The Best Hair Chalk for Kids for Creative Hairstyling

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Best Hair Chalk For Kids
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Coloring hair can be a fun and creative way for kids to express themselves, and hair chalk is an excellent product for this kind of playful self-expression. It offers a temporary and non-damaging way to add vibrant colors to one’s hair, perfect for special occasions or just for fun. Unlike permanent hair dyes, hair chalks wash out easily, which makes them ideal for children who want to experiment with their look without making a long-term commitment.

When choosing hair chalk for kids, safety should be the top priority. The best hair chalk products are those made with non-toxic, safe materials that won’t harm a child’s sensitive scalp or skin. It’s imperative that the hair chalk is compliant with cosmetic safety regulations. In addition to safety, ease of application is important. Products should apply smoothly without requiring much effort, which is especially important for kids who might not have the patience for a lengthy or complicated process.

Other factors to consider include the variety of colors, how long the color lasts, and how easily it washes out. Some hair chalks may also double as face paint, offering more versatility in use. Durability is another aspect to consider, as some chalks can transfer to clothes or bedding more easily than others. We aim to provide an informative guide on the best hair chalks available, focusing on those that are fun, safe, and easy to use for children. The right hair chalk can enhance a child’s playtime with a pop of color and spark their imagination, leading us into the subsequent section where we discuss our top picks for the best hair chalk for kids.

Top Hair Chalks for Kids

Our comprehensive guide showcases a selection of the finest hair chalks suitable for children. These products are carefully chosen for their safe ingredients, ease of application, and vibrant results. They offer a fun way for kids to express themselves through temporary hair color without the commitment or risk of damage associated with permanent dyes.

Purple Ladybug Hair Chalk Kit

Purple Ladybug Hair Chalk Kit

We think this hair chalk kit is an excellent choice for creative kids who love to change their look without long-term commitment.


  • Works on all hair colors, enhancing versatility
  • Easily washable, which is great for temporary styling
  • Comes with tattoos and glitter for additional fun


  • Darker colors may require a couple of washes to fully remove
  • Potential for temporary staining on hands during application
  • Might require more effort to apply on certain hair textures

Hair coloring is an enjoyable activity for kids, allowing them to show off their personalities in vibrant, ever-changing ways. The Purple Ladybug Hair Chalk Kit comes laden with a rainbow of colors that provide a fantastic palette for young ones’ imaginative creations. The ease with which these chalks wash out is a definite bonus, simplifying the transition back to their natural hair color.

The inclusion of body glitter and temporary tattoos with the hair chalks stretches the boundaries of creativity. Kids can now complement their colorful hair with sparkling skin art, making this kit not just hair makeup, but a full package for a makeover. Whether for themed parties or just playful afternoons, this sparkly addition ensures that the fun isn’t limited to just hair styling.

While we’re keen on this hair chalk kit for its diverse uses, we must consider the ease of application. Some users might find that the waxy texture requires a bit more patience during the coloring process, particularly on coarser hair types. Nevertheless, we believe the colorful, transient joy it brings to kids is worth the effort.

Desirable Hair Chalk Kit

Desirable Hair Chalk

For young ones eager to express themselves through vibrant hair colors, the Desirable Hair Chalk Kit strikes a good balance between fun and safety.


  • Variety of colors including glitter options
  • Non-toxic formulation safe for kids
  • Easy to wash out with shampoo and water


  • May not show as well on dark hair
  • Application can be sticky and messy
  • Might require multiple applications for prominent color

Hair chalk is a brilliant way for kids to explore their creative side without the permanency of hair dye. Desire Deluxe provides a palette of ten colorful pens, each promising a burst of temporary color for any occasion. The inclusion of sparkling glitter shades adds a touch of magic for children looking to stand out.

We appreciate the kid-friendly formula of these hair chalks, considering the non-toxic and water-soluble materials used in their creation. Safety is paramount when it comes to children’s products, and the ease with which these can be washed away is a huge plus for parents.

However, some points to ponder include the lesser visibility of colors on dark hair strands and the potential for a sticky residue. Users might have to apply generously for a more saturated look, which could increase the chances of staining clothes. Despite these minor drawbacks, the kit offers a great temporary makeover option with a simple cleanup—not to mention it’s a fantastic gift for any playful spirit.

Original Stationery Hair Chalks

Original Stationery Hair Chalks

We believe these hair chalks are a splendid choice for kids who love to express themselves through vibrant colors and creativity.


  • Offers a variety of 10 bright and metallic colors
  • Easy application and removal, doubling up as face paint
  • Great for parties and as a creative gift for kids


  • May not show up as vividly on darker hair shades
  • Frequent application could lead to product runoff
  • Some difficulty in application reported by users

Our exploration into the hair chalk offerings leads us to the Original Stationery Hair Chalks Set. With a spectrum of 10 radiant hues, this set is crafted to empower kids with the tools they need for a temporary flair of creativity. It’s designed to be easy for kids to apply and just as simple to remove, which parents will appreciate.

Moreover, we appreciate the versatility of these chalk pens. Beyond just hair, they are also safe for face painting, which is perfect for costume parties and role-playing games. The colors can be as vivid or as subdued as you like, promoting hours of imaginative fun and self-expression.

We acknowledge that while these chalks can be a hit, results can vary depending on hair color and type. Those with darker hair might need a few extra applications to achieve the desired brightness, and there might be some mess involved, as is common with most hair chalks. However, the easy-to-clean nature of the product does provide a certain peace of mind.

In summation, the Original Stationery Hair Chalk Set embodies a delightful combination of safety, fun, and creativity. It might just be the ideal gift for the young artist in your life, who is eager to showcase their personality with a pop of color.

Cevioce Hair Chalk

Cevioce Hair Chalk

We believe this hair chalk kit from Cevioce is an engaging way for children to express their creativity through vibrant hair colors that are non-toxic and washable.


  • Comes in 6 bright colors for various styling options
  • Designed for portability and ease of use
  • Safe for children’s use; colors can be washed out


  • May not show up as well on dark hair
  • Could be messy if not sealed with hair product
  • Some might find the size smaller than expected

Cevioce Hair Chalk allows kids to add temporary streaks of color to their hair, perfect for any day they feel extra creative or special occasions like parties and cosplay events. This product offers a spectrum of colors in an easy-to-apply form, meaning fun hair transformations are just a few strokes away.

Since the application is temporary, washing the color out is straightforward, making it an excellent choice for parents concerned about the commitment and safety of permanent dyes. The compact size means it can accompany kids on trips, sleepovers, or just for an impromptu makeover session at home.

While vibrant on light hair, those with darker hair might need to apply the product more generously for the same pop of color. Also, setting the chalk with a hair product is recommended to avoid messes. Despite being smaller than some might anticipate, it’s quite suitable for the delicate hands of young stylists.

In essence, Cevioce Hair Chalk offers a chance for youthful self-expression through a rainbow of colors that promise to wash out as easily as they paint on.

GirlZone Hair Chalks

GirlZone Hair Chalks

If you’re looking for a fun, temporary way to add a splash of color to your kids’ hair, the GirlZone Hair Chalks set is a top pick for its ease of use and washability.


  • Vibrant and varied color selection suitable for different hair shades
  • Simple application process, making it child-friendly
  • Ingredients are skin safe and compliant for worry-free fun


  • May require effort to achieve saturated color on darker hair
  • Could be challenging to apply evenly
  • Not as long-lasting as some may prefer for all-day events

Hair chalking can be a delightful activity for kids who want to experiment with their look without commitment. We appreciate how the GirlZone Hair Chalks provide a palette of 10 colors that caters to both light and dark hair, enhancing creativity and personal style. The product’s ease of use stands out, with a twistable pen design that avoids the mess typically associated with hair chalk.

The water-soluble formula is another plus, allowing the chalk to be washed out effortlessly, which is ideal for a temporary change or special occasions like Halloween. We’ve observed that this also doubles as face paint, extending its versatility for costume parties and playdates.

Despite these advantages, we’ve taken into account that multiple applications may be necessary to get a vivid result on darker hair types. Hence, it might require a bit more patience for those aiming for a bolder look. Also, users should manage expectations regarding the chalk’s staying power through active play or longer events—it’s temporary for a reason.

Overall, the GirlZone Hair Chalks set serves as an excellent way to bring some creative flair into a child’s world. Its user-friendly design and safe ingredients make us confident in recommending it as a gift or as an addition to playtime activities.



We find this hair chalk to be a fun and vibrant choice for kids looking to add a splash of color to their hair temporarily.


  • Vibrant colors that show well on all hair types
  • Easy application and washes out with shampoo
  • Safe and non-toxic for kids aged 3 and up


  • May require wet hair for more vivid results
  • Can be messy if not handled carefully
  • Might pull hair during application according to some users

Temporary hair colors are a blast for kids who love to experiment with their look. The TALLSOCNE Hair Chalk set caters to this excitement with eight vivid shades that promise to work on various hair colors. Our job is to look beyond the bright palette and assess whether this product truly delivers easy, safe, and fun hair coloring for kids.

The ease of use is often a significant concern for parents, and this product seems to understand that. It’s designed to glide over hair, simplifying the application process. This is especially helpful when kids are applying the chalk by themselves or with minimal supervision. Moreover, the promise of easy removal with regular shampoo reassures us that the commitment to these colors is as temporary as the fun times they’re meant to inspire.

Safety should never be compromised when it comes to products for children. Thankfully, the TALLSOCNE Hair Chalk aligns with this critical necessity. Being formulated for kids aged three and older, the product reassures us of its safety, which is essential when it’s being used on something as absorbent as hair and skin.

In the spirit of keeping hair play enjoyable and carefree, there are a few caveats to bear in mind. Some feedback suggests hair needs to be quite damp for optimal color transfer, which could mean a little extra preparation time. Also noted, the chalk can be on the messy side, which calls for vigilant supervision to prevent colorful accidents around the house. A few reviews comment on the product pulling at hair during application, which implies that while the overall experience is predominantly positive, there might be the occasional hiccup.

When it comes to selecting temporary hair chalk for kids, the TALLSOCNE Hair Chalk set stands out as a solid choice for its vibrant range of colors and user-friendly application. Our focus is on delivering joy and creativity, and this product certainly fits the bill.

HueLondon Glitter Hair Chalk Kit

HueLondon Glitter Hair Chalk Kit

With a 4.3-star rating and 346 reviews, our HueLondon Glitter Hair Chalk Kit is a dazzling choice for kids craving color without commitment.


  • Versatile hair chalks suitable for all hair colors
  • Washable and non-toxic, ensuring safe use for kids
  • Includes glitter and accessories for extra styling fun


  • May require multiple applications on very dark hair
  • Chalk pens can leave a waxy texture in the hair
  • Glitter might be too messy for some preferences

If you’re looking for a temporary splash of color and sparkle that’s kid-friendly, you might enjoy HueLondon’s Glitter Hair Chalk Kit. It’s packed with useful tools and vibrant chalks, making styling sessions a breeze.

The variety offered in this chalk kit is a hit among users. Whether they’re channeling a mermaid or a unicorn, kids have a delightful assortment of shades at their fingertips. Moreover, since it washes out easily, the color experimentation can be as frequent as their imagination demands.

Concerning the application process, it’s generally straightforward, but achieving prominent hues on darker strands may need a bit more effort. It’s a small trade-off for a product that steers clear of harsh chemicals, ensuring that young users stay safe while embracing their creative side.

Summing up, we find the HueLondon Glitter Hair Chalk Kit to be a charming product that invites children to explore their style in a safe and temporary way. With its non-toxic nature and easy-to-clean formulation, it’s a wonderful pick for parents and a thrilling adventure in color for kids.

Buying Guide

When selecting hair chalk for kids, we want to ensure safety and ease of use. It’s imperative that we look for non-toxic, temporary hair color options that are suitable for children’s sensitive skin and hair.

Safety and Ingredients

First and foremost, we should check the ingredients list for any potential allergens or harmful chemicals. The best hair chalk for kids will be:

  • Non-toxic
  • Paraben-free
  • FDA approved

Ease of Use

Kids should find hair chalk simple to apply and remove. Look for:

  • Washable: Easily comes out with shampoo
  • No mess application: Preferably in stick form for precise use

Color Variety and Vibrancy

Variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to choosing fun hair colors. Ensure the pack includes:

  • A wide range of colors
  • Vibrant hues that show well on all hair types

Skin and Hair Compatibility

Since some kids might have sensitive skin or various hair types, it’s crucial to pick hair chalk that is:

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for all hair types including curly, straight, and coarse

Durability and Stain-proof

While the purpose is to have temporary colors, we want them to last for a reasonable time without staining:

  • Stays on until washed out
  • Does not rub off on clothes or skin easily

Here’s a simple layout we can follow to compare our options:

Feature Importance Details
Non-toxic High Must for kids’ safety
Washable High Should wash out easily
Color Variety Medium Multiple colors for creativity
Suitable for all hair types High Must be usable on any hair
Dermatologically tested High To minimize skin irritation
Non-staining High Should not leave permanent marks

By prioritizing these features, we can confidently select the best and safest hair chalk for kids to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting the right hair chalk for children involves understanding safety, application, and product recommendations. We’ll guide you through the essentials to ensure a fun and worry-free experience.

What factors should be considered when choosing hair chalk for children’s use?

When choosing hair chalk for kids, focus on the ingredients list and overall quality. We look for products that are specifically designed for children and are dermatologically tested. The ease of application and removal are also important, as well as the chalk’s compatibility with different hair types.

How can you ensure hair chalk is safe and non-toxic for kids?

To ensure hair chalk is safe, we always opt for ones labeled as non-toxic and FDA-approved. We recommend checking that the product is compliant with safety standards and hypoallergenic to prevent any skin or scalp irritation for the children.

What are the best application methods for hair chalk on kids’ hair?

Best application methods include using hair chalk pastels or pens on damp hair for better adherence and brighter color. We suggest sectioning the hair and applying the chalk downwards in a smooth motion, then sealing it with a hairdryer on low heat or a spritz of hairspray.

Which hair chalk brands are recommended for kids with dark hair?

For kids with dark hair, high-pigment hair chalk brands like Alex Spa, Edge Stix, and Hair Flair are ideal. These brands offer vibrant color payoff that shows up even on the darkest strands without the need for bleaching or pre-lightening.

Are there specific types of hair chalk, like combs or pens, that work best on children’s hair?

Hair chalk combs provide an easy and even application, making them a great option for kids. Alternatively, chalk pens can offer more precision for detailed designs. Both ensure a manageable application process and minimize mess.

How long does hair chalk typically last in hair, and is it easy to wash out for kids?

Hair chalk typically lasts 1-3 days, varying with hair type and activity level. It’s designed to be easily washable, often just requiring a simple shampoo to completely remove the color, perfect for children who frequently change their playful hair styles.

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