The Best Drinks for Kids: for Your Little Ones

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Best Drinks For Kids
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Selecting the right beverages for children is both an important aspect of their nutrition and a choice that can set them up for healthy habits. When we consider drinks for kids, our primary focus is on hydration and nutritional value. Water is the fundamental hydrating agent for all age groups and is particularly crucial for children due to their higher levels of activity and energy expenditure. However, kids might often clamor for something with a bit more taste, which brings us to a variety of flavored and fortified drinks aimed at the younger demographic.

While water should always be the cornerstone of a child’s liquid intake, it’s beneficial to have other options that are both appealing to kids and approved by health-conscious caretakers. Options range from milk, which offers calcium for growing bones, to 100% fruit juices that provide essential vitamins and minerals—though these should be limited due to their high sugar content. The best drinks for kids strike a balance between flavor and health, omitting added sugars and artificial ingredients in favor of natural and nutrient-rich components.

When we’re selecting beverages for children, we must pay attention to labels: the amount of sugars, types of sweeteners used, and the presence of any artificial colorings or flavorings are vital factors. We look for drinks that contribute to the child’s daily nutritional needs without unnecessary additives. Size and packaging also matter for practicality and portion control.

Guiding you now into the specifics, we’ll be presenting our findings, focusing on drinks that promote health without sacrificing the tastes kids love. We’ve considered everyday hydration, nutritional benefits, and the occasional treat to offer a comprehensive overview of the best drinks for kids.

Top Picks for Kid-Friendly Beverages

When it comes to keeping our little ones hydrated and happy, choosing the right drink is crucial. We’ve researched and tasted a variety of beverages to present you with options that are not only flavorsome but also mindful of nutritional content. Our selection promises to include drinks that cater to different preferences, ensuring that your child enjoys every sip while you rest assured they’re consuming something beneficial. Here’s our exclusive roundup of the best drinks for kids, with choices that are sure to earn a thumbs-up from the young crowd.

Orgain Fruity Cereal Protein Shake for Kids

Orgain Organic Kids Nutritional Protein Shake

We find this protein shake for kids to be a wholesome option, offering balanced nutrition with a fun flavor they’ll enjoy.


  • Nutritionally dense with 22 vitamins and minerals
  • Contains organic protein and fiber, supporting growth
  • Free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives


  • Taste may not appeal to all children
  • Higher cost compared to some other snack options
  • May not align with all dietary restrictions (contains dairy)

Orgain’s Fruity Cereal Protein Shake provides a nutritionally-rounded snack that incorporates organic protein and a variety of vitamins. The inclusion of fruits and vegetables in its formulation means we’re giving kids important nutrients they might otherwise miss out on, especially if they’re picky eaters.

We notice that despite lowering the sugar content, the shake maintains a sweet taste that many kids find appealing. The convenience of a ready-to-drink product is invaluable for the hectic mornings or as a quick snack between activities.

While it’s great that this shake is gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO, it is not suitable for all dietary needs, as it’s not vegan or dairy-free. However, for children without these dietary restrictions, it serves as a healthful option that we find easy to incorporate into daily routines, providing peace of mind for nutrition-conscious parents.

Hint Kids Water Pack

Hint Kids Water

We find the Hint Kids Water Pack is an excellent choice for keeping your kids hydrated with flavorful and healthy water options.


  • No sugar, sweeteners, or calories for a healthy hydration choice
  • Comes in a variety pack to cater to different tastes
  • The packaging is designed for easy handling by small hands


  • The subtle flavor might not be strong enough for some kids used to sugary drinks
  • It could be pricer compared to regular water or juice boxes
  • A slight aftertaste or film feeling reported by some users

Keeping children hydrated can often be a challenge, but Hint Kids Water offers flavorful water without the added sugars or sweeteners found in traditional juices. Its 6.75 fl oz boxes are easy for kids to hold, encouraging them to drink more water throughout the day. The variety pack includes favorite flavors like cherry and watermelon, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

With no sugar, sweeteners, or calories, these drinks are a healthier alternative to many options on the market. Parents can feel good about giving their children Hint Kids Water, knowing it supports better hydration habits. Moreover, the brand’s commitment to avoiding any artificial flavors aligns with a growing desire for natural ingredients in children’s products.

However, not all reviews are glowing—some find the ‘hint’ of flavor too subtle, and few discuss a peculiar aftertaste or film. These are points to consider, especially if your child is accustomed to the stronger tastes of sugary beverages. Despite these potential downsides, the Hint Kids Water Pack stands out for its health-conscious formula and appealing taste that promotes healthier hydration choices for kids.


GHOST ENERGY Sugar-Free Energy Drink

We think GHOST ENERGY Sugar-Free Energy Drink brings a refreshing twist to kids’ beverages with its SOUR PATCH KIDS Redberry flavor, minus the sugar rush.


  • Sugar-free, reducing chances of energy crashes
  • Includes nootropics for an added focus boost
  • Vegan-friendly and gluten-free for those with dietary concerns


  • Contains 200mg of caffeine, not suitable for children under 18
  • High caffeine content may not be favored by all parents
  • Potential for overconsumption due to the appealing flavor

Engaging with the balance of energy and nutrition is crucial when it comes to drinks for kids. GHOST ENERGY Redberry promises a sugar-free experience infused with supplements designed to enhance focus and provide energy. The clear labeling and transparency about the ingredients are reassuring, as parents know exactly what their children are consuming.

Considering a suitable drink for older kids, especially teenagers, requires careful thought. While the caffeine content in GHOST ENERGY Redberry is sourced naturally from coffee beans for a smoother uplift, it’s imperative to acknowledge that 200mg per can is substantial and may be more appropriate for adults or older adolescents with parental guidance.

Convenience is key in today’s fast-paced world. A 12-pack of GHOST ENERGY Redberry means you’ve got a stock of tasty, energy-boosting drinks that are both gluten-free and vegan, ready for those moments when water or juice isn’t quite enough. Yet, care must be taken to ensure these energizing beverages are consumed in moderation, considering the high caffeine levels and their appeal to children who might be drawn to the familiar SOUR PATCH KIDS flavor.

Honest Kids Super Punch

Honest Kids Super Fruit Punch

We think you’ll feel good about serving your kids Honest Kids Super Fruit Punch, given its organic ingredients and delightful taste minus the added sugars.


  • Contains a blend of organic fruit juices, offering a natural sweetness that’s better for your little ones
  • Fortified with Vitamin C, aligning with your goal of providing nutritious options
  • Comes in a convenient pouch form, perfect for on-the-go snacking and lunch boxes


  • Some may find the natural sweetness less intense compared to other fruit drinks
  • The use of a plastic straw might pose challenges for smaller children
  • Organic juices can come with a higher price tag compared to non-organic options

In today’s market, finding a drink that meets the balance between healthiness and taste can be quite the hunt, but Honest Kids Super Fruit Punch hits the mark. The organic certification assures us we’re avoiding the artificial sweeteners that crowd many children’s beverages. We appreciate that these punch pouches are sweetened with fruit juice, a smarter choice over high-fructose corn syrup.

Our kids are always on the move, so having a juice drink that can tag along without hassle is a huge plus. These easy-to-carry pouches fit effortlessly in lunchboxes or backpacks making them an excellent pick for parents seeking both convenience and quality.

Affordability and taste must also be considered for the daily demands of kid-friendly beverages. We understand that while organic juice can be a pricier option, investing in healthier drink choices pays off in our children’s wellness. You might note a milder flavor in this punch compared to sugary counterparts; however, many parents will find this subtle sweetness perfectly adequate for their kids’ palates.

Kool-Aid Jammers Variety Pack

Kool-Aid Jammers

We believe these Kool-Aid Jammers make a splash with convenience and fruity flavors, constituting a sweet treat for kids.


  • Lower sugar content than standard sodas
  • Child-friendly packaging that’s easy to open
  • Variety pack appeals to different tastes


  • Artificially flavored, may not suit all dietary preferences
  • Not as nutritious as natural juice or water
  • Pouch size might be too small for bigger kids

Kool-Aid is a household name, and the Jammers Variety Pack is no exception to their lineage of fun, enjoyable drinks. They’re packed with enough variety to appeal to many palates, which makes sense for households with multiple taste preferences. With tropical punch, grape, and cherry, these artificially flavored drink pouches provide a burst of fruitiness that’s bound to delight young ones.

Let’s talk about the sugar content. It’s a known fact that excess sugar isn’t beneficial for children’s health. Luckily, Kool-Aid Jammers contain 75% less sugar than the leading regular sodas, making them a relatively better choice for something sweet to sip on. They’re practical too—whether packed in a lunchbox or served at a party, their easy-to-open pouches give kids a sense of independence while enjoying their drink.

However, it’s important to remember these drinks are artificially flavored, which might not align with everyone’s preference for natural ingredients. Plus, if your kid has a larger appetite, the 6 fl oz pouches might not be quite enough. It’s also worth noting that while these are sugary treats, they don’t offer the nutritional benefits of whole fruits or unsweetened beverages.

To sum it up, the Kool-Aid Jammers Variety Pack scores high on taste and convenience, albeit with a few considerations to bear in mind. They are an enjoyable option for occasional treats rather than an everyday drink, especially among kids who savor variety and a touch of sweetness.

Honest Kids Super Punch

Honest Kids Super Fruit Punch

Choosing Honest Kids Super Punch means giving your child a refreshment that’s both delicious and conscious of their nutritional needs.


  • Made with organic ingredients
  • No added sugars, which aligns with a healthier lifestyle
  • Convenient packaging perfect for on-the-go consumption


  • Contains only 42% juice
  • May be pricier compared to similar products
  • Some palates may find it less sweet than expected

Parents are constantly on the lookout for drinks that strike the right balance between taste and health, and we understand that. Organic products like Honest Kids Super Punch offer a choice that aligns with this balance. It’s crafted with organic ingredients and comes without any added sugars, responding to our preference for more natural options in our kids’ diets.

Ease of use is another huge plus. In our fast-paced lives, the convenience of having a grab-and-go juice box that’s designed to be both sturdy and manageable for little hands cannot be overstated. It’s a reliable option for packed lunches, playground breaks, and to keep hydration levels up during after-school activities.

However, we also recognize that pricing and juice content are important factors. While the drink might carry a premium price tag due to its organic branding, it’s worth considering its benefits for your child’s health. Moreover, the 42% juice content might seem low, but considering that it cuts down on unnecessary sugars, it’s a trade-off some parents are willing to make.

With these points in mind, we find Honest Kids Super Punch to be a strong contender in the children’s juice market, brought to us by a brand that many parents have grown to trust.

Honest Kids Juice Variety

Honest Kids Organic Juice Drink

We reckon this juice variety pack is a hit for kids with its organic ingredients and delightful array of flavors.


  • Assured organic quality, free from artificial additives

Buying Guide

When selecting drinks for kids, we need to prioritize health and taste. It’s essential to consider various features that contribute to the nutritional value and appeal for children. We’ve compiled some key factors to guide us through the process.

Nutritional Content

We want to choose drinks that are beneficial to a child’s health. Look for options that are:

  • Low in sugar: Too much sugar can lead to health issues.
  • High in essential nutrients: Vitamins and minerals support growth.
Nutrient Significance
Calcium Essential for bone development.
Vitamin D Facilitates calcium absorption.
Vitamin C Supports the immune system.

Taste and Appeal

It’s important that the drink is palatable for children:

  • Experiment with different flavors to cater to varied tastes.
  • Consider natural fruit juices for sweetness instead of added sugars.


We’ll want to thoroughly check the ingredient list for:

  • Natural ingredients over artificial ones.
  • Presence of preservatives or food colorings (opt for fewer or none).


The packaging should be:

  • Durable and safe: Ensures the drink can be consumed without risk of contamination.
  • Eco-friendly: We prefer options that are kind to our environment.


If there are allergies to consider:

  • Check labels for common allergens like dairy or nuts, ensuring the product is safe.

Following these guidelines helps us select drinks that are suitable for kids, keeping their well-being as the top priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we provide authoritative answers to common queries regarding the best drinks for children, focusing on nutritional value and suitability.

What are some nutritious drinks suitable for toddlers?

For toddlers, we recommend breast milk or formula as primary drinks. Beyond that, small amounts of water and pure, unsweetened fruit juices can be introduced. Cow’s milk is also a good option after the first year, to help provide calcium and vitamin D.

How can I ensure my 7-year-old has a healthy beverage?

Make water readily available for your 7-year-old, as it’s the best way to keep them hydrated without added sugars or calories. For variety, offer low-fat milk or non-dairy alternatives, and occasionally serve 100% fruit juice diluted with water.

What are appropriate hydration options for a 12-year-old?

Water should be the main source of hydration for a 12-year-old. However, sports drinks may be beneficial during prolonged physical activity on hot days, although they should be consumed judiciously due to high sugar content.

What kind of drinks are recommended for children’s parties?

For children’s parties, serve water, homemade fruit smoothies, or milk as the main beverages. Avoid soda, punch, and energy drinks due to their high sugar content and lack of nutritional value.

Which juices offer health benefits without added sugars for young children?

Look for juices that are labeled 100% fruit juice, which provide vitamins like vitamin C without added sugars. However, even these should be consumed in moderation due to their natural sugar content.

How much water is recommended for a toddler daily to maintain proper hydration?

Toddlers typically need about 1 to 4 cups of water per day, depending on their size, the weather, and their activity level. This amount includes water from all sources, not just beverages.

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