The Top 7 Best Art Supplies for Kids: for Creative Growth

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Best Art Supplies For Kids
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Artistic expression is crucial for a child’s development. It fosters creativity, boosts fine motor skills, and offers a unique medium for children to express their emotions. With the right art supplies, children can explore different textures, colors, and techniques, which encourages experimentation and learning. Choosing the best art supplies for kids means products are typically more durable, safer, and easier to use. This ensures that the focus remains on the enjoyment and educational value of creating art, rather than struggling with inappropriate materials.

Based on our research, the best art supplies for kids are:

  1. Best For Foil Crafting – Foil Fun Craft Kit
  2. Best For Serious Artists – Soucolor 76-Pack Art Kit
  3. Best For Finger Painting – AROIC Fun Finger Paint Kit
  4. Best For Crafts – Craft Library in a Box
  5. Most Interesting – Pigipigi Rainbow Scratch Art
  6. Most Fun – Creative Kids Spin Art Kit
  7. Best For Drawing – Soucolor Kids’ Art Set

When selecting art supplies for children, safety and suitability are paramount. Non-toxic materials are a must, considering that younger kids may be tempted to put items in their mouths. In addition to safety, considering the washability of paints and markers can save parents from stressful cleanup after a creative session. The size and shape of tools should fit comfortably in small hands, while the durability of materials should withstand the enthusiastic approach that children often have towards art projects.

We understand that it can be overwhelming to choose the right tools from the plethora of options available. Therefore, when we assess art supplies, we consider factors such as age-appropriateness, the variety of creative outputs possible, and the quality of materials. Our aim is to provide insights that simplify your decision-making process. In the reviews that follow, we’ve put various art supplies to the test, considering not just how they enable a child’s creativity, but also ensuring they meet our stringent criteria for safety and usability. So let’s delve into what we found to be the best art supplies for kids, to help you pick the items that will best enhance your child’s creative journey.

Top Art Supplies for Kids

Finding suitable art supplies is essential for nurturing creativity and artistic development in children. We’ve rigorously tested and selected art materials that are both safe and high quality, designed to give young artists the freedom to express themselves without any boundaries. Our picks cater to a variety of ages and artistic levels, ensuring that every child has the tools they need to bring their imagination to life.

Best For Foil Crafting – Foil Fun Craft Kit

Best Art Supplies For Kids - Foil Fun Craft Kit

We recommend this Skillmatics Art & Craft Activity kit for its engaging and mess-free fun that promotes creativity and skill development in children.


  • Encourages creative expression and helps develop fine motor skills
  • No glue or mess involved, making it parent-friendly
  • Received accolades such as The Toy Insider’s Top Summer Toy 2023


  • May have limited replay value once all canvases are used
  • Theme specificity might not appeal to all children
  • Requires adult supervision for younger children

Imagination takes flight with the Skillmatics Art & Craft Activity kit. Young artists can explore a world of fantasy, creating vivid scenes with foil art. This mess-free activity allows children to express their creativity while developing key skills like hand-eye coordination.

Here’s an example of what you can create with this kit:

Best Art Supplies For Kids - Magical foil art and craft activity

Parents often seek arts and crafts that are both entertaining and educational. With this kit, such a balance is effortlessly achieved. It’s not just a plaything but a developmental tool, enhancing fine motor skills in a way that feels like pure play.

Given its accolades, this craft kit stands out in a crowded market of children’s toys. It’s well-suited for those who love themes of princesses and unicorns. Moreover, its tidy setup means no sticky situations during or after playtime, which is a sigh of relief for many caretakers.

Best For Serious Artists – Soucolor 76-Pack Art Kit

Best Art Supplies For Kids - Soucolor Art Kit

We recommend this Soucolor Art Kit for any creative enthusiast looking to explore various artistic mediums in a convenient package. This set contains everything you need for the child that is seriously interested in art:

  • All-In-One Art Set: Contains 76 art supplies including graphite, colored, watercolor, charcoal, metallic, and colored pencils for all your art needs.
  • Professional Art Supplies: Includes 12 graphite, 12 colored, 12 watercolor, 12 charcoal, and 12 metallic pencils for all your art needs.
  • Premium Sketchbook: Features a 6 x 9 inch spiral bound sketchbook with 40 pages for sketching, coloring, and shading.


  • Comprehensive selection of tools for a range of artistic expressions
  • Portable travel case for art creation on the go
  • Non-toxic materials make it a safe choice for children and adults alike


  • Some may prefer more space for additional tools in the travel case
  • Specific art mediums may require additional specialized materials
  • Variety could overwhelm beginners who are not sure where to start

Art encourages creativity and expression, and having the right tools can significantly enhance this experience. This comprehensive kit from Soucolor provides a generous variety of mediums — from graphite pencils to watercolor and metallic pencils — suitable for artists at any skill level.

The inclusion of different paper types — a sketchbook, watercolor pad, and coloring book — allows for immediate experimentation across artistic practices. This variety ensures the artist will not be restricted by paper compatibility and can dive straight into whichever style strikes their fancy at the moment.

Portability is also at the forefront of this kit’s design, thanks to its sleek travel case. Whether you’re at home, in school, or on the move, this kit ensures that all your art supplies stay organized and readily accessible. This makes it an exceptional gift for creative minds that find inspiration in various environments.

Best For Finger Painting – AROIC Fun Finger Paint Kit

Best Art Supplies For Kids - AROIC Washable Finger Paint Set

In choosing the AROIC Fun Finger Paint Kit, we’re gearing up our little ones for a vibrant and mess-friendly artistic adventure.


  • Comprehensive set with various tools for creative expression
  • Non-toxic, washable paints suitable for young children
  • Enclosed storage box simplifies cleanup and organization


  • The box may not withstand repeated use and could be sturdier
  • Not recommended for children under 3 due to choking hazards
  • Paint might require extra washing when children get messy

When it comes to fostering creativity, this all-in-one paint set opens a world of possibilities for young artists. The AROIC finger paint kit comes with an abundance of tools that are intuitively designed for small hands, encouraging both motor skills and artistic expression. We appreciate that it includes a waterproof smock, keeping those inevitable spills from becoming a hassle.

While the colors dazzle us with their vibrancy, they’re also made with a child-friendly, washable formula, granting peace of mind to parents about safety and clean up. Moreover, the inclusion of various sponges and brushes empowers children to experiment with different textures and techniques, making it more than just paint — it’s a comprehensive learning tool.

Let’s not omit the convenience factor; this kit packs neatly into a storage box, simplifying transit and making it perfect for playdates or outdoor adventures. Although, take note, the storage box may not be as robust as desired for long-term use.

Despite the precautions necessary for younger children due to small parts presenting choking hazards, and perhaps requiring a bit more diligence during clean-up, our experience suggests the AROIC Fun Finger Paint Kit is a fantastic choice to enrich your child’s artistic journey.

Best For Crafts – Craft Library in a Box

Best Art Supplies For Kids - Arts and Crafts Vault

We recommend this Craft Library in a Box as a treasure trove of supplies that will fuel endless creative projects for children.


  • Engages a child’s creativity with a plethora of craft options
  • Comes in an organized 2-drawer case for easy storage and retrieval
  • The manufacturer offers a satisfaction guarantee


  • Originating from China, potential concerns over manufacturing standards
  • Specific items within the kit may differ slightly in quality
  • Some components like the glue may not meet all crafting needs

The appeal of this product lies in its vast selection, designed to spark imagination and creativity in young minds. With over 1,000 arts and crafts items, kids have the resources to craft virtually anything they can dream up.

Crafting can help develop a child’s fine motor skills and the variety included in this set means they can continually find new projects to tackle. From making jewelry to constructing peculiar creatures, the opportunities for development and enjoyment are plentiful.

At the same time, it’s essential to be aware that with so many pieces, parents will need to supervise their little ones, especially when it comes to the smaller components. But with an easy-to-use case, cleanup becomes simpler, encouraging kids to maintain organization.

Most Interesting – Pigipigi Rainbow Scratch Art

Best Art Supplies For Kids - Pigipigi Scratch Paper Art

We believe the Pigipigi Scratch Paper Art Kit will spark a child’s creativity with its easy-to-use and mess-free design, perfect for imaginative play.


  • Encourages creativity and artistic expression
  • Safe, non-toxic materials suitable for kids
  • Comes with accessories for enhanced fun


  • Limited to the pre-sized papers included
  • Styluses may wear down over time
  • Black residue from scratch-off material can be messy

Creative exploration is crucial for every child, and the Pigipigi Scratch Paper Art Kit is a fantastic avenue to provide that. This kit offers everything necessary for a child to start immediately, allowing for the manifestation of vibrant artworks with just a simple scratch. It’s particularly useful in aiding the development of fine motor skills and can serve as a unique platform for children to express themselves.

Providing children with non-toxic and safe materials should always be a priority. The Pigipigi Scratch Paper Art Kit meets this standard, ensuring that playtime is not only fun but also free from harmful substances. The inclusion of stencils with the kit introduces variety, allowing kids to create a myriad of shapes and scenes.

Despite its many advantages, the kit does have a few limitations. The finite amount of scratch paper means that once used, parents will need to purchase refills. With continued use, the wooden styluses may also need to be replaced. Additionally, the scratch-off process might leave some black residue, which requires a little cleanup afterwards.

Still, the Pigipigi Scratch Paper Art Kit offers an attractive package for children to enjoy art in a novel way. It serves as a delightful gift that blends the joy of surprise with the satisfaction of creating something beautiful. With this kit, our collective creative journeys can be just as enjoyable as the colorful results that unfold before us.

Most Fun – Creative Kids Spin Art Kit

Best Art Supplies For Kids - Creative Kids Spin Art Kit

We believe this Spin Art Kit is a novel way for children to dive into art, offering both a fun activity and eye-catching results.


  • Encourages creative exploration with an innovative spinning technique
  • Suitable for a wide age range, making it a versatile family activity
  • Comes ready to use for immediate artistic enjoyment


  • Spin mechanism may require adult supervision for younger children
  • Paint bottles can be difficult to use without spilling
  • The splatter guard and machine components could be more durable

Artistic expression is crucial for children’s development, and the Spin Art Kit by Creative Kids provides a unique approach. It’s remarkable how a simple device can captivate young minds as they pour paint and witness the spinning magic that creates vibrant patterns before their eyes.

Every artist knows the importance of set-up simplicity. With this kit, there’s no fumbling for missing pieces or the need for additional supplies. From the moment the box is opened, the focus remains on the joy of creation, not on preparation woes.

Despite these advantages, the experience isn’t without its challenges. Keen supervision becomes necessary to ensure the spinning mechanism functions smoothly, especially when used by excitable little ones. In addition, the paint application process can be a messy affair if not carefully managed, so a little patience and a lot of newspaper to cover surfaces are advisable during use.

In conclusion, while some parts may require a gentle touch or adult assistance, the overall value of the Creative Kids Spin Art Kit as a tool for creativity is immense. It promises a whirlwind of artistic adventure and makes for a fascinating addition to any child’s collection of art supplies.

Best For Drawing – Soucolor Kids’ Art Set

Best Art Supplies For Kids - Soucolor Art Supplies

We believe this all-encompassing art kit will spark limitless creativity in your child, providing a wide array of drawing tools for a multitude of projects.


  • Includes a variety of pencils for different techniques
  • Comes with a sketchbook and coloring book to start immediately
  • Packaged in a convenient zippered case for on-the-go creativity


  • May be overwhelming for complete beginners with so many options
  • Variety could lead to a focus on quantity over individual item quality
  • Not specialized for any one medium, which may not suit all artistic preferences

Ensuring your child’s artistic endeavors are well-equipped, this Soucolor art set offers an impressive selection of supplies that cater to both drawing and coloring. From graphite to charcoal and metallic pencils, the range is designed to encourage exploration and mastery of various artistic styles.

Pencils are fundamental in teaching kids the nuances of pressure and angle in art, making the inclusion of 12 different graphite pencils particularly beneficial for developing these essential skills. The included coloring book allows for immediate application, solidifying new concepts through practice.

The compact nature of the zippered case means your little artist can take their creative toolkit with them, from the park to grandma’s house, without misplacing a single pencil. This feature nurtures organization skills alongside their artistic growth. Knowing versatility is vital in art, this set broadens horizons without the need for additional purchases, a boon for parents and guardians looking to inspire without the clutter of countless supplies.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best art supplies for kids, we must consider safety, age-appropriateness, and quality. Safety is our utmost priority, so we look for non-toxic materials with certifications from recognized health standards.

Age Appropriateness

Materials should match the child’s developmental stage. For younger children, chunky crayons and washable markers are ideal. Older kids can handle finer tip pens and acrylic paints.


Investing in high-quality art supplies can enhance the overall experience. Supplies that don’t break easily and offer consistent color payoff are worth considering.

Features to Look For


Intended UseSuggested Features
Frequent UseReinforced tips, sturdy construction
Occasional UseStandard quality, more variety


Balanced sets with an array of colors and mediums foster creativity. Look for sets that offer a range of colors suitable for the child’s projects.


Child’s AgeCleanup Ease
3-5 yearsHighly washable
6-8 yearsModerately washable
9+ yearsStandard ease of cleaning

We focus on the essentials without making any purchase overwhelming. Cost-to-quality ratio is another factor we balance, as we seek to get the best value for our investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we cover some of the most common inquiries about choosing the right art supplies for kids at different stages of their creative development.

What are the essential art supplies for toddlers starting to draw?

For toddlers just beginning to draw, we recommend washable crayons or markers, large plain paper, and sturdy, easy-grip tools. These materials provide a safe, cleanable, and comfortable way for little hands to create.

Which art materials are most suitable for children aged 5 to 7?

Children aged 5 to 7 typically enjoy a range of materials that include watercolor paints, finger paints, medium-sized brushes, colored pencils, and modeling clay. This variety supports their growing fine motor skills while accommodating their expanding creativity.

What art set is recommended for an 8-year-old beginner artist?

For an 8-year-old beginner artist, we suggest a comprehensive art set that might include oil pastels, a variety of paint types, an assortment of brushes, sketching pencils, and mixed media paper. This gives them the opportunity to explore different mediums and discover their preferences.

How do I choose safe and age-appropriate art supplies for a young child?

Choosing safe and age-appropriate art supplies involves looking for non-toxic labels, considering the ease of use, and making sure the size of the supplies is suitable for small hands. Always check the recommended age range provided by the manufacturer.

What are some must-have art items for a beginner child artist?

A beginner child artist should have access to drawing paper, crayons, washable markers, pencils, erasers, and water-based paints. These items form a basic kit that allows for a variety of artistic expressions and skills development.

Are there specific art brands or sets considered the best for kids’ creativity?

While no brand is the definitive best, certain brands are renowned for their child-friendly art products, such as Crayola, Faber-Castell, and Melissa & Doug. These brands offer art sets specifically designed for kids’ use, focusing on safety, ease of use, and stimulating creativity.

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    • 🎨 Creative Crafts and DIYs
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    • 🎉 Monthly Giveaways and Surprises!

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