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The Best Games for Kids on Nintendo Switch: Top Picks

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Best Games For Kids Nintendo Switch
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The Nintendo Switch has revolutionized gaming with its hybrid design that caters to both traditional home console users and those who prefer the portability of handheld devices. This flexibility makes it an ideal platform for players of all ages, including kids. The Switch’s expanding library boasts a rich assortment of titles that engage younger audiences, offering a variety of games that foster creativity, problem-solving, and motor skills through interactive play.

For families and children, the Nintendo Switch presents a unique opportunity to enjoy gaming together. Not only does it offer games that are suitable for a younger demographic, but it also encourages cooperative play with titles designed for multiple players. These games often feature bright, colorful graphics, simplified controls, and content that’s both entertaining and safe for children. From educational titles to action-packed adventures, the Switch has something to offer for every interest.

When selecting the best games for children on the Nintendo Switch, it’s critical to consider factors such as age rating, content, and ease of gameplay. Parents should look for games rated E for Everyone or E10+ by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), ensuring content is age-appropriate. Additionally, games with intuitive controls and gameplay mechanics are more suitable for kids, guaranteeing they can enjoy the game without unnecessary frustration.

With the right selection, children can enjoy immersive and enriching gaming experiences that are tailored for their developmental stage. The Nintendo Switch facilitates this with a vast selection of kid-friendly games. As we explore the top choices for kids on this console, we’ll focus on those that hit the mark in terms of fun, learning, and family-friendly entertainment.

Top Nintendo Switch Games for Kids

In the dynamic world of video gaming, we understand the importance of choosing the right games that are suitable, entertaining, and enriching for children. The Nintendo Switch, with its versatility and kid-friendly interface, offers a plethora of games that can entertain your little ones for hours while fostering their creativity and problem-solving skills. Our selection focuses on games that provide a balance of fun and challenge, ensuring a rewarding experience for kids of all ages.

Last Kids On Earth – Nintendo Switch

The Last Kids On Earth and the Staff of Doom

For families seeking shared adventures, “The Last Kids On Earth and the Staff of Doom” delivers an engaging cooperative gameplay experience.


  • Intuitive gameplay suitable for younger gamers
  • Cooperative mode for family-friendly entertainment
  • Progressive character and equipment enhancements


  • Some may find the game’s missions repetitive
  • Limited attack actions may not satisfy all players
  • Background score could be seen as monotonous

Embarking on a journey through the world of “The Last Kids On Earth and the Staff of Doom” presents our players with a fun and interactive way to come together. As our in-game characters—Jack, Quint, June, and Dirk, we team up to thwart the vile intentions of Malondre, the Queen of the slime monsters. With the cherished experience of saving the world, the game’s narrative propels us through hordes of zombies and gargantuan beasts.

We note the importance of strategy and camaraderie, as teamwork is paramount to surviving the apocalyptic streets of Wakefield. As our kids wield their gamepads, they simultaneously learn the value of working together and improving their in-game characters. The upgrade mechanics offer a sense of progression, fueling our endeavor to halt the summoning of the destructive Rezzoch.

Acknowledging a game’s drawbacks helps us set the right expectations. “The Last Kids On Earth and the Staff of Doom” isn’t bereft of criticism, with some families desiring a greater variety in the game’s mission structure and combat system. However, we maintain our perspective on the game’s primary audience and the inherent limitations that come with focusing on a younger demographic.

In summary, while “The Last Kids On Earth and the Staff of Doom” might not align with every gamer’s tastes, its strengths in cooperative play, character progression, and accessibility for its intended audience make it a commendable choice for family gaming on the Nintendo Switch.

Switch Sports Party Pack

Switch Sports Party Pack

With a variety of attachments that heighten the gaming experience, we think this could be a hit for families looking to add more excitement to their Switch gameplay.


  • Enhances the immersive experience of sports games
  • Easy-to-use size for kids
  • Includes a wide range of accessories for different games


  • Limited real-life game enhancement
  • Size may not suit all hand sizes
  • Specific to Switch sports games, not all-encompassing

The Switch Sports Party Pack provides an engaging way for our kids to interact with their favorite Nintendo Switch sports games. The kid-friendly size and ease of use mean younger gamers can handle the accessories without difficulty, bringing a fresh spin to family game night.

A collection of accessories like this ensures that everyone gets to play a part in interactive games. Whether it’s tennis, golf, or dance, the variety keeps gameplay interesting. We especially appreciate accessories that make the controls easier to handle, important for keeping those little hands happy.

However, one must consider the specificity of these accessories. They are designed for an enhanced gaming experience with Switch sports titles and may not be used as frequently with other types of games. Storage and maintenance are additional factors to consider, ensuring that these parts remain organized and in good condition for each play session.

Go Vacation

Go Vacation

Go Vacation offers an array of activities and customization options making it a solid choice for Switch-owning families seeking lighthearted, group-friendly entertainment.


  • Multiple activities promise diverse fun
  • Simple controls cater to gamers of all ages
  • Character and pet customization enhances replayability


  • Multiplayer requires additional accessories
  • Gameplay might be too simple for advanced gamers
  • Island exploration can become repetitive over time

Engaging with Go Vacation, we’re welcomed by the vibrant vistas of Kawawii Island. The promise of cooperative and competitive mini-games numbering over fifty, this title stands out as an excellent option for family game nights. The draw of reveling in various activities—from snowboarding and scuba diving to more tranquil pastimes like horse riding—is significant.

The ease of dropping into play is a high point, with each participant only needing a single Joy-Con controller. It’s especially attractive for younger players or non-gamers due to its uncomplicated interface. Plus, the possibility to personalize characters and pets provides a touch of uniqueness to each gaming session, continually inviting us back.

Nonetheless, Go Vacation is not without its limitations. Some may find the mini-games lack complexity, which might not sustain the interest of more ardent gamers seeking a challenge. Moreover, purchasing additional Joy-Con controllers for multi-player mode is an extra expense, and the charm of the island’s exploration may wane after extensive play, as areas start to feel overly familiar. Despite these drawbacks, Go Vacation remains a compelling choice, ensuring we’re treated to delightful diversity in gameplay and the joy of shared experiences.

Xcitifun Switch Case

Xcitifun Switch Case

Our recommendation for anyone seeking a kid-friendly case for their Nintendo Switch is that the Xcitifun Protective Case is a solid option that combines durability with a playful design.


  • Charming cartoon design that appeals to kids
  • Soft TPU material provides good shock absorption
  • Easy to apply and remove without hindering gameplay or port access


  • Might not fit as snugly as a hard case
  • Restricted use with some accessories, like pro controllers
  • Initial fit into the dock requires extra effort

When selecting accessories for the Nintendo Switch, aesthetic appeal and protection are key considerations; the Xcitifun Protective Case checks both boxes. Its vibrant and adorable cartoon character pattern is bound to be a hit with youngsters, instantly making their gaming console more personalized and fun. The TPU material ensures a soft yet firm grip, reducing the risk of accidental drops, while also protecting the device from scratches and other possible damage.

Usability is a crucial aspect of any gaming accessory. This case is designed for ease of use, featuring a precise cut that facilitates easy access to all buttons and ports. Gamers won’t face any hassle when it comes to charging or swapping out game cartridges, which remains seamless with the case on. The split design of the case for JoyCons and the main body facilitates swift and hassle-free removal, a handy feature for cleaning or when alternating between different protective options.

The best gifts are often those that combine practical

Fintie Kids Case

Fintie Kids Case

We believe this protective case is a solid investment for keeping your Nintendo Switch secure and enhancing play comfort for kids.


  • Robust protection with dense EVA foam
  • Ergonomically designed with padded handles for comfortable play
  • Integrated game card slots for convenience


  • Bulky size may not suit all storage needs
  • Difficulty in removing the case could be frustrating for some users
  • The colorful design might not appeal to every taste

Finding the right balance between protection and playability for kids’ gaming devices can be tricky, but the Fintie Kids Case strikes a good balance. This sturdy case wraps around the Nintendo Switch, cushioning it against drops and bumps. Thanks to the dense EVA foam construction, similar to that in high-end sneakers, it offers considerable shock protection without adding much weight—a crucial factor for younger gamers.

Ergonomic considerations are paramount when kids are engaging with technology for extended periods. The Fintie Kids Case is thoughtfully designed with padded handles at the back, intended to make long play sessions more comfortable and reduce hand strain. After all, no one wants gaming to lead to aches and pains.

Playing on the go is more enjoyable when you can easily take your favorite games along. This case cleverly includes two built-in game card slots, making it straightforward to carry several games without the need for an additional storage pouch. As for customization and ease of access, precision cutouts ensure the Switch’s functions are all within easy reach without removing it from the case.

However, consider the case’s bulky nature, which provides excellent protection but also means it might not easily fit into slimmer storage spots. If children are using the case, they may struggle a bit when trying to remove it due to its snug fit. Finally, the vibrant blue color is a hit or miss—some might find it appealing, yet others may have different aesthetic preferences for their gaming gear.

Just Dance Wristbands

Just Dance Wristbands

We find these wristbands to be a handy accessory for enhancing your Just Dance gaming experience, offering comfort and freedom of movement.


  • Designed specifically for compatibility with Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.
  • Comes in three sizes, catering to children, teens, and adults.
  • Hands-free play makes for a more immersive dancing experience.


  • Limited to dance-related games.
  • May not fit all wrist sizes perfectly.
  • Only available in three preset sizes, which may not cater to every user.

When looking to liven up a family game night or add a new twist to physical activities, these wristbands for Just Dance on the Nintendo Switch come into play quite nicely. They are tailor-made to snugly and safely hold the Joy-Cons, so you don’t have to. This can add to the overall gaming session by making it more comfortable and freeing, especially during those intense dance-offs.

Moreover, we appreciate that they are available in different sizes, making them broadly accessible to various age groups. Whether you’re a child, teenager, or adult, there’s likely a strap that will fit. However, should someone be outside the scope of the three provided sizes, they might find the wristbands less accommodating, a detail to keep in mind.

Another important aspect is the materials used. The soft TPE is gentle on the skin, and while it does offer protection for the Joy-Con controllers, it’s not a full replacement for more extensive protective gear. As these wristbands are specialized for dancing games, they are not versatile accessories but excel in their niche. Overall, we see them as a practical addition for any Just Dance enthusiast who wants to play without the encumbrance of holding controllers.

Fintie Switch Lite Case for Kids

Fintie Kids Case for Nintendo Switch Lite

We believe this Fintie case is an excellent choice for protecting your child’s Nintendo Switch Lite thanks to its kid-friendly design and durable construction.


  • Built with dense EVA foam for robust shock protection
  • Ergonomic design with padded handles for comfortable play
  • Contains two game card slots for easy game transport


  • Bulkier than some may prefer
  • Might not fit into smaller storage spaces easily
  • May have a distinct smell upon unboxing due to its material

This Fintie case for the Nintendo Switch Lite is designed with active kids in mind. The tough EVA foam construction offers formidable defense against the rough and tumble play that often accompanies gaming for young ones. Not only does this make it ideal for peace of mind, but the lightweight design doesn’t weigh down small hands.

Ergonomics take center stage with this Switch Lite case. Its built-in padded handles provide a comfortable grip, ensuring kids can play their favorite games longer without discomfort. When it’s time to go, the case’s integrated game card slots are a godsend, allowing a selection of games to travel alongside the console with no additional fuss.

Sometimes, practicality needs to be balanced with convenience. While offering excellent protection and a snug fit for the Switch Lite, the Fintie case’s robust design does add some bulk. This might make it a bit cumbersome for little gamers to place their consoles into smaller backpacks or cases when on the move. Moreover, right out of the box, the material can emit a noticeable scent which generally dissipates over time.

Buying Guide

Assessing Games by Age Appropriateness

When selecting games for kids, we consider the age rating. The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) provides guidance on age appropriateness. Our choices should align with the maturity level of the child to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

Understanding Game Genres

Various game genres cater to different interests. We look for genres that suit our child’s preferences, ensuring they receive games that are engaging for them. Whether it’s platformers for those who enjoy jumping puzzles or adventure games for the explorers, aligning the game type with the child’s interests is crucial.

Genre Ideal for Kids Who Prefer
Platformer Jumping puzzles, colorful worlds
Adventure Stories, exploration
Puzzle Problem-solving, critical thinking
Simulation Creativity, resource management

Evaluating Multiplayer Features

We examine the multiplayer options, considering both local and online play. Local multiplayer can foster family bonding or fun with friends in the same room, while online multiplayer should have robust parental controls to keep the gaming environment safe.

Importance of Educational Value

Integrating learning with play can be beneficial. We look for games with an educational aspect that can teach new skills or reinforce existing knowledge in a fun way.

Prioritizing Ease of Play

Simplicity is key for younger gamers. Games with intuitive controls and an easy learning curve will help in retaining their interest and reducing frustration.

Checking for Updates and Additional Costs

We stay informed about any additional costs such as downloadable content (DLC) or in-game purchases. It’s important to factor in the potential need for updates or expansions to ensure the longevity of the gaming experience.

By incorporating these features into our considerations, we aim to choose games that are not only entertaining and appropriate for children but also enriching and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting Nintendo Switch games for kids, we prioritize safety, educational value, and age-appropriateness. Our recommendations are tailored to ensure young gamers have a fun and enriching experience.

What are the top-rated Nintendo Switch games suitable for young children?

“The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening” and “Super Mario Odyssey” deliver engaging adventures without inappropriate content. Both games feature family-friendly gameplay that is ideal for young children.

Which games for the Nintendo Switch are best for children under 10?

For children under 10, “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” and “Luigi’s Mansion 3” are excellent choices. They provide easily digestible content that promotes hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills in a playful setting.

What are the most popular Switch games for kids in early childhood?

“Yoshi’s Crafted World” and “Kirby Star Allies” are among the most popular for early childhood. Their simple controls and bright, inviting worlds make them a hit with younger kids.

How do I choose age-appropriate Nintendo Switch games for my child?

We focus on games rated by the ESRB as “Everyone” or “Everyone 10+,” which are specifically designed for younger players. Reading game descriptions and reviews helps us determine their suitability.

What are the educational Nintendo Switch games recommended for kids?

“Osmo – Genius Starter Kit for Nintendo Switch” and “Snipperclips – Cut it out, together!” are educational games that teach problem-solving and creativity. Both games encourage players to think outside the box in fun scenarios.

Which Nintendo Switch games offer a safe and fun experience for preschoolers?

For preschoolers, “Paw Patrol: On a Roll!” and “Peppa Pig: My First Game” are safe and fun. They offer simplistic gameplay mechanics and familiar characters that engage children in a comforting environment.

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    • 🎨 Creative Crafts and DIYs
    • 📚 Exciting Learning Tips & Resources
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    • 🎉 Monthly Giveaways and Surprises!

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