The Best Flip Flops for Kids for Little Feet

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Best Flip Flops For Kids
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Flip flops are a staple in children’s summer wardrobes, offering both convenience and comfort during the warmer months. They are designed for ease of use; kids can slip them on and off without assistance, making them perfect for beach outings, poolside fun, or just playing in the backyard. The variety of flip flops available today ensures that every child can find a pair that reflects their personality, whether they prefer bright colors, fun patterns, or even favorite cartoon characters.

While flip flops are often chosen for their style and ease, selecting the best pair for kids goes beyond just the visual appeal. The right flip flops must be durable enough to withstand the active play of children, and provide adequate support to their developing feet. Parents should look for flip flops with sturdy soles, comfortable straps, and materials that are both gentle on the skin and resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, considering non-slip treads is crucial for preventing slips and falls, especially around water.

When shopping for kids’ flip flops, we recommend paying particular attention to the quality of construction and materials used. Flip flops made with soft, high-grade materials will be more comfortable for sensitive young skin, while those with arch support can aid in the healthy development of a child’s foot. It’s also beneficial to look for flip flops with back straps for younger children, as these provide extra stability and ensure the footwear stays securely on the feet during vigorous activity.

We’ve looked at a multitude of options to determine which flip flops meet our criteria for comfort, safety, and style. With the essential aspects considered, it’s time to explore the best flip flops that stand out in the market and can promise a blend of fun and functionality for your little ones.

Top Kids’ Flip Flops

Our comprehensive guide highlights the top flip flops for kids, ensuring they can enjoy supreme comfort and style. We’ve meticulously selected versatile options that promise durability for all-day play, guaranteeing a perfect blend of function and fashion. Our picks cater to a variety of preferences and tastes, so parents and kids alike can be confident in finding a suitable pair.

Girls’ Ombre Glitter Flip Flops

Girls' Ombre Glitter Flip Flops

We recommend these flip flops for their style and comfort, making them an excellent choice for everyday wear.


  • Attractive design with ombre glitter appeal
  • Comfortable fit with a smooth, rounded plastic strap
  • Excellent durability noted by customers


  • Not water resistant, limiting use around water
  • Some users report the toe thong can cause discomfort
  • Sole flexibility may be lacking for some activities

With a charming ombre glitter design, these flip flops are a hit among kids who love a bit of sparkle in their step. The rounded plastic straps are made for comfort, ensuring that your child can wear these for prolonged periods without complaints about irritation or discomfort.

Durability is key when it comes to children’s footwear, and these flip flops seem to stand up to the challenge. Parents have observed that even after a month’s worth of wear, they continue to stay strong without visible signs of damage, a testament to their sturdiness.

The flip flops are designed primarily for casual wear and light walking. However, due to their lack of water resistance, they’re not the best option for poolside adventures or beach visits. Additionally, some have found the sole to be somewhat stiff, which may not cater to all activities that require flexible footwear.

Roxy Child Rg Costas Flip Flops

Roxy Flip Flops

We think these flip flops are a charming addition to any little girl’s summer wardrobe, given their simple yet appealing design and overall functionality.


  • Attractive design that complements various outfits
  • Made with 100% synthetic materials catering to easy maintenance
  • Appreciable overall rating from a significant number of reviewers


  • Some customers report sizing issues, advising to size up
  • Durability may be a concern with reported instances of strap breakage
  • The fit may not be perfect for every child, as is common with unadjustable sandals

When it comes to finding the ideal summer footwear for children, practicality and style often top the list of parental concerns. Roxy’s Costas sandals strike a delightful balance between the two, boasting a 100% synthetic make-up that not only looks good but simplifies care, as they are machine washable.

Style is important when kids choose their flip flops, and these sandals do not let down with their universally appealing aesthetics. The attractive design elements have the ability to seamlessly integrate with various outfit choices, ensuring these flip flops can be a go-to option for many occasions.

While these Roxy flip flops score high on looks, one should be mindful of size and durability. Through reviews, a trend appears with some customers advising to purchase a size up to ensure a comfortable fit. Moreover, a few mentions of strap breakage suggest that while the sandals are suitable for light use, they may not withstand the rigors of highly active play.

In conclusion, our assessment is that Roxy’s Costas sandals for kids are a solid choice for parents looking for summer footwear that is both stylish and relatively easy to maintain. Considering the affordability and the generally favorable reviews, these flip flops are likely to please both parents and children alike. However, keeping an eye on sizing and potential durability issues will help in making an informed purchase.

Quiksilver Youth Flip Flops

Quiksilver Youth Monkey Wrench Flip Flop Sandal

We recommend these flip flops for active children who need durable and comfortable footwear that keeps up with their fun in the sun.


  • Designed with water-friendly materials, ideal for beach excursions
  • Features anatomical arch support, catering to growing feet
  • Soft lining ensures increased comfort throughout wear


  • Might have a smaller fit, consider sizing up for growing kids
  • Limited in variety compared to some other brands
  • Likely to show wear over time with heavy use

When selecting flip flops for kids, comfort and durability are key. Quiksilver’s Youth Monkey Wrench Flip Flop Sandals are built with the active child in mind. The brand’s standing in the outdoor sports lifestyle marketplace gives confidence in their footwear.

On warm summer days and beach adventures, these flip flops prove to be a pragmatic choice. They’re engineered with water-friendly materials, so the accidental splash or a frolic by the water won’t ruin them. The rubber sole offers a reliable grip, which is crucial for those rambunctious outdoor playtimes.

For the parents concerned about the support sandals can offer, these Quiksilver flip flops come with anatomically correct arch support. It’s a great feature that helps promote healthy foot development. Plus, the soft lining is a nice touch that prevents the usual chafing and discomfort associated with new sandals.

It’s worth noting, however, that some parents have observed the sandals to fit a tad snugly. To accommodate for growth spurts, it might be wise to order a size up. While these flip flops are undeniably made for use in water and sand, heavy and consistent wear may start to show signs of age. Despite this, for their superior comfort and foot support, they are a solid option for a child’s summer wardrobe.

Ataiwee Rainbow Flip Flops for Kids

Ataiwee Girls Flip Flop Sandals

Our top pick for kids’ flip flops combines comfort and style, making it a summer essential for your little one.


  • Adorable design that kids love
  • Slip-on style for easy wear
  • Rubber sole provides good traction


  • Plastic between the toes might be uncomfortable for some
  • Sizing may be challenging to get right
  • Hand wash only, which can be less convenient

With an appealing rainbow pattern, the Ataiwee Flip Flops bring a splash of color to any child’s summer wardrobe. We appreciate the easy slip-on style for those quick trips out the door. As parents, we’re always looking for footwear that’s easy to put on and take off—these flip flops hit the mark.

Durability is important when it comes to children’s shoes. Thankfully, the rubber sole of these flip flops provides both comfort and a safe grip, crucial for active playtimes. Yet, it’s also lightweight, so it doesn’t weigh down those tiny feet.

The aesthetics of kids’ shoes can’t be overlooked, and these certainly stand out. However, we must consider practicality; the PVC straps and requirement to hand wash only might deter some. All in all, these flip flops offer a combination of functional and playful features that could make them a delightful addition to your child’s summer fun.

Ataiwee Unicorn Flip Flops

Ataiwee Girl's Flip Flops

We recommend these flip flops for their fun designs and comfort, bearing in mind that sizing up could be a wise choice.


  • Vibrant fruit and unicorn prints that kids love
  • Constructed with a slip-on design for easy wear
  • Made with a rubber sole for durability and grip


  • Sizes run small, often necessitating a size up
  • The top strap can be too tight for some children
  • Sole height may be uncomfortable for kids with flatter feet

Every child loves a bit of fun in their footwear, and Ataiwee’s unicorn-themed flip flops deliver exactly that with playful patterns that are sure to delight. The easy slip-on design streamlines the process of getting ready for outdoor adventures, giving kids independence in putting on their own shoes.

Durability is key when selecting shoes for active kids, and the rubber sole on these flip flops offers a promising lifespan of wear and tear. This sturdiness doesn’t sacrifice the necessity for comfort, which is evident in the soft materials used.

On the flip side, it’s been noted that they tend to run small. To avoid the hassle of returns, consider sizing up right from the start to give your child’s feet ample room. Additionally, the flip flops’ design may not suit children with flatter feet or those who need a more relaxed fit around the top of the foot. Keep these considerations in mind to ensure a positive experience with the Ataiwee flip flops.

WateLves Kids Flip Flops

WateLves Flip Flops

We consider these WateLves flip flops a solid choice for your child’s summer adventures due to their practical design and delightful appearance.


  • Feature a secure strap that ensures a snug fit
  • Constructed with a rubber sole for durable wear
  • Boast a playful design that appeals to kids


  • Limited size options available
  • Some concerns over long-term durability
  • Strap may be a fitting issue for some children

When selecting flip flops for the little ones, it’s vital that they are both functional and attractive. Kids are prone to be active and may often slip out of loosely fitted sandals, but with the WateLves, the added back strap is a game-changer, ensuring they stay securely on your child’s feet. The playful designs, such as the “Fish Scale Purple,” are sure to be a hit, making your child eager to wear them.

WateLves flips flops are also designed with a rubber sole. This is crucial for durability, especially when children are bound to put them through rigorous playtime tests. Whether it’s a day at the beach, a shower, or a poolside event, these sandals are equipped to handle moist environments without falling apart.

We must also consider the fit and lifespan of children’s footwear. With limited sizes available, it’s possible that finding the perfect fit might take a bit of effort. Additionally, as children grow quickly, the long-term durability of these flip flops may come into question, depending on how often they are worn. The strap, while beneficial for secure fitting, might not suit every child’s foot comfortably, which is something to keep in mind.

In conclusion, WateLves Kids Flip Flops offer a mix of playfulness and practicality, making them a worthwhile option for parents seeking a reliable yet fun summer sandal for their children.

Veittes Mermaid Flip Flops for Kids

Veittes Kid's Girl Flip Flops

Our assessment is that these Veittes flip flops balance style and durability making them a solid choice for kids’ summer footwear.


  • Stylish mermaid and pineapple patterns that kids adore
  • Robust rubber soles for better traction and durability
  • Waterproof and easy to slip on, perfect for beach outings


  • Pricier than some other options on the market
  • Sizing can be tricky, often running too small
  • Limited availability in certain sizes and patterns

When it comes to children’s beachwear, flip flops are a staple. The Veittes Kid’s Girl Flip Flops provide not only the vibrancy that kids love in their footwear but also the practicality that we, as adults, appreciate. The playful patterns featuring mermaids and pineapples instantly appeal to young fashion sensibilities, while the sturdy rubber soles underpin these shoes with a reliability that withstands playful activities.

We consider comfort just as critical as style. Thanks to the flip flops’ easy slip-on design, kids can easily don them without assistance. The waterproof material used ensures these can be a go-to for any water-related adventure, from splashing around at the beach to a simple day out at the pool. This versatility is an asset for any active child’s wardrobe.

However, practicality serves little purpose if the sizing isn’t right. A good number of reviewers mentioned the flip flops run small, leading to repeat orders in larger sizes. This can be frustrating for parents looking to get it right the first time. Moreover, the price point is a tad higher compared to some other brands, making it a consideration for budget-conscious families. Lastly, with the charm of specific patterns comes the woe of limited stock; finding the right design in the desired size may require some patience.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best flip flops for kids, it’s important to consider various features that ensure their comfort and safety. We’ll break down the key aspects to look for.

Fit and Size

Finding the proper fit is crucial. Flip flops that are too big can cause tripping, while those that are too small can be uncomfortable.

  • Length: There should be about a half-inch of space beyond the toes and heels.
  • Width: The flip flops should match the width of the child’s feet to avoid overhang.


The material affects the flip flop’s durability and comfort.

  • Straps: Soft materials like woven fabric are less likely to irritate skin.
  • Footbed: EVA or foam footbeds offer cushioning.


Look for a textured sole to prevent slips.

  • Sole Pattern: Grooves or patterns can improve grip on wet surfaces.

Arch Support

Especially for active kids, adequate arch support is a must for prolonged wear.

  • Contoured Footbed: Provides a more natural foot position.

Ease of Cleaning

Kids can get messy, so opt for materials that are easy to clean.


To withstand a child’s active lifestyle, sturdy construction is necessary.

The following table summarizes the important features to consider:

Feature Description
Fit and Size Adequate length and width, snug straps.
Material Comfortable straps, cushioned footbed.
Traction Textured sole for increased grip.
Arch Support Contoured footbed to support natural foot position.
Ease of Cleaning Materials that allow for easy cleaning.
Durability Sturdy construction to endure activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address common inquiries about kids’ flip flops, focusing on durability, suitability for specific activities, and foot health considerations.

What are the top-rated flip flops for active boys?

For active boys, we recommend brands like Teva and Reef due to their durable construction and reliable traction. These flip flops are designed to withstand rough play and provide comfort during activities.

Which sandals are recommended for toddlers, especially girls, for outdoor activities?

For toddler girls engaging in outdoor activities, sandals by Stride Rite and Keen offer excellent durability and support. These sandals are made to protect little feet with secure straps and toe protection features.

What are the best beach sandals for toddlers that provide proper foot support?

The best beach sandals for toddlers should combine foot support with water-friendly materials. Brands like Pediped and Salt Water Sandals are excellent choices for providing the necessary arch support and a secure fit ideal for beach outings.

How suitable are KEEN and Merrell sandals for kids who enjoy hiking?

KEEN and Merrell kids’ sandals are exceptionally suitable for young hikers. They are designed with sturdy soles, supportive footbeds, and protective toe caps that make them ideal for tackling rough trails.

At what point is it appropriate for children to start wearing flip flops?

Children can start wearing flip flops once they have developed a solid walking pattern, typically around the age of three or four. It’s crucial to ensure the flip flops fit well and offer heel straps for added stability.

Between Crocs and flip flops, which is considered better for children’s foot health?

Both Crocs and flip flops can be suitable for children, but Crocs often provide better support and protection. They feature a more secure fit with a back strap and a range of footbeds that cater to a growing child’s foot. Flip flops should be used sparingly to avoid lack of arch support.

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