The Best Backpack for Kids: for Comfort and Durability

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Best Backpack For Kids
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Backpacks play a significant role in a child’s school life, functioning not only as a vessel for transporting textbooks, notebooks, and other educational essentials, but also reflecting individual tastes and interests. Kids’ backpacks need to be sturdy enough to withstand daily wear and tear, as well as ergonomically designed to prevent strain on growing bodies. With an array of options available, the best backpack for kids melds durability, functionality, and kid-friendly appeal to stand out from the rest.

When selecting the right backpack, one must consider a range of factors such as size, which should correspond to the child’s torso length and not extend above their shoulders or below their waistline. Comfort is essential—padded shoulder straps and a padded back can alleviate pressure points and distribute weight evenly. Material choice is also critical, with options like nylon and polyester offering a combination of water resistance and durability to handle the rough-and-tumble of the schoolyard. Compartments and pockets are important for organization, allowing children to easily find what they need.

With these factors in mind, we seek backpacks that offer the right blend of comfort, durability, and organizational features, recognizing that children’s backpacks must also excite their imaginations with fun designs and colors. It’s this balance that will ensure the backpack not only meets the practical needs of carrying daily essentials but also becomes a beloved companion throughout the school year. Moving forward, we’ll introduce the top contenders that meet these criteria, to help you make a well-informed decision for your child’s next backpack.

Top Kids’ Backpacks for School and Adventures

We’ve thoroughly researched and examined a vast array of options to compile our list of the best kids’ backpacks. Our selection criteria focus on durability, comfort, and style to ensure that our recommendations meet the needs of young students and mini adventurers alike. Whether for school days or weekend outings, these backpacks combine functionality with kid-friendly features, providing a reliable carry-all solution for your child’s daily essentials.

Simple Modern Fletcher Backpack

Unicorn Fields Kids Backpack

We find this backpack fitting for the everyday adventures of young children, thanks to its practical features and durable design.


  • Ample space for essentials with an array of convenient pockets.
  • Durable materials paired with reinforced stitching for increased longevity.
  • Playful designs that appeal to a child’s preferences and imagination.


  • Not ideal for those requiring a larger, more expansive backpack.
  • A bit on the pricier side compared to other options.
  • Limited in its capability to be machine washed, posing a challenge for heavy soiling.

When looking for a backpack that combines functionality with child-friendly aesthetics, this Simple Modern Fletcher Backpack checks many boxes. Its capacity is generous for the necessary school items, a tablet, and even a water bottle on each side. It targets the balance between a child’s playful desire for character-themed items and a parent’s need for practicality.

The construction quality stands out, poised to withstand the hustle and bustle of a child’s daily activities. The polyester material makes for easy spot cleaning, a necessity for the inevitable messes that accompany childhood explorations. Moreover, the stitched, padded straps are designed to provide comfort while ensuring that the bag can bear the wear and tear of regular use.

This backpack also brings style to the table, with a variety of designs that allow kids to express their personalities. While this backpack might be on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to price, it’s an investment in quality and comfort that seems to promise a fair return over its lifecycle.

In our view, this backpack suits families looking for a blend of durability, style, and school-readiness, especially for younger children in preschool or the early grades. Despite the minor drawbacks related to size and cleaning methods, the benefits appear to give ample reason for consideration.

Bentgo Kids Shark Backpack

Bentgo Kids Prints 2-in-1 Backpack & Insulated Lunch Bag Shark

We think this backpack is a strong contender for children who need the convenience of an attached lunch compartment alongside space for school essentials.


  • Integrated insulated lunch section prevents food spills on educational materials
  • Charming shark print appealing to kids
  • Sturdy construction for lasting use


  • Limited interior space may not fit larger items
  • The backpack doesn’t stand upright on its own
  • Lunch compartment size may not suit everyone’s needs

This Bentgo backpack combines the utility of a lunch bag with the practicality of a school backpack, ensuring your child’s food remains separate from their school supplies. The thoughtful design includes a cooler on the bottom, aimed at keeping lunches safe from the heat and squish-free, a feature that streamlines the morning routine.

Given its dual functionality, the backpack has a more structured look and feel, which might appeal to parents looking for a durable option. The colorful shark print adds a touch of fun and is likely to captivate most children. This backpack is not only about good looks—it`s designed to outlast the school year, which is reassuring for us as parents mindful of frequent replacements.

Despite these strengths, we notice that its unique design might be limiting for some. In particular, kids who need to carry larger binders or books may find the storage capacity lacking. Moreover, although the insulating properties of the lunch compartment are convenient, this may also mean having to look for alternative containers if it doesn’t accommodate standard lunch boxes.

PUMA Meridian Backpack

PUMA Kids' Meridian Backpack

If your child needs a stylish and functional backpack for school, the PUMA Meridian Backpack is a strong contender with ample space and comfort-focused features.


  • Spacious main compartment with easy access
  • Comfort due to padded back and straps
  • Durable materials suited for daily use


  • Might be too small for older children
  • Limited color variety
  • Could be too bulky for very young kids

School-aged children require a dependable bag for their daily adventures, and we believe the PUMA Kids’ Meridian Backpack delivers just that. Its spacious main compartment is perfect for storing books, a lunch box, and a pencil case – all essentials for the day ahead. The design is sleek, combining style and practicality.

Comfort is crucial when carrying a backpack, and this model’s padded back and adjustable shoulder straps ensure that your child won’t experience any unnecessary strain. Whether it’s a bustling school corridor or a playground dash, this bag is built to handle the rigors of day-to-day wear.

Durability isn’t just about withstanding the elements; it’s also about enduring the rough-and-tumble reality of childhood. Fortunately, the PUMA Meridian Backpack is crafted with robust materials, promising a reliable partner throughout the school year. With this backpack, we’re confident that your kid will be well-prepared and stylish in their school journey.

Cusangel Kids Backpack

Cusangel Kids Backpack

We believe this backpack is an excellent choice for young children starting their school journey due to its size, durability, and design.


  • Ample space for school essentials
  • Durable construction holds up with daily use
  • Stylish design that kids love


  • Hand wash only which may be inconvenient
  • Can arrive with wrinkles due to packaging
  • Chest strap durability could be a concern

We’re always on the lookout for a kid-friendly backpack that combines functionality with fun. The Cusangel Kids Backpack seems to check these boxes. The size is perfect for youngsters, offering enough room for books and a lunchbox without overwhelming their small frames.

The durability of a backpack is crucial, especially when it comes to rambunctious little ones. This backpack appears to be able to endure the daily wear and tear of school life, which should provide peace of mind for parents.

Design matters to kids, and it seems Cusangel has taken that to heart. Their backpack has designs that are both fun and appealing to kids, potentially making the walk to school a bit more exciting.

Yet, no product is without its shortcomings. Some may find the need to hand wash this backpack a bit tricky, as messes are common with younger children. Additionally, the way the backpack is shipped might lead to some initial frustration with wrinkles, although these should smooth out over time.

Lastly, while it’s a minor point, the durability of the chest strap has been mentioned. It’s something we think could potentially be improved upon, ensuring the backpack can endure as a faithful companion throughout the school year.

LEGO Brick Bag

LEGO Brick Backpack

We think the LEGO Brick Backpack is an outstanding choice for kids who adore LEGO and need a reliable way to carry their essentials.


  • Vibrant design that reflects LEGO’s iconic style.
  • Ergonomic and reflective features for comfort and safety.
  • Constructed from durable, water-resistant RPET fabric.


  • Slightly smaller than traditional backpacks.
  • High price point may not fit all budgets.
  • Limited capacity for children with more school supplies.

This bright orange LEGO Brick Backpack catches the eye with its iconic brick and knob-shaped pocket design, making it a standout accessory for any LEGO enthusiast. Ideal for school or day trips, children will love showing off their LEGO pride.

With an emphasis on durability, this backpack employs robust materials and double stitching, suggesting it’s built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. The ergonomic design details, such as padded, adjustable straps and a padded back panel, reinforce that comfort hasn’t been sacrificed for style.

This backpack doesn’t just score points on aesthetics and comfort; it also incorporates safety elements like reflective details that help ensure kids are visible when it’s dark. While the backpack is on the small side, its smart interior organization aids in distributing weight evenly, an important feature for young wearers.

It’s clear that the LEGO Brick Backpack excels in several areas, such as its unique design and ergonomic features. However, it also has some limitations, notably its size and the higher price tag, which might be an important consideration for parents. Despite these considerations, the backpack’s longevity and the appeal of its LEGO branding are compelling reasons to choose this bag.

VIDOSCLA Galaxy Rolling Backpack


We believe the VIDOSCLA Galaxy Rolling Backpack is a stellar choice for kids in need of a durable and fashionable school companion.


  • Multi-terrain rolling design reduces back strain
  • Cool galaxy print appeals to a broad range of children’s tastes
  • Versatile, with a high-quality build and a detachable rolling trolley


  • May be too large for younger children
  • Limited color options outside the galaxy theme
  • Premium design could be reflected in the price

A versatile backpack offers practicality and comfort, and that’s what we find impressive about the VIDOSCLA Galaxy Rolling Backpack. With options to roll or carry, kids are less likely to complain about heavy books on their backs, and the professional climbing wheels ensure smooth transitions across various school terrains.

Beyond functionality, the galaxy print makes this more than just a backpack; it’s a statement piece. Children, especially those fascinated by space and stars, will likely find this design appealing, making the daily trek to school a bit more exciting.

Lastly, the sturdiness of the backpack is a significant plus. The handle is both more substantial and taller, easing the grip and control when rolling, and the well-constructed base support promises longevity even through the rough daily use children’s items usually endure. This shows that VIDOSCLA keeps practicality at the forefront of their design priorities.

Adorable Avocado Backpack

Preschool Backpack For Boys Girls

We think this backpack is a delightful choice for young kids due to its fun design and practical features.


  • Vibrant design sure to please any youngster
  • Safety reflective strip and handy D-rings
  • Lightweight and comfortable for small backs


  • Not large enough to fit standard folders
  • May be too small for kids over 4 years
  • Limited carrying capacity for multiple items

Finding an appealing backpack that kids will be excited to carry can be a challenge, but this charming avocado-themed backpack is a winner for toddlers and preschoolers. Its bright, eye-catching design is tailored to captivate children’s imaginations and make them eager to wear it to school or on outings.

Safety is a top concern for parents, and the hidden reflective strip is a discreet yet effective feature for adding visibility during low-light conditions. The inclusion of D-rings also shows the thoughtfulness put into this backpack’s design, allowing for additional items like a lunchbox or a water bottle to be easily clipped on.

A backpack should be comfortable enough for a child to carry without causing strain. This model stands out for being both lightweight and ergonomically designed. The soft straps minimize discomfort, which is essential for promoting good posture and reducing the risk of back problems in growing kids.

However, the smaller size might be an issue for parents looking to pack more than just the essentials, as it cannot accommodate larger items like folders typically used in elementary schools. If your child is approaching the upper end of the age range or you’re in need of more storage space, this might not be the ideal backpack for your needs. Moreover, for little ones who like to pack extra toys or books, they might find themselves running out of room quickly.

In conclusion, this backpack from atgark is a stellar option for youngsters who don’t need to carry much. It’s perfect for day-to-day use, playdates, or day trips where a large backpack would be cumbersome for tiny shoulders. If you’re in the market for a kid-friendly, durable, and safe backpack, the Adorable Avocado Backpack could be just what you’re looking for.

Buying Guide

Key Features to Consider

When selecting a backpack for kids, several key features should be assessed to ensure you choose a high-quality and appropriate product:

  • Size: Measure the torso length of your child to ensure the backpack corresponds with their body size. It should fit comfortably, resting between their shoulders and waist, without extending beyond their frame.
  • Durability: Look for resilient materials that can withstand daily wear and tear, such as polyester or nylon.
  • Compartments: Multiple pockets and compartments help in organizing contents efficiently. Ensure there are enough sections to separate items like water bottles, lunch boxes, and stationery.
  • Comfort: Padded shoulder straps and a padded back are essential to provide support and reduce strain on your child’s back and shoulders.
  • Weight: The backpack should be lightweight when empty to prevent unnecessary strain.

Ergonomic Considerations

Prioritizing ergonomics will protect your child’s posture and comfort:

Feature Description
Padded Straps Wide, padded straps distribute weight evenly across the shoulders.
Adjustable Straps should be adjustable to fit your child’s height and build throughout their growth.
Chest/Waist Strap These additional straps help to stabilize the load and balance weight effectively.

Safety Attributes

Safety cannot be overlooked in a child’s backpack:

  • Reflective Accents: Provide visibility in low-light conditions for added safety on the journey to and from school.
  • Easy to Clean: Choose a backpack that’s simple to clean, as cleanliness is crucial for kids’ accessories.

Personal Preferences

While practical features are paramount, allowing your child to express their personality with their choice is also important. However, stylish elements should not compromise the backpack’s functionality and comfort.

By considering these aspects, we can select a quality backpack that meets the practical demands of a child’s daily activities, while ensuring their comfort and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions we encounter regarding backpacks for kids. Our detailed answers below aim to make your backpack shopping experience smooth and informed.

What are the most durable brands of backpacks for kids?

When considering durability, brands like JanSport, North Face, and LL Bean stand out. They are known for their robust construction and often provide extensive warranties that underline their durability.

What features should I look for in a backpack suitable for a first grader?

For first graders, look for backpacks with padded shoulder straps, multiple compartments for organization, reflective material for safety, and a lightweight, water-resistant fabric.

How do I choose the right size backpack for my 7-year-old?

The right size backpack for a 7-year-old should have a height of about 14 to 16 inches. It should fit snugly on their back without extending above their shoulders or below their waistline.

Why do parents often choose Pottery Barn backpacks for their children?

Parents often opt for Pottery Barn backpacks due to their personalized options, playful designs, water-resistant materials, and eco-friendly construction.

What backpacks are recommended for children in middle school?

For middle school children, backpacks from Herschel, Adidas, and L.L. Bean are recommended for their blend of style, function, and comfort. These brands offer spacious compartments and are built to withstand daily wear and tear.

Are there ergonomic backpack options designed for kindergarten-aged boys?

Yes, there are ergonomic backpack options for kindergarten-aged boys. Brands like Skip Hop and Yodo design backpacks to distribute weight evenly, have comfortable straps, and are proportionate to a young boy’s frame.

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