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The Best Easter Gifts for Kids: for a Memorable Holiday

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Best Easter Gifts For Kids
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Easter is a time of celebration and joy for many families, and gifting is a tradition that adds to the excitement, especially for kids. Parents, relatives, and friends often search for the perfect Easter gifts that will bring a smile to a child’s face. These gifts often go beyond the customary chocolate eggs and bunnies, becoming keepsakes or providing experiences that create lasting memories. Among these, toys that inspire creativity and learning stand out as excellent choices, as they offer both immediate enjoyment and long-term value.

When considering gifts for kids, it’s essential to select items that are age-appropriate and safe. This means looking for non-toxic materials, especially for younger children who might put items in their mouths. Additionally, it’s worth considering the durability of the product, as well as its potential for interactive play or educational development. For older children, gifts that challenge their minds or encourage outdoor activity can be particularly beneficial, helping them to develop new skills and interests.

The critical things to consider when picking an Easter gift for a child include the child’s interests, the educational value of the gift, and its ability to stand the test of time. Gifts that align with a child’s current passions can be more engaging, while those that introduce new topics or challenges can broaden their horizons. Durability is also key; children’s play can be robust, so choosing gifts that are built to last ensures they can be enjoyed for as long as possible.

Selecting the perfect Easter gift for a child requires thoughtfulness, an understanding of the child’s interests and needs, and a focus on safety and durability. Our choices aim to delight and inspire children on Easter morning, setting the stage for a day full of joy and discovery. With that in mind, we have rounded up a selection of gifts that cater to various ages and interests, ensuring that there’s something special for every child this Easter season.

Top Easter Gifts for Kids

With Easter around the corner, we’ve scoured the market to curate a selection of top-notch Easter gifts that are sure to delight any child. Our picks cater to a variety of ages and interests, ensuring that you can find the perfect item to make their Easter morning unforgettable. Whether you’re looking for creative crafts, educational toys, or just some festive fun, our list is packed with options that children will adore.

Hover Soccer Ball Set

Hover Soccer Ball Set

We find this hover soccer ball set to be a dynamic and enjoyable choice for keeping kids active indoors with a dash of fun.


  • Encourages physical activity indoors
  • Comes with built-in safety features
  • Features entertaining LED lights for play in dim settings


  • May not hover on certain carpet types
  • Batteries not included, which are necessary to operate
  • May not withstand rough play over long periods

Engaging kids in physical activity, especially on days with unpleasant weather, can be a challenge. This hover soccer ball set from Let Loose Moose offers a unique solution with its ability to glide effortlessly on flat surfaces. Kids are likely to get a real kick out of it, with the added bonus of LED lights making it a hit for evening play sessions.

Safety concerns for both your little ones and your furniture are reduced, as the balls are equipped with foam bumpers. These act as a protective barrier during play, making it suitable for enthusiastic games without the worry of damaging your home or the toy itself.

As great as they are for indoor fun, we must note the limitations. Some reviews suggest performance issues on carpeted areas. And since the set doesn’t include the required AA batteries, there’s a bit of extra preparation (and expense) needed before the fun can begin. They are robust enough for gentle use but may not fare well with extreme rough-housing, which is something to consider if you know the play might get a little spirited.

LEGO Creator White Rabbit Set

LEGO Creator 3 in 1 White Rabbit

We think this LEGO set is a fantastic choice for sparking creativity and provides threefold fun with its 3-in-1 design.


  • Converts into three different animal figures, offering variety and extended playtime
  • Includes movable parts for each animal, enhancing interactive play
  • Compact and portable, making it an excellent travel companion for kids


  • May be challenging for younger children under the recommended age due to complexity
  • Limited replay value once all three forms have been built and explored
  • Small pieces could easily be misplaced if not stored properly

With Easter around the corner, it’s a joy to discover gifts that tick all the right boxes. The LEGO Creator White Rabbit Set stands out as an inspired choice, especially for the imaginative little ones in our lives. This delightful 258-piece set transforms from an adorable bunny into two other animal toys—a perky parrot and a sleek seal—providing a trio of fun building experiences.

True to the LEGO brand’s reputation, this toy is not just about putting bricks together; it’s about the journey of creating and the stories that unfold thereafter. As children construct the bunny, parrot, and seal, they can immerse themselves in different natural habitats and instigate adventures in forests, treetops, or the ocean’s depths.

While constructing intricate LEGO pieces instills patience, at the finish line awaits a strong sense of achievement for kids, as each completed model is a testament to their dedication and skill. The LEGO Creator White Rabbit Set serves as more than just a simple toy; it’s a vessel for learning, creativity, and the joy of Easter.

Kids Flower Growing Kit

Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit

If you’re seeking an interactive and educational Easter gift that will engage kids, this flower growing kit is a top contender.


  • Encourages creativity with the paintable planter and markers
  • Educational value in botany and plant life cycles
  • Everything included to start right away


  • Requires patience as flowers take time to grow
  • Size may be smaller than some expect
  • Additional supplies like paint may be desired

Gifting children the Dan&Darci Flower Growing Kit lets them harness their creativity through an appealing blend of art and science. Assembling the kit is straightforward, with all the necessary components enclosed. Upon unwrapping, youngsters are greeted with a tin planter they can paint and personalize, which can boost their artistic expression.

We also appreciate that this kit isn’t just fun but educational. Kids learn about growing their blooms from seeds — a fact that can spark a deeper interest in nature. It’s delightful to witness a child’s fascination as they nurture their garden and wait for the flowers to bloom.

Although the process of watching flowers grow can teach patience, it’s worth noting that active results will not be immediate. Gardening is a waiting game, so manage expectations accordingly. Also, for some little gardeners, the kit’s size may be surprising. Confirm you’re satisfied with the dimensions before purchasing. Lastly, the included paints are basic, and supplementing with more varied or higher-quality paints might enhance the painting phase of the project.

Joozfee Kids Smart Phone

Joozfee Kids Smart Phone

In our view, this Joozfee Smart Phone for kids is a standout choice for nurturing your child’s creativity and independence without exposing them to the drawbacks of a real smartphone.


  • Engaging with dual cameras for photo and video
  • Includes fun games with a helpful anti-addiction mode
  • Durable and safe design that’s tailored for kids


  • Limited functionality compared to adult tech gadgets
  • May not hold the attention of older kids as effectively
  • No internet connectivity, limiting some creative opportunities

Imaginative play is crucial during childhood, and the Joozfee Kids Smart Phone is an excellent catalyst for such playtime. Its dual cameras empower children to capture the world around them while instilling a sense of ownership and responsibility with their personal device.

Durability in children’s toys is a prime concern for us, and this product addresses that worry. The non-toxic soft plastic and shockproof shell are features we value, promising longer-lasting use through inevitable bumps and drops.

Lastly, with screen time becoming an ever-present factor in parenting, the anti-addiction mode is a thoughtful inclusion. It provides us with some control over how long our kids can play games, contributing to a healthy balance between technology use and other activities.

Stomp Rocket Duel

Stomp Rocket Duel

We believe the Stomp Rocket Dueling Rockets make for thrilling interactive outdoor play, sparking friendly competition among youngsters.


  • Encourages active play and STEM learning
  • No batteries needed, simple to assemble
  • Two-player action for shared enjoyment


  • Not suitable for indoor use
  • May be less durable with heavy usage
  • Rockets could get lost if launched in wide-open areas

Outdoor recreation reaches new heights with Stomp Rocket Dueling Rockets. This energetic game has captured our interest for its ability to combine playtime with learning. Children can feel the rush of sending foam-tipped rockets skyward, and the excitement is doubled with the two-player feature.

Considerations for safety and play space are essential with this toy. It’s best suited for open areas to prevent the possibility of damage or losing the rockets. Our take is that while the toy promotes physical exercise, it also taps into curiosity about the principles of flight and physics, making it a win-win for fun and education.

Maintenance of the product and keeping track of the rockets can pose a bit of a challenge, especially during spirited play sessions. However, with appropriate care, the Stomp Rocket Dueling Rockets could be the highlight of many outdoor gatherings.

JOYIN Bubble Blasters

JOYIN Bubble Blasters

We find these JOYIN Bubble Blasters to be an enjoyable and interactive toy that can enhance outdoor activities and parties with a bubbly atmosphere.


  • Engages children in active play and is suitable for a variety of outdoor occasions.
  • Comes in a set with extra bubble solution for extended fun.
  • Non-toxic solution is safe for children’s skin and face.


  • May require frequent refills and battery changes with heavy use.
  • Durability could be an issue with rough play.
  • Some users have reported difficulty with replacing batteries.

Bubbles have a way of bringing out smiles and laughter in kids of all ages, and the JOYIN Bubble Blasters are no exception. This set comes with two colorful bubble guns that emit a steady stream of bubbles, capable of captivating a child’s attention and adding a whimsical touch to any Easter gathering.

Outdoor play is essential for a child’s development, and these bubble guns can be the perfect reason to encourage more time spent outdoors. They’re straightforward to use, which means even younger children can join in the fun without frustration.

However, no toy is without its drawbacks. We’ve noted some concerns from users regarding the longevity of the bubble guns with frequent use. As a popular choice for events, one should also be prepared for the possibility of leaks or jammed triggers, which are not uncommon in bubble toys. Still, if you’re seeking a simple, joyful gift that can bring a burst of fun to an Easter celebration, these bubble guns might just hit the mark.

Stomp Rocket Jr.

Stomp Rocket Jr.

Engaging in lively outdoor play has never been more exhilarating than with the Stomp Rocket Jr., making it a top pick for youthful energy and curiosity.


  • Encourages active play and exercise
  • No batteries required; easy to set up and store
  • Educative aspects link fun with STEM learning


  • Not suitable for indoor play if ceiling height is low
  • Rockets may get lost if launched in wide-open areas
  • Requires physical strength that might be challenging for younger kids

For those of us seeking to ignite the flames of imagination and physical activity in our little ones, the Stomp Rocket Jr. presents itself as a remarkable outdoor toy. The excitement derived from sending foam rockets soaring through the air by simply stomping their feet is unmatched. This toy merges the joy of play with the basics of aerodynamics, teaching children about the relationship between force and flight.

We understand the challenge of keeping kids entertained, and the Stomp Rocket Jr. can provide endless hours of exhilaration. The colorful rockets are inviting, and the opportunity for kids to see immediate results from their efforts is deeply satisfying. Plus, no need for batteries or intricate setup means playtime can begin almost instantly, anywhere from the backyard to the local park.

Our collective desire to steer children towards beneficial playtime makes the Stomp Rocket Jr. a perfect blend of fun and learning. By incorporating lessons on angle adjustments and launch power, this toy can spark a genuine interest in STEM subjects, which is critical in the formative years. It’s a gift that offers more than just fun—it opens up a world of learning through play.

Buying Guide

Age Appropriateness

We always consider the child’s age to ensure the gift is suitable for their developmental stage. For younger kids, look for options with big pieces that are easy to handle and free of choking hazards.

Interests and Hobbies

Aligning the gift with the child’s interests can make the present more meaningful. Gifts that dovetail with a hobby can provide hours of learning and entertainment.

Durability and Safety

Toys for children must be durable to withstand rough play. We prioritize products with non-toxic materials and avoid those with small parts for younger children to ensure they’re safe.

Educational Value

Opt for gifts that encourage learning and development, like puzzles or craft kits, as these can help in honing fine motor skills and cognitive abilities.


Align your choice with your budget, seeking the best quality within your price range. Instead of focusing on the quantity, we find that fewer but higher-quality items are more beneficial in the long run.

Consideration Why It Matters
Age Appropriateness Ensures the gift is safe and enjoyable.
Interests & Hobbies Increases the likelihood of the gift being used.
Durability & Safety Protects the well-being of the child.
Educational Value Offers an opportunity for learning and growth.
Budget Prevents overspending while ensuring quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to celebrating Easter, we understand the joy of gifting something special to the kids. Our experience has shown that the best gifts are those that are fun, engaging, and sometimes educational.

What are some popular Easter basket items for children?

Traditional Easter baskets for children often contain a mix of candy, such as chocolate bunnies and jelly beans, along with small toys, stuffed animals, and books. Many parents also include items that encourage outdoor play, like bubbles and sidewalk chalk.

How can one choose age-appropriate Easter gifts for kids?

To select age-appropriate Easter gifts, consider the child’s age and interests. For toddlers, look for gifts that improve their motor skills, such as large building blocks or chunky puzzles. For older children, choose items that challenge their cognitive skills, like age-appropriate board games or science kits.

What are the best non-candy Easter gift ideas for kids?

For a healthier or candy-free Easter gift, consider art supplies, such as watercolor sets or coloring books, and educational toys, such as alphabet learning games or interactive electronic devices. Outdoor items like jump ropes or sports equipment are also great non-candy options.

What Easter basket ideas are there for a 10 year old?

For a 10 year old, an Easter basket might include a favorite novel or comic book, a DIY craft kit, or even a small gardening set. You could also consider including a gift card to their favorite store or an app store.

What unique items can you put in a 9 year old’s Easter basket?

To capture a 9 year old’s interest, consider unique Easter basket items like a beginner’s microscope, a set of magic tricks, or a journal with a lock. Personalized gifts such as a custom t-shirt or a puzzle with a photo of them are also engaging and special.

Where can one find a wide selection of Easter gifts for kids online?

We recommend browsing online retailers like Amazon, Etsy, or Target for a wide selection of Easter gifts for kids. These platforms offer a range of options, from classic Easter basket fillers to unique and handmade items, catering to various interests and ages.

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  • 🎨 Creative Crafts and DIYs
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