The Best Tennis Shoes for Kids: Comfort and Durability

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Best Tennis Shoes For Kids
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Selecting the right tennis shoes for kids is about more than just chasing the latest brand or colorway; it’s a crucial decision that affects comfort, performance, and injury prevention on the court. Footwear, especially in sports, plays an essential role in providing the necessary support for the unique demands of various activities. For young tennis players, the right shoe must offer a blend of flexibility, cushioning, and stability to accommodate the rapid starts and stops, lateral movements, and varied court surfaces they’ll encounter.

When shopping for children’s tennis shoes, fit and comfort are paramount. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to blisters, discomfort, and even long-term foot problems. As kids’ feet are still developing, look for shoes with ample room to grow without slipping off during play. Durability is also important; tennis can be hard on shoes, and you’ll want a pair that stands up to frequent use and rough treatment of toe dragging and side-to-side movement.

The most critical factors in choosing tennis shoes for children include the type of court surface they’ll be playing on most often, the shoe’s construction—particularly the outsole, midsole, and upper—and additional features like reinforced toe caps for durability. It’s essential to consider the shoe’s weight as well; heavier shoes might offer more durability, but can they hinder quick footwork? Lightweight shoes may enhance speed but could wear out faster. We have considered a wide range of factors to ensure that our recommendations not only suit the diverse needs of young athletes but also offer the best combination of performance, comfort, and style.

With these key points in mind, let’s move on to explore the specific tennis shoes that we’ve found to be exceptional choices for young players.

Best Tennis Shoes for Kids

We understand the importance of finding the perfect tennis shoes for your child’s developing feet. Athletic performance and comfort go hand in hand, and our selection reflects the best options available on the market. We have meticulously chosen shoes that offer excellent support, durability, and style to keep up with your child’s active lifestyle. Whether they are just starting out or already showing promise on the court, our roundup has something for every young athlete.

ASICS Kid’s Gel-Resolution 9

ASICS Tennis Shoes

We recommend ASICS Kid’s Gel-Resolution 9 Tennis Shoes for young athletes seeking comfort and stability on the court.


  • Enhanced stability suitable for youth tennis players
  • Forefoot GEL technology ensures comfortable impact absorption
  • Outsole design promotes natural foot movement during quick transitions


  • Initial stiffness might require break-in time
  • May not provide the desired level of breathability
  • Only comes in one color combination which may not appeal to all kids

As youthful tennis players develop their skills, they require footwear that can keep up with their rapid pace and growing needs. ASICS Kid’s Gel-Resolution 9 is designed to meet these challenges by offering advanced stability with a kids-specific last. This accommodates the changing size and shape of growing feet, ensuring a precise fit without compromising comfort.

On the tennis court, having shoes that can handle quick, multidirectional movements is crucial. The Gel-Resolution 9’s wider flex grooves in the outsole contribute to its natural feel, which perfectly complements the dynamic nature of tennis. Moreover, the inclusion of Forefoot GEL technology in this shoe offers substantial impact absorption. This plays a significant role in sustaining comfort during long matches or training sessions.

It’s understandable that with the high demands of tennis, a shoe needs time to adapt to the player’s foot. The Gel-Resolution 9 might feel rigid at first, but they tend to become more comfortable once properly broken in. Although breathability may have room for improvement, on the whole, these ASICS tennis shoes strike a solid balance between comfort and performance.

DREAM PAIRS Sneakers for Kids


For any parent seeking an affordable blend of style and durability for their child’s active lifestyle, these DREAM PAIRS shoes could be an excellent choice.


  • Affordable price point
  • Breathable mesh material aids in foot comfort
  • Hook & Loop closure ensures a secure fit for active children


  • Not the same quality as higher-priced alternatives
  • Sizing may vary, possibly requiring a size exchange
  • Durability could be a concern for very active kids

Selecting the right shoes for our kids can be a real balancing act between cost, comfort, and durability. DREAM PAIRS focuses on creating a shoe that aims to strike this balance. They offer a design that’s sporty and versatile for various activities, whether it’s school time or playtime. Their affordable pricing makes them an attractive option for parents who are budget conscious but still want a shoe that their child can wear comfortably throughout the day.

When choosing footwear for children, we must consider how the shoes will perform under the rigor of constant movement. These sneakers feature a breathable mesh outer material that helps keep children’s feet cooler during vigorous play. The secure Hook & Loop closure system is another practical aspect, making it easier for kids to put on or take off their shoes independently.

However, we must temper our expectations with realism. Even though the sneakers have a commendable design, they might not boast the same robustness as some higher-end brands. It’s also important to pay attention to the sizing, as some parents have reported variations. In instances of very active or outdoor play, durability might be tested.

Ultimately, it’s the value for money that makes DREAM PAIRS an appealing option. While they may not last forever, they serve their purpose of providing a comfortable and stylish shoe experience for kids without breaking the bank.

ASICS Gel-Dedicate 8

ASICS Gel-Dedicate

We consider these shoes a suitable choice for young players in need of stability and flexibility on the court.


  • Enhanced support with synthetic leather overlays
  • TRUSSTIC support and wrap-up outsole offer improved stability without restricting movement
  • Good flexibility aiding in swift lateral movements


  • Only 12 ratings, less feedback for informed decision-making
  • Cases reported of durability issues on hard courts
  • Some buyers experienced customer service challenges

The ASICS Kid’s Gel-Dedicate 8 Grade School Tennis Shoes are designed to support the dynamic needs of young tennis enthusiasts. The inclusion of synthetic leather overlays on the shoe’s upper enhances foot stability, ensuring young athletes can confidently move in multiple directions without losing their footing. This particular feature seems aimed at providing added support during high-stress maneuvers.

Stability is a key factor in any sport, and the Gel-Dedicate 8 doesn’t disappoint. The integration of the TRUSSTIC support system and the strategic wrap-up outsole grants not only stability but also encourages free movement. This balance of security and agility is crucial, especially for children whose playing style is still developing.

Allowing for freedom of movement, particularly in side-to-side motions, these shoes exhibit commendable flexibility. Young players must be able to change directions swiftly, and these shoes are designed with that necessity in mind. They seem to understand the unpredictable nature of a tennis match and provide the wearer with the tools to adapt as needed.

Despite their features, these shoes have a relatively low number of total ratings, which might give us pause. We prefer to see a broader consensus to better gauge long-term performance across diverse playing experiences. Additionally, durability issues have surfaced, particularly when used on hard courts, which could lead to concerns about their long-term viability. Lastly, some buyers have noted less-than-favorable experiences with customer service, which is an important consideration for any potential issues that may arise post-purchase.

New Balance Kids’ 996v5

New Balance Kids 996 V5 Tennis Shoe

We recommend the New Balance Kids’ 996v5 for young athletes seeking a mix of style, comfort, and durability on the court.


  • Enhanced traction with herringbone-patterned non-marking rubber outsoles
  • Built for longevity with NDurance technology
  • Lightweight design thanks to mesh and synthetic uppers


  • A customer reported the shoes wore out quickly
  • Some may find the shoes less accommodating for very wide feet
  • Several reviewers mentioned size inconsistencies

Choosing the right tennis shoes for kids means balancing comfort, durability, and style, and the New Balance Kids’ 996v5 does just that. The rubber outsoles’ herringbone pattern provides the traction needed for quick pivots and sprints across the court. NDurance technology promises extended outsole durability, reducing the frequency of shoe replacements, which is a boon for active kids and cost-conscious parents alike.

The combination of synthetic and mesh materials in the uppers ensures that these shoes don’t weigh down the swift movements of a child during play, keeping their feet cool and comfortable. Moreover, these shoes sport a sleek design that sets them apart visually, which is often appreciated by kids who like to look their best.

However, durability concerns have been voiced by some users, with reports of wear and tear surfacing quicker than expected. It’s essential to consider how often and intensely shoes will be used before purchasing. Additionally, while these shoes are praised for their fit, a few reports suggest that finding the perfect size might require a bit of trial and error, particularly for those requiring very wide sizes.

In our view, the New Balance Kids’ 996v5 strikes a commendable balance for young tennis enthusiasts who need a shoe that supports their game without weighing them down.

Babolat Junior Jet Mach 3

Babolat Junior Jet Mach 3 All Court Tennis Shoes

We recommend these shoes for the junior tennis player seeking to mirror the performance and agility of adult athletes.


  • Offers excellent comfort and support with updated KPRSX system.
  • Features durable sole with Michelin technology for less wear and better grip.
  • Extremely lightweight, enhancing agility on the court.


  • Limited color options may not appeal to all kids.
  • Premium technology might come at a higher price point.
  • Exclusivity to hard courts might limit usage.

Choosing the right tennis shoes for kids demands attention to comfort, support, and durability. The Babolat Junior Jet Mach 3 ticks these boxes with innovations made for the junior player. It boasts a comfort level that is noteworthy, due to the softer EVA foam in the heel and the OrthoLite insole that forms to the foot’s shape, supporting young athletes throughout endless games.

Durability is a key concern when it comes to kids’ tennis shoes, and this sneaker addresses it expertly. The thickened tread on the sole, coupled with Michelin Premium rubber, ensures prolonged resistance against the rough and tumble of tennis footwork. This is a shoe that can keep pace with the vigorous demands of the sport.

Lightness is another standout feature, critical for enabling quick movements and changes in direction. The ultra-light mesh on the upper paired with the concrete support structure means kids won’t be weighed down as they move across the court. These shoes are designed to assist in chasing down every ball and allowing for a natural transition from stopping to starting, crucial elements in developing tennis skills.

ASICS Kid’s Gel-Game 8

ASICS Kid's Gel-Game 8 Tennis Shoes

We think the ASICS Kid’s Gel-Game 8 is a solid choice for young tennis enthusiasts in need of reliable footwear.


  • Enhanced comfort with a cushioned EVA sole
  • Easy maintenance with machine wash capability
  • Synthetic-and-mesh fabric promotes breathability


  • May not withstand rough play from very active children
  • Some may find the fit narrower than expected
  • Limited durability as reported by a few customers

When it comes to performance on the court, a pair of quality tennis shoes is crucial. The ASICS Kid’s Gel-Game 8 offers commendable comfort with its ethylene vinyl acetate sole, designed to cushion and support during play. The synthetic-and-mesh fabric construction ensures breathability, preventing feet from overheating, which can be particularly beneficial during long practice sessions or matches.

Another aspect worth noting is the convenience these shoes offer. Being machine washable, they are incredibly easy to clean, a feature that busy parents will surely appreciate. This is especially important for children’s shoes, given their propensity to get dirty quickly.

Despite these advantages, we must consider the potential drawbacks. A few consumers have noted that the shoes may not endure the heavy strain that comes with rigorous activities. Furthermore, be cautious of the sizing; for some children, especially those with wider feet, the Gel-Game 8 might present a snugger fit than preferred. While the shoe has a strong overall rating, there have been occasional concerns about the durability, which should be taken into account when making your decision.

Overall, the ASICS Kid’s Gel-Game 8 Tennis Shoes represent a thoughtful balance between comfort and functionality. They are well-suited for young tennis players and offer several benefits that make them a worthwhile consideration for your child’s athletic needs.

Heelys Voyager for Big Kids

Heelys Voyager Tennis Shoe

We find the Heelys Voyager to be an innovative choice for kids who enjoy the versatility of a sneaker that can transition into a skate with ease.


  • Versatile design with removable wheels adapts to different activities
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance and care
  • High user satisfaction with a strong overall 4.6-star rating


  • Can run small, requiring a size adjustment
  • Learning curve for children to master the wheel function
  • Some reports of the wheels performing inconsistently

Finding the right tennis shoe for kids that combines fun, functionality, and fashion can be tricky, but the Heelys Voyager ticks many of the right boxes. These shoes bring a unique twist to classic footwear, offering the ability to skate around on integrated wheels. As the wheels are removable, these shoes provide dual utility, perfect for everyday wear or zooming around with friends.

Maintaining the Heelys Voyagers is hassle-free, thanks to their machine-washable design. You won’t have to worry too much about your little one’s adventures leaving permanent marks on their new favorite shoes. This convenience is a valuable feature for any kids’ shoe that’s bound to get its fair share of wear and tear.

The broad appeal of these shoes is evidenced by their high customer ratings. With thousands of positive reviews, it’s clear that these sneakers deliver satisfaction to most users. Their stylish look combined with an engaging skating functionality appears to be a win-win for both parents and kids.

One crucial tip when considering the purchase of Heelys Voyager is to account for the sizing. Multiple reviews suggest that the shoes run small, so you might want to order a size up to ensure a comfy fit for your child. Another consideration is the unique aspect of the wheels. Some kids might take some time to get used to their new rolling sneakers, and a few reviewers note that the wheels might have varying degrees of smoothness.

In summary, the Heelys Voyager Tennis Shoe for Kids offers a pair of sneakers that will keep your child rolling in style and comfort. With attention to size and a patience for the learning curve, these could easily become a cherished part of your kid’s daily routine.

Buying Guide

When selecting tennis shoes for kids, we prioritize features that ensure comfort, durability, and support. Below, we break down the key factors we consider in our choice.

Fit and Comfort

When choosing shoes, proper fit is paramount to avoid discomfort and injury.

  • Size: It’s crucial to measure the child’s feet as they grow quickly and their shoe size can change frequently.
  • Width: Some kids require wider or narrower shoes. Ensure the shoe matches the child’s foot width for optimal comfort.

Quality and Durability

We look for high-quality materials that can withstand the rigorous activity of children.

  • Material: Look for synthetic uppers and robust rubber soles.
  • Reinforcements: Reinforced toe caps and high-wear areas increase a shoe’s longevity.

Support and Performance

Shoes should provide suitable support for the foot’s natural movement.

  • Arch Support: Proper arch support is important to prevent foot strain.
  • Cushioning: Adequate cushioning absorbs shock and reduces the risk of injury.
  • Outsole Pattern: A herringbone or similar pattern helps maintain traction on the court.


Proper ventilation ensures comfort during play.

  • Upper Material: Mesh or perforated uppers enhance airflow.

Design and Style

Though secondary to performance, aesthetic appeal can be important to kids.

  • Colors: A variety of color options can be appealing.
  • Designs: Patterns and character affiliations can increase a shoe’s appeal.

Here is a quick reference table for the key features to consider:

Feature Why It’s Important
Proper Fit Ensures comfort and reduces risk of injury
High-Quality Materials Increases durability
Arch Support Prevents foot strain
Good Cushioning Absorbs shock
Traction Improves safety and performance
Breathability Keeps feet cool and comfortable
Appealing Design Encourages kids to wear the shoes

We always adhere to these guidelines and recommend them for any buyer looking for the best tennis shoes for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting the best tennis shoes for kids, we consider factors like support, durability, and comfort. We’ve gathered common questions and provided straightforward answers to help you find the perfect pair for your child.

What are the top rated tennis shoes for children in 2023?

In 2023, the top-rated tennis shoes for children include the Nike Court Jr. Vapor X, Adidas Kids’ Adizero Club, and the Wilson Kaos Junior QL. These brands have consistently received positive reviews for their performance and quality.

Which tennis shoes are recommended for active 11-year-old boys?

For active 11-year-old boys, we recommend the Asics Kids’ Gel-Resolution 8 for its excellent traction and stability, and New Balance 996v4 for its cushioning and durability.

What are the best options for running shoes suitable for kids’ sports?

The best options for running shoes that are also suitable for kids’ sports are the Nike Kids Zoom Pegasus, Under Armour Kids’ Assert 8, and the Brooks Kids’ Adrenaline GTS. These shoes offer the versatility, comfort, and support needed for various sports activities.

How do Adidas and Nike compare when it comes to children’s tennis shoes?

When comparing Adidas and Nike children’s tennis shoes, Adidas often stands out for its durability and stability, while Nike is known for its lightweight designs and cushioning. Both brands offer a range of options to cater to different preferences and foot types.

Are Asics Kid’s Gel-Game shoes a good choice for school-grade tennis players?

Yes, the Asics Kid’s Gel-Game shoes are a good choice for school-grade tennis players because they provide ample support and have a durable outsole suitable for different court surfaces.

What types of shoes are considered trendy for 12-year-old children?

Trendy shoes for 12-year-old children include models like the Adidas Grand Court Kids’ Tennis Shoes, the Puma GV Special Jr, and the New Balance 574 Kids’ Lifestyle Sneakers, which offer a combination of style and functionality.

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