The Best Suitcase for Kids: Picks for Travel-Savvy Families

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Best Suitcase For Kids
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Traveling can be an enriching experience for children, offering them a glimpse into different cultures and environments. Suitcases specifically designed for kids can make their travel experience more exciting and manageable. Just as adults need luggage that meets their travel needs, children benefit from suitcases that are tailored to their size and interests. Kids’ suitcases are usually lightweight, have appealing designs, and are sized to be managed by smaller hands. This makes the journey less daunting for a child and encourages independence and responsibility for their belongings.

When shopping for the best suitcase for kids, durability and practicality are key considerations. Children are not always gentle with their possessions; therefore, a suitcase must withstand rough handling and the rigors of travel. Features like rolling wheels and retractable handles can make a suitcase more functional for a child. Interior compartments and straps keep items in place, reducing clutter and the frustration of finding belongings. Comfortable handles and lightweight materials prevent strain on little arms and shoulders. Many children’s suitcases also come in bright colors or feature popular characters, making them more appealing to younger travelers.

Parents should also consider size and capacity when picking a suitcase for their child. It should be large enough to hold all the necessary items but small enough to fit in overhead compartments and be easily carried by the child. Additionally, many airlines have size restrictions for carry-on luggage, which is another important aspect to keep in mind to avoid last-minute check-in fees or travel delays.

Finding a suitcase that checks all these boxes can significantly enhance the travel experience for a child. A good kids’ suitcase balances fun and functionality, making it not just a vessel for their things but a part of the adventure itself. The right choice can help cultivate a sense of travel-smart independence, preparing young explorers for many journeys to come. We will help you navigate through the vast choices available to find the suitcase that’s best suited for your little traveler’s next trip.

Top Picks for Kids’ Suitcases

Traveling with children requires luggage that is durable, functional, and engaging. Our selection of kids’ suitcases meets these criteria and is designed to make traveling as enjoyable for your little ones as it is for you. We’ve curated a list that includes options with playful designs and practical features, catering to various ages and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a suitcase with whimsical characters or one that’s lightweight and easy for a child to handle, our roundup has you covered.

Travelers Club Kids’ Set

Travelers Club 5 Piece Kids' Luggage Set

We believe the Travelers Club 5 Piece Kids’ Luggage Set is an excellent investment for convenient and fun travel with young ones.


  • All-inclusive set meets various travel needs
  • Lightweight and sturdy construction eases use for kids
  • Vibrant design makes it easy to identify


  • Recommended mainly for kids six years and older
  • Not suitable for rough handling during extensive travel
  • Limited space for longer trips

When selecting luggage for kids, we look for options that blend durability with kid-friendly features. The Travelers Club Kids’ Set catches the eye with its cohesive design, offering a range of travel essentials in one package. A hardcover carry-on, matching backpack, lunch bag, neck pillow, and luggage tag make up this colorful set, which not only appeals to children but also makes organizing travel gear a breeze.

We ensure that functionality pairs with enjoyment. This set features a telescopic handle and four smooth-rolling wheels on the carry-on, fostering independence as kids can easily maneuver their own luggage. The thrill of travel is often in the details; the playful designs ensure the luggage stands out, reducing the chances of it being misplaced or confused with another traveler’s bags.

Consideration of practicality and longevity is key. While perfect for holiday getaways or overnights with grandparents, remember to assess how much packing space your child will need. This luggage set is ideal for short stints rather than extensive voyages. The durability is suitable to withstand the typical use by children but may not endure the rougher treatment that comes with frequent, heavy travel. Overall, the Travelers Club Kids’ Set is a robust choice for those seeking functionality and fun in children’s travel gear.

Betsey Johnson Kids’ Suitcase Set

Betsey Johnson Suitcase

We think this Betsey Johnson Luggage Set is a fantastic choice for any family on the move because of its blend of style, durability, and maneuverability.


  • Vibrant, unique design sure to stand out at baggage claim
  • Durable hardshell construction with scratch-resistant finish
  • Expandable design allowing for additional packing space


  • May be priced higher than more basic luggage sets
  • Variety in design may not appeal to all tastes
  • On the heavier side which might be cumbersome for kids

Travel can be as much about the journey as the destination, especially for kids. That’s why the Betsey Johnson Designer Luggage Collection with its eye-catching design can make a trip even more exciting for the little ones. This set boasts not just good looks but also barriers against the wear and tear of travel.

This luggage set’s range of sizes provides versatility whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a longer vacation. The easy-to-maneuver wheels make navigating through busy airports a breeze, helping take some of the stress out of traveling with children.

Considering practicality, the expandable nature of this suitcase set is a clear benefit. You can pack those extra souvenirs without worry. Also, the different sizes cater to various travel needs, making this set a comprehensive option for family travel. However, keep in mind that style comes with a price and not just in terms of money—its distinct look might not match everyone’s taste, and the larger sizes might be heavier for a child to handle independently. Despite these points, we find the combination of form and function in the Betsey Johnson Designer Luggage Collection to be a strong contender in kids’ travel gear.

American Tourister Minnie Mouse Hardside Luggage

Disney Hardside Upright Luggage

We believe this luggage blends fun and functionality, making it an excellent choice for young travelers who adore Disney characters.


  • Vibrant Disney-themed design appeals to kids
  • Durable ABS material withstands rough handling
  • Lightweight and easy for children to maneuver


  • Surface prone to scratches from rough usage
  • May be small for children over six years old
  • Limited capacity for longer trips or more items

Traveling with children often requires gear that is both functional and engaging. The American Tourister Disney Hardside Upright Luggage is designed to hit that sweet spot, combining practical features with a design that captures the hearts of young Disney fans. The suitcase’s lightweight design allows children to handle their own luggage with ease, fostering a sense of independence.

While the exterior of the suitcase is eye-catching, featuring beloved Disney characters, it is also constructed to be hardwearing. The ABS material is strong enough to withstand the knocks and bumps of travel. Additionally, the side-mounted skate wheels contribute to smooth mobility, so navigating through busy airports is less of a hassle.

On the inside, the organizational elements, like the crisscross straps and the mesh divider, help keep items secure and neat throughout the journey. However, it’s important to bear in mind the dimensions; this carry-on is tailored to younger children, which may mean its storage capacity can be limiting for extended vacations or for children who like to pack more than the essentials.

Overall, the American Tourister Minnie Mouse Hardside Luggage is an attractive travel companion for little ones, striking a balance between fun and functionality that could make any trip more enjoyable.

LUGGEX Expandable Luggage

LUGGEX Expandable Luggage

We believe this suitcase offers an ideal blend of style and practicality for any young traveler’s adventure.


  • Impressively lightweight construction enhances portability.
  • Thoughtful internal organizing features simplify packing.
  • Expandability provides valuable extra space for souvenirs.


  • High-gloss finish may show scuffs over time.
  • May require careful handling to prevent damage.
  • Limited brand recognition compared to more established competitors.

Traveling with kids requires luggage that’s both resilient and easy to handle. The LUGGEX 28 Inch Luggage ticks these boxes, offering a travel solution that won’t weigh you down. Its sleek design is not just for looks; it’s crafted from premium materials known for their durability. This is particularly beneficial when dealing with the rough and tumble of baggage handling.

Space is a valuable commodity in any suitcase, and this model excels with its expandable design. Parents will appreciate the ability to pack those extra items or bring home holiday momentos without stress. The organized interior, with dividers and compartments, ensures that everything has its place, which makes unpacking on arrival as smooth as repacking for the journey home.

We understand that maneuverability is a key concern, especially when navigating airports with little ones in tow. The LUGGEX’s spinner wheels and direction control mean you can glide from the car to the check-in desk with minimal effort. Combine this with its substantial yet manageable size, and you have a suitcase that’s as ready for adventure as your kids are.

Emissary Kids Luggage Set

Emissary Kids Luggage Set

We recommend this luggage set for kids on the go, as it combines durability with child-friendly functionality and a fun design.


  • Built tough with a hardshell exterior to endure travel stresses
  • Specifically designed for children to handle easily with adjustable trolley
  • Features playful designs that children will adore


  • Interior might emit a plastic smell initially
  • Some reports of the zippers breaking after first use
  • May not be the most high-end product in terms of materials

Young travelers deserve luggage that can keep pace with their adventures, and this Emissary Kids Luggage Set ticks the right boxes. With durability at its core, the hardshell design ensures that belongings are snug and secure from one destination to the next, without parents having to fret over the usual bumps and scrapes associated with transit.

Maneuverability is a breeze for kids, thanks to the set’s 360-degree spinning wheels and an adjustable handle designed for small hands. The wheel’s silent gliding capability means both a smooth ride for the luggage and a quiet one for parents’ peace of mind.

The visual appeal is undeniably important, and this set comes in a variety of bright, playful patterns that kids will love. Not only can they choose a look that showcases their personal style, but the vibrant designs also make the luggage easy to spot on baggage carousels or tucked away in overhead bins.

While perfect for stowing away all your child’s travel necessities, customers have noted that when first opening, the luggage can emit a new plastic smell; however, this is often a temporary issue that dissipates over time. It’s also worth noting that while most reviews rave about the usability and design, a few have cited concerns over zippers breaking prematurely. Lastly, while this set may not boast the premium materials found in adult luggage lines, it balances cost with functionality to fit most families’ needs.

Bric’s B|Y Ulisse 28″ Suitcase

Bric's B|Y Ulisse Expandable Spinner Suitcase

We recommend the Bric’s B|Y Ulisse Expandable Spinner Suitcase for its blend of sophistication and functionality, making it a solid choice for young travelers.


  • Expandable design accommodates extra belongings
  • TSA-approved lock enhances security
  • Durable hardside exterior provides robust protection


  • Premium design may come at a higher price point
  • Large size may be cumbersome for smaller children to handle
  • Sophisticated style might not appeal to all kids

Traveling with children involves a unique set of challenges, and finding luggage that’s both durable and user-friendly can top that list. Bric’s B|Y Ulisse Suitcase offers a solution that can make trips with kids a bit smoother. Its lightweight design eases the load for young travelers, while its durability withstands the knocks and bumps of transit.

The convenience of the Bric’s suitcase lies in its thoughtful features, such as the small pocket for accessories—ideal for keeping travel essentials within easy reach. Additionally, the inclusion of a shoe and laundry bag is a considerate touch that helps keep things organized on the go.

Our consideration of a travel suitcase goes beyond just the practical features. We value the importance of a stylish piece of luggage that stands out in a crowd. The chic and urban look of the Bric’s B|Y Ulisse Suitcase certainly fits the bill, adding a touch of elegance to any child’s travel ensemble.

JetKids BedBox

JetKids by Stokke BedBox

We believe the JetKids BedBox is a solid investment for parents who want to ensure their kids travel comfortably, transforming a regular seat into a cozy retreat.


  • Transforms into a bed for in-flight rest
  • Doubles as a ride-on toy to entertain kids at the airport
  • Offers practical design features like swivel wheels and a shoulder strap


  • Priced higher than some traditional kid’s luggage
  • Limited to children between the ages of 3 and 7
  • May not fit as a carry-on for some airlines

Traveling with children can be challenging, but the JetKids BedBox eases some of that stress by doubling as both luggage and a comfortable spot for kids to rest during a flight. Its transformative design not only excites kids but also functions to keep them rested, especially on long journeys.

The convenience it provides at airports is notable. Kids can navigate vast terminals on their BedBox, affording parents a smoother transit while also keeping luggage close by. This serves as a fun experience for the little ones and a practical one for adults.

However, it’s worth considering the BedBox’s suitability for your family’s travel habits, especially given its price. Despite its impressive functionality, it’s not necessarily the go-to option for every family. But if seamless travel and child comfort are priorities, this piece of luggage is worthy of your consideration.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best suitcase for kids, we must consider several important features to ensure both functionality and enjoyment for young travelers. Below, we address key factors to guide us in finding an optimal suitcase for children.


Materials: We look for high-quality, robust materials that can withstand rough handling. Polycarbonate and high-density polyester are good options for hard and soft cases, respectively.

Type Pros Cons
Hard Shell Protects contents May be heavier
Soft Shell Flexible storage Less protective

Size and Weight

Proportions: The suitcase should be appropriately sized for the child’s age and height, without being too bulky or heavy. Most suitcases for kids range in size from 16 to 22 inches.

Age Size Weight
3-5 16″ Light enough to pull
6-8 18″ Manageably light
9+ 20-22″ Relative to child’s ability to handle

Safety and Security

Safety Features: Rounded corners, secure zippers, and interior straps keep belongings safe. For security, we opt for cases with lockable zippers.

Convenience Features

Mobility: Smooth-rolling wheels and adjustable handles ensure the suitcase is easy to maneuver. It’s important for cases to have a stable base when standing upright.

Storage: Multiple compartments and pockets help organize belongings. Internal straps are beneficial to hold items in place.

Design and Personalization

Design Preferences: Children appreciate fun colors or patterns. Personalization with their name can make the suitcase unique and easy to identify.

Cost Effectiveness

While we want a fun and functional product, we must also consider our budget. Price does not always indicate quality, so we assess whether the features justify the cost.

In short, we balance durability, size, safety, convenience, design, and cost to choose the suitable suitcase for the child’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting luggage for young travelers, durability, functionality, and size are key factors that influence a rewarding travel experience for both parents and children. We cover some of the most common inquiries to assist you in making an informed choice.

What features should I look for when choosing a ride-on suitcase for a toddler?

Look for ride-on suitcases that offer a sturdy design capable of withstanding rough handling, lightweight construction for easy maneuverability, and safety straps or harnesses. Additionally, models with engaging colors or themes that appeal to toddlers can make travel more enjoyable for them.

What are the benefits of personalized luggage for children?

Personalized luggage can make children feel special and more involved in the travel process. It’s also easier to spot, reducing the chance of losing bags, and encourages responsibility for their belongings.

How do I select the right size luggage for my child’s needs?

Consider the length of the trip and your child’s size when choosing luggage. For short trips, small carry-ons are sufficient. For longer travel, check the airline’s size restrictions for carry-ons to ensure the luggage fits in the overhead compartment.

What are the advantages of purchasing a luggage set for kids?

Buying a luggage set can offer a cost-effective solution with matching pieces that are easily identifiable. Sets often come with various sizes suitable for different trip lengths and purposes, providing versatility.

Which brands are known for making durable kids’ carry-on luggage?

Brands like Trunki, Samsonite, and American Tourister are reputable for creating kids’ carry-on luggage that is robust and designed to withstand the rigors of travel.

Are there suitcases available that can also serve as a child seat during travel?

Some suitcases are designed to double as a child seat, such as the BedBox by JetKids, which can be converted into a leg rest or child’s bed on airplanes, and also offers seat functionality while waiting at the airport.

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