The Best Hair Dye for Kids: Safe and Fun Color Options

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Best Hair Dye For Kids
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Hair dyeing is a popular form of self-expression among adults, and increasingly, children are also interested in experimenting with their hair color. While adult hair dye is formulated for more resilient hair and often contains chemicals too harsh for young scalps, there are hair dyes made specifically for kids. These dyes consider the delicate nature of children’s hair and skin, ensuring that the fun of changing a hair color doesn’t come at the cost of safety and hair health.

When looking for the best hair dye for kids, the formulas are typically gentler, with a focus on temporary or semi-permanent color that washes out after a few shampoos. This non-committal approach aligns perfectly with the whimsical and ever-changing tastes of young ones. Many of these products are also made with natural ingredients and are free from ammonia, peroxide, and heavy alcohols.

As children’s skin can be more sensitive than adults, it’s important to choose a hair dye that is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested to minimize the chance of any adverse reactions. Even so, conducting a patch test before applying the hair dye is a critical step to ensure the child does not have an allergic response to the product. Beyond skin sensitivities, ease of application and cleanup are also key considerations. Many dyes for kids come in fun applicators or formats like chalks, gels, and sprays that are easy to use and wash out.

By focusing on safety, ease of use, and washability, you can find a hair dye that lets kids enjoy a pop of color and parents retain peace of mind. Advancements in product formulations have made it possible to celebrate your child’s creativity through their hairstyle, while still prioritizing their wellbeing. Moving forward, let’s look into specific hair dye products that are tailored for kids and see which ones meet these essential criteria.

Top Hair Dyes for Kids

When choosing the perfect hair dye for your child, safety and ease of use take top priority. In the following roundup, you will discover hair dyes specifically formulated for kids’ sensitive scalps. These products are temporary, wash out easily, and come in a variety of fun colors. They let your kids express their individuality while ensuring that their adventures in hair coloring are safe and gentle on their young hair.

Original Stationery Hair Chalks

Original Stationery Hair Chalks Set

Your child’s creativity will soar with these easy-to-use, temporary hair chalks that offer a rainbow of fun.


  • Vibrant color variety brightens up playtime
  • Effortlessly washes out, ideal for short-term style switches
  • Doubles as face paint, perfect for thematic parties


  • Some shades may not show up on darker hair
  • Application can be less smooth on certain hair types
  • May require multiple applications for desired intensity

Applying the Original Stationery Hair Chalks turned your kid’s hair into a playful canvas without the commitment of permanent dye. The hues popped spectacularly against light hair, truly enlivening their look for that special occasion. Whether it was becoming a mermaid with teal streaks or a superhero with fiery red tips, the transformation was nothing short of magical.

The best part? No need for worry about longevity. As spontaneously as you decided to add a splash of color for that dress-up party, it washed out just as easy. It’s the perfect accessory for your child who loves to switch things up.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. You noticed that the darker strands didn’t quite catch the light the same way. Some shades needed a little extra coaxing to show their true colors on brunette locks. And while the chalk glided on some hair types, it took a bit more effort to distribute evenly across coarser textures. Your dexterous hands made it work.

In the world of temporary hair chalks for kids, this product stands out for its versatility and fun factor. If you’re in the market for a splash of temporary color and some creative flair, the Original Stationery Hair Chalks set has got you covered—literally. It’s not just about the color; it’s about the smiles and memories you’ll create along the way.


PURPLE LADYBUG Hair Chalk for Kids

If you’re in search of a whimsical pop of color for your child’s hair that’s both fun for them and stress-free for you, this hair chalk kit hits the mark.


  • Vibrant colors that add playful flair to any hair color
  • Hassle-free rinse out with just soap and shampoo
  • Includes additional glitter and tattoos for more creative fun


  • May require gloves for application to avoid staining hands
  • Possible clumping on hair initially due to the product’s texture
  • Colors may vary based on hair texture and type

Having tried out the PURPLE LADYBUG Hair Chalk Kit with my niece, I can tell you it’s a blast. The kit comes packed with a rainbow of colors that glide onto hair with surprising ease – and yes, even on her dark brunette locks. Each stroke of the applicator wand infused her hair with vibrant streaks that sparked her imagination and transformed her look with each application.

The glitter and tattoos are not just add-ons; they’re the cherry on top. We spent an afternoon covering arms in shimmering designs and our hair in a cascade of sparkling highlights. She felt like a fairy-tale character, and watching her eyes light up was priceless.

Cleanup was a breeze. A simple wash with her regular shampoo washed away the day’s canvas, no complaints about stains on pillows or towels. It’s the kind of product that allows for impromptu dress-up sessions and creative expression without any long-term commitment or mess to worry about.

Jim & Gloria Hair Chalk

Jim & Gloria Hair Chalk

Discover vibrant hair transformations without the commitment; Jim & Gloria Hair Chalk is perfect for your kid’s temporary color whims.


  • Easy to apply and wash out
  • Works on various hair types
  • Safe and kid-friendly ingredients


  • Can be messy during application
  • May show less prominently on dark hair
  • May require frequent reapplication for lasting effect

Imagine your child’s excitement at being able to switch up their hair color for a weekend or a themed school event. With Jim & Gloria Hair Chalk, you get to see a range of vibrant shades that can take your kid’s style from everyday to festive without any long-term commitment. If you’re aiming for convenience and safety in temporary hair color, this product checks those boxes.

Handling the chalk pens is a breeze—they’re designed like twist-up crayons, so you can easily apply the dye without worrying about spills or stains on your hands. The creamy, water-based formula glides onto hair strands, and it’s satisfying to see the immediate transformation. Once your kiddo is ready to go back to their natural hair, a regular shampoo session will do the trick.

One drawback I’ve noticed is that while application on lighter hair shows up brilliantly, if your child has darker hair, you might have to apply a bit more product to achieve the desired intensity. But don’t let this discourage you; even on deeper shades, the colors can pop with a little patience and creativity. Keep in mind that because it’s temporary, your child can experience multiple looks in a short period—perfect for those who enjoy variety.

In conclusion, Jim & Gloria Hair Chalk offers a fun and temporary way to jazz up your child’s look with a simple, worry-free application process, though it might take a bit of practice to perfect the technique.

Jim&Gloria Hair Chalk

Jim&Gloria Hair Chalk

If you’re seeking a temporary splash of color without the commitment, this is a fun option for creative expression.


  • Vibrant colors that pop even on darker hair
  • Easy to apply and to wash out
  • Safe and kid-friendly ingredients


  • May not show as vividly on very dark hair
  • Can be messy to use for the inexperienced
  • Hair texture may be affected until washed

Having recently tried the Jim&Gloria Hair Chalk, I can say your kids will be thrilled with the ease of switching up their look. The colors stand out beautifully, even on my niece’s brown hair, and they love the freedom to experiment with various hues.

The hair chalk’s creamy texture glides on smoothly, no tugging or pulling involved. Plus, washing it out is no chore at all; a simple shampooing does the trick. It’s been a delightful addition to our weekend dress-ups.

I did notice that if you’re not careful, it can get a bit messy, which is standard for hair chalks. Also, remember to use a light touch because applying too much product can lead to hair feeling a tad coarse. However, these minor issues don’t detract from the fun experience and the quality of the product.


QUNGCO Temporary Hair Color Wax

If you’re aiming for a temporary splash of fun in your hair without the commitment, this playful wax is a wise choice.


  • Effortless to apply and rinse out
  • Formulated with natural ingredients
  • Suitable for various occasions, from daily styles to special events


  • Can leave hair feeling stiff
  • May require patience to dry completely
  • Might show less prominently on darker hair

Experimenting with the QUNGCO Hair Wax has been quite delightful. The ease of application makes it hassle-free to switch up your look with vibrant streaks of green, pink, purple, or blue. It’s particularly useful for themed parties or just a creative day when your kids want to try something new without the permanence of traditional dyes.

The ingredients are a definite advantage, assuring you that hair not only gets a splash of color but is also treated with care. It’s comforting to know that you can have fun while maintaining the integrity and health of your hair.

Be mindful of the potential stiffness; it’s a common trade-off with wax-based products that also act as a styling agent. You’ll find that while your hair stays in place, it may not have the usual softness. Ensure you’ve got time to let the wax dry; otherwise, it could get a bit messy. And if your hair is on the darker side, you might need to layer the product for more vivid results.

Witnessing the transformation brings a sense of excitement and novelty. Whether you’re gearing up for a special costume or just injecting a bit of color into your routine, this hair wax encourages creative expression. After the fun is over, a simple wash will bring your strands back to their original state, ready for another adventure another day.

RUNBEN Color Wax

RUNBEN Color Wax

If you’re looking to spice up your kids’ hairstyles with some vibrant colors that are safe and easy to wash out, RUNBEN Color Wax might just be what you need.


  • Vibrant color payoff, even on darker hair shades
  • Made with natural ingredients, reducing the risk of irritation
  • Quick application process for fun and creative hair styling


  • Can make hair feel stiff and harder to manage
  • Might require a generous amount to achieve the desired color intensity on darker hair
  • Color might transfer to clothes or bedding if hair is not completely dry

Having recently given RUNBEN’s Temporary Hair Color Wax a spin, I found that the variety of colors in the pack allowed for creative and fun hair transformations that were a hit with the kids. The natural ingredients provided a sense of security, knowing we weren’t exposing delicate scalps to harsh chemicals.

The application process felt similar to using a styling wax. Working with small sections of hair and applying the product from the roots to the tips ensured an even distribution of the wax, resulting in a head-turning array of hues. It was also a relief to see how easily it washed out during bath time, leaving no trace of the day’s adventures in color.

However, I noted that to achieve the bold looks my kids were excited about, we had to use quite a bit of product, especially on their darker strands. Also, it’s worth mentioning that until the wax completely dried, there was a minor risk of color transfer on pillows and clothes, but nothing that a careful parent can’t manage with some precautions.

Arctic Fox Virgin Pink

Virgin Pink Hair Dye

If vibrant, playful colors are what you’re after for your kids’ hair, Virgin Pink is the go-to for a fun transformation with added hair conditioning.


  • Adds a gorgeous, vivid pink shade without harmful chemicals
  • Conditions hair, leaving it soft and healthy post-dye
  • Long-lasting color that smells wonderfully sweet


  • Most vibrant on pre-lightened hair, may not show as well on dark hair
  • Can be too bold for those seeking a subtle tint
  • May require gloves and careful application to avoid staining

Transforming your child’s hair into a vibrant pink mane has never been as fun and guilt-free as with Arctic Fox’s Virgin Pink dye. The moment you apply it, you’ll notice the absence of harsh chemical scents, replaced by a pleasantly sweet aroma. An added bonus is the hair treatment effect — instead of dry, brittle strands, you’re left with soft and conditioned locks that not only look good but feel great, too.

The longevity of the color is impressive. Wash after wash, the vibrancy sticks around, making maintenance less of a hassle. And if you’re worried about mess, Arctic Fox has got you covered. The dye’s formula reduces smears, keeping the post-dye cleanup to a minimum.

However, keep in mind that the most electrifying results show up on light or bleached hair. Darker-haired kids might not get the full-on pink experience. Also, its punchy shade is not for the faint of heart; this is a hair dye that screams for attention. But hey, if that’s what you’re looking for, you might just fall in love at first dye.

Ready to unleash a wave of playful pink upon your little one’s locks? Have those gloves at the ready, apply carefully, and get ready to marvel at a head-turning hue that’ll be the talk of the playground.

Buying Guide


Your child’s safety is paramount when choosing a hair dye. Look for products labeled as:

  • Hypoallergenic: Reduces the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Non-toxic: Contains no harmful chemicals.
  • Ammonia-free: Ammonia can cause skin irritation and a strong odor.
  • PPD-free: Avoids the risk associated with Para-phenylenediamine, a common allergen.


Be mindful of the ingredients list. Prefer natural or gentle ingredients that are less likely to irritate.

Preferable IngredientsTo Avoid
Natural colorantsParabens
Aloe vera, oils for hydrationSulfates
Vitamins for hair healthAlcohol (can be drying)

Ease of Use

Choose a product that is straightforward to apply and remove.

  • Application Method: Creams or foams are easier to control.
  • Duration: Temporary dyes that wash out after a few shampoos are preferable, offering flexibility with no long-term commitment.

Color Variety

Seek out a variety of color options to ensure your child can have fun with their choice:

  • Vibrant Colors: Bright colors for playful styles.
  • Temporary Streaks: Sprays or mascaras for a day’s worth of color.

Product Longevity

Understand the product’s staying power:

  • Temporary: Lasts until the next wash.
  • Semi-permanent: Fades after several washes, usually without leaving a noticeable root line.

Reviews and Recommendations

Refer to reviews from other parents or guardians to gauge user satisfaction:

ConsiderationsWhy It Matters
User ExperiencesReal-life insights into product efficacy.
Before and After PhotosVisual proof of results.
Tips for Best ResultsEnhance your use of the product.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can make an informed decision about which hair dye is most suitable for your child’s needs and enjoyment.

Selecting the best hair dye for kids involves considering safety, ease of use, and fun colors that spark their creativity. Hair dyes formulated for children are typically gentler than those for adults, prioritizing non-toxic ingredients to minimize potential irritation or allergic reactions. As vibrant hair colors become increasingly popular among children, manufacturers have created a variety of temporary and semi-permanent options that are both safe and exciting for young users.

Before you choose a hair dye for your child, familiarity with the products on the market is important. Some dyes wash out after a single shampoo, while others may last several weeks. When it comes to application, techniques can vary significantly. Opting for dyes that are designed for easy application ensures a smoother experience. In addition, some products come in user-friendly formats like sprays and chalks, ideal for children who want to experiment with their look.

Aftercare is crucial for maintaining hair health, especially in children whose hair might be more delicate. After dyeing your child’s hair, it’s essential to follow up with proper care routines involving nourishing shampoos and conditioners to keep their hair soft

Understanding Hair Dye for Kids

Selecting hair dye for kids requires consideration of the product’s safety, ease of use, and suitability for young, sensitive skin. Below, we navigate through various types of kid-friendly dyes and their attributes.

Types of Kid-Friendly Hair Dyes

  • Temporary Hair Dye: Ideal for children, these wash out after one or two shampoos. Hair chalk, color sprays, and hair makeup like L’Oréal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup are popular examples.
  • Semi-Permanent Dye: These dyes do not contain bleach and typically fade over the course of several washes. Brands include Manic Panic and Punky Colour.
  • Permanent Hair Dye: Less recommended for kids due to harsher chemicals and a commitment to long-term color.

Natural Ingredients and Safety

  • Natural Ingredients: Look for dyes with natural components to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Safety: Always conduct a patch test on the skin before full application to avoid adverse reactions. Dermatologists recommend this, especially for kids with sensitive skin or scalp.

Hair Damage Concerns

  • Hair Damage: Temporary options like hair chalk or color spray prevent damage since they don’t penetrate the hair shaft. Semi-permanent and permanent dyes can lead to breakage if used frequently.
  • Hair Type: Light hair may tolerate dye better than dark hair, which often requires more potent chemicals for bold colors, potentially increasing the risk of damage.

Key Considerations for Selection

  • Hair Color: Choose a dye suitable for your child’s natural hair color. Light hair is more receptive to dyes, whereas dark hair may need a stronger product for vibrant results.
  • Sensitive Scalp: Consider products formulated for sensitive skin to reduce the chance of irritation.

Popular Brands and Options

  • Temporary Options: Hair chalk and sprays from brands like Jerome Russell and temporary waxes like hair color wax provide immediate, low-commitment color.
  • Semi-Permanent Choices: Arctic Fox and Good Dye Young offer a diverse palette ideal for kids looking for a more lasting transformation without the permanence.
  • Kid-Focused Innovations: Hally Shade Stix stand out for their gentle, amonia-free formula, suitable even for those with sensitive scalps.

Application Techniques and Tips

When applying hair dye for kids, precision and safety are paramount. Ensure you are using hair dyes specifically formulated for children to minimize any risks.

Preparation and Precautions

Before beginning the hair dyeing process, you should gather all materials and understand the necessary precautions. Always start with a patch test to rule out any allergic reactions.


  • Hair dye for kids (temporary or semi-permanent dyes recommended)
  • Old towels to protect clothing
  • Gloves to protect your hands
  • Ointment to shield skin near the hairline
Allergy TestApply a small amount of dye behind the ear, wait 24 hours for any signs of reaction.
VentilationWork in a well-ventilated space to avoid inhaling fumes.
Protective BarriersUse ointments around the forehead and ears to prevent skin staining.

Step-by-Step Guide to Dying Kids’ Hair

DIY hair coloring can be simple with these clear steps. Follow them closely for the best results.

  1. Mix the Dye:
    • Follow the instructions on the hair dye package meticulously.
  2. Apply the Dye:
    • Use gloves and apply the dye evenly, starting from the roots and moving toward the ends.
  3. Set a Timer:
    • Allow the dye to sit for the duration specified by the product. For kids, it’s better to start with the least amount of time recommended.
  4. Rinse Thoroughly:
    • Once the time is up, rinse the hair until the water runs clear.

Maintaining Hair Color

To maintain the vibrancy of the hair color, certain care must be taken.

  • Shampooing:
    • Wait for at least 24 to 48 hours before the first wash to allow the dye to set.
  • Care Products:
    • Use shampoos and conditioners that are gentle and formulated for dyed hair.
  • Touch-Ups:
    • For semi-permanent dyes, re-apply when the color starts to fade, usually after 4 to 6 washes.

It’s important to note that the longevity of the color and maintenance requirements can vary based on the type of hair dye used. Temporary hair dyes will wash out more quickly and typically require less stringent maintenance.

Aftercare and Hair Health

Maintaining vibrant hair color while ensuring the health of your child’s hair requires specific aftercare routines. Proper care minimizes the risk of damage and other common post-dye complications.

Post-Dye Hair Care

1. Wash Sparingly: To preserve hair color, limit washing your child’s hair to just two or three times a week. Use shampoos specifically formulated for color-treated hair to avoid stripping away the dye.

  • Condition Regularly: Apply a conditioner suitable for colored hair after every wash to keep hair hydrated.

2. Avoid Heat Styling: Reduce the use of heat styling tools, which can exacerbate hair dryness and color fade.

  • Tip: If heat styling is necessary, always apply a heat protectant spray beforehand to shield the hair.

3. Protect From Sunlight: Prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to color fading. Whenever possible, have your child wear a hat or use hair products with UV protection.

4. Regular Trims: Encourage frequent hair trims to prevent split ends and promote overall hair health.

Common Post-Dye Issues and Solutions

1. Hair Color Fading: Fading is natural over time, but you can prolong the life of the hair color by using color-safe hair care products and protecting the hair from the sun.

2. Dryness and Brittleness:

3. Potential Allergic Reactions: Always conduct a patch test before applying hair dye to check for adverse reactions. If irritation or an allergic reaction occurs, consult a dermatologist.

  • Warning Signs to Look Out For:
    • Redness
    • Itchiness
    • Swelling

4. Hair Loss: Should you notice an unusual amount of hair shedding post-dye, avoid hair dyes in the future and consult a professional. Opt for gentle hair care practices to minimize stress on the scalp and hair follicles.

Styling with Colored Hair

When you dye your child’s hair, the right accessories can amplify the fun of their new look. Selecting complementary products ensures the hair color remains vibrant and the style stays intact.

Accessorizing and Complementary Products

Choosing the right accessories can make your child’s hair color pop. Go for shades that contrast with the hair dye to make the hue stand out, or select tones that match for a coordinated look. Hair clips, headbands, and hats can also add a playful touch to colored hair.

  • Headbands & Scrunchies: Choose vibrant colors to complement the hair dye.
  • Hair Clips: Metallic or glittery clips can accentuate the hair color.

Pairing hair dye with hair-friendly products is crucial to maintain hair health. Opt for gentle, color-safe shampoos and conditioners, and invest in UV protection sprays if your child spends a lot of time outdoors, as sun exposure can fade colored hair.

  • Color-Safe Shampoo
  • UV Protection Spray

Consider clip-in hair extensions to add volume or length to your child’s colored hair. These are great because they’re temporary and come in a variety of colors, which means your child can experiment with different styles without commitment.

  • Clip-In Hair Extensions:
    • Material: Synthetic or human hair
    • Lengths: Various, from short to long
    • Colors: Wide range, from natural to vibrant hues

Remember to balance beauty with hair care, ensuring that any styling choice is safe for your child’s hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing hair dye for kids, safety is your top priority. Products should be temporary, easy to apply, and suitable for all hair types, including dark shades.

What are the safest temporary hair color products for children?

For children, temporary hair dye options like washable hair color sprays, gels, and mascaras are recommended. Brands often formulate these with gentle ingredients to minimize potential skin or scalp irritation.

How can one apply temporary hair color to a child’s hair effectively?

To apply temporary hair color, start with detangled, clean hair. Always follow the product’s instructions, use gloves to prevent staining your hands, and apply evenly for the best results. Wash out according to the product’s directions to avoid staining.

Are there any child-friendly hair dyes that also work on dark hair?

Yes, there are certain temporary hair colors, especially in brighter shades, that show up on dark hair. Look for specific formulations designed for dark hair, which are typically more pigmented.

What alternative hair coloring options are suitable for boys?

Boys may prefer options like colored hair gels or hair chalks, which can easily be applied for a streak of color or a more subtle effect and washed out at the end of the day.

Is it safe to use hair chalk on children, and how does it compare to other products?

Hair chalk is safe for children as it sits on the hair’s surface and can be easily removed with shampoo. Compared to other products, chalk is less likely to cause an allergic reaction and is suitable for short-term use.

At what age is it appropriate to start using hair dye on children?

Most experts suggest waiting until a child is at least 16 years old before using any type of permanent hair dye. For temporary coloring products, consider your child’s maturity level and ability to sit still during the application process, typically around the age of 10 or older.

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