The Best iPads for Kids: Picks for Learning and Fun

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Best iPads For Kids
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Tablets have become an essential part of modern life, and their impact on children’s learning and entertainment is significant. iPads, in particular, have carved out a space in the younger demographic due to their user-friendly interface and extensive library of educational and creative apps. For kids, iPads can serve not only as a tool for watching videos and playing games but also as an educational device that can support their learning journey through interactive storybooks, problem-solving games, and skill development applications.

However, choosing the right iPad for a child is more complicated than it may initially appear. A balance must be struck between performance, durability, and parental controls. The robust build quality can help withstand the rough and tumble nature of kids’ play, while parental controls are crucial in managing screen time and ensuring safe online environments. Furthermore, screen size and resolution also play a role in ensuring the content is engaging, and age-appropriate cases can provide both personalization and additional protection.

When considering an iPad for kids, storage capacity should not be overlooked. With the growing size of apps and the desire to download multiple types of content, having enough storage is crucial to avoid the frustration of constantly needing to delete things to make space. With these factors in mind, one must also consider the price point, as investing in a device for a child can be a considerable expense, but one that can be justified by the potential educational and developmental benefits if chosen wisely.

We present to you our guide to the best iPads for kids, taking into account all the important features and considerations that will make the tablet a worthwhile investment for your child’s growth and entertainment.

Top iPads for Kids

In our quest to find the perfect tablet for the younger members of the family, durability, user-friendliness, and educational content are top priorities. Our selection of iPads offers a balance of these features, ensuring that children can enjoy a seamless and engaging learning experience with technology that endures the rigors of daily use. Here are our carefully vetted choices, designed to keep kids entertained and learning at their own pace.

All-New Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet

Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet

We think this tablet is a great choice for young users who benefit from robust parental controls and a vast library of age-appropriate content.


  • Comprehensive parental controls to manage usage
  • Includes a 1-year Amazon Kids+ subscription for diverse content
  • Durable with a 2-year worry-free guarantee


  • The subscription service incurs costs after the first year
  • May be less useful for children older than 7 years
  • Limited access to apps outside the Amazon ecosystem

When deciding on a tablet for children, safety and content are paramount. The All-New Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet offers extensive parental controls, enabling us to easily manage what our kids can access. By doing so from our own devices, we control screen time and app downloads, ensuring a balance between entertainment and restrictions.

With this tablet, our children can enjoy a vast array of content. The one-year Amazon Kids+ offers access to an extensive range of books, videos, and educational apps. We recognize how this curated content keeps them engaged and learning, without bombarding them with ads or inappropriate material.

Durability is a concern for any electronic device used by children. Fortunately, this tablet comes with a sturdy, kid-proof case and a guarantee we can count on. For two full years, any damages are covered, and that’s peace of mind we appreciate. The tablet’s battery life and age-appropriate content adaptation mean it grows along with them, providing value for several years.

VNEIMQN 10″ Kids Tablet

VNEIMQN Kids Tablet

We think this tablet is a solid choice for kids who need a reliable and user-friendly device for both learning and entertainment.


  • Robust parental controls maintain safety and manage screen time effectively.
  • Long battery life ensures uninterrupted use for extended periods.
  • Educational and entertaining content comes preloaded for instant enjoyment.


  • Mid-range display resolution may not be as crisp as some alternatives.
  • Storage might be insufficient for extensive app downloads without SD expansion.
  • Performance with high-demand apps might lag due to processor limitations.

When selecting the best iPads for kids, consider their needs, such as learning tools and entertainment options. The VNEIMQN 10″ Kids Tablet meets these requirements and more. Focused on providing a good balance between fun and education, this device allows children to explore a wide range of content while giving parents the peace of mind with comprehensive parental controls.

Battery life is a crucial aspect for any kid’s tablet, and this VNEIMQN tablet comes through with up to 12 hours of power on a single charge. That’s a full day of learning, playing, and exploring—ideal for long-haul trips or just to keep your child engaged throughout the day.

Our insight gained from careful observation suggests this tablet’s display and build are tailored for young users. The low blue light technology goes easy on small eyes, and the comfortable viewing angle ensures they can settle in for their favorite shows or interactive learning sessions without strain.

YosaToo Kids Tablet

YosaToo Kids Tablet

If you’re on the hunt for a child-friendly device that balances entertainment with education, the YosaToo Kids Tablet might just be what you need.


  • Durable case design tailored for small hands and accidental drops
  • Preinstalled educational content to kickstart learning
  • Parental controls to manage usage and content access


  • Modest screen resolution may not impress older children
  • Certain users report issues with durability over time
  • Some feedback indicates slow performance with additional app downloads

Choosing the appropriate tablet for kids requires striking a balance between fun and functional features. The YosaToo Kids Tablet is designed with this in mind, offering a robust selection of pre-installed educational apps and parental controls that allow us to tailor the user experience for our little ones. The design, featuring a child-friendly case with a handy handle, is thoughtful towards the target audience—our kids, who need something reliable yet simple to use.

While the device is created to capture the attention of children with its colorful appearance and user-friendly interface, it’s important for us to remember that durability and performance can be deciding factors. The YosaToo Tablet provides a protective silicone case which should shield it from the occasional tumble. Plus, having the parental controls at our fingertips means that we can set appropriate boundaries for screen time and content.

While the YosaToo Tablet might not come without its drawbacks, such as the reports of slower performance when burdened with additional applications, the pros appear to charm the right audience. The tablet’s aim to educate while entertaining holds the potential to be a quiet ally during long car rides or when our children need to engage in quiet time. We must weigh both pros and cons, but this tablet shows promise as a starter device for young tech users.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet

We believe this tablet strikes a fine balance between functionality and affordability, catering well to children’s entertainment needs.


  • Cost-effective option for children’s entertainment
  • Parental controls available through Amazon Kids
  • Expandable storage up to 1 TB with micro-SD


  • Limited to Amazon’s Appstore, no Google Play support
  • Basic 2 MP front and rear-facing cameras
  • 90-day limited warranty is shorter than some alternatives

Children need gadgets that are both entertaining and durable, and the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet fits this niche perfectly. Its user interface is straightforward, making it simple for kids to navigate their favorite apps. With a plethora of content accessible through Amazon Kids+, there’s no shortage of learning tools and fun activities for children to explore.

The tablet’s robust construction eases the minds of parents worried about accidental drops or scratches. Given that durability is a prime concern for products aimed at children, this aspect shouldn’t be overlooked. Furthermore, with easy-to-manage parental controls, adults can set limits on usage and monitor activities to ensure a safe digital environment.

While we appreciate the Fire 7’s compact size making it easy for little hands to hold, it’s important to acknowledge the limitations of the device, especially those related to the Amazon Appstore and camera quality. These issues notwithstanding, for families on a budget, the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet presents a sensible compromise between performance and price.

Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet

Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet

We recommend this tablet as it balances performance, durability, and content that can grow with your child.


  • Built-in parental controls for content filtering and setting time limits
  • Kid-Proof Case with a built-in stand adds durability
  • Includes 1-year Amazon Kids+ subscription with a diverse range of kid-friendly content


  • Only appropriate for children ages 3-7, so it has limited longevity
  • 2 GB RAM may not handle intensive multitasking smoothly
  • Some content may require a subscription after the initial free year

When it comes to balancing entertainment with learning, the Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet strikes an appealing chord. Our roundup highlights this model for its substantial all-day battery life, ensuring kids stay engaged with their favorite books and shows without constant recharging. The durability of the tablet, paired with the comprehensive two-year worry-free guarantee, provides peace of mind that few other devices offer.

The treasure trove of content available through the included Amazon Kids+ subscription makes this tablet an educational hub. Molding the digital experience to your child’s age and learning stage is effortless, thanks to the age-appropriate filters. Notably, you won’t have to fret about inappropriate content as the robust parental controls are straightforward to navigate.

Parental involvement doesn’t have to be extensive—setting up profiles and managing controls can be dealt with in a few taps, offering a blend of autonomy for kids and oversight for adults. While it shines with its protective case and user-friendly interface, those anticipating rapid performance for multiple applications running simultaneously may find the 2 GB RAM limiting.

Remember, the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet is tailor-made for kids in the 3-7 age range. Bearing this in mind, it’s an investment that’s particularly valuable during these formative years but might need an upgrade as your child’s needs evolve. Despite some reservations, its price point and feature set make it a worthwhile consideration for parents seeking a blend of fun and instructional content for their little ones.

JREN Kids Tablet

JREN Kids Tablet

In selecting a tablet for children, the JREN Kids Tablet strikes a balance between educational content and durable design.


  • Kid-friendly case with stand enhances durability and versatility
  • Parental controls allow for curated educational content
  • Long battery life suitable for extended use


  • Screen may be too large for very young children to hold comfortably
  • Some users report slow performance with heavy use
  • The tablet’s durability is called into question with reports of damage from drops

When we consider a device specifically designed for children, safety and durability are primary concerns. The JREN Kids Tablet comes with a robust, child-proof case which should, in theory, handle the occasional bumps and falls that are part and parcel of a child’s daily activities. Furthermore, the tablet’s stand offers adjustable angles, providing kids with a hands-free experience whether they’re watching videos or engaging in educational games.

Parental controls are another crucial aspect of devices meant for kids, and we find this tablet’s Google Family Link very effective in managing what children have access to. This level of oversight ensures kids can navigate a safe digital environment, learning and exploring without coming across inappropriate content. Also, the 64GB of internal storage, expandable via microSD, means there’s plenty of space for educational apps and media.

However, some parents have mentioned that despite its child-proof case, the tablet may not withstand drops as well as one would hope. Additionally, the 10-inch screen, while great for viewing, might prove unwieldy for smaller children. In terms of performance, there are instances of the device slowing down, especially when loaded with apps or during prolonged use.

Overall, the JREN Kids Tablet presents as a strong contender in the kids’ tablet market. It’s equipped to provide both fun and educational content in a controlled manner, which is exactly what a lot of parents are seeking. While it’s not without its setbacks, the pros seem to outweigh the cons, especially considering the peace of mind the parental controls offer.

UJoyFeel 7″ Kids Tablet

UJoyFeel Tablet for Kids

We recommend this tablet as a cost-effective tool for kids’ entertainment and education, equipped with parental controls for online safety.


  • Equipped with dual operating systems, including a safe mode for kids
  • Designed with eye protection features for comfortable viewing
  • Comes with a durable, child-friendly case with a handle for easy carrying


  • Some users report a shorter than expected battery life
  • Device performance may be slow at times, according to customer feedback
  • The screen’s touch sensitivity could be improved for better interaction

With the rise of technology as a cornerstone of learning and play, the importance of choosing the right tools for our children is paramount. The UJoyFeel 7″ Kids Tablet is an example of a device that strives to balance fun and safety. It’s a good option for kids ranging from 3 to 12 years old, whether they’re just starting to engage with digital content or they’re looking for more independence in their device use.

The device’s dual system design is particularly noteworthy. It offers a standard Android experience alongside a child-friendly interface, complete with pre-installed educational apps. This allows our children to explore and learn in an environment that feels both familiar and secure. The parental control features provide peace of mind, allowing us to customize content access and screen time based on our kids’ needs and growth.

A significant advantage is the tablet’s protective case featuring a vibrant handle, enabling little hands to carry it with ease. This smart design helps prevent damage from drops or bumps, signifying a thoughtful consideration for the rough and tumble reality of playtime adventures.

Although the UJoyFeel tablet shines in many aspects, it’s honest to acknowledge the feedback about its performance. Some users have noted that the tablet can operate slowly, an important factor to consider if your child needs a device for more demanding apps or multitasking. Additionally, managing expectations regarding battery life and touch screen sensitivity is essential when planning for travel or lengthy usage times.

In conclusion, the UJoyFeel 7″ Kids Tablet presents a well-rounded option for children’s digital engagement with thoughtful safety precautions, an appealing and sturdy design, and an educational slant. Despite a few concerns, it holds up as an entry-level tablet well-suited for our children’s various needs.

Buying Guide

Understanding Needs

Before choosing an iPad for children, we consider what the primary use will be. Is it for educational purposes, entertainment, or both? Understanding the purpose can guide us in selecting the right features.

Key Features to Consider

Durability: Since kids can be rough with their belongings, a durable device that can withstand drops and spills is crucial.

Parental Controls: These settings are essential for ensuring children can only access age-appropriate content.

Display Size: Larger screens can be better for watching videos and interactive learning, while smaller ones may be more portable and easier for small hands to hold.

Battery Life: For uninterrupted learning and play, a long battery life is key to avoid frequent charging.

Assessing Performance

Performance is important for a smooth experience. We look at the processor and RAM specifications to ensure quick responsiveness for the apps and games children use.

Cost Effectiveness

We must consider our budget and find a balance between cost and the necessary features.

Factors Why It’s Important
Durability For longevity and to withstand rough handling
Parental Controls To keep content appropriate and safe
Display Size For clarity in learning and entertainment
Battery Life To reduce the need for frequent charging
Performance For a seamless and frustration-free experience

By comparing these features, we ensure to make an informed decision that aligns with the child’s needs and our financial plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting the right iPad for young children can be simplified by focusing on specific features, size, safety measures, age-appropriateness, longevity, and educational benefits. We’ve compiled the most common inquiries to assist you in making an informed decision.

What are the key features to look for when selecting a tablet for young children?

When choosing a tablet for young children, look for user-friendly interfaces, durable designs, and robust parental controls. It’s essential to opt for a model with a strong battery life and the ability to withstand drops and spills.

How do I determine the most appropriate iPad size for my child’s needs?

To determine the most suitable iPad size, consider your child’s age and how they will use the device. Younger children may find a smaller iPad mini easier to handle, while older kids may benefit from the larger screen of an iPad Air or iPad Pro for educational activities.

What are the best protective measures to ensure an iPad is safe for a child to use?

The best ways to keep an iPad safe for children include investing in a sturdy, child-proof case and applying a screen protector. Additionally, enable parental controls to limit access to age-inappropriate content and set usage times.

What age-specific considerations should I take into account when choosing a tablet for my child?

When selecting a tablet for different age groups, consider the child’s motor skills and educational needs. For younger children, prioritize durability and educational content, while for older children, consider advanced features that support schoolwork and creative projects.

How can I ensure the longevity of an iPad for a child’s use?

To ensure an iPad lasts, keep the software updated, use a durable case, set up regular backups, and teach your child responsible usage habits to prevent damage and maintain the device’s performance.

What educational benefits should I expect from providing my child with a tablet?

Providing a child with a tablet can offer numerous educational benefits, such as access to interactive learning apps, eBooks, and educational videos that can make learning more engaging and individualized.

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