact performance when multitasking between apps
  • Cameras may offer basic quality, suitable primarily for educational purposes
  • Given the tablet’s features, some may find the screen resolution less than expected

Selecting the right tablet for a child involves finding a balance between performance, durability, and educational value. The ApoloSign tablet is particularly adept at providing this balance. Not only does it offer a designated learning environment, but it also serves as a platform for captivating games that can hold a child’s attention.

Fitted with features that support a child’s exploration and creativity, the device stands out as a versatile tool for both learning and leisure. A secure environment for kids is established through robust parental controls and safety features, giving parents peace of mind while children dive into digital learning.

With children today being more tech-savvy than ever, a tablet that can keep up with their curiosity and provide hours of uninterrupted use is crucial. The ApoloSign tablet responds to this need with a powerful battery and adequate storage, though the performance could be impacted when numerous applications are in use simultaneously.

Overall, our assessment points to a well-rounded educational device tailored for young users. The blend of interactive learning with the fun elements of play, safeguarded by parental oversight, makes this tablet a strong contender in the kids’ electronics market.

VNEIMQN Kids Tablet


We believe this VNEIMQN Kids Tablet strikes a great balance between educational content and entertainment value, with strong parental controls for peace of mind.


  • Packed with educational and entertainment apps, perfect for a young one’s learning and play
  • Strong parental controls that allow customization to children’s growing needs
  • Long battery life designed to support extended use on road trips and during downtime


  • More complex features may require a learning curve for some parents
  • Screen size might be too large for very young children to handle comfortably
  • The processor might not handle intensive tasks as smoothly as higher-end models

Encouraging children’s learning while keeping them entertained can be challenging, but the right tools can make all the difference. The VNEIMQN Kids Tablet offers a carefully curated selection of applications designed to grow with your child’s interests and educational needs. Preloaded content backed by Google’s ecosystem ensures your child finds something engaging and age-appropriate every time they power on the device.

One of our top priorities is to ensure our kids’ digital experiences are both safe and appropriate. This is where the tablet’s robust parental control features come into their own. Easy-to-navigate settings give us the power to manage screen time, restrict content, and set up multiple user profiles. It’s a comfort to know we can tailor every aspect of the tablet to our unique family needs.

Battery life is a non-negotiable when it comes to devices for kids. No one enjoys the middle of a trip being interrupted by a dead tablet. The VNEIMQN Kids Tablet’s 8000mAh battery keeps the fun going for up to 12 hours, ideal for keeping young ones engaged during those longer stretches of travel or while handling day-to-day tasks.

Buying Guide

When selecting the best tablet for kids, there are several key factors we must consider to ensure we make an informed decision. Here’s a structured guide to help navigate the options available.


Children can sometimes be a little rough with their belongings, so a tablet’s durability is paramount. Look for devices with robust construction and options for protective cases that can withstand drops and spills.

Parental Controls

It’s vital to maintain oversight of our child’s device usage. Parental controls should be readily accessible and easy to configure to allow safe browsing and usage limits.


The quality of the display affects how children engage with content. Prioritize tablets with:

  • Resolution: Clear and sharp images to help protect their eyesight.
  • Size: A screen size that balances portability with readability.


A tablet should have sufficient performance to handle educational apps and streaming. Key specifications to watch are:

  • Processor Speed: For smooth app operation.
  • RAM: Adequate memory ensures multitasking capabilities.

Battery Life

Tablets should have a battery life that supports long hours of learning and play without constant recharging.

Education & Entertainment Content

Access to a variety of age-appropriate and enriching apps and media is essential. Ensuring that the device supports a wide range of educational material can enhance the learning experience.


Determine a budget beforehand, and look for the best value within that range, balancing cost with the features that are most important to our children’s needs.

By keeping these considerations in mind, we can make a choice that balances enjoyment and education while also suiting our lifestyle and budget constraints.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting the perfect tablet for youngsters, we focus on age-appropriate content, durability, and parental control options. Through these FAQs, we help you navigate essential features and compare popular brands.

What are the top considerations when choosing a tablet for children?

In choosing a tablet for children, we consider the device’s age-appropriateness, durability, ease of use, and available parental controls. The tablet should also have a robust selection of educational apps and games.

How do Amazon Fire tablets for kids compare to other brands?

Amazon Fire tablets for kids are known for their robust parental controls and extensive library of child-friendly content. They often come with durable cases and a two-year worry-free guarantee, which can be a significant advantage over competitors.

What features should I look for in a tablet for my 2-year-old?

For 2-year-olds, we recommend tablets with simple, intuitive interfaces, sturdy build quality to withstand drops, and access to educational content that promotes learning and development through play.

Are there affordable tablets that are suitable for school-aged children?

Yes, there are affordable tablets suitable for school-aged children. We suggest looking for devices with good battery life, sturdy design, and access to educational apps that complement their school curriculum.

Which tablets offer robust parental controls for monitoring kids’ activities?

Tablets from brands like Amazon and Apple offer robust parental controls. Features such as screen time management, content filtering, and multi-user profiles allow us to monitor and manage our children’s tablet activities.

How do Samsung kids’ tablets fare in terms of durability and educational content?

Samsung kids’ tablets fare well in durability, often featuring rugged cases for protection. They also offer a variety of educational content and features, with the Samsung Kids app providing a child-friendly interface and age-appropriate apps.

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