The Best Resorts for Kids in US: Top Family-Friendly Getaways

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Best Resorts For Kids in US
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Planning a family vacation can be as exciting as it is daunting, especially when it comes to finding a destination that offers something for everyone. The United States harbors a remarkable array of resorts that cater to families, ensuring that both kids and adults can have a memorable getaway. These family-centric locales are peppered across the nation, from the sunny coasts of Florida to the enchanting mountains of Colorado, each offering unique experiences that can define a family holiday.

Choosing the best family resort in the US requires a careful consideration of the activities and entertainment options available. Resorts designed with children in mind offer a range of fun-filled programs, from water parks to interactive educational experiences, aimed at keeping the younger guests both entertained and engaged. Furthermore, the importance of dining and amenities cannot be overstated; family-friendly resorts provide a variety of dining options and amenities to ensure everyone’s needs are met without compromising on quality or convenience.

Key Takeaways

  • The US boasts a diverse selection of resorts perfect for family vacations.
  • Kid-friendly programs and varied entertainment are staples of the best family resorts.
  • Amenities and dining options are tailored to cater to families for a hassle-free experience.

Top Family-Friendly Resorts in the United States

For your next family vacation, consider resorts that cater specifically to the needs of kids and parents alike, offering amenities like water slides, educational programs, and comfortable accommodations to ensure a memorable stay for all.

Resorts in Florida

Walt Disney World, Orlando: Immerse your family in the magic of Disney with themed accommodations and access to multiple theme parks. The resort is equipped with enchanting pools, water slides, and endless entertainment options.

Hawk’s Cay Resort: Located on Duck Key, this resort features a saltwater lagoon, five swimming pools, and a variety of water sports, perfect for keeping everyone engaged.

California Family Getaways

LEGOLAND California Resort, Carlsbad: This interactive resort boasts a LEGO-themed water park, hands-on play areas, and family-friendly dining options.

Great Wolf Lodge, Anaheim: Enjoy the massive indoor water park, arcade, and spacious family suites. The lodge also offers a host of dining options to satisfy every palate.

Mountain Retreats in Colorado

C Lazy U Ranch: Engage in authentic ranch activities, including horseback riding, fishing, and hiking in the summer, or indulge in skiing and snowshoeing during winter months.

Keystone Resort: Known for its year-round family fun, Keystone offers skiing, snowboarding, and tubing in winter. Summer adventures include hiking and mountain biking.

Hawaiian Tropical Paradises

Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa, Hawaii: Discover a family oasis with a touch of Disney magic, featuring snorkeling, paddle boarding, and a lazy river. Luxuriate in the on-site spa after a day of adventure.

Grand Wailea, Maui: Parents can unwind in the extensive spa area while kids enjoy the fun-filled water complex, complete with slides and a lazy river.

Southern Charm in Tennessee

Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa, Pigeon Forge: Nestled near the Smoky Mountains with proximity to Dollywood, this resort has indoor and outdoor pools and offers special campfire experiences for families.

New England Escapes

Stowe Mountain Resort, Vermont: Experience a blend of luxury accommodations and outdoor excitement with opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, and enjoying the picturesque New England forest.

The Tyler Place Family Resort, Vermont: This all-inclusive resort, ideal for a summer getaway, boasts full kitchens in the accommodations and caters to family activities on the shores of Lake Champlain.

Unique Accommodations in the US

The Greenbrier, West Virginia: With its combination of luxury and outdoor activities, families can enjoy golf, horseback riding, and an adventure zone designed for kids.

Hotel Hershey, Pennsylvania: A sweet treat for families, this hotel offers unique chocolate-themed experiences, an expansive water complex, and proximity to Hersheypark.

Resort Activities and Entertainment

As you explore resorts across the United States, the breadth of activities and entertainment options for children can truly enhance your family vacation, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Water-Based Fun

For those who love the water, resorts often boast multiple swimming pools, including splash zones for younger kids. You’ll find waterparks complete with slides and lazy rivers, guaranteeing hours of fun. Resorts may offer paddle boarding, water sports, and even boating excursions for varying levels of thrill and engagement.

Adventure and Outdoor Activities

Resorts cater to the adventurous spirit with outdoor activities ranging from biking and mountain biking trails to fishing and climbing adventures. Look for resorts that provide guided tours or equipment rentals if you’re eager to try something new in the great outdoors.

Winter Sports Thrills

In winter, resorts transform into snowy paradises offering skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. For the full winter experience, certain locations also provide ice skating and cross-country skiing. Many resorts offer lessons tailored to young and first-time participants.

Leisure and Relaxation

For a more soothing experience, you might enjoy a resort’s spa or attend yoga classes, which are often tailored to all ages. Quiet lounges and golf courses appeal to those seeking a slower pace, and some resorts even feature kid-specific spa treatments.

Family Bonding Experiences

To strengthen family ties, many resorts host movie nights and storytelling sessions that create a cozy atmosphere for families. Engage in a round of tennis or spend time at the golf course. Group games and activities provide a mix of competition and leisure for the whole family.

Creative and Educational Pursuits

Kids with a penchant for creativity and learning can partake in crafts and hands-on activities. Often, resorts have dedicated game rooms and programs that foster learning while having fun, making each experience both enriching and entertaining.

Resort Dining and Amenities

When selecting a resort for your family vacation, the dining options and amenities available can greatly enhance your experience. You’ll discover a variety of accommodations tailored to meet the needs of you and your children, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Exploring Dining Options

Your dining experience at family resorts can be both diverse and convenient, with a range of restaurants to choose from. Menus are often designed to cater to younger palates, while also providing gourmet options for adults. For example:

  • Disney’s Aulani Resort offers Aunty’s Breakfast Celebration with character dining that your kids will love.
  • The Four Seasons Resort Orlando features a Kids For All Seasons program providing healthy meals for little ones.

All-Inclusive Resorts

All-inclusive options can be particularly appealing as they often incorporate all meals, snacks, and even some activities into the room rate, minimizing budgeting worries.

  • The Club Med Sandpiper Bay in Florida provides all-inclusive dining with a focus on family-friendly buffet meals.
  • Beaches Resorts offer gourmet dining with an international flair, giving your family a taste of world cuisine with the ease of an all-inclusive plan.

Resort Amenities for Parents

While the kids are entertained, you can indulge in a range of amenities designed for adult relaxation. Here’s what to look forward to:

  • Spa services at destinations like the Grand Wailea allow for serene rejuvenation.
  • Golf courses and tennis facilities are commonplace, with resorts such as the Omni Orlando Resort offering championship golf.
  • Yoga and lounge areas provide a peaceful haven for parents to unwind.

Children’s Clubs and Programs

Engaging children’s clubs and programs offer educational and fun activities, encompassing crafts, games, and storytelling. Here are some highlights:

Choosing the Right Resort for Your Family

When planning your family vacation, it’s essential to consider the resort’s accommodations, the available activities, the budget, and the location’s convenience.

Accommodations and Space

Your family’s comfort hinges on the right kind of accommodations. Look for family resorts that offer ample space and essential amenities. Options like full kitchens and separate living areas can make a significant difference. For example:

  • Cabins: Private, spacious, with a home-like feel.
  • Hotels: Convenient with services like daily housekeeping.
  • Family Resorts: Often include special rooms geared towards families, potentially with bunk beds or adjoining rooms.

Engagement and Activity Level

A successful family vacation often involves keeping everyone entertained. Seek out resorts with a diverse mix of activities to cater to different ages and interests.

  • Outdoor Activities: Include hiking, fishing, and playgrounds.
  • Pool Complex: Look for water slides and kid-friendly pools.
  • Entertainment: Daily programs, shows, or family-friendly activities make a difference.

Budget Considerations

Planning according to your financial comfort is crucial.

  • All-inclusive resorts offer upfront pricing that encompasses dining, activities, and sometimes transportation.
  • A la carte pricing allows you to pay for only what you use, which can sometimes be more economical.

Create a budget and compare the value offered by different vacation packages.

Accessibility and Convenience

The location of your resort can significantly affect the overall experience. Consider how easy it is to reach the resort and what’s nearby. If you’re looking to explore outside the resort, check if they provide a shuttle service. Proximity to attractions, dining options, or natural landmarks can enhance your vacation experience.

Travel Tips and Planning

When planning a vacation at a child-friendly resort in the US, consider the variety of amenities on offer and the best time to visit to ensure an enjoyable and hassle-free trip.

Seasonal Travel Advice

  • Summer: Beach resorts with waterparks and pools are ideal. Look for places that offer a beach vacation experience or waterslides. For cooler escapes, a forest destination with hiking trails can be a refreshing choice.
  • Winter: Find resorts featuring skiing facilities or indoor waterparks. Many hotels have game rooms suitable for cold weather.
  • Spring/Fall: It’s an excellent time for resorts with golf courses and outdoor playgrounds, as the weather is typically mild.

Maximizing Your Resort Experience

  1. Early Booking: Secure access to all amenities and activities by booking in advance; this includes spa appointments, golf courses, and game room slots.
  2. Daily Itinerary: Plan your days to alternate between active pursuits like hiking or waterpark fun and relaxation at the spa or lounge.

Making the Most of Resort Amenities

  • All-inclusive Packages: Consider resorts offering all-inclusive options that contain meals and activities, like golf, skiing, or kids’ clubs.
  • Resort Layout: Familiarize yourself with the resort layout to efficiently navigate between the pools, playgrounds, and dining areas.


When planning your family vacation in the U.S., you have a myriad of resorts to choose from that cater to the younger members of the family. These resorts stand out not only for their child-friendly amenities but also for their ability to provide a wholesome and enjoyable experience for all ages.

Top Picks for Family Resorts in the U.S.:

  • Disney Resorts: Magical experiences with favorite characters and themed accommodations.
  • Beaches Resorts: All-inclusive offerings with waterparks and kids’ clubs.
  • Club Med Sandpiper Bay: A unique blend of family-oriented activities and professional-level sports facilities.

Remember, your perfect family getaway should offer something unique for each member of your family, from toddlers to teens, ensuring that your time together is both fun-filled and relaxing. Consider resorts with varied programs that allow you and your children to explore, learn, and unwind.

Aspect to Consider Recommendations
Activities for Kids Look for resorts with a range of supervised activities that cater to different age groups.
Family Amenities Choose resorts offering family suites, child care services, and dining options suitable for children.
Location Select a resort that is easily accessible and close to family-friendly attractions or nature spots.
Reviews and Ratings Check recent guest reviews focusing on family experiences to ensure the resort meets your standards.

Before making your final decision, balance your family’s needs with the amenities and experiences offered by the resort. The best family resort for you is the one that aligns with your family’s preferences and promises a memorable and comfortable stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting a resort for your family, focus on child-friendly amenities, organized activities, and accommodations designed to meet the needs of various age groups. These aspects ensure a relaxing stay for both parents and children.

What features should I look for in a kid-friendly all-inclusive resort in the USA?

You should look for resorts offering age-appropriate activities, child care services, kid’s clubs, family-oriented accommodations, and meals suited to young palates. Safety and convenience are also paramount; features like shallow pools and rooms with kitchenettes can make a significant difference.

Can you recommend top family resorts on the East Coast that cater to children’s activities?

The Tyler Place Family Resort in Vermont and Rocking Horse Ranch in New York are prime examples of East Coast resorts that host a breadth of activities for children, such as horseback riding, water sports, and guided adventures.

What are some of the best family resorts in Florida that offer programs for kids?

Consider the Club Med Sandpiper Bay in Port St. Lucie or the Atlantis Paradise Island which is close to Florida and provides extensive kids’ programs, including educational marine adventures and water parks.

How do all-inclusive family resorts accommodate different age groups, from toddlers to teens?

All-inclusive family resorts typically offer varying clubs based on age: baby clubs for toddlers, mini clubs for younger kids, and teen societies for adolescents. These clubs host age-appropriate activities ranging from arts and crafts to adventure sports, ensuring a tailored and enjoyable experience for each child.

Are there any all-inclusive beach resorts in the USA that are particularly suited for families?

The Beaches Turks & Caicos resort, although just outside of the USA, is easily accessible and renowned for family-friendly beach getaways. It offers water parks, kids’ camps, and a variety of beach activities fit for the whole family.

What are the benefits of staying at a family resort with a dedicated kids club?

Kids clubs offer professional childcare, granting you some personal time while ensuring your children are engaged in fun, safe, and supervised activities. These clubs often provide a diverse program of events that encourage learning and social interaction among peers.

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  • 🎨 Creative Crafts and DIYs
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