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The Best Golf Clubs for Kids: Picks for Young Golfers

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Best Golf Clubs For Kids
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Golf is a sport that can foster discipline, patience, and coordination, and starting young gives aspiring athletes an edge. Introducing children to golf can be an exciting journey, one that requires the right equipment to match their developmental needs. Golf clubs for kids are designed specifically with lighter materials and appropriate lengths to accommodate their smaller frames and developing muscles. What makes these golf clubs ideal is the combination of function, size, and forgiveness aimed at providing a solid foundation for learning and growth in the game.

Choosing the best golf clubs for children requires consideration of several important factors. The clubs’ weight and length must be appropriate for the child’s size and strength to promote a proper swing technique. Additionally, the club heads should be designed for easier ball contact, benefiting the child with more consistent shots and encouraging a positive experience. The grip is another crucial element; it needs to be sized correctly to fit smaller hands for a comfortable and effective hold.

Safety and durability are also primary concerns, as these clubs must withstand the rigors of practice and play by an active child. Materials should be non-toxic and the clubs constructed to handle the inevitable knocks and drops they will endure. We have evaluated a wide range of kids’ golf clubs, considering these factors to guide families to the best options for their young golfers.

Navigating through the options, we have identified the top picks that balance quality and affordability. These standouts excel in fostering a child’s golfing ability and enjoyment of the game, setting the stage for a lifelong love of golf. As we transition to the recommendations, remember to consider the unique needs of your child to find the best fit for their introduction to this classic sport.

Top Kids’ Golf Clubs

Our selection of kids’ golf clubs is curated to give your little golfer the right start on the fairways. We’ve considered the quality, size, and weighting to suit various age groups, ensuring a perfect match for their skill level. Whether your child is taking their first swing or looking to improve their game, our roundup includes clubs that balance performance and ease of use, making the learning process both enjoyable and effective.

Confidence Junior Set

Confidence Golf Junior Golf Clubs Set for Kids

We think this golf set is a smart pick for young enthusiasts getting into golf due to its comprehensive inclusion of essential clubs paired with a functional stand bag.


  • Designed specifically for young players, balancing size and weight
  • Includes a driver, irons, and putter to cover most playing situations
  • Comes with a handy stand bag that’s comfortable to carry


  • Suitable mostly for a specific age group (4-7 years old), limiting longevity
  • Beginners may require additional clubs as they develop
  • May be too advanced for complete novices

Introducing your youngster to golf can be a rewarding experience, and the right tools can make all the difference. The Confidence Golf Junior Club Set is tailored for kids aged 4-7, bridging the gap between child’s play and serious golfing. The clubs are crafted with a junior flex, making it easier for kids to get a feel for the swing without being overwhelmed by adult-sized equipment.

The set’s cavity back irons are a boon, intended to maximize forgiveness when those little swings don’t quite hit the mark. This feature can boost confidence and encourage continued play, even after a missed shot. The oversized driver and aim-assist putter sweeten the deal, contributing to a greater likelihood of success on the course.

Investing in this set could be viewed as fostering a future passion for the sport. While the clubs are fashioned for a younger audience with their lighter weight and shorter length, they still carry the same sense of a professional kit that can make young players feel like pros. Moreover, the deluxe stand bag facilitates easy transport around the course, adding a layer of independence for kids as they manage their own equipment.


LAZRUS GOLF Premium Kids Golf Clubs

We think the LAZRUS GOLF Kids Set is an excellent investment for introducing your child to golf, providing the right mix of quality and fun.


  • Specially designed for ease of use by children
  • Customizable with individual clubs or a full set
  • Positive global sales track record


  • Bag not included with clubs or sets
  • Limited age groups covered
  • Single color option per set

When bringing children into the world of golf, it’s vital to provide them with equipment that balances quality with kid-friendly design. The LAZRUS GOLF Kids Set does precisely that. With clubs fashioned for lighter swings and vibrant colors, the set is crafted to spark joy in junior golfers.

The options to purchase individual clubs or a 5-piece set allow for tailored experiences depending on your child’s interest and proficiency level. This flexibility is ideal for growing with your child as they progress in skill, avoiding the need for immediate full set investments.

Despite these advantages, potential buyers should note that a corresponding golf bag is not part of the package. This omission means you’ll need to consider an additional purchase to ensure the clubs are kept safely together. Families with children outside the specific age categories of 2-5 or 6-9 might need to explore other options, as the LAZRUS GOLF Kids Set caters only to these ranges. Moreover, the color scheme is set to blue for the younger age set, limiting personalization choices.

Confidence Jr Golf Set – Lefty

Confidence Junior Golf Clubs Set

We believe this Junior Golf Set from Confidence offers a solid foundation for young aspirants of the game who need equipment tailored to their size and skill level.


  • Includes essential clubs with junior flex graphite shafts for easier handling
  • Comes with a stand bag featuring auto pop-out legs for convenient use on the course
  • Accommodates a suitable age range, making it ideal for younger golfers just starting out


  • Designed specifically for left-handed children, which excludes right-handed players
  • Only includes two irons, which may limit shot variety
  • May outgrow the set quickly if your child is on the cusp of the age range

Selecting the right golf clubs for kids can be as crucial as the lessons they receive. The Confidence Junior Golf Clubs Set ensures that young golfers have a positive start. The oversized driver is particularly forgiving, making those first tee-off experiences less intimidating. Since it’s balanced with a junior flex graphite shaft, children find it easier to handle and get a feel for the swing.

The included irons (#7 and #9) feature a cavity back design, contributing to a more forgiving performance by reducing the impact of off-center hits. Kids can build their confidence with these clubs as they practice their swing and aim to improve accuracy. The forgiving mallet putter with alignment aid can be a true asset on the green, helping young golfers understand the importance of a straight putt.

To top it off, the set comes with a deluxe stand bag that’s built to last. Equipped with dual shoulder straps and auto pop-out legs, it consolidates convenience with comfort. The multiple pockets enable children to store extra balls, tees, and maybe a snack or two for longer days on the course. Despite the likelihood of children outgrowing this set, the high-quality construction means it can be handed down to siblings or friends, extending its life and value.

Confidence Junior Set

Confidence Golf Junior Golf Clubs Set

We find the Confidence Junior Golf Clubs Set for Kids ideal for introducing young enthusiasts to the sport, thanks to a well-considered selection of clubs and additional features.


  • Includes essential clubs with junior flex graphite shafts for easier handling
  • Comes with a deluxe stand bag featuring auto pop-out legs and dual shoulder straps
  • Designed specifically for kids 8-12 years in height range of 4′ 6″ to 5′ 1″


  • Limited to one wood, may not suit all play styles
  • Might be quickly outgrown by children on the higher end of the age scale
  • Some may find the set lacking in additional iron choices

Introducing kids to golf requires equipment tailored to their size and strength. The Confidence Golf Junior Set acknowledges this with clubs designed for the young golfer’s frame, supporting their development in the sport. The oversized driver and cavity back irons promote forgiveness, boosting confidence with every shot.

A comfortable and functional golf bag is crucial for young players. The stand bag in this set is no afterthought – it offers easy transportation with its dual shoulder straps, which is greatly beneficial for growing golfers. The auto pop-out legs also ensure that the bag remains stable and accessible on the course.

Nevertheless, while the set caters to beginners and intermediate players, its composition might not meet the requirements of more advanced junior golfers aiming to expand their skill set. Our opinion is that for those just delving into golf, this set is size-appropriate, thoughtfully composed, and a substantial starting point that encourages a love for the game.

Franklin Youth Golf Set

Franklin Sports Golf Set

We think this set is a great starter kit for young enthusiasts ready to explore the game of golf.


  • Growth-friendly adjustable clubs
  • Functional storage and carrying bag included
  • Ergonomic grip design for proper handling


  • Plastic components may not endure rough play
  • Limited to practice golf balls
  • Primarily intended for very young beginners

Franklin Sports offers a youth-oriented golf set designed to adapt to a child’s growth, making it a wise investment for budding golfers. This set includes key clubs and accessories, ensuring a complete package for newcomers to the sport. The adjustable lengths of the clubs are especially beneficial, enabling a tailored fit that can encourage correct swing techniques right from the start.

A major advantage of this golf set is the inclusion of a travel-friendly bag. Equipped with storage pockets for the foam golf balls and tees, as well as a shoulder strap, it simplifies the transport and organization of the golf tools for kids. This convenient feature could make the set a hit amongst parents looking for a tidy and portable option for their children’s sporting equipment.

The ergonomic design of the club grips serves an educational purpose, too. It teaches kids the proper hand placement needed for effective golf swings. However, the plastic construction of the clubs might not stand up to the test of time, especially if kids swing with the same vigor they would with real clubs. The set is also designed for use with practice golf balls, which means children won’t get the experience of playing with real balls until they upgrade to a more advanced set. Despite this, the Franklin Sports Golf Set is a solid choice for young novices, serving as an excellent introductory tool to the world of golf.

KONDAY Junior Golf Set

KONDAY Junior Golf Set

We believe the KONDAY Kids Golf Clubs Set offers an engaging way for youngsters to discover the joys of golf with equipment designed for their size.


  • Includes three different clubs for various shots
  • Comes with a carry bag and soft balls for safe practice
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, enhancing versatility


  • Plastic clubheads may not provide a realistic golfing experience
  • Some concerns over the durability of the clubs
  • Potential issues with club balance for more experienced young players

Encouraging children to partake in outdoor activities is vital, and the KONDAY Kids Golf Clubs Set serves as a great tool to introduce them to the sport. The variety of clubs included allows for a fuller experience of the game, as young players can get a feel for using different types of clubs — a wood, iron, and putter — just as they would on a real course.

One of the advantages of this set is the ease of carrying it around. The included bag ensures that the clubs and balls stay organized and are always ready for the next practice session, whether that’s in the backyard or a trip to the park. Additionally, having soft balls in the set helps to make initial golf lessons safe, which is particularly important for kids taking their first swing.

While the set is aimed at being a fun introduction to golf, those looking for a more authentic feel may find the plastic clubheads less appealing. The feedback and sensation from the club hitting the ball will differ from that of real clubs. There are also some reports concerning the set’s ability to withstand vigorous play. The clubs might not endure the same rough treatment that metal ones could.

Nevertheless, for casual play and initial interest gauging in golf, the KONDAY Kids Golf Clubs Set is a practical choice. It offers a constructive way for kids to learn basic hand-eye coordination and golfing techniques without major investment. With careful handling, the set can provide ample fun and a stepping stone into the world of golf for young enthusiasts.

Golf Girl Junior Set

Golf Girl Junior Golf Set

We recommend the Golf Girl Junior Set for its thoughtful design tailored toward young beginners and its ability to make learning golf fun and enjoyable.


  • Includes a range of clubs with junior flex graphite shafts suitable for young players
  • Features a putter with a high MOI for increased consistency on the greens
  • Comes with a stylish pink stand bag with plenty of pockets and auto-pop out legs


  • Limited to right-handed orientation, excluding left-handed junior golfers
  • The color scheme may not appeal to all children
  • Some may outgrow the set quickly, depending on their pace of development

Golf is a game that teaches patience and discipline, and having the right equipment can make all the difference for a young golfer just starting out. The Golf Girl Junior Set is specifically designed to meet the needs of girls aged 8-12 who are learning the ropes of this timeless sport. The inclusive set comprises just the right mix of clubs to get a junior golfer going, complete with a driver, irons, a putter, and a stand bag.

The lightweight graphite shafts on these clubs make them easier to handle for kids whose muscles are still developing. This aspect is crucial in fostering a proper swing technique from an early age. Furthermore, the oversized driver head is engineered to create a larger sweet spot, which can significantly boost a young player’s confidence by making it easier to hit the ball.

The 4-way divider top of the accompanying pink stand bag ensures clubs are neatly organized, while its dual-strap design makes carrying the set a breeze for young golfers. Even if the pink hue may not be universally loved, it stands out as a bold choice reflecting the fun and vibrant aspect of the sport.

Finally, the mallet putter, with its high moment of inertia, aids in developing a steady, consistent putting stroke—a foundational skill in golf. Although as your child grows and their game matures, you might need to upgrade to a larger set to match their skill level, this Golf Girl Junior Set is a solid starting point that balances performance with style.

Buying Guide

Understanding Size

The most important factor in selecting golf clubs for kids is the size. Clubs that are too long or too short can hinder skill development. To find the right size, we consider the child’s height and use the following table:

Height Range Club Size
40-50 inches Size 1
50-54 inches Size 2
54-60 inches Size 3
60-66 inches Size 4
Over 66 inches Size 5

Weighing the Weight

Weight is a critical aspect, as heavy clubs are difficult to swing. Clubs should be light enough for the child to handle comfortably. There’s no specific weight table, but it’s essential to prioritize clubs that the child can swing with ease.

Determining Durability

We look for clubs made from durable materials to withstand frequent use. Stainless steel heads and graphite shafts are common options that offer both longevity and a lighter weight.

Assessing Flexibility

Shaft flexibility contributes to the swing. We recommend:

  • Extra Flexible: Younger or less experienced players
  • Junior Flex: Most kids’ golf clubs have this flexibility

Considering Cost

While it’s tempting to buy the cheapest option, investing in mid-range clubs can be more cost-effective in the long run. These are typically better quality without being prohibitively expensive.

The Grip Factor

Ensure the clubs have grips suited to smaller hands, promoting proper technique and comfort.

By following these guidelines, we ensure that the golf clubs we choose for kids will enhance their learning experience and enjoyment of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that selecting the right golf clubs is pivotal for young players. Here we address common queries to guide you through the process.

What factors should be considered when selecting golf clubs for children?

When choosing golf clubs for children, it’s essential to consider the child’s height, strength, and skill level. The right clubs can significantly affect their gameplay and development.

How do I determine the appropriate golf club length for my child?

The appropriate golf club length can be determined by the child’s height. There are fitting charts available, or you can consult with a professional for a more personalized fit.

At what age should a child start using junior golf clubs?

Children can start using junior golf clubs as young as 3 or 4 years old. However, it’s crucial to ensure they’re using clubs that are appropriate for their size and age.

What are the key differences between junior and adult golf clubs?

Junior golf clubs are specifically designed with lighter and more flexible shafts to suit a child’s developing swing. The grip sizes are also smaller to fit a child’s hands.

What are some recommended junior golf club sets for different age groups?

For ages 3-5, the U.S. Kids Golf Ultralight series is a popular choice. As children grow, the Callaway XJ Junior sets cater to different age groups, offering options for 5-8 and 9-12 years.

How do club requirements change as a junior golfer progresses in skill and age?

As junior golfers progress, they require clubs that can accommodate their increased strength and refined skills. This usually involves transitioning to clubs with stiffer shafts and varying clubheads as they grow taller and stronger.

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  • 🎨 Creative Crafts and DIYs
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