The Best Winter Gloves For Kids: Picks for Warm Hands

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Best Winter Gloves For Kids
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As the cold season approaches, finding the right winter gear for children becomes a crucial task for parents. Keeping little fingers warm is especially important since children love to play outside, no matter the weather, and are more susceptible to the cold. Gloves designed for kids during winter not only provide the needed warmth but also allow for dexterity and grip necessary for building snowmen or gripping sleds. The variety available ranges from waterproof insulated gloves for snowy days to lighter fleece-lined ones for milder winter weather.

When looking for the best winter gloves for kids, several factors need to be considered. The material of the gloves dictates how warm and waterproof they will be; options include fleece, wool, and synthetic insulators. Size is also important, as gloves that are too tight could restrict blood flow, while those that are too loose could compromise warmth and usability. Durability is another key aspect, as children’s play can be tough on gloves, and features such as reinforced palms and fingers can extend their lifespan. Moreover, ease of putting on and taking off the gloves, as well as the ability to secure them to a child’s winter coat, often play a significant role in the overall satisfaction with the product.

We’ve assessed the options, considering insulation and waterproofing qualities, alongside practical features like adjustable wrist straps and touchscreen compatibility for older children’s convenience. Our goal is to help you identify gloves that meet both the comfort demands and the playful nature of childhood. By the end of this guide, you will be equipped with the knowledge to find the best winter gloves that will keep your child’s hands warm and dry through snowball fights and ski trips alike. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the best winter gloves for kids on the market.

Top Winter Gloves for Children

When the cold season hits, keeping our little ones warm and comfortable becomes a top priority. We’ve carefully selected gloves that promise to keep tiny fingers toasty during all kinds of winter play. Our picks prioritize warmth, durability, and flexibility so kids can enjoy the winter wonderland with hands well-protected from the chill.

ORVINNER Kids Wool-Lined Gloves

ORVINNER Kids Winter Gloves

We should consider the ORVINNER Kids Wool-Lined Gloves for maintaining our little ones’ hand warmth during chilly weather, thanks to their soft wool lining and thermal properties.


  • Warm wool lining for added comfort
  • Comes in a convenient 3-pack
  • Designed for a snug and cozy fit


  • Not waterproof; unsuitable for wet conditions
  • May be too big for toddlers with very small hands
  • Children outgrowing them quickly due to sizing

Cold seasons demand special attention to our kids’ clothing, particularly accessories like gloves that are essential for retaining heat. These ORVINNER gloves, lined with wool, promise a cozy experience for your child. The snug fit ensures that little hands remain protected against the cold bite of winter days.

Parents will appreciate the variety a 3-pack provides. No need to worry about finding a quick replacement for a lost glove; there are enough pairs to have a spare handy. It’s both efficient and economical, ensuring continued protection for your child’s hands throughout the winter.

However, be mindful these gloves are not designed to combat the wetness of snowball fights or sledding adventures. For snowy days, it would be best to look for waterproof alternatives. Moreover, for those with younger toddlers, you may find the gloves can slip off tiny hands; a more appropriate size may be required for the smallest members of the family. Additionally, keep in mind that as your child grows, these gloves may become tight, prompting a purchase of larger gloves sooner than anticipated.

N’Ice Caps Warm Winter Gloves

N'Ice Caps Kids Gloves

We recommend these gloves for their effective combination of warmth, water resistance, and ease of use for children aged 10-12 years.


  • Easy for kids to put on and take off
  • Thick and warm with water-resistant properties
  • Comes in multiple patterns with a stylish look


  • Not completely waterproof, may get damp inside
  • Require thorough drying after usage in snow
  • Limited to specific age range with less size flexibility

When winter arrives, keeping our kids’ hands warm and dry is essential. N’Ice Caps Kids Waterproof Thinsulate Warm Winter Gloves check many of the boxes. They’re designed with Thinsulate lining and are substantially thick, which retains heat effectively during cold weather outings.

Durability is important when it comes to children’s winter gloves. This pair is crafted to withstand playtime and outdoor activities without sacrificing comfort. The gloves are water-resistant, which means they’ll keep little hands dry during the majority of winter play, but they might not hold up to prolonged or heavy wet snow.

A little consideration goes a long way, and it’s clear that these gloves have been made with kids in mind. The ease with which children can put them on and remove them is a key benefit, preventing those moments of struggle before stepping out into the cold. However, if they do get wet on the inside after a long day of snowball fights, you’ll need to turn them inside out for them to dry properly.

Frozen 2 Winter Fun Set

Disney Girls' Frozen Winter Hat and Kids Gloves Set

We find this Disney Frozen set to be a charming choice for little fans, offering both style and moderate warmth.


  • Features beloved Frozen characters, appealing to little fans
  • Constructed with a soft inner lining for added comfort
  • Gloves come with a gripper print for better traction


  • May not be suitable for extremely cold temperatures
  • Hat might feel snug on some
  • Durability concern with reports of the pom-pom detaching easily

When the air turns crisp, our kids’ enthusiasm for going outside shouldn’t cool down. This Disney Girls’ Frozen Winter Hat and Kids Gloves Set ensures your child stays cozy while showcasing their favorite characters. With Elsa and Anna adorning the set, your child can feel like royalty during their outdoor escapades.

Comfort should never take a back seat when it comes to winter wear. The Sherpa lining inside the hat offers a soft embrace, ensuring your little one’s ears remain warm. It’s a delightful blend of comfort and style that’s bound to make mornings smoother.

Durability is always a concern with children’s accessories, as their vigorous play can be quite testing. While the set scores high on appeal and comfort, it’s worth noting that some buyers mentioned the pom-pom could detach. But overall, it’s a fair choice for regular winter days, making your child’s cold-weather adventures a little more magical.

AOTOW Kids Winter Sports Gloves

AOTOW Kids Winter Sports Gloves

We recommend these AOTOW gloves for kids who need a balance of warmth and dexterity in cold, wet conditions.


  • Durable polyester and spandex blend
  • Touchscreen compatible fingertips
  • Non-slip silicone pattern for enhanced grip


  • May not provide ample warmth in extreme cold
  • Waterproofing may not hold up in heavy wet conditions
  • Larger sizes could be too big for younger kids

When it comes to keeping your child’s hands cozy during winter sports or outdoor activities, a pair of sturdy gloves is essential. The AOTOW Kids Winter Sports Gloves are crafted with a blend of polyester and spandex, which brings together durability and a snug fit. Moreover, they have been specifically designed to include touchscreen-friendly tips, a feature that will undoubtedly please tech-savvy kids.

The added non-slip silicone pattern across the palm and fingers is a thoughtful inclusion, ensuring that everything from bicycles to snowballs can be gripped firmly. This attention to detail shines through even in casual use, making these gloves a versatile choice.

If your child is active during the colder months, whether cycling or just playing outside, warmth is a top priority. The AOTOW gloves come padded with silver fox velvet for insulation. However, they might not substitute for heavy-duty gloves in harsh winter weather. Additionally, while they are described as water-resistant, you may want to be cautious relying on them during prolonged exposure to rain or snow.

In summary, AOTOW’s offering rises to the challenge for daily winter wear, especially for active children. Keep in mind that while perfect for chilly days, these gloves might not replace the need for a more robust pair when the temperatures really drop or in wet snow.

Honoson Kids Snow Gloves

Honoson Kids Snow Gloves

Our assessment of the Honoson Kids Snow Gloves reveals they’re a solid buy for keeping your child’s hands warm and dry during winter play.


  • Effective waterproofing for dryness
  • Appealing designs for children
  • Good value with two pairs included


  • Prone to staining due to light colors
  • Might run smaller than expected
  • Some users report they are less warm than anticipated

Finding gloves that keep little hands warm and dry can be a challenge, but the Honoson Kids Snow Gloves rise to the occasion. The waterproof quality stands out, ensuring that moisture stays out, a vital feature for any child’s winter gear. The fun designs on these gloves go a long way in convincing kids to keep them on, and they don’t hurt the wallet either, as the pack includes two pairs.

It is, however, noteworthy that lighter colors may not hide dirt well, with these gloves showing stains more easily. If you’ve got an active child or one prone to getting their gloves dirty, you might need to wash these gloves more frequently.

Size matters when it comes to children’s gloves, and some parents have noted that these gloves fit on the small side. It’s worth considering a size up to ensure a good fit. Lastly, although intended for cold conditions, a few reviews have mentioned that the gloves are not as insulated as they had hoped. This factor could be crucial if your child is using them for extended periods in very cold weather.

In conclusion, the Honoson Kids Snow Gloves present a compelling option for parents seeking a balance between waterproofing, design, and cost. If you can manage occasional cleaning and choose the right size, your child will likely enjoy and benefit from these gloves throughout the winter.

Evridwear Kids Gripper Gloves

Evridwear Kids Winter Gloves

We find these Evridwear gloves to be a practical choice for keeping little fingers warm during the cooler months, especially given their tactile gripper feature.


  • Versatile warmth suitable for most cold weather conditions
  • Enhanced grip for active kids
  • Multipack offers great value and convenience


  • May not be suitable for the coldest, snow-heavy days
  • Limited age range availability
  • Potential durability concerns after multiple washes

Comfort is key when it comes to children’s winter gloves, and the Evridwear Kids Gloves tick this box with their soft acrylic and spandex blend. Their knit design provides both warmth and sufficient stretch to accommodate growing hands, making them a snug yet adaptable fit.

An undeniable highlight is the gripper design. This special addition ensures that playtime is slip-free, whether they’re swinging from monkey bars or clutching a bike handle. Given this feature, these gloves are not just warm but also functional, facilitating play without the common fumbling associated with typical winter gloves.

Convenience must never be overlooked with kids’ accessories. Thankfully, each pack comes with three pairs, meaning a fresh set is always at the ready should one go missing or require a wash. This value pack means you won’t be caught off guard in the hectic pace of the winter season.

SIMARI Kids Winter Gloves

SIMARI Kids Winter Gloves

We recommend these gloves for their stylish look, touchscreen compatibility, and non-slip features, making them a versatile choice for your child’s winter activities.


  • Incorporate touchscreen functionality
  • Anti-slip palm provides better grip
  • Aesthetic design appealing to kids


  • Not completely waterproof for snowy conditions
  • Limited sizing may not fit all children perfectly
  • May need to be layered under other gloves for extreme cold

When winter arrives, keeping our kids’ hands warm and protected becomes a priority. It’s important to find gloves that are not only effective at retaining heat but also enable our children to participate in their favorite activities without restriction. The SIMARI Kids Winter Gloves stand out for their practicality, offering features such as touchscreen fingertips. This means children won’t have to remove the gloves to use their devices, a real advantage on chilly days.

However, gloves also need to be right for our children in terms of fit and comfort. The variety of sizes offered by SIMARI ensures that many kids can find a suitable pair, though it’s key to measure carefully as fit is crucial for comfort and warmth. The anti-slip palm feature is a thoughtful addition, providing kids with better grip whether they’re cycling, playing football, or just enjoying a day at the park.

We need to consider versatility in winter gloves, and here the SIMARI gloves excel with the ability to use them as liners for ski gloves, extending their utility into more extreme conditions. It’s worth noting that while they’re warm, they aren’t fully waterproof, so for building snowmen or lengthy snowball fights, they might not be the stand-alone solution.

Our decision should balance the need for insulation, functionality, and adaptability for our children’s winter gloves. With SIMARI Gloves, we’re looking at a robust option that will serve well in various scenarios, making them a strong contender in our winter gear lineup.

Buying Guide

Material and Warmth

When looking for winter gloves for kids, we prioritize materials that offer a balance of warmth and breathability. Insulating fabrics such as fleece or wool work well to keep little hands toasty. We also consider waterproof or water-resistant materials for outdoor activity.

  • Warmth: Look for thermal insulation
  • Breathability: Ensures comfort
  • Water Resistance: Necessary for snow play

Size and Fit

A proper fit is essential for maximum comfort and functionality. Gloves that are too tight can restrict movement, while too loose gloves may not provide enough warmth.

  • Snug Fit: Ensures gloves stay on and provide dexterity
  • Room for Growth: Consider slightly larger sizes
  • Adjustments: Look for adjustable wrist straps


Children’s gloves should withstand playtime and repeated use. Reinforced palms and fingertips enhance durability, and gloves with strong stitching are less likely to fall apart.

  • Materials: Opt for high-quality, durable fabrics
  • Construction: Reinforced areas where wear is common

Safety Features

Safety features such as reflective elements are beneficial for visibility during the shorter daylight hours of winter.

  • Reflectivity: Adds visibility
  • Secure Fastenings: Prevents gloves from getting lost

Additional Features

Consider gloves with additional features such as touchscreen compatibility for convenience and clips for attaching gloves to outerwear to prevent loss.

  • Touchscreen Compatibility: For tech-savvy kids
  • Clips and Hooks: Keeps gloves together when not in use
Features Importance
Material High
Waterproofing Medium
Fit and Adjustability High
Durability High
Safety Features Medium
Extra Features Low-Medium

We keep these factors in mind to ensure we select gloves that offer comfort, protection, and durability for children during winter conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting winter gloves for young children, we focus on features that ensure warmth, security, and functionality. Here, we address common inquiries that assist in choosing the best winter gloves for little ones.

What are the key features to look for in winter gloves for toddlers?

In our experience, the key features to consider for toddlers’ winter gloves include adjustable wrist straps, elasticated cuffs, thermal insulation, and tactile fabric on the palms. This combination offers both warmth and practicality.

How do I ensure my toddler’s winter gloves stay on their hands?

We recommend gloves with long cuffs that tuck into sleeves and adjustable wrist closures. These features help the gloves stay put, even during active play.

What materials offer the best warmth and waterproofing in children’s winter gloves?

For maximum warmth and waterproofing, we suggest gloves made of synthetic materials like nylon or polyester with a waterproof membrane and insulated lining, such as Thinsulate.

What are the differences between mittens and gloves in terms of warmth for kids?

Mittens generally keep hands warmer than gloves because fingers share a single compartment, creating more heat. Gloves, however, offer better dexterity, which is useful for certain activities.

At what age is it appropriate to transition from mittens to gloves for children?

The appropriate age varies, but we usually see children transition from mittens to gloves around the age of 4 to 6 years, when they require more dexterity for outdoor play.

What are the top recommended brands for durable and warm winter gloves suitable for kids’ outdoor activities?

Top brands we recommend include The North Face, Columbia, Burton, and REI Co-op. These brands offer gloves that are durable, insulated, and designed specifically for children’s winter activities.

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