The Best Typing Games for Kids: Enhance Skills with Fun

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Best Typing Games For Kids
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In the world of education and entertainment for children, typing games have emerged as an effective vehicle for teaching an essential skill. As we usher in an increasingly digital age, the ability to type quickly and accurately has never been more crucial. These games are designed to make the learning process fun and interactive, offering a myriad of environments where children can grow their typing proficiency through play. In the spectrum of educational tools, typing games stand out for their dual role in imparting a practical skill while also engaging a child’s imagination and competitive spirit.

Choosing the right typing game for a child is pivotal for fostering both their interest and their learning curve. The game’s design should be child-friendly with an intuitive interface that keeps them motivated and prevent frustration. Equally important is the adaptive difficulty level that keeps pace with a child’s improving skills, offering a continuous challenge that’s neither too easy nor too hard. These factors are critical in maintaining a child’s engagement and ensuring that their learning journey is both rewarding and effective.

When parents or educators are in the market for typing games, they should consider the game’s appeal to children, including the storyline, characters, and graphics, as these elements can significantly enhance the learning experience. The presence of feedback mechanisms that provide constructive commentary on a child’s typing speed and accuracy also serves as a useful feature, helping them to understand and improve on their areas of weakness. Our insights on the best typing games for kids focus on these important aspects, ensuring a selection that promises a robust educational experience.

Our research has brought us to a handful of standout typing games that not only meet these criteria but exceed them in various ways. We’ll guide you through our top picks, ensuring that regardless of the individual interest of the learner, there’s a game that aligns with their preferences and sets them on a path to becoming a proficient typist. Let’s dive into the specifics to help you make an informed choice on the best typing game for your young learner.

Top Typing Games for Kids

Our team has compiled a selection of engaging typing games that not only improve keyboard skills but also provide a fun learning experience for children. These games are designed to turn typing practice into an enjoyable activity, helping kids to develop their typing speed and accuracy through interactive play and progressive challenges. Whether your child is just starting to explore the keyboard or looking to enhance their typing proficiency, our list offers options suitable for a range of skill levels and learning styles.

JumpStart Typing

JumpStart Typing

We recommend JumpStart Typing for parents looking for an engaging way to improve their children’s typing skills.


  • Combines games and typing lessons to keep children entertained while learning
  • Adaptive difficulty settings cater to children’s progressing abilities
  • Lessons cover a variety of essential typing skills including proper hand placement and posture


  • Limited to older Windows operating systems, which may not be compatible with newer computers
  • Some users reported technical issues like freezing or videos not playing
  • The interface may appear outdated for today’s tech-savvy kids

JumpStart Typing is a useful tool for children aged

LESHITIAN Bilingual Laptop

LESHITIAN Educational and Bilingual Laptop

In choosing the LESHITIAN Bilingual Laptop for kids, we’re confident it’s a noteworthy option for bilingual educational activities and fundamental computing skills for children ages 3 and up.


  • Features a robust selection of 130 educational games in both English and Spanish.
  • Ergonomic laptop design with a realistic mouse and keyboard for practical hands-on learning.
  • Equipped with standard keyboard to help children gain familiarity with computer use.


  • The small screen size may be challenging for some kids to view and interact with.
  • Absence of a backlit screen can make it difficult to see without adequate lighting.
  • Reports from some users about the occasional non-responsive keys, potentially hindering certain activities.

This bilingual laptop from LESHITIAN is packed with educational content that spans across languages and subjects, making it a versatile learning tool. Not only can it aid in developing language skills with its dual-language functionality, but it also allows kids to engage with subjects such as math and music. The educational activities are tailored to entertain while being instructional, covering a breadth of topics in a fun and interactive way.

The design mimics that of an adult’s laptop, making it appealing to kids who want to feel like they are using grown-up technology. The inclusion of a realistic mouse and keyboard aids in developing computer literacy at an early age. It’s a lightweight and portable design ensuring it can be a on-the-go educational companion for your child.

However, the small screen size and lack of lighting can be a downside. It may not cater to all environments, especially those with poor lighting. Some users have also brought up issues with responsiveness, which can affect the overall experience. Despite these drawbacks, the laptop still stands as an engaging educational toy that introduces children to technology and lays the foundation for bilingual learning.

Mickey’s Typing Adventure

Disney Mickey's Typing Adventure

Join us in exploring Mickey’s Typing Adventure where we discover the joys of typing through a delightful Disney experience.


  • Infuses typing education with enchanting Disney magic
  • Characters and stories that engage and motivate kids to practice
  • Customizable lessons accommodate different skill levels


  • Requires a compatible operating system to function
  • Three-month subscription may not be sufficient for extended learning
  • A limited number of typing games included

As we embark on a journey through Typelandia, our kids are met with a colorful and immersive universe designed to make learning to type fun and interactive. Mickey’s Typing Adventure creates an inspiring backdrop where familiar Disney friends need our help, encouraging children to improve their typing skills in order to save the day.

In the heart of the game, the educational design is cleverly masked by the narrative and animation. This strategy not only captures the imagination but also motivates youngsters to return to the keyboard. A variety of exercises ensure that practice is never dull, and the progress tracking offers valuable insight into the child’s development.

Despite its charm and efficacy, it’s worth noting that this typing adventure is accessed through a subscription model. While some may excel within the three months, others may require more time, which would entail additional costs. Furthermore, the software compatibility limitations need to be considered to ensure a smooth experience.

We recognize that this delightful typing tutorial merges education with the enchantment of Disney’s stories and characters. It offers a solid foundation for typing skills wrapped in a narrative that kids love, although its format and duration might not suit everyone.

Typing Instructor for Kids

Typing Instructor for Kids

We find this typing program to be a colorful and engaging way for kids to learn essential keyboarding skills with benefits stretching beyond the classroom.


  • Engages children with an adventure-themed learning path
  • Offers bilingual instruction in both English and Spanish
  • Provides feedback with instant results to motivate learning


  • Limited to a 3-month subscription which may require additional costs later
  • May not cater to children who prefer less gamified learning environments
  • System requirements restrict use to certain operating systems

The ‘Typing Instructor for Kids’ transforms what could be a mundane task into an enthralling island adventure. Children are certain to feel drawn into this vivid world, motivated by the promise of rewards as they learn. With each keystroke, they embark on a fun-filled journey across multiple lands, each stage designed to reinforce their typing skills.

As they progress, children get to practice typing through interactive lessons and exercises. These activities are thoughtfully structured to help young learners develop speed and accuracy without overwhelming them. The option to switch between English and Spanish provides an added layer of flexibility, catering to a wider range of users and possibly even offering a secondary language learning benefit.

We recognize the importance of keeping kids excited about learning. This program encapsulates that philosophy with over 30 game challenges that are sure to entice. However, parents should note the program’s subscription-based access can be a limitation. After three months, continuity of learning will depend on whether one opts to renew the subscription.

In conclusion, the ‘Typing Instructor for Kids’ is a comprehensive solution for kids to master typing in a fun way. Despite its temporal and system limitations, its interactive approach and the dual-language offering make it a worthy consideration for parents seeking an enjoyable educational tool for their children.

Typing Instructor for Kids

Typing Instructor for Kids

We believe this program can significantly enhance your child’s typing skills in a fun, engaging way.


  • Incorporates an adventure theme that engages children to improve typing skills
  • Offers a rewarding experience, encouraging progress through games and treasure hunts
  • Provides bilingual instruction in both English and Spanish


  • Subscription-based model may not be ideal for all families
  • May require adult supervision to guide younger children through the program
  • Some games might be challenging for kids, potentially causing frustration

Typing Instructor for Kids combines education and entertainment to teach children the basics of keyboarding. With a focus on interactive learning, children will be keen to practice their typing skills as they navigate through an adventure-themed program. The journey to the “Castle” is filled with lessons and games designed to incrementally improve their abilities.

This program doesn’t just stick to typing drills—it understands the importance of motivation. By integrating rewards and a variety of challenges, kids remain engaged and eager to better their typing prowess. Plus, the ability to learn in English or Spanish ensures that the program is accessible to a wider range of young typists.

It’s true that mastery of keyboarding is critical in today’s digital age, and Typing Instructor for Kids aligns well with this need. Setting kids up for success, it covers essential skills such as proper hand positioning and speed, all while keeping the learning process enjoyable and interactive.

Kid’s Typing Bundle

Kid's Typing Bundle

We recommend this typing bundle for its engaging content and value, especially for families with multiple young typists.


  • Engaging typing adventures with familiar Disney characters
  • Comprehensive progress tracking for up to five users
  • Adheres to educational standards for effective learning


  • More challenging for complete beginners due to lesson complexity
  • Limited mini-games which are unlocked after proficiency
  • Reports of technical difficulties with program freezing

For young learners embarking on their typing journey, the Kid’s Typing Bundle functions as a dual offering with varied age appeal. Introducing the foundational skills of typing through the whimsy of Disney and the structured challenge of Typer Island, this bundle engages children in a way that keeps learning interactive and fun.

The inclusion of both “Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum” and “Disney: Mickey’s Typing Adventure” means the bundle grows with the child, providing value over the years. With multiple user profiles, families with several children benefit from a singular purchase. Progress is meticulously tracked, rewarding diligence and improvement with new games and levels, reinforcing the educational journey.

Considering the technical issues some have experienced, ensuring system compatibility before purchase is wise. Despite this, the bundle’s clear tutorials and engaging format offer a rewarding experience. For parents and educators searching for a robust typing program that will hold the interest of young learners while also offering a structured learning approach, our bundled software hits the mark.

SimplyCoding Typing Adventure

SimplyCoding Typing Adventure

We believe this engaging space-themed typing program will captivate children and effectively teach them touch typing skills.


  • Engaging space mission theme that captures kids’ attention
  • Live mentor support for personalized help and guidance
  • Compatible with various operating systems for easy access


  • Might be too advanced for children under the recommended age range
  • Requires internet access which may not be available for all
  • Could be overwhelming with its breadth of content for some learners

Typing proficiency has become an essential skill for the digital age we live in, and introducing children to it through an interactive space mission can make the process exciting. SimplyCoding Typing Adventure offers an innovative approach that ensures learning touch typing doesn’t feel like a chore. With over 20+ hours of content, from the basics up to advanced techniques, the varied modules are designed to keep the learning curve both challenging and entertaining.

It’s clear that kids learning to type need more than just dry exercises, which is why the live mentor feature included in this program is noteworthy. Having access to real-time help can prevent frustration and provide much needed encouragement. This personal touch sets it apart from many other typing software options that lack direct support.

Moreover, compatibility across PC, Mac, and Chromebook means that most users will be able to easily access the course. This flexibility is essential for families or educational institutions that operate with a variety of hardware. Additionally, the course’s structure caters not just to home learners but also to schools and homeschooling curriculums, underlining its educational value and adaptability.

In summary, SimplyCoding Typing Adventure offers a substantial program with a creative thematic approach that could significantly contribute to improving your child’s typing skills while keeping them engaged. However, be mindful that younger children might find it a bit too complex, and its internet-dependency could limit access for some.

Buying Guide

When selecting typing games for kids, we must consider several key features that will facilitate a positive learning experience.

Educational Value

We look for games that offer gradual learning curves and incorporate key typing skills, such as touch typing techniques and proper hand placement. It’s essential the game adapts to a child’s skill level.

Feature Importance
Adaptive difficulty Essential for growth
Skill level settings Customizable


A game must maintain interest to ensure continued practice. Look for vibrant graphics and interactive challenges.

Feature Importance
Visual appeal Keeps attention
Interactive Promotes engagement

Feedback and Progress Tracking

Immediate feedback helps children recognize their typing errors, while progress tracking motivates by showing improvement.

Feature Importance
Real-time feedback Corrects errors
Progress tracking Motivates users

Safety and Privacy

We prioritize games with a strong commitment to online safety and privacy, especially since the users are children.

Feature Importance
Secure data handling Non-negotiable
Privacy policy Must be clear

Accessibility and Compatibility

The best typing games are accessible on various devices without the need for advanced hardware, ensuring no child is left out due to technical limitations.

Feature Importance
Cross-platform support Highly desirable
Minimal system req. Broadens access

We assess these features meticulously to guide you in choosing a typing game that is educational, engaging, safe, and accessible for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered the most common inquiries about typing games for children and provided straightforward answers to enhance your child’s typing skills.

Which typing games are most effective for improving children’s typing skills?

Typing Club and are great examples of educational platforms that effectively blend typing lessons with engaging activities, helping kids develop their typing skills through structured progressions.

What are some of the best free typing games available for children?

Games like Dance Mat Typing from BBC Bitesize and Typing Race are excellent free options that provide interactive learning experiences for children at no cost.

How can I help my 7-year-old improve their typing abilities through games?

For a playful approach, we recommend age-appropriate games such as Animal Typing and Keyboard Ninja, which offer a gamified learning experience tailored to younger children.

At what age is it ideal to start teaching kids how to type?

Research suggests that kids can start learning to type as early as age 7, when they have the fine motor skills required to handle a keyboard comfortably.

Are there any engaging typing games for kids that can be played on an iPad?

Indeed, there are engaging options like TapTyping and Typing Fingers LT, both designed for iPad use, making them convenient and tactile for children to learn typing on the go.

Can I find high-quality typing games for kids that don’t require any download?

Yes, websites like ZType and KeyBr offer high-quality, browser-based typing games that don’t require any downloads and can be instantly accessed online.

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