The Best LCD Writing Tablet for Kids: for Creative Minds

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Best Lcd Writing Tablet For Kids
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LCD writing tablets have emerged as a popular tool for children in the realm of creative and educational toys. These electronic devices utilize liquid crystal display technology to provide a reusable canvas for drawing, writing, and learning. Unlike traditional paper and pencils, LCD writing tablets offer a mess-free way for kids to express their creativity and practice writing skills. They’re durable, portable, and some even come with color options or varied sensitivity to mimic real-life drawing experiences.

When it comes to picking the best LCD writing tablet for kids, it’s crucial to consider several factors. Size and portability are important as they dictate how easily a child can carry the tablet around. The durability of the tablet is also paramount, as it should withstand drops and the general wear and tear that come from being a child’s favorite toy. Additionally, the responsiveness of the tablet’s surface and the accuracy of its stylus will determine how satisfying and effective the drawing experience is.

Parents and guardians should also be mindful of the tablet’s battery life and any additional features such as save functions, erase locks, or pre-installed learning apps that might enhance the educational value of the tablet. The ease of which a child can use the tablet’s interface and the amount of required adult supervision are also key considerations.

Selecting the best LCD writing tablet that aligns with a child’s needs fosters creativity, enhances learning, and provides a versatile tool for entertainment and skill development. We’ll now guide you through some of the top contenders in the market, comparing their features and usability so you can make an informed decision.

Top LCD Writing Tablets for Kids

In our search for the best LCD writing tablets for children, we focused on finding devices that are not only user-friendly and durable but also offer great value for parents. We believe these tablets can make learning and creativity fun for kids while giving parents peace of mind with easy-to-use technology. The ones we’ve included in our curated list stand out for their quality, functionality, and positive user feedback.

Bravokids LCD Doodle Board

Bravokids LCD Doodle Board

We believe the Bravokids LCD Doodle Board is an excellent purchase for children’s creative play, offering a balance of fun and safety features.


  • Promotes eye comfort with a radiation-free, glare-less colorful screen
  • Environmentally friendly, eliminating paper waste with its reusable design
  • Portable and user-friendly, providing durability and ease of carrying


  • Battery life limited to 6 months before needing replacement
  • Fixed battery door needing a screwdriver for access may add a level of complexity for some
  • Potential for color inconsistencies on the screen as reported by a minority of users

When it comes to fostering creativity in young children, we often look for toys that are both educational and fun. The Bravokids LCD Doodle Board strikes a chord in this balance. Its eye-friendly screen encourages little ones to draw, write, and imagine without the risk of eye strain—perfect for extended use.

Environmental impact is a growing concern, and this drawing tablet shines here. We are particularly fond of how it steers clear of paper waste, allowing kids to doodle to their hearts’ content while being mindful of nature.

Noting the importance of a child’s ability to carry their favorite toys along, we appreciate the lightweight design. It’s made to withstand the accidental bumps and drops that are part of any child’s play, making it a solid companion for car rides or family dinners out.

In summary, the Bravokids LCD Doodle Board merges artistic joy with the right touch of eco-friendly practice and rugged portability. It is a smart choice for parents looking to nurture their child’s creative spark while also thinking of the planet.

NOBES Large LCD Writing Tablet

NOBES LCD Writing Tablet

In our opinion, the NOBES Large LCD Writing Tablet strikes a balance between a fun educational toy and a practical drawing device, suitable for a child’s creative endeavors.


  • Generous screen size enhances creativity
  • Built with child safety in mind
  • Durable and versatile for various uses


  • Larger size might be less portable for some
  • Battery replacement requires a screwdriver
  • Limited to a monochrome display

Few things capture a child’s imagination like a blank canvas on which they can express their creativity, and this tablet offers just that. Its ample screen space means kids are not restricted in the scope of their drawings or writings. As parents, we prioritize safety, and the NOBES tablet takes this into account with a secure battery compartment.

We often seek toys and gadgets that will last. So the tablet’s durability, being both waterproof and shock-resistant, appeals to us. The fact that it can also serve as a communication board within our homes adds to its practicality. However, the larger dimensions might be less convenient during travel compared to smaller tablets. Also, changing the battery might be a bit of a hassle for us since it requires a tool. Yet, the peace of mind this brings, knowing that young children cannot easily access the battery, is a welcome trade-off.

While it does not have multiple colors, the monochrome display of the NOBES tablet ensures better focus on content creation without the potential distraction that an array of colors might bring. Still, we recognize the joy colors can bring to a child’s art and acknowledge this limitation.

In essence, the NOBES Large LCD Writing Tablet is a robust tool for a young artist or a scholar in the making. It provides a sizeable digital canvas to sketch out their ideas, whether at home or on the go. Despite some minor trade-offs in portability and color variety, its educational value coupled with an emphasis on safety makes it a compelling choice for children’s creative development.

Kidopire Doodle Board Twin Pack

Kidopire LCD Writing Tablet

We find these Kidopire writing tablets to be an excellent choice for children who love to draw and create without mess and fuss.


  • Eye-friendly screen enhances safe extended use
  • Simple one-click erase function coupled with a creativity-saving lock feature
  • Impressively lightweight and portable for entertainment on the go


  • Limited to the brightness and color variation inherent to LCD screens
  • Might feel less tactile compared to traditional paper and crayons
  • Requires battery power, albeit with a long-lasting installed battery

Introducing the Kidopire Doodle Board Twin Pack, tailored for the little artists in our lives. This set stands out with its eye-protection technology—a must when we consider the amount of time children spend staring at screens. The colorful output of the doodle board adds vibrancy to their creations, igniting joy and stimulating imagination.

What catches our attention is the board’s ease of use. One button instantly erases content, clearing the slate for new ideas. There’s also a lock function that safeguards treasures against accidental deletion. For us, these features underscore Kidopire’s understanding of a child’s need for simplicity and security in their creative tools.

Our recognition of the Kidopire Doodle Board’s practicality grows when considering its design. Robust ABS construction promises longevity even in the hands of the most exuberant toddlers. It is exceptionally travel-friendly, accommodating entertainment in situations where taking traditional art supplies could be difficult.

In summary, these boards strike a balance between embracing technology and fostering creativity. They make a compelling case for being the go-to for engaging young minds in drawing and learning activities, without the mess and wastage associated with traditional art mediums.

KOKODI Doodle Board

KOKODI LCD Writing Tablet

We believe this tablet stands out for its blend of creative fun and educational value, providing kids with a colorful platform to express their imagination.


  • Eye-friendly screen ensures a comfortable drawing experience for extended periods.
  • Eco-friendly design comes with a long-lasting battery and reduces paper and pencil waste.
  • Secure battery compartment increases the product’s overall safety for children.


  • Screen brightness may vary, potentially affecting the vibrancy of drawings.
  • Lack of included spare battery or screwdriver may be inconvenient.
  • Possible scratches on screen upon arrival due to transportation.

Children today need engaging ways to learn and express creativity without causing eyestrain, and the KOKODI Doodle Board with its pressure-sensitive, eye-protective LCD screen is a fantastic tool for that. It invites kids to draw, write, and play, and since it’s radiation-free with a glare-resistant display, little artists can use it for hours without discomfort.

We’re always searching for sustainable options for our kids and the planet. This writing tablet is not only reusable, but it also saves paper and pencils from ending up in landfills. Just think of the countless trees you’re helping to save while fostering your child’s cognitive development.

Safety is just as important as educational value and entertainment. The secured battery compartment, which prevents easy access to the button battery, means that parents can rest a little easier when their kids are using the KOKODI Doodle Board. Plus, the durable plastic and rounded corners are ideal for those occasions when play gets a bit out of hand.

Tekfun Doodle Board

Tekfun Doodle Board

We recommend the Tekfun Doodle Board for its engaging design and creative potential for kids, without the fuss of mess or the worry of eye strain.


  • Encourages creativity with a colorful screen and ample space for drawing.
  • No mess and no paper waste, thanks to the button-based erase function.
  • Portable and durable design allows for use anywhere, anytime.


  • Limited to a single-screen color palette, which may not appeal to all children.
  • A finite lifespan of the built-in battery requires eventual replacement.
  • Lock function can be accidentally triggered, potentially leading to frustration.

Kids will find joy in expressing their ideas on the ample screen provided by the Tekfun Doodle Board. Not only is the color display eye-catching, but it’s also built to care for young eyes, reducing strain from prolonged use.

Its ease of use is a big advantage. With just a single click, kids can start afresh with their doodles and sketches. Plus, the worry of accidental screen clearing is put to rest with the effective lock function, ensuring their masterpieces remain intact until they’re ready to move on.

Bringing it on the road is a breeze. Lightweight, slim, and sturdy, it withstands the rough and tumble of travel. Whether in a car, on a plane, or at a restaurant, this tablet is an imaginative companion that can keep kids engaged and parents at ease.

FLUESTON Writing Pad

FLUESTON LCD Writing Tablet

We think this FLUESTON Writing Pad is ideal for nurturing creativity and writing skills in children without the mess of traditional art supplies.


  • Encourages creativity and learning anywhere without making a mess.
  • Eye-friendly screen protects children from harmful blue light.
  • Easy-to-use design with one-click erase and lock features.


  • The display might not be as vibrant as expected in various lighting conditions.
  • Limited to drawing and writing, with no additional electronic features.
  • A battery is required, which may eventually need replacement.

The FLUESTON LCD Writing Tablet stands out as an exceptional tool that combines learning with play, perfect for children on the go. Thanks to its convenient size and lightweight design, it promises a hassle-free experience for both kids and parents. Whether at home, in the car, or flying to a vacation destination, the tablet serves as an instant canvas for young minds to explore.

We appreciate the consideration given to children’s eye health, as the screen is designed to be gentle on the eyes, imitating the experience of writing on paper. This feature is not only safe but also environmentally friendly, eliminating the need for paper and the mess that comes with ink.

The ease of use cannot be understated. With the push of a button, doodles and writings disappear, ready for a new creation. There’s also a screen lock function to preserve the child’s artwork. Additionally, the included stylus mimics the feel of a pen on paper, which is excellent for kids learning how to write.

Despite these benefits, one should be prepared for the screen’s brightness to vary under different lighting. While it may not be an issue for some, it could be a letdown for children excited about vibrant displays. Furthermore, this tablet focuses solely on drawing and writing, so if you’re looking for interactive or educational games, this might not be the right choice. Lastly, because it operates on a replaceable battery, there is the potential additional cost and effort associated with maintenance in the long run.

In our view, the FLUESTON Writing Pad is a wise pick for kids who love to draw and parents looking for a clean and educational way to entertain their children. It’s a straightforward device that encourages endless creativity and can be used across a variety of settings, making it a valuable addition to any child’s toolkit for fun and learning.

GIGART Colorful Doodle Board

GIGART LCD Writing Tablet

If you’re in search of a creative and safe outlet for your child’s artistic side, the GIGART Colorful Doodle Board might be just what you need.


  • Vibrant, eye-friendly screen protects children’s eyesight while encouraging creativity.
  • Robust, built tough to resist drops and rough handling by kids.
  • Battery lasts through over 100,000 writes, plus the device features easy one-click clear and lock functionalities.


  • Included stylus may be easily lost if not carefully stored.
  • Visibility may be less than ideal in certain lighting conditions.
  • Lacks the ability to save or export creations.

Children’s natural inclination to draw and explore through art is a crucial aspect of their creative development. We appreciate that the GIGART Colorful Doodle Board provides a generous 15-inch canvas brimming with vibrant colors, perfect for little ones to sketch, count, and play. Its flexibility as both a fun toy and a learning tool gives it an edge for parents who value educational play.

Durability is at the forefront of our concerns when choosing products for children. The GIGART tablet’s resistance to drops and its sturdy design give us peace of mind. The longevity of use, thanks to the long battery life, means less worry about constantly replacing batteries or charging the device.

We recognize that no product is without its shortcomings. The risk of misplacing the stylus or the limitations under certain lighting conditions are points to consider before making a purchase. Also, some parents might prefer a tablet that can save their child’s drawings. Despite these factors, the GIGART Colorful Doodle Board remains a solid choice for children’s creative endeavors.

Buying Guide

When we are in the market for an LCD writing tablet for kids, it’s essential to consider several features to ensure we make a wise purchase. Let’s focus on what attributes to look for.

Size and Portability

The size of the writing tablet should match the child’s need for comfort and portability. We should look for a compact, lightweight design that is easy for little hands to handle.


Kids can be rough on their toys, so durability is key. The tablet should have a sturdy construction, able to withstand drops and knocks.

Battery Life

Long battery life ensures uninterrupted creativity. We must seek out tablets with a battery that can last several months or more under normal usage.

Screen Quality

We should look for a tablet with a high-quality screen that provides a smooth writing experience, and good visibility even in bright light.


The stylus should be kid-friendly — ideally tethered to the tablet so it doesn’t get lost, and ergonomically designed for small hands.

Age Appropriateness

The tablet’s complexity and features should match the child’s age and skill level.


We must compare prices to find a tablet that offers good value for money, without compromising on quality.

Additional Features

Some tablets offer extra features such as save work functions, partial erasing, and colorful screens. We need to decide which features are important and necessary for the child’s use.

By weighing these factors, we can choose the best LCD writing tablet that meets our child’s needs and provides a fun, educational experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we cover the most pressing inquiries regarding LCD writing tablets for kids, addressing specific features, designs appropriate for various age groups, and brand recommendations.

What attributes define the brightest LCD writing tablet suitable for children?

The brightest LCD writing tablets for children are characterized by high-contrast screens, vibrant colors, and glare-free surfaces. We also look for devices with adjustable brightness levels to ensure comfortable viewing under different lighting conditions.

Are there any LCD writing tablets specifically designed for toddlers?

Yes, several LCD writing tablets are designed with toddlers in mind. These tablets often have robust construction, easy-to-grip styluses, and simple interfaces. They may also feature locked modes to prevent accidental erasing.

How do LCD writing tablets compare in terms of handwriting recognition quality?

Handwriting recognition quality varies significantly among LCD writing tablets. The best models for kids offer high precision and sensitivity to accurately capture writing and drawing strokes, providing a more natural and responsive experience.

Which LCD writing tablet models are considered ideal for kindergarten usage?

LCD writing tablet models ideal for kindergarten usage typically have a large writing surface, are lightweight, and come with educational templates or apps. Durability and battery life are also crucial factors for young learners.

What are the most recommended brands of LCD writing pads for children?

Highly recommended brands of LCD writing pads for kids include Boogie Board, Wacom, and Vtech. These brands are recognized for their quality, durability, and child-friendly interfaces.

Can you suggest a durable and child-friendly drawing tablet for young artists?

For young artists, we suggest tablets like the Boogie Board Scribble n’ Play, which features a durable design and a multicolor screen. Another great option is the Wacom Intuos, offering a sensitive drawing surface compatible with various creative apps.

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