The Best Piano for Kids: for Aspiring Young Musicians

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Best Piano For Kids
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Learning to play the piano can offer children a multitude of benefits, from improving cognitive abilities and fine motor skills to providing a creative outlet for emotional expression. In the world of musical instruments, pianos stand as one of the most popular and timeless choices for initiating a child into the world of music. Choosing the right piano for a child is crucial as it can significantly impact their learning experience and maintain their interest in the craft.

For many, starting with a keyboard designed for kids is a practical first step. These instruments are typically more affordable and portable than traditional pianos, and they often include features tailored to young learners, such as built-in learning aids, smaller keys, and a variety of sounds to explore. As beginners, children benefit from instruments that are accessible and engaging, making these specialized keyboards an ideal option.

When selecting the best piano for kids, important factors include the size of the instrument, the number of keys, build quality, and the presence of learning features such as light-up keys or integrated lesson functions. The goal is to find a piano that’s not only age-appropriate but also something that can grow with them as they advance. Safety and durability are equally important, as a child’s piano should be sturdy enough to withstand regular use and free of small parts that could pose a choking hazard.

Our focus is to assist parents and guardians in finding a piano that meets the needs of their budding musicians. With these considerations in mind, we thoroughly evaluate each recommended model to ensure it aligns with the developmental stages of young players. The best choice will strike a harmonious balance between playability, educational features, and long-term value, setting the stage for a rewarding musical journey. Now, let’s look at some of the top pianos suited for children that have hit the right notes with both kids and music educators.

Top Pianos for Kids

We understand how important it is to choose the right piano for your child. Our selection of the best pianos for kids is meticulously curated to cater to young learners, ensuring a balance between quality, educational value, and fun. Whether your child is taking their first steps in music or advancing their skills, our roundup will guide you through top-quality instruments that are perfectly sized and designed for budding musicians.

Rainbow Roll-Up Piano

MUKIKIM Rainbow Piano

We think this colorful, flexible keyboard is a great choice for introducing children to music, offering both portability and a variety of features.


  • Highly portable design, easily rolls up for travel or storage
  • Includes a Play-By-Color songbook, which is excellent for beginners
  • Versatile power options with both USB and battery capabilities


  • Not suitable for advanced players due to simplified key response
  • Sounds may overlap when pressing adjacent keys due to the silicone material
  • Batteries not included, which requires an additional purchase

Whether it’s for a birthday or a holiday, Rainbow Roll-Up Piano could be the gift that brings a smile to a child’s face. Its vibrant colors and flexible design make it stand out from traditional pianos. It’s uncomplicated and straightforward, aiming to make music accessible everywhere you go.

Sometimes, simplicity is key in learning. The Play-By-Color songbook can make learning enjoyable and less intimidating for kids. The variety of sounds and the ability to record and playback can inspire creativity.

We understand that a child’s first instrument plays a crucial role in their musical journey. While this piano simplifies the experience, it also makes learning less traditional and more of a game. It’s perfect for beginners, but once the basics are mastered, a more sophisticated instrument may be required.

The MUKIKIM Rainbow Roll-Up Piano brings music to life in a playful, engaging way. It invites kids to explore their musical talents and is a fine starting point for those showing an interest in piano.

Starfavor Beginner Keyboard

Starfavor Keyboard

We think the Starfavor Keyboard strikes an excellent balance for budding pianists with its combination of learning features and portability.


  • Adequate options with 100 tones and rhythms, catering to various styles
  • Enhanced learning with teaching functions and LED display for easy navigation
  • Compact and manageable, a good pick for young musicians on the move


  • Limited to 61 keys, not a full-size keyboard
  • May not satisfy advanced players as kids’ skills progress
  • Volume and sound may lag behind more professional setups

With 100 tones and 100 rhythms, this piano becomes a playground for creativity, allowing children to explore a variety of musical styles. The LED display is a blessing for beginners, making it less daunting to choose settings and navigate through the keyboard’s features.

The compact design is no small advantage. It’s reassuring to know the Starfavor can easily travel with you, ensuring practice and play are never missed, even on the go. Moreover, the keyboard’s lightweight nature means setting up for a quick session is a breeze.

Though it’s designed for starters, it might limit growing musicians due to its 61-key range, so keep in mind that a future upgrade could be on the cards as proficiency improves. Nevertheless, considering its user-friendly features, the Starfavor Keyboard is an astute choice for those initial forays into music education.

Kids Classic Mini Grand Piano

Kids Classic Mini Grand Piano

In our opinion, the Kids Classic Mini Grand Piano is worth considering for young music enthusiasts, due to its child-friendly design and educational features.


  • Encourages musical interest and development from a young age.
  • Durable MDF construction and an elegant enamel finish provide longevity.
  • Includes helpful accessories like a stool, music rack, and learning aids.


  • Sound quality may not match a real piano, affecting tuning expectations.
  • Some reports of bench durability concerns.
  • The piano’s size is limited to younger children, with limited room for growth.

We believe it’s crucial to foster a love of music in children at an early stage. This piano is a valuable educational tool that contributes to both motor skills and musical understanding. A small size and charming design make it visually appealing for kids, enhancing the likelihood of engaging with the instrument regularly. The included music book and stickers for key placement are excellent for beginners who are just starting to explore the world of music.

Every product has room for improvement, and this piano is no exception. While it creates a pleasant, rich tone, it is essential to note that the sound quality differs from that of a professional instrument, which could influence a child’s perception of pitch and tone. However, keep in mind that this piano is a learning tool meant to introduce children to the concept of music and not to replace formal training on a full-size piano.

Considering the complete package, from durability to the educational value, we find this piano to be a strong contender in its category. Despite some concerns about the bench’s sturdiness and the potential for outgrowing the instrument, the overall benefits make it a product that can significantly support a child’s interest in music. Remember that active supervision and involvement in your child’s musical journey can greatly enhance the experience with any instrument.

Piano Sheet Music for Kids

Piano Book

As educators and guides, we believe this book offers young learners a delightful start to their musical journey with its easy-to-follow format and additional learning resources.


  • Caters to beginners, offering a gradual learning curve
  • Includes online audio and video aids for an immersive learning experience
  • Features a variety of songs suited for different skill levels


  • May need supplementing with direct instruction for best results
  • Book condition could vary if not bought new
  • Geared more towards younger learners, which might limit appeal to older children

Encouraging young musicians can be both rewarding and challenging. This Piano Sheet Music for Kids book introduces the fundamentals of playing the piano in an approachable manner, simplifying the learning process for children between 5 and 15 years. The selection includes 70 songs, each carefully chosen to maintain a child’s interest and presented in two different difficulty levels to match their progress.

Besides the basics, the book impressively integrates modern learning by providing online resources, such as video guides and audio files. This additional content is excellent for children who thrive on interactive learning, as it allows them to hear what they’re attempting to play and see the proper technique in action. Such aids complement the educational material within the book, providing a more robust learning experience.

We understand that every child’s learning process is unique. This publication excels in granting an enjoyable start for those eager to learn piano. With clear notation and helpful finger positioning, it lays out an uncomplicated path for grasping the essentials of piano playing. However, this book should be accompanied by practice and, if possible, a teacher’s guidance to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the piano. We also advise ensuring the purchase of a new copy to guarantee the best quality and complete access to all multimedia resources.

BIGFUN Kids’ Keyboard

BIGFUN Kids' Keyboard

We believe this BIGFUN Kids’ Keyboard offers an inviting introduction to music for children, blending functionality with playful learning.


  • Engaging and educational toy that helps with hand-eye coordination and musical theory
  • Wide variety of sounds and functions, including 8 tones and rhythms to explore
  • Powered by a convenient USB cord, eliminating the need for batteries


  • Made of plastic, which may affect durability
  • Could be overstimulating due to its loud volume if not managed properly
  • Smaller keys, potentially challenging for older children

Engaging the musical interest of children can be a delightful adventure, and the BIGFUN Kids’ Keyboard is designed as a starting point for this journey. Its multiple functions promote creativity, allowing kids to switch between various instrument sounds, rhythms, and songs. The USB power cord is a practical touch, doing away with the worry of replacing batteries frequently.

Comprehending and creating music requires fine motor skills, and this keyboard caters precisely to that. It’s an instrument that kids can easily handle, making it a suitable choice for fostering their budding musical abilities. The record and playback function can be particularly enjoyable, as it gives children a sense of achievement by listening to their own creations.

However, one must consider that while the keyboard is compact and easy for small hands to use, it may not sustain a growing child’s interest for long, given its small size and the limited range of keys. Plus, while the ensemble mode and keyboard drum add to the fun, the keyboard’s volume might need frequent adjusting to ensure it remains a pleasant experience for everyone in the household.

Disney’s Easy Piano Songbook

Disney's Easy Piano Songbook

Our assessment suggests this songbook is a solid choice for young musicians eager to play Disney tunes, despite a few drawbacks in durability.


  • Enriching content for young readers
  • Engaging with popular Disney melodies
  • Helpful for musical development


  • Binding may not be durable
  • Some iconic songs are missing
  • Return shipping cost for issues

Engaging children with music can be a magical experience, and “Disney’s Easy Piano Songbook” seems to provide that spark. It’s designed for the 4 to 8-year age bracket, which is a fantastic period for musical exploration. The layouts are user-friendly, ensuring that kids won’t get lost in a sea of complex musical notations.

There’s a sense of delight in being able to play familiar Disney melodies. Playing songs they already adore can boost children’s interest and confidence in learning the piano. This fun selection can serve as an excellent source of motivation for regular practice, which is an essential part of developing musical skills.

Critiques point out some issues with the songbook’s physical quality, with reports of binding falling apart. This is certainly a downside, as frequent use could exacerbate the problem. Additionally, while many popular tunes are included, several beloved classics have not made the cut. If your child has a specific favorite that’s missing, it might be a slight disappointment. Still, the pros outweigh the cons for this whimsical collection of piano arrangements.

Lovely Mini Piano

Love&Mini Piano

Considering its variety of features and child-friendly design, we find the Lovely Mini Piano a noteworthy choice for young, aspiring musicians.


  • Multifunctional keyboard with a range of sounds and demo songs
  • Dual speakers for a full, engaging sound experience
  • Includes a microphone and earphone connection for interactive play


  • Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts
  • May be smaller than expected for some
  • The microphone’s durability could be a concern

This Mini Piano allows children to explore an array of musical sounds, instruments, and rhythms. Kids can engage with 22 demo songs and make use of volume and tempo control, fostering an environment for musical growth. The piano’s size is manageable for little ones, yet large enough to feel like a substantial instrument.

Featuring two built-in speakers, the piano offers children a captivating and authentic sound. Connecting the adjustable microphone encourages singing and can elevate a standard piano session into a full performance. The earphone connectivity provides a quiet option for practice, which parents will surely appreciate.

Durably crafted with ABS material, this piano adheres to safety standards, being both non-toxic and BPA-free. While it’s robust, some reviewers have expressed concerns about the microphone’s sturdiness. Despite this, as a musical learning tool, the Lovely Mini Piano stands out for its ability to provide educational and entertaining musical exploration for kids.

Buying Guide

Key Considerations

When selecting a piano for children, we need to consider several factors that are crucial to the young player’s development and enjoyment:

  • Size: Look for an instrument that matches the child’s size. A piano with a smaller keyboard may be more appropriate for younger players.
  • Weight of Keys: Beginners may benefit from lighter keys, whereas more advanced players might prefer the feel of weighted keys to simulate a traditional piano.
  • Durability: Considering that children will be using it, the piano should be sturdy and able to withstand frequent use.
  • Maintenance: Choose a piano that’s easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.

Important Features

Make a comparison of features to determine the best fit:

Feature Why It Matters
Number of Keys Adequate for learning, but not overwhelming. Typically 61-key for beginners.
Built-in Tutorials/Lessons Help with self-guided learning.
Variety of Sounds Keeps practice exciting.
Headphone Jack Enables quiet practice.
Touch Sensitivity Encourages expressive playing.


  • Affordability: Set a realistic budget that accounts for quality and longevity without overspending.

Reviews and Recommendations

  • Seek reviews: Look for feedback from other buyers to ensure the chosen piano meets the expectations of similar users.

By taking these features and considerations into account, we can make a confident choice that benefits the child’s musical journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting the best piano for a child, we consider factors such as key features tailored to beginners, appropriate starting age, and benefits of different key types and numbers.

What key features should I look for in a piano for a beginner child?

For a beginner child, we prioritize pianos with simple interfaces and responsive keys. A manageable size and volume control are also essential, especially for practice at home.

At what age is it appropriate to start teaching piano to children?

It is generally appropriate to start piano lessons for children between the ages of 5 and 8, as this is when they typically have developed the motor skills and focus necessary for learning an instrument.

What are the advantages of weighted keys for beginner piano students?

Weighted keys offer a beginner the tactile feedback similar to that of an acoustic piano. This helps in developing proper finger strength and technique from the start.

How does the number of keys on a piano impact a beginner’s learning process?

A beginner can start with a keyboard with fewer keys (e.g., 61-key versus an 88-key piano). Fewer keys can be less intimidating, while still providing enough range to learn the basics.

Are there specific beginner piano models that are recommended for children?

Yes, models like the Yamaha PSR-E263 or Casio SA-76 are often recommended for children because of their size, simple interfaces, and beginner-friendly features.

Can digital pianos or keyboards be a good start for children learning piano?

Digital pianos and keyboards can be excellent starts for children. They often have learning tools, are more affordable, and require less space than traditional pianos.

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