The Best Face Wash for Kids: Gentle and Safe Choices

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Best Face Wash For Kids
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Face washing is a crucial part of everyone’s daily hygiene routine, and it becomes even more important when considering the delicate skin of children. The skin of a child is significantly more sensitive than that of an adult, which necessitates gentle and effective skincare products. When picking out a face wash for kids, the primary goal is to find something that balances the need to cleanse the skin of impurities with the need to maintain its natural softness and avoid irritation.

With a myriad of products on the market, each claiming to be the gentlest or the most natural, it can be quite the task for parents to navigate the best options for their children. A proper face wash for kids should be formulated to be mild, free of harsh chemicals, fragrances, and dyes that could potentially irritate young skin. It’s also beneficial to look for hypoallergenic and tear-free formulas to ensure a safe and comfortable washing experience.

When considering a purchase, the critical elements to focus on are the ingredients, the skin type compatibility, and the product’s reviews from other parents or guardians. These factors are instrumental in making an informed decision that safeguards a child’s skin health. We must also acknowledge that what works for one child might not work for another, as individual sensitivities and skin conditions can vary greatly.

Selecting the right face wash for kids sets the foundation for healthy skin care habits that extend into adulthood. With the right information and careful consideration, we can confidently choose a product that is gentle on the skin, effective in cleansing, and enjoyable for children to use on a daily basis, easing our transition into the next topic of specific product recommendations.

Top Picks for Kids’ Face Wash

In our quest to support parents in safeguarding their children’s delicate skin, we’ve rounded up the finest face washes designed specifically for the younger members of the family. Each product on our list has been selected for its gentle formula, effectiveness, and commitment to using ingredients that are appropriate for kids. With a focus on skin health and safety, we’ve ensured that our choices cater to various needs, whether it’s for daily cleansing, tackling sensitive skin, or addressing the fun messes that kids inevitably get into.

Aveeno Kids Sensitive Skin Wash

Aveeno Kids Sensitive Skin Wash

We recommend Aveeno Kids Sensitive Skin Face & Body Wash for its gentle cleansing and suitability for all skin tones, keeping kids’ skin moisturized without harsh chemicals.


  • Enriched with oat extract, known for soothing sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic and free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates, dyes, and phenoxyethanol
  • Combines face and body wash with a tear-free formula suitable for everyday use


  • May produce less lather than other kids’ body washes
  • Scented formula might not be preferred for those who strictly need fragrance-free options
  • The pump could be prone to leaking during shipping

Parents are always on the lookout for skin care products that strike the right balance between effective cleansing and gentle care. Aveeno Kids Sensitive Skin Face & Body Wash meets these needs with a formulated blend that caters to young, sensitive skin without the use of harsh additives. With the inclusion of nourishing oat extract, it’s aimed at making bath time both a comforting and refreshing experience.

Our skin is our largest organ, and it’s crucial to nurture it from a young age. Many products designed for children claim to be “gentle,” but Aveeno Kids supports these claims with a hypoallergenic formula backed by pediatrician and dermatologist recommendations. This wash takes into account not just the current health of the skin but also its long-term well-being.

Furthermore, the convenience of a 2-in-1 face and body wash cannot be overstated. Simplifying the routine saves us time and ensures that our little ones are cared for from top to bottom with products specifically tailored for them. Aveeno Kids Sensitive Skin Wash promises a clean that leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized, which is just what we want for our children’s delicate skin.

TBH Kids Face Wash

TBH Kids Spot Foam Face Wash

We recommend the TBH Kids Spot Foam Face Wash because it provides a fun and effective skincare routine suitable for the delicate skin of kids and teens.


  • Formulated with natural ingredients like willow bark and aloe
  • Free from harsh chemicals, making it suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin
  • Designed specifically for kids and teens, with .4% salicylic acid to combat outbreaks


  • The foam form may not be preferred by all users
  • Some children may be sensitive to natural oils like jojoba
  • Depending on individual use, the product may deplete quickly

Striking the right balance in skincare for kids can be a challenge, but TBH Kids Spot Foam Face Wash seems to have found a sweet spot. Aimed at younger skin, it combines natural exfoliating and moisturizing agents. This face wash walks the line between deep cleaning and respecting the skin’s natural balance.

We’ve noticed that involving kids in their hygiene routine can be tough. Yet, when a product like this comes along—fun and easy to use—it takes less convincing. This wash’s gentle formulation with salicylic acid means it’s tough on breakouts without being tough on skin, making it an ally in the fight against adolescent acne.

A significant advantage is this face wash’s commitment to omitting harmful additives. Paraben and sulfate-free, it supports a healthy skincare regimen from an early age. Although it’s designed for kids, we understand that every skin type is unique, and some may find natural oils like jojoba to be too much for their skin, or the foaming action might not be to their liking. Overall, though, the TBH Kids Face Wash represents a thoughtful approach to skincare for youngsters embarking on their first steps to a clear complexion.

Evereden Kids Face Wash

Evereden Kids Face Wash: Melon Juice

In deciding whether to buy the Evereden Kids Face Wash or not, consider its gentle formula and natural scent that could make it a delightful addition to your child’s daily routine.


  • Infused with a vitamin-rich complex beneficial for youthful skin
  • Soft foaming action ensures gentle cleansing suitable for sensitive skin
  • Made in the USA with a stamp of dermatologist approval


  • Some children might not favor the natural melon juice scent
  • The price point could be higher compared to other kids’ face washes
  • Not designed for those who prefer unscented skincare products

Finding the right face wash for children can be a careful balancing act, but we’re confident that the Evereden Kids Face Wash strikes a harmonious chord. It promises to gently clean without stripping delicate skin of essential moisture—a must for maintaining balance in young skin that can be prone to dryness or irritation.

With ingredients that cater to a child’s sensitivity, this face wash opts for a blend of organic constituents. Its foaming action is hearty yet it manages to leave skin refreshed rather than tight, which is often a concern among skincare options for the younger crowd.

Our young ones deserve scents that are as playful as they are, and the natural melon juice fragrance adds a touch of fun to their skincare routine. It should be noted, however, personal preference on fragrances varies, and what delights one child may not please another. All in all, Evereden Kids Face Wash represents a thoughtful choice for those seeking to pamper their kids with a product that has their well-being in mind.

The Natural and Organic Kids Wash

The Natural and Organic Family Kids Foaming Face Wash

We think this gentle formula is a solid choice for maintaining the delicate skin balance of children and preteens.


  • Made with over 80% organic ingredients ensuring a gentle touch
  • Free from artificial fragrances, a plus for sensitive skin
  • Papaya extract aids in exfoliation and maintaining a clear complexion


  • Packaging may not be sturdy, potential for leaks during shipping
  • Some users reported dryness around the eyes, caution advised
  • Might not provide enough hydration for very dry skin types

Finding a face wash that is both safe and effective for kids can be challenging. The Natural and Organic Family Kids Foaming Face Wash pledges a 99% natural and vegan formula, making it a reassuring choice for parents. With the absence of harsh ingredients, this face wash caters to all skin types including the most sensitive ones.

The presence of organic Aloe Vera is notable, known for its soothing properties. It’s beneficial for kids who need a mild product that calms their skin without causing irritation. The gentle cleansing effect paired with organic components reflects the brand’s commitment to children’s skincare.

The face wash’s natural orange scent derived from orange oil is fresh without being overpowering. It’s a sensory pleasure without the addition of synthetic perfumes — essential for kids who are more susceptible to irritation from strong fragrances. In our perspective, striking a balance between efficacy and gentleness is key, and this product seems to achieve that.

TBH Kids Face Wash

TBH Kids Face Wash

We recommend this face wash for its gentle formula that’s well-suited for young skin struggling with oiliness and acne.


  • Formulated without sulfates, parabens, and phthalates
  • Cucumber scent is fresh and appealing to kids
  • Gel consistency is easy to apply and rinse


  • Some children may find the scent too subtle
  • A single tube is only 6 ounces – may not last long with regular use
  • Not the lowest priced option on the market

Finding the right face wash for kids can be tricky, especially if they have sensitive or acne-prone skin. TBH Kids Face Wash is a great choice because it’s free from harsh chemicals that can irritate young skin. Its gel form makes it simple for kids to handle and use, laying the foundation for good skincare habits.

It’s important for kids as they grow to feel confident about their appearance, and managing oiliness and breakouts is a big part of that. This face wash helps them tackle these common issues without over-drying, thanks to its hydrating properties. Plus, its enjoyable cucumber scent can make the routine more pleasant.

Navigating the plethora of skincare options is easier when you have a reliable product like TBH Kids Face Wash. Setting them up with a routine that includes a product made for their sensitive skin can help prevent future skin problems. However, keep an eye on the quantity, as the 6-ounce tube might run out quickly with regular use.

Kidskin T-Blast Cleanser

Kidskin T-Blast Cleanser

Our take: This gentle, tea tree oil-infused face wash is a worthy choice for managing your child’s acne-prone skin effectively.


  • Specially formulated for oily and acne-prone skin in kids and pre-teens
  • Free of harsh chemicals, such as benzoyl peroxide, parabens, and sulfates
  • Backed by pediatrician recommendation and positive user experiences


  • Intensive use of tea tree oil may not suit all skin types
  • Higher price point compared to some other kid’s skincare products
  • Packaging issues with delivery reported by a few customers

Choosing the right face wash for kids, especially when it comes to delicate, acne-prone skin, can be challenging. The T-Blast Foam by Kidskin makes this choice easier with a gentle yet effective formula that targets the unique skin concerns of 8 to 17-year-olds.

We understand the importance of using skincare products that are kind to young skin and free from harmful additives. That’s why finding a cleanser like T-Blast, with its natural tea tree oil that has properties to both soothe and clarify skin, can be a key step in your child’s daily routine.

We’re confident in recommending a product with dermatologist-tested credentials. The T-Blast Foaming Cleanser is also appreciated by other moms for its ease of use and effectiveness, making it a dependable option in the often complex world of kids’ skincare.

TBH Kids Gentle Face Wipes

TBH Kids Gentle Face Wipes

We find these TBH Kids Gentle Face Wipes to be a convenient option for parents seeking an easy and fun way for their kids to maintain good skincare habits.


  • Formulated with natural ingredients, ideal for sensitive skin
  • No harsh chemicals, paraben-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free
  • Easy to use and travel-friendly for on-the-go skin care


  • Scent may not appeal to all kids
  • May not be as effective for more significant skin issues
  • Pricier than some traditional face-washing methods

These TBH Kids Gentle Face Wipes offer a playful twist on skincare, encouraging kids and teens to pay more attention to their hygiene in a way that feels fun and hassle-free. The convenient wipe format simplifies the cleaning process, making it less of a chore and more of an engaging activity. Especially for busy families, quickly wiping away dirt or oil accumulated throughout the day can be invaluable.

On top of that, they’re formulated with natural ingredients. The inclusion of chamomile and calendula soothes the skin, which can be particularly beneficial for those with sensitivities or irritation. By steering clear of parabens, sulfates, and other harsh chemicals, these wipes honor the delicate balance of young skin.

Despite the benefits, some users report the wipes having a unique scent that may not be universally loved. Additionally, while great for a quick cleanse, those dealing with persistent or severe skin concerns might find these wipes less effective than targeted treatments. Lastly, while the convenience factor is high, so too might be the cost relative to more traditional face-washing regimens.

In conclusion, TBH Kids Gentle Face Wipes serve as a solid choice for parents looking to instill good skincare habits in their children with a product that’s both kind and convenient to the skin.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best face wash for kids, we need to consider several important features to ensure it’s suitable for their delicate skin.

Skin Type

Firstly, identify the child’s skin type. We look for products that match whether it’s dry, normal, sensitive, or combination.

  • Sensitive: Opt for fragrance-free, hypoallergenic options.
  • Dry: Look for moisturizing ingredients.
  • Normal/Combination: A gentle, balanced cleanser is ideal.


We focus on the ingredient list for safe and gentle options. We avoid harsh chemicals, alcohol, and strong artificial fragrances.

  • Preferred Ingredients: Natural moisturizers and calming agents like aloe vera and chamomile.
  • To Avoid: Sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

pH Balance

The face wash should be pH-balanced to maintain the skin’s natural barrier. We opt for products with a pH close to that of the skin (around 5.5).

Criteria What We Look For
pH Level Close to 5.5

Ease of Use

We select products that are easy for children to use, encouraging them to maintain a good skincare routine.

  • Packaging: Pump dispensers or squeeze tubes that are manageable by small hands.
  • Form: Foaming cleansers can be easier to rinse off than creamy ones.

Price Point

While we consider pricing, we place importance on value for money rather than the lowest cost. We seek high-quality ingredients that justify the price.

  • Value: The best balance of quality and cost.
  • Bulk Buying: Sometimes, larger sizes can provide savings.

By emphasizing these factors, we aim to make an informed, safe, and effective choice for children’s face wash.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll cover the most common inquiries regarding the best face wash for kids, helping you make informed choices based on age, skin type, and ingredients.

What type of face wash is suitable for children with acne?

For children with acne, we recommend looking for a face wash that contains gentle, yet effective ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These ingredients are known to help manage acne by exfoliating the skin and reducing inflammation.

Are there specific face washes recommended for children under 10?

Yes, children under 10 typically benefit from face washes that are free from harsh chemicals and fragrances. We suggest opting for products labeled as hypoallergenic and designed specifically for sensitive or children’s skin.

What ingredients should be considered in a face wash for 6-year-olds?

When selecting a face wash for 6-year-olds, we advise choosing formulations that are free from sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. Ingredients like aloe vera and chamomile extract are great as they are naturally soothing and less likely to irritate delicate skin.

How can I choose a gentle face cleanser for my 11-year-old?

To choose a gentle face cleanser for an 11-year-old, we recommend seeking out products specifically labeled for use on children or sensitive skin. Look for cleansers with hydrating components like glycerin or hyaluronic acid, which maintain the skin’s moisture barrier without causing dryness.

Is it safe for children to use face washes designed for adults?

Typically, we do not recommend children use face washes designed for adults since these formulas may be too harsh for their skin. It’s best to stick with face washes made for kids or sensitive skin types to ensure their skin is cared for properly.

At what age is it appropriate for children to start using a face cleanser?

Children can start using a face cleanser once they show signs of needing one, such as increased oiliness or the development of acne, typically around puberty. For younger children or those without these concerns, rinsing with water and mild soap is often sufficient.

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