The Best GPS Tracker Watch for Kids: Picks for Peace of Mind

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Best GPS Tracker Watch For Kids
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In today’s fast-paced world, the importance of staying connected with our children is more paramount than ever, especially when they’re away from us. GPS tracker watches have emerged as a solution, offering the dual functionality of a traditional watch and the modern convenience of GPS tracking. For parents, this means keeping tabs on their children’s whereabouts, ensuring they’re safe and secure even when out of sight.

These watches are designed with children in mind, usually featuring a sturdy build, a comfortable strap, and a user-friendly interface that allows kids to navigate its functions with ease. They often come equipped with additional features such as an SOS button for emergencies, geo-fencing alerts, and even two-way calling capabilities. As technology advances, the variety and capabilities of these devices have expanded, catering to the diverse needs of families and their dynamic lifestyles.

When considering the purchase of a GPS tracker watch for a child, it’s crucial to examine several key aspects: durability, accuracy of the GPS, battery life, and the user interface. You’d want a watch that can withstand the rough and tumble of child’s play, provides precise location tracking, lasts throughout the day, and is simple enough for both parent and child to use. Some models also offer water resistance, which can be an important factor depending on your child’s activities.

Navigating through the options available in the market can be overwhelming, but we sift through the details to help you find the best GPS tracker watch that fits your child’s needs and your peace of mind. In our evaluation, we consider all these factors, presenting our findings to guide you in making an informed decision. Let’s move on to explore the top contenders we’ve identified in our search for the best GPS tracker watch for kids.

Top GPS Tracker Watches for Kids

In today’s world, keeping tabs on our little ones can provide an essential peace of mind. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best GPS tracker watches for kids. These gadgets blend functionality with ease-of-use, offering features like real-time location tracking, safe zone alerts, and even two-way calling for quick check-ins. Whether you’re looking for a watch with basic features or one with advanced capabilities, our selection caters to a wide array of needs and preferences.

JrTrack 3 Kids Smart Watch

JrTrack 3 Kids Smart Watch

We recommend the JrTrack 3 Smart Watch for its comprehensive safety features and seamless connectivity options for kids aged 6-12.


  • Fully-featured all-in-one watch with GPS and communication capabilities.
  • Nationwide coverage with COSMO’s FlexSIM technology.
  • Easy to set up with a user-friendly parent control app.


  • The watch can experience rapid battery drain.
  • Some users report issues with call clarity and echoing.
  • Requires activation and an ongoing service plan.

The JrTrack 3 Kids Smart Watch packs an array of features that are sure to reassure parents aiming to keep a watchful eye on their young ones. Its GPS tracking system and SafeZones work diligently to ensure children’s whereabouts are known, coupled with an SOS mode and call functions as a line of safety.

Our experience with parenting tools informs us that usability is crucial for both parents and children. This smart watch boasts an intuitive setup process, allowing for swift activation and immediate use. The accompanying Mission Control app grants parents the power to oversee all interactions, ensuring peace of mind.

Nevertheless, it is important to weigh the functional benefits against the limitations. The device can consume battery life quickly and some parents have encountered difficulties with sound quality during calls. Furthermore, the necessity of a service plan brings an additional ongoing cost. Despite these considerations, the JrTrack 3 remains a robust choice for parents prioritizing safety and connectivity for their children.

Phyulls 4G GPS Kids Watch

Phyulls 4G GPS Kids Watch

We believe the Phyulls 4G GPS Kids Watch strikes a fine balance between keeping your children connected for safety and offering them a taste of technology.


  • Includes an array of kid-friendly features like real-time GPS, video calling, and an SOS button
  • Designed with a user-friendly interface suitable for children aged 4-12
  • Comes with comfortable material and a durable touchscreen


  • The sensitivity to water can be a concern and requires caution during use
  • Battery longevity is an issue as some users reported it depletes quickly
  • May encounter some issues with customer service responsiveness based on reviews

For parents wanting to stay in touch with their children, the 4G GPS Kids Watch from Phyulls offers a multitasking solution. It serves not only as a communication device but also as a locator due to its built-in GPS functionality. Our children can benefit from the two-way call feature and video calling for better peace of mind during their outdoor activities.

Despite its unexpected water sensitivity, the advantages of this watch in terms of connectivity and various features tend to outweigh the downsides. It’s an ideal modern gadget that keeps us aware of our child’s location while offering them a cool, tech-savvy accessory.

We have noticed, however, that battery life might be something to consider if the watch needs to be charged frequently. Although the watch reportedly has some issues with charging or longevity, the array of features provided is quite impressive for a kid’s device.

In conclusion, the Phyulls 4G GPS Kids Watch can be a valuable tool for parents and a fun gadget for kids, offering a wide range of functions in a sleek, black design. It’s worth noting that the watch does come with a SIM card included, which enhances its readiness for immediate use. If you’re looking for a watch that will help keep your child safe and connected, this could very well be a worthwhile investment.

cjc 4G GPS Watch for Kids

cjc 4G GPS Watch for Kids

We recommend this GPS Tracker Watch for kids who need a multifunctional wearable with robust features for safety and communication.


  • Features like two-way call, video call, and SOS provide peace of mind for parents.
  • Includes GPS, Wifi, and LBS locator for accurate tracking.
  • Fun for kids with camera, games, and various apps.


  • Some users have reported short battery life.
  • The watch setup process may be complicated for some.
  • Water resistance could be better, as there are reports of water damage.

With modern families prioritizing safety and connectivity, this cjc 4G Kids Smart Watch with GPS Tracker aligns well with those values. It’s designed to offer the convenience of a smartphone tailored for younger users, with thoughtful features such as the one-button SOS that signals for help when needed.

Kids enjoy gadgets that come loaded with entertainment options, and this product does not disappoint. A built-in camera for photos, pre-installed apps, and gaming features make it more than just a tracking device—it’s a portable entertainment hub for younger ones.

We do take note of the drawbacks, particularly reports of insufficient battery life. For a device that’s designed to be a safety tool, it’s crucial to have enough power to last throughout the day. Parents should consider usage patterns and charging routines to ensure the device meets their needs. Despite these concerns, the cjc 4G GPS Watch for Kids represents a convergence of fun and function, all on your child’s wrist.

Veunti Kids Smart Watch

Veunti Kids Smart Watch

We believe the Veunti Kids Smart Watch is a solid choice for keeping a techno-savvy connection with younger children, offering peace of mind along with entertainment for the little ones.


  • Real-time GPS tracking for enhanced safety
  • Ability to make phone and video calls for constant connectivity
  • Equipped with an SOS button for emergencies


  • Overexposure of the screen may lead to scratches
  • App functionality and signal reception might be lacking
  • Setup and usability may present challenges for some users

When looking for a children’s watch that can double as a safety device, the Veunti Kids Smart Watch ticks many of the right boxes. Its integrated GPS tracking system means you can monitor your child’s location, delivering relief from constant worry about their whereabouts. This watch is particularly well suited for children just starting to navigate the world on their own, cementing a digital line of defense.

Factor in the capabilities for voice and video communication and we’ve got a watch that ensures parents and children can stay in touch. Whether it’s for a simple check-in or sharing daily adventures, this connectivity is a key feature. It’s not just about staying linked either; it’s the freedom it grants, letting kids explore while being just a call away.

However, every rose has its thorns. The screen’s susceptibility to scratches is something to be mindful of, especially in the hands of an active child. Additionally, some users have reported challenges with the mobile app, from its functionality to signal reception issues, which is far from ideal. And while the device’s setup could be intuitive for some, others might struggle, leading to a less than optimal initial experience.

In sum, the Veunti Kids Smart Watch presents itself as a multifunctional gadget that offers an amalgamation of safety features, entertainment, and learning tools for kids. Despite some users experiencing hiccups with the app and durability concerns, the benefits of real-time location tracking and easy communication make it a contender for parents weighing their options in child-friendly smart technology.

Tykjszgs Child Smartwatch

Tykjszgs 4G Kids Smartwatch

We believe this GPS tracker watch offers a handy communication tool for kids, with a balance of fun features and safety functions.


  • Equipped with GPS, Wi-Fi, and LBS for accurate location tracking
  • Supports two-way calls and video chatting for reliable communication
  • Includes a special SOS button for emergencies


  • Might face connectivity issues as indicated by some user reviews
  • Requires purchasing a separate Nano-SIM card for full functionality
  • Geofencing and other safety features depend on consistent app performance

When it comes to keeping a virtual eye on your kids, the Tykjszgs 4G Smartwatch can be a parent’s ally. It fuses connectivity with safety, allowing children to engage in two-way calls and video chats only with pre-approved contacts. This offers both the child and parent peace of mind knowing they can communicate at any time.

This nifty gadget comes with a fun variety of features. Kids can play puzzle games and the watch includes a pedometer, encouraging them to stay active. But it’s not all fun and games—parents can activate class mode to minimize distractions during school hours.

While we value the independence this device can offer to kids, it’s important to be aware of the downsides. Some users have reported challenges with app performance, which can impede the effectiveness of communication and location tracking. To ensure that these innovative features work correctly, a dependable network and a compatible SIM card are essential.

DDIOYIUR 4G Kids Smart Watch

DDIOYIUR Smart Watch for Kids

We think this device offers a comprehensive set of features that will keep your kids connected and safe, making it a worthy consideration for those in need of a reliable GPS tracker watch for children.


  • Comprehensive communication features including voice, video chat, and SMS
  • Real-time GPS tracking and geofencing for added safety
  • Educational and entertainment options with games, music player, and camera


  • Compatibility issue with AT&T SIM cards
  • Interface may be challenging for some due to translation issues
  • Potential concerns about battery life based on customer feedback

As parents and guardians, we always prioritize the safety and well-being of our kids. The DDIOYIUR Smart Watch for Kids comes equipped with features that provide peace of mind. The device’s GPS tracking functionality allows us to monitor our children’s location in real-time. Additionally, the watch is engineered with an SOS function, which is essential for moments when our kids need to alert us instantly.

We recognize the importance of balancing fun and function. The watch includes a variety of games and a camera, which aren’t just entertaining; they also serve as tools for learning and capturing memories. What’s more, the classroom mode ensures that the watch doesn’t become a distraction during school hours.

However, it’s worth noting that the smartwatch is not compatible with AT&T SIM cards, so it’s crucial to choose the right service provider. Furthermore, there have been mentions of an interface that might present a challenge to some users, possibly due to translation gaps in the accompanying app. It’s also advisable to manage expectations regarding the battery life, as some reviewers have pointed out it may not last a full day without a charge.

In essence, the DDIOYIUR 4G Kids Smart Watch is a robust option that offers a balance of communication and safety features. It’s tailored to keep kids entertained and safe, although it does come with a few considerations to keep in mind. As always, we advise weighing these pros and cons to determine if this smartwatch aligns with your child’s needs and your expectations.

CJC 4G Kids Smartwatch

CJC 4G Kids Smartwatch

We believe the CJC 4G Smart Watch is a wise investment for parents seeking to balance their child’s independence with safety.


  • Comprehensive features including video calling and GPS tracking
  • User-friendly interface and a high-resolution screen
  • Long-lasting battery with quick charge capability


  • Only 4 ratings may not reflect a wide user experience
  • 4G connectivity required for full feature utilization may not be available everywhere
  • Potential complexity for younger children

The world of kids’ smartwatches is ever-expanding, and the CJC 4G Smart Watch is a testament to how far technology has come in creating wearable devices that cater to both children’s enjoyment and parents’ peace of mind. Its plethora of features like video calling, Wi-Fi connectivity, and GPS tracking empowers us to stay connected with our children no matter the distance.

Touted for its user-friendly interface, the watch offers a seamless experience for kids. A high-resolution screen enhances interactions, making it engaging for kids to use the multiple functionalities packed into this contemporary wrist companion. With these features at their fingertips, children can enjoy a sense of freedom while parents monitor their safety.

Battery life is a critical component of any portable device, and this smartwatch doesn’t disappoint. The quick charging feature ensures that it’s ready for use without lengthy downtimes. The ample memory space is a boon for kids who like to capture photos and videos, ensuring they can retain their cherished moments. Despite the technology’s benefits, clear guidance on its use and set-up will help maximize the device’s value to your child.

Buying Guide

When considering a GPS tracker watch for kids, it’s essential to evaluate a few critical features to ensure we’re making the best decision for our needs. Let’s examine what to look for.

Key Features

  • Location Technology: We want a device with reliable GPS technology, potentially complemented by LBS (Location Based Services) for enhanced accuracy.
  • Durability and Water Resistance: As kids will be wearing these watches daily, they must be sturdy and water-resistant to withstand rough play and water activities.
  • Battery Life: It’s crucial that the watch has a long battery life, reducing the frequency of charges.
  • Design and Comfort: The watch should be comfortable for a child to wear and designed to appeal to their tastes.

Safety Considerations

  • Geofencing: A feature to set safe zones and receive alerts if the child leaves these areas is beneficial.
  • SOS Button: The watch should have an easily accessible SOS button for emergencies.

Connectivity and Compatibility

  • Network Compatibility: Ensure the watch works with your cellular network for constant connectivity.
  • App Support: Look for watches with an accompanying app that’s compatible with your smartphone for easy tracking and communication.

Additional Functions

Function Description
Two-Way Calling Allows the child to make and receive calls through the watch.
Messaging Some watches offer voice or text messaging capabilities.
Step Counter For health tracking, choose a watch with a built-in pedometer.
School Mode This feature restricts the watch’s usage during school hours to minimize distractions.

By combining these factors with our budget and the child’s individual needs, we can make an informed decision to find the best GPS tracker watch for our kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a GPS tracker watch for a child, the key factors include features for safety, battery life, autonomy, and age-appropriateness. We also compare different brands for reliability and accuracy.

What features should I look for in a high-quality GPS tracker watch for children?

We recommend looking for features such as real-time location tracking, geofencing, SOS emergency buttons, and two-way calling. Additional features could include activity tracking, water resistance, and customizable safety zones.

How do smartwatches for kids with tracking features ensure child safety?

These watches ensure child safety by allowing us to monitor a child’s location in real-time and receive alerts if they leave designated safe areas. Emergency features like SOS buttons help children quickly contact a predefined number in case of distress.

What are the battery life expectations for a child’s GPS tracker watch?

A quality GPS tracker watch for children should last anywhere from 24 hours to several days on a single charge, depending on usage patterns and device capabilities. It’s important to consider battery life to ensure consistent tracking.

Can GPS tracker watches for kids operate independently of a cellphone?

Yes, many GPS tracker watches for kids have a SIM card slot, allowing them to work independently of a paired cellphone. However, some may require a companion smartphone app for certain features and parental control.

What age range is appropriate for a child to start using a GPS tracker watch?

The appropriate age range to start using a GPS tracker watch is typically from 4 to 12 years old. This range can vary based on a child’s maturity level and the complexity of the watch’s features.

How do different brands’ kids’ GPS watches compare in terms of reliability and accuracy?

The reliability and accuracy of GPS watches for kids vary among brands. Top brands invest in high-quality GPS technology and reliable software to provide precise location tracking and sturdy hardware that withstands daily wear and tear.

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