The Best Disney Resorts for Kids: Family-Friendly Magic

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Best Disney Resorts For Kids
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Planning a Disney vacation opens up a world of enchantment for families, especially those traveling with kids. Choosing the best Disney resort for your stay is crucial as it becomes the base for your adventure and an extension of the magic experienced within the parks. Certain resorts stand out for their family-friendly themes, accommodations, and proximity to the attractions, ensuring that every moment is steeped in Disney’s storytelling prowess.

With a myriad of options available, it’s important to select a resort that caters to the unique needs of your family. Look for resorts offering specially-designed children’s activities, dining that appeals to young tastes, and services that give parents peace of mind. Access to the parks, character encounters, and exclusive resort guest benefits are also vital factors to consider when pinpointing the ideal resort for your family’s Disney vacation.

Key Takeaways

  • Resorts with thematic allure offer immersive experiences for kids.
  • Family-focused amenities enhance the convenience of your Disney stay.
  • Strategic resort location maximizes vacation time and park enjoyment.

Choosing the Right Disney Resort for Your Family

When planning your Disney vacation, the right resort can enhance your family’s experience. Consider category, on-site benefits, and age-appropriate amenities.

Understanding Resort Categories

Value Resorts offer the most affordable prices, appealing for families on a tight budget. They provide basic amenities and theming that can delight young kids. Moderate Resorts are a middle ground, featuring more detailed theming and additional dining options. Deluxe Resorts are the premium option, with the highest level of service, extensive theming, and the closest proximity to parks.

Family Suites are available across these categories, offering extra space which can be particularly beneficial if traveling with toddlers or young kids.

Resort Category Price Level Amenities Theming
Value $ Basic Vibrant
Moderate $$ Enhanced Detailed
Deluxe $$$ Premium Extensive

Benefits of Staying On-Site

Staying at a Disney Resort comes with perks such as early FastPass+ access, complimentary transportation, and Extra Magic Hours. These can be pivotal in planning your day, especially with young kids who have limited stamina. An on-site stay also means quicker trips back to the room for naps or breaks, which is a relief for families with toddlers.

  • Early FastPass+ Booking: Reserve access to attractions before the general public.
  • Extra Magic Hours: Extra time at the parks, less crowded experiences.
  • Complimentary Transportation: Buses, monorails, and boats available.

Selecting a Resort Based on Age Group

For families with toddlers, a Value Resort with a brightly themed environment like Disney’s Art of Animation can be enchanting and cost-effective. Resorts such as Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, a Moderate option, offer a pirate-themed pool that may captivate your young kids.

For a more luxurious stay or celebrating a special occasion, consider a Deluxe Resort like Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, which provides a lush, tropical escape and proximity to Magic Kingdom. Deluxe Resorts often have the best dining options, which can be a boon when traveling with picky eaters.

  • Toddlers: Bright theming, close to parks for nap times.
  • Young Kids: Interactive pool areas, themed rooms.
  • Disney World Overall: Balance fun themes with convenience and amenities.

Top Disney Resorts for Families with Kids

Choosing the right Disney resort for your family can greatly enhance your magical experience. Consider your budget and preferences, as Disney offers a range of resorts to meet diverse needs and create unforgettable memories.

Value Resort Choices for Budget-Friendly Stays

For families looking to enjoy Disney magic while being mindful of their budget, Value Resorts offer an economical yet enchanting choice.

  • Art of Animation Resort immerses you in the sketches of beloved Disney and Pixar tales. Your kids can splash around in the largest pool in Walt Disney World Resort—The Big Blue Pool.
  • Disney’s Pop Century takes you on a nostalgic journey through the decades of the 20th century, with larger-than-life icons towering over pools and play areas.
  • All-Star Movies, All-Star Music, and All-Star Sports each celebrate their respective themes with vibrancy, offering various pools and fun activities that are budget-friendly.
Value Resorts Theming Notable Features
Art of Animation Disney and Pixar films The Big Blue Pool
Disney’s Pop Century Decades of the 20th century Iconic memorabilia
All-Star Movies Disney films Fantasia-themed pool
All-Star Music Music genres Calypso-themed pool
All-Star Sports Sports Surfboard Bay pool

Moderate Resorts with Thematic Flair

Moderate Resorts provide a perfect balance of themed environments and amenities with a moderate price tag.

  • Caribbean Beach whisks you away to a tropical paradise with lush gardens and an island vibe. The pirate-themed rooms are a hit for adventurous kids.
  • Port Orleans – French Quarter feels like a New Orleans celebration filled with cobblestone streets and jazz music, while its sister resort, Port Orleans – Riverside, offers a more laid-back southern charm with royal guest rooms perfect for your little prince or princess.
Moderate Resorts Theming Notable Features
Caribbean Beach Tropical island Pirate-themed rooms
Port Orleans – French Quarter New Orleans Doubloon Lagoon swimming pool
Port Orleans – Riverside Southern charm Royal guest rooms

Deluxe Resorts for the Ultimate Disney Experience

For the ultimate luxury experience, Deluxe Disney Resorts provide unparalleled service, exquisite themes, and the closest proximity to the parks.

  • Polynesian Village Resort greets you with its South Pacific spirit, allowing families to indulge in tropical bliss and watch the fireworks over Cinderella Castle from the beach.
  • Contemporary Resort offers a modern aesthetic with the convenience of the monorail passing through, bringing the Magic Kingdom almost to your doorstep.
  • Wilderness Lodge is a haven for those who love the great outdoors, giving you a rustic retreat with the grandeur of the national parks.
Deluxe Resorts Theming Notable Features
Polynesian Village Resort South Pacific Views of Cinderella Castle, Beach access
Contemporary Resort Modern Monorail inside the resort
Wilderness Lodge Rustic National Park Whispering Canyon Café

Making the right choice in resort can add that special touch to your Disney vacation, giving your family a personalized and comfortable home base for exploring the wonders of Walt Disney World.

Themed Accommodations and Activities

Your Disney Resort experience will be enriched by specifically designed accommodations and activities that cater to children’s imaginations and love for Disney characters.

Immersive Experiences for Little Ones

Art of Animation Resort is a vivid tableau come to life, inviting your children into the worlds of Finding Nemo, Cars, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid.

  • Finding Nemo Suites: They feature vivid oceanic scenery that submerges you in the beloved underwater tale.
  • Cars Family Suites: Here, you’re transported to Radiator Springs with car-themed décor.
  • The Lion King Suites: Your family will be surrounded by savanna scenes reminiscent of the Pride Lands.
  • The Little Mermaid Standard Rooms: These rooms offer a dive into Ariel’s world with under-the-sea themed interiors.

The Art of Animation Resort also includes themed playgrounds reflecting each movie.

Entertainment and Recreation for Kids

At Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside, your kids can sleep like royals in Royal Guest Rooms, while Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter delights with its New Orleans flair.

For outdoor fun, Stormalong Bay at Disney’s Beach Club Resort offers a sand-bottomed pool and a life-sized shipwreck.

Recreational activities available at many Disney hotels include:

  • Playgrounds: Safe, child-friendly spaces for kids to play.
  • Arcades: A selection of games for various age groups, perfect for some indoor fun.

Facilities vary by resort, so choose your thematic adventure based on your child’s interests.

Amenities and Services Tailored for Families

Disney Resorts provide a variety of amenities and services deliberately designed to cater to families, ensuring that your stay is as comfortable and convenient as possible. You’ll find family suites, childcare services, and dining options strategically planned to enhance your Disney experience.

Childcare and Babysitting Services

Disney Resorts offer different forms of childcare services to meet your needs. At select resorts, such as the Polynesian Village Resort and the Beach Club Resort, in-room babysitting is available for when you need some adult time, assured that your children are in safe hands. Childcare services are professional and entertaining, allowing children to engage in Disney-themed activities under careful supervision.

  • In-room Babysitting: Certified sitters can be booked to look after your children in the comfort of your hotel room.
  • Children’s Activity Centers: These are available at select resorts where kids can play games, watch movies, and make new friends.

Convenient Dining Options for Families

Your dining experience at Disney Resorts is designed with your family in mind. From character dining to various food courts and restaurants, there are ample options to satisfy any palate.

  • Character Dining: Enjoy your meal alongside Disney characters, available at various locations including the Polynesian Village Resort.

Family Suites

  • Beach Club Resort: Offers spacious accommodations that suit larger families.

Dining Options

  • Landscape of Flavors: Located in Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, this food court offers a variety of options for everyone in the family.
  • Quick Service and Table Service: From a quick bite at the poolside to a relaxed sit-down meal, there’s

Access to Parks and Attractions

When choosing the best Disney resort for your family, easy access to parks and attractions is often a top priority. Your ability to quickly reach the theme parks and enjoy exclusive benefits can significantly enhance your Disney experience.

Transportation Access and Proximity to Parks

Disney World is vast, but staying on-site ensures that you’re always close to the magic. Resorts like the Contemporary and Polynesian Village are adjacent to Magic Kingdom, meaning you can reach the park within minutes. These resorts offer multiple transportation options:

  • Monorail: Direct to Magic Kingdom and EPCOT with transfers.
  • Boats: Scenic routes to Magic Kingdom from select resorts.
  • Buses: Available from all resorts to various parks, including Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

The Disney Skyliner is a newer addition, providing an aerial gondola experience with stops at resorts such as Art of Animation and Caribbean Beach Resort, connecting you to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios.

Resort Magic Kingdom EPCOT Hollywood Studios Animal Kingdom
Contemporary Monorail/Boat Monorail (transfer) Bus Bus
Polynesian Village Monorail/Boat Monorail (transfer) Bus Bus
Art of Animation Bus Skyliner Skyliner Bus
Caribbean Beach Resort Bus Skyliner Skyliner Bus

Exclusive Resort Guest Perks

As a guest at a Disney resort in Orlando, you’re privy to special benefits that make park visits more enjoyable. One key perk is Early Theme Park Entry, allowing you early access to any of the four theme parks—Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom—to maximize your time.

Additionally, you may have access to Extra Magic Hours, which are exclusive times where the parks are open only to Disney resort guests before or after regular operating hours. This means less wait for popular attractions and a more relaxed park experience without the standard crowds.

Remember, the best resort for you will depend on which parks and attractions you prioritize and how much value you place on convenience and exclusive access.

Unique Experiences at Disney Resorts

Disney resorts provide a multitude of unique experiences tailored for children that blend entertainment with education and seasonal festivities.

Wildlife Encounters and Educational Opportunities

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, you can wake up to a serene view of giraffes and other wildlife roaming a savanna-like environment. Savanna view rooms offer a close-up look at these majestic animals in a setting that mimics their natural habitat, providing both an unforgettable sight and an educational experience. You can join in on campfire activities where storytelling and cultural immersion bring the African savanna to life.

  • Educational Sessions: Engage with wildlife experts to learn about giraffe behavior and conservation efforts.
  • Animal Viewing Areas: Explore outdoor viewing areas to watch the animals and enjoy nighttime vision.

Seasonal Events and Special Activities

Disney resorts excel in creating special moments through their seasonal events and activities, ensuring there’s always something new to experience. Regardless of the season, festivities are tailored to captivate the imagination of kids.

  • Movies Under the Stars: Enjoy beloved Disney films in the great outdoors, a perfect wind-down activity.
  • Fireworks Displays: Be awestruck by the nightly fireworks, carefully choreographed to ignite the magic of Disney storytelling.

Listed activities and events vary throughout the year and are subject to change, offering a dynamic and exciting vacation each visit.

Planning Your Stay at a Disney Resort

Crafting the perfect Disney vacation involves thoughtful planning and utilizing the right resources to ensure a magical experience for your children.

Utilizing Advanced Planning Resources

To plan effectively, consider using Disney’s official app, which provides a comprehensive guide to each resort, attractions, and dining options. Consistently checking the app can keep you updated on park hours, parade times, and any scheduled maintenance that might affect your stay. Additionally, leveraging travel agents specializing in Disney vacations can be invaluable; they’re equipped with insider knowledge and often have access to deals not widely advertised. They can assist with booking your stay, whether you prefer a traditional room, an RV spot, or a peaceful cabin at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort.

Tips for a Stress-Free Disney Vacation

Reservations are vital, especially for dining and special experiences; book these well in advance to avoid disappointment. Visit Disney Springs for a day of shopping and relaxation away from the parks. It’s free to enter, and parking is complimentary. Pack essentials like sunscreen, comfortable clothing, and autograph books for character interactions. Incorporate downtime into your itinerary to rest and enjoy your resort’s amenities. Lastly, stay in regular contact with Disney associates, whether in person or via the app; they can offer assistance and real-time insights that may enrich your Disney experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

When planning a trip to Disney, selecting the right resort for your kids can make all the difference. These FAQs are designed to help you identify the best Disney resort options for young visitors.

What are the top Disney resorts for young children?

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort and Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort are top picks for young children. The Art of Animation immerses families in their favorite movies, while the Polynesian Village offers easy monorail access to Magic Kingdom.

Which Disney resorts are best suited for families with multiple children?

For families with multiple children, Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside and Disney’s Contemporary Resort are excellent choices. The former offers rooms with additional sleeping options, and the latter features spacious rooms and convenient transportation.

What are the most family-friendly moderate Disney resorts?

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and the Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort are the most family-friendly moderate options. They provide a balance of themed environments and recreational activities suitable for all ages.

Which Disney hotels offer the best themed experiences for kids?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and Disney’s Wilderness Lodge give the best themed experiences. Animal Kingdom Lodge has rooms with savanna views, allowing kids to watch animals, while Wilderness Lodge has a rustic theme that feels like a national park.

What are the ideal Disney World hotels for families with children under 10?

Families with children under 10 favor Disney’s Beach Club Resort and Disney’s Magic Kingdom area resorts. The Beach Club features a sand-bottom pool and proximity to EPCOT, while the Magic Kingdom resorts offer unmatched access to the park.

Which Disney parks offer attractions suitable for a 5-year-old?

Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom have numerous attractions suitable for a 5-year-old. Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland is filled with rides designed for younger children, and Animal Kingdom’s attractions are engaging and offer educational elements.

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  • 🎨 Creative Crafts and DIYs
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