The Best Piggy Banks for Kids: for Teaching Financial Savvy

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Best Piggy Bank For Kids
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Introducing children to the concept of saving money is a foundational step in teaching them about financial responsibility. Piggy banks have long been a simple and engaging tool for kids to learn the habit of saving. As children drop coins into their personal savings banks, they begin to understand the value of money and the importance of saving for future needs or desires. The piggy bank isn’t just a practical tool; it’s a playful and educational item that can help make the concept of money management accessible and fun for kids of different ages.

When selecting the best piggy bank for kids, durability and design are crucial. It should withstand the rough handling that often comes with enthusiastic young savers, while also being appealing enough for children to want to use it regularly. Some piggy banks are made with breakable materials like ceramic or glass, which might not be suitable for younger kids, whereas others are made from more robust materials such as plastic or metal. Additionally, many piggy banks now incorporate educational aspects, such as digital counters or ways to sort and categorize coins, further enhancing their learning value.

In making a purchase, consider the child’s age and interests. For very young children, a piggy bank should be easy to use and have a wide slot for inserting coins. For older children, ones with additional features that teach about money management can offer an enriched learning experience. Size also matters; it should be large enough to hold a significant number of coins but not so large that it’s unwieldy for a child’s room.

Considering these features ensures that a piggy bank is not only a fun accessory for a child’s room but also a valuable learning tool. Our recommendations take these factors into account to help you find the best piggy bank for the little saver in your life. The next section will provide a curated list of piggy banks that we believe stand out in terms of durability, design, and educational value.

Top Piggy Banks for Kids

We understand the importance of teaching children about saving from a young age. That’s why we’ve curated a selection of piggy banks that not only serve as fun and engaging tools for kids to start learning financial responsibility but also double as charming room decor. Each of these piggy banks has been chosen for its quality, durability, and kid-friendly appeal to ensure that the youngest members of the family can enjoy saving their pennies for a rainy day.

Playsheek Electronic Piggy Bank

Playsheek Piggy Bank

We recommend the Playsheek Electronic Piggy Bank as a delightful way for children to learn about saving money with its engaging features and secure money storage.


  • Engages children with sound effects when depositing coins
  • Spacious storage for both coins and bills, enhancing saving habits
  • Secure with a customizable 4-digit password


  • Paper money needs to be in good condition for automatic deposit
  • Requires batteries to function
  • If the password is forgotten, a reset is necessary

In a world where financial literacy is more crucial than ever, the Playsheek Electronic Piggy Bank stands out as a learning tool for children. It entices young savers with its sound effects, making the act of depositing money enjoyable. With a considerable capacity for both coins and bills, kids can watch their savings grow, reinforcing the habit of saving.

Beyond saving, this piggy bank teaches kids about security. The 4-digit password feature provides an understanding of safeguarding their valuable items. It resonates with the real-world concept of protecting one’s assets, albeit in a user-friendly, kid-appropriate manner.

Remarkably, this piggy bank is not just a container for money but also a pathway to conversations about finances between parents and children. Its functionality coupled with educational benefits makes it a desirable gift that children wouldn’t just use, but learn from.

Refasy ATM Piggy Bank for Kids

Refasy ATM Piggy Bank for Kids

We recommend the Refasy ATM Piggy Bank for children who are excited about saving money in a fun and interactive way.


  • Enhances saving habits with an ATM-style mechanism
  • Sturdy construction promotes longevity
  • Engages kids with a secure pin and bill feeder


  • Loud beeping sounds with no volume control
  • Occasional issues with the code recognition system
  • Potentially annoying voice commands for some

Introducing the Refasy ATM Piggy Bank, a toy that merges the excitement of savings with modern banking’s convenience. It’s a fantastic tool for children to learn financial discipline in a manner that feels rewarding and adult-like. With a solid build and an inviting interface, this product stands out as more than just a place to stash cash; it’s an educational experience.

Stumbling upon the perfect gift that hits the sweet spot between fun and function can be a challenge, yet this piggy bank manages to do just that. Kids adore the semblance of independence as they input their own code to safeguard their hard-earned money. Plus, the animated bill feeder takes interaction to a new level, turning savings into a game they’ll want to play repeatedly.

As with all toys, the Refasy piggy bank isn’t without its drawbacks. Parents might find the beeping too loud for their household, and some kinks in the pin recognition may require a reset from time to time. Despite these minor hiccups, we believe its pros outweigh the cons, making it a sound choice for teaching kids the value of saving and handling money.

Hapinest Truck Bank

Hapinest Ceramic Construction Dump Truck Piggy Bank

We find this Hapinest piggy bank to be a charming and functional choice for teaching youngsters the value of saving.


  • The truck design is engaging, doubling as room decor
  • Quality ceramic material with a smooth, hand-painted finish
  • Large enough to hold a considerable number of coins


  • No slot for bills, only coins
  • Ceramic can be breakable if mishandled
  • Removing coins might require adult assistance

Saving becomes fun with the Hapinest piggy bank. Its truck design captivates a child’s imagination, making it more than just a savings tool. It’s room decor too, ideal for a touch of personality in any space.

Durability is important when it comes to children’s items. This piggy bank’s high-quality ceramic is designed to last, withstanding the typical wear and tear of a child’s room.

The ritual of saving is pivotal in a child’s development. With its sizable interior, this piggy bank can house a growing collection of coins, encouraging regular saving habits among little ones.

KIBAGA Wooden Piggy Bank

KIBAGA Cute Piggy Bank

We recommend this KIBAGA Wooden Piggy Bank as a charming tool to help kids learn about saving money in a delightful manner.


  • Encourages kids to develop saving habits in an enjoyable way
  • Combines durability with safety, crafted from child-safe plywood
  • The lock feature with keys, allows for secure storage and access to savings


  • May be tricky for some children to unlock on their own
  • Design might not appeal to all tastes, being quite specific
  • At 5.3 inches, size may not accommodate a larger quantity of savings for older kids

Teaching kids about the importance of saving money can often feel like an uphill battle. However, the right piggy bank can turn this essential lesson into an exciting journey. This particular piggy bank captures children’s attention with an irresistible design, encouraging them to feed their savings steadily.

The idea of a piggy bank that’s not just a place to store coins and bills, but also a delight for their bedrooms, sounds rather promising. Our little ones could use something that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Isn’t it wonderful when a child’s room accessory can also instill life-long financial habits?

We must also note the practicality of such an item. If a child’s piggy bank is cumbersome or irksome to use, the likelihood of it being forgotten in a corner is high. Thankfully, the KIBAGA piggy bank with a lock and keys invites regular interaction and provides a sense of ownership—a small, yet impactful, built-in lesson in responsibility.

Digital Counting Money Jar

Digital Piggy Bank

We think this piggy bank is a smart choice for kids who enjoy watching their savings grow, giving them a practical and engaging way to learn about money.


  • Encourages saving with its digital counter by making it a fun and rewarding experience.
  • Transparent design lets kids see their progress, bolstering their motivation to save.
  • Simple to use, with adjustable settings to account for money being added or taken out.


  • Requires batteries, which are not included and need periodic replacement.
  • Some difficulty with the coin slot when inserting coins, which could frustrate younger children.
  • Might miscalculate if coins are inserted too rapidly, meaning careful usage is necessary.

Encouraging kids to save money can be quite a challenge, but with the Lefree Digital Counting Money Jar, it turns into an interactive and rewarding task. The clear LCD screen is a standout feature, instantly displaying the amount each coin adds to the total, ensuring that kids get immediate feedback on their savings. It’s a delightful way to integrate a valuable life lesson into their daily routine.

The design is not only functional but also visually pleasing. The transparent plastic allows savings to be visible, presenting a live demonstration of their growing funds. It’s a marvelous way to spark a conversation about money management and financial planning with your children.

However, keep in mind that the piggy bank functions with batteries, meaning they will have to be replaced from time to time. Also, the coin slot has been mentioned as a minor point of concern; it may require a firm push to get coins in, which could lead to some frustration for little fingers. Lastly, patience is key when inserting coins, as rapid deposit could lead to miscounts, a small hiccup in what is otherwise a fantastic tool for teaching kids about money.

HUSAN Electronic Money Bank

HUSAN Piggy Bank

We believe this product is a clever choice for kids who love to save, offering both security and functionality.


  • Encourages financial responsibility with an electronic password feature
  • Capacious enough to hold both coins and paper money
  • Durable construction with environmentally friendly materials


  • Requires batteries that are not included
  • The code setting process may be challenging for younger children
  • Construction may feel less premium compared to more traditional piggy banks

Our initial impressions suggest that this piggy bank hits the sweet spot for interactive savings. With its electronic password lock, it adds a layer of security that might just make saving more appealing for the little ones. The sturdy, anti-fall construction assures us that it can handle the rough and tumble of kids’ play.

Young savers won’t have to choose between coins or bills, thanks to the separate entries for each. It also serves as an educational tool, introducing them to the concept of digital security while fostering independence as they manage their own mini-fortune.

While the necessity of purchasing batteries is an extra step, the overall convenience and educational value of the HUSAN Electronic Money Bank make it a minor hiccup. We appreciate designs that push the envelope in combining traditional concepts with modern tech, preparing kids for a digital future.

PJDRLLC Piggy Bank

PJDRLLC Piggy Bank

Choosing this piggy bank is a delightful way to introduce the concept of saving to youngsters, blending durability and functionality with cheerful colors.


  • Unbreakable design withstands drops and rough play
  • Compact size conducive to little hands
  • Bottom knob enables easy access to saved funds


  • Some might find the medium size smaller than expected
  • Limited decorative features beyond its color options
  • Bottom opening may be too easy for kids to remove money without supervision

Investing in a young one’s financial awareness can be fun and educational. The PJDRLLC Piggy Bank turns this journey into a joyful experience. Its robust construction ensures that even if it takes a tumble during playtime, the saved coins remain secure. Parents can rest easy knowing that this bank won’t shatter into dangerous pieces.

Our little savers cherish having something that’s just their size. This piggy bank fits comfortably in small palms, making it easier for children to manage their growing treasure. The medium dimensions mean it won’t consume too much space in a room, yet it’s large enough to hold a decent amount of savings.

Finally, it’s crucial that accessing their hard-earned money isn’t a struggle for our kids. The PJDRLLC Piggy Bank comes with an easy-to-use plastic knob at its base, which is great for children to operate. However, this feature could pose the risk of them frequently dipping into their savings, a consideration for those teaching the discipline of saving.

In essence, as we explore options for cultivating nurturing financial habits in our children, the PJDRLLC Piggy Bank stands out as a strong contender that combines practicality with the resilience needed for a child’s first money bank.

Buying Guide

Assessing the Material

We should consider the durability and safety of the materials used. Common options include:

  • Plastic: Lightweight, often transparent, a good option for younger children.
  • Metal: More durable, traditional, can often be heavier, which could be a consideration for portability.

Size and Capacity

Choosing the right size is crucial as it determines how much the piggy bank can hold. Our table below illustrates ideal sizes:

Age Group Ideal Size
Toddlers Small
Children Medium
Teens Large

Ease of Access

It’s important for the piggy bank to be accessible for kids so they can easily save and retrieve money. Look for features such as:

  • Removable Plugs: Allows for easy coin retrieval without breaking the bank.
  • Wide Slots: Ensures that both coins and bills can be inserted without frustration.

Design and Personalization

Attractive designs engage children more, but we should also make sure these aspects are taken into account:

  • Colorful and Fun: Bright colors and shapes can make saving appealing.
  • Personalization: Some banks can be personalized with names or stickers to increase a sense of ownership.

Educational Value

Lastly, we consider the piggy bank’s potential to teach financial habits:

  • Counting Features: Some piggy banks have built-in counters or ways to track savings.
  • Goals Setting: Choose a design that encourages setting and working toward saving goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addressing common queries, we aim to provide clear and helpful insights into the selection and use of piggy banks for kids.

What are the benefits of using a piggy bank for children?

We recognize that piggy banks are a practical tool for teaching children about saving and money management from an early age. They encourage financial discipline and provide a tangible way for kids to understand the value of money.

At what age should a child start using a piggy bank?

We believe children can start using a piggy bank as soon as they are able to grasp the concept of money, typically around the ages of 3 to 5. This is a period when children begin to understand basic money concepts through play and observation.

Which features should I look for in a child’s piggy bank?

When selecting a piggy bank for a child, we suggest looking for durability, ease of use, and a fun design that appeals to the child. Additional features might include a counter for tracking savings or separate compartments for different savings goals.

What are some creative alternatives to traditional piggy banks for kids?

Apart from standard piggy banks, we’ve noticed that other options include clear jars for visual savings goals, digital apps that simulate saving experiences, or DIY containers that children can decorate and personalize.

How do electronic piggy banks differ from traditional ones, and which are better for children?

Electronic piggy banks may offer features like digital counting and tracking, which can be engaging for kids. However, the choice between electronic and traditional depends on the child’s age, preference, and learning style. Both can effectively teach the fundamentals of saving.

What size of piggy bank is most suitable for young children?

We typically suggest a piggy bank that is large enough to hold a child’s savings but small enough for them to carry and handle easily. This often translates into piggy banks that can fit comfortably on a shelf or desk without taking up too much space.

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