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The Best Laser Tag Set for Kids: Fun With Friends

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Best Laser Tag Set For Kids
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Laser tag is an exciting and dynamic game that encourages physical activity, strategic thinking, and teamwork. Originating from laser combat training used by the military, it has evolved into a popular recreational activity enjoyed by people of all ages. For kids, laser tag sets offer a blend of high-tech fun, exercise, and imaginative play, making them ideal for keeping children engaged and active. The best sets on the market are designed to be safe and user-friendly, allowing for hours of entertainment right out of the box.

When selecting a laser tag set for kids, it’s essential to consider various factors such as the ease of use, durability, and the number of settings and features available. Durability is particularly crucial, as kids are known to play hard and the set needs to withstand the occasional drop or bump. Ease of use is also important; sets should be simple enough for children to operate without constant adult supervision. Game features like different weapon modes, life-tracking, and interactive voices can greatly enhance the play experience, keeping the game fresh and exciting.

Safety is another critical consideration. The lasers used in these sets are actually infrared lights, similar to what you’d find on a TV remote, which are safe for the eyes. However, quality sets should meet safety standards to ensure complete harmlessness during play. As for the number of players, laser tag sets often come in packs of two or four guns, but some can be expanded to accommodate more players or are compatible with other sets to enable larger group play.

We’ve taken a close look at numerous options available, evaluating them for feature-rich gameplay, robust construction, and overall value to provide a comprehensive guide to the best laser tag sets for kids. Our goal is to help you choose a set that will provide endless fun for your family and friends. The right choice will offer the perfect blend of safety, durability, playability, and enjoyment that will keep kids entertained for years to come.

Top Laser Tag Sets for Kids

We’ve researched and compiled the top laser tag sets available, ensuring hours of fun for your children. Each set in our curated list has been chosen for its quality, features, and user reviews, providing the perfect blend of entertainment and safety for family-friendly battles. Whether your kids are playing indoors or out, these sets promise a blast of high-energy play.

Squad Hero Laser Fun

Squad Hero Laser Tag Set

In seeking a laser tag set that blends both excitement and convenience, the Squad Hero Laser Fun set appears to be a worthy contender.


  • Innovative features provide a variety of game modes enhancing play experience
  • Rechargeable gear offers convenience, reducing the need for frequent battery replacement
  • Compatible with unlimited additions from the same brand, allowing for large group play


  • Higher price point, which may not fit all budgets
  • A malfunctioning component can detract from the overall experience
  • The complexity of features might be overwhelming for younger children

When we examine the Squad Hero Laser Tag set, the draw is immediately evident through its technologically advanced approach to design. This innovative laser tag set steps beyond traditional play, offering a multitude of features that can elevate the backyard battles to a new level.

We recognize the value of rechargeability in modern toys; not only does it save on the ongoing cost and hassle of batteries, but it also aligns with a more environmentally conscious mindset. The convenience of a single charging station to power up all the gear together means less downtime and more action.

Furthermore, the compatibility with an unlimited number of additional sets promotes scalability. Whether it’s a small family gathering or a large birthday party, everyone can get involved. This adaptability is a step towards inclusiveness and broadens the appeal to a wider audience.

However, the sophistication of the Squad Hero Laser Tag set might be a double-edged sword. The wide range of features could potentially be a barrier for younger kids, or those who prefer simplicity in their games. Additionally, despite the robust build implied by the product, any issues with individual components could hinder the overall experience, and the high cost could prove prohibitive for some.

Each purchase is backed by a brand promising a dedication to customer satisfaction—an important consideration when investing in leisure items like this. While the investment may be notable, the potential for hours of engaging play solidifies its value proposition.

ArmoGear Laser Tag Set

ArmoGear Laser Tag

We recommend the ArmoGear Laser Tag Set for its engaging features that elevate playtime into an exciting adventure for kids and families.


  • Variety in gameplay with multiple weapon modes
  • Enhanced interactivity with haptic feedback and lifelike sounds
  • Long-range play up to 150 feet for expansive battlegrounds


  • Requires a large amount of batteries to operate
  • Vest straps may not fit smaller children perfectly
  • Guns and vests have to be synced separately for setup

ArmoGear’s Laser Tag set brings a high-octane experience into your backyard, transforming it into a battleground for children and adults alike. The set’s diverse weapon modes ensure that every game is fresh, allowing players to switch tactics as they choose from pistols, shotguns, machine guns, and rockets. Lifelike shooting sounds and tactile vibrations provide an immersive experience, enticing players to engage in active play and away from screens.

In today’s tech-savvy culture, finding enriching activities that captivate the entire family can be challenging. With this laser tag set, you’ll create cherished memories, whether during holiday gatherings, birthday parties, or casual afternoons in the yard. The set encourages physical activity, strategic thinking, and teamwork, which are valuable skills for individuals of all ages.

Despite its many virtues, the ArmoGear Laser Tag set does require an investment in 24 AAA batteries, which may be a point to consider for cost and convenience. Also, smaller children might find the vest straps a tad loose, though they can still enjoy the game with minor adjustments. Setup requires syncing the guns and vests separately, which is a one-time hassle that pales in comparison to the hours of fun the set guarantees.

Squad Hero Laser Tag Set

Squad Hero Laser Tag

We believe this laser tag set is ideal for family fun, combining technology and versatility for a dynamic game experience.


  • Rechargeable units prevent frequent battery replacement
  • Advanced game features simulate realistic gameplay
  • Expandable system allows adding unlimited blasters and vests


  • Potential durability issues with frequent use
  • Complexity might overwhelm younger children
  • Might require customer service for setup assistance

Laser tag is a popular game that gets children and even adults moving, strategizing, and playing together. The Squad Hero Laser Tag set stands out with its rechargeable gear, meaning the fun isn’t interrupted by the need to replace batteries constantly. It aligns well with our eco-friendly consciousness as well as convenience.

With multiple game modes and features, this set brings an advanced, immersive experience to home-based laser tag. The versatility allows for a fresh game every time, staving off boredom and encouraging creative play. It’s impressive how technology has been harnessed to enhance this active game’s excitement.

Families looking to invest in a game system that grows with them will appreciate the expandability of this laser tag set. The ability to add unlimited blasters and vests is perfect for large groups or for those who foresee their gaming community growing.

In essence, the Squad Hero Laser Tag set emerges as a compelling choice for engaging family entertainment with a few factors to consider before purchase.

VATOS Laser Tag Set

VATOS Laser Tag Set

In the energetic world of laser tag, this VATOS set emerges as an engaging choice for family fun that combines safety and a variety of game options.


  • Encourages physical activity away from computer screens
  • Offers multiple firing modes for strategic play
  • Easy setup means quick start to gameplay


  • Requires a significant number of batteries not included
  • Size may not accommodate all adults comfortably
  • Volume level of blasters can be quite loud

When we consider indoor and outdoor activities for kids, VATOS Infrared Laser Tag Gun Set is a purchase worthy of consideration. It promises active fun that pulls both children and parents into a world of imaginative play. With multiple firing modes, battles become engaging challenges that require strategy and teamwork.

Ease of setup is a clear benefit. You can transform your home or yard into an exciting battlefield in next to no time. This feature helps to keep the focus on excitement and participation, rather than getting bogged down with complicated preparations or technical difficulties.

Yet, there are other aspects to think about. The need for three AA batteries per piece can add up to a dozen batteries, which could put a damper on the action if you’re not prepared. Also, while designed to be inclusive for kids and adults, the vests may not stretch to fit larger players comfortably. And, for environments where noise is a concern, it is worth noting that the blasters can emit loud sound effects.

In sum, this laser tag set from VATOS aligns well with entertaining activities that family and friends can enjoy together. It’s constructed with attention to quality and user experience. Just remember to stock up on batteries and prepare for a lively sound environment where laughter and competition go hand in hand.

HISTOYE Laser Tag Set

HISTOYE Laser Tag Guns

We recommend the HISTOYE Laser Tag Set as a compelling choice for family fun, providing a safe and versatile game experience for all ages.


  • Versatile play with various weapon modes
  • Encourages teamwork and strategy development
  • Straightforward operation for all age groups


  • Requires numerous AA batteries not included
  • Chest strap setup might be confusing
  • Limited outdoor gameplay range

Laser tag has always been a game that promises excitement, and this HISTOYE set takes the fun right into your backyard. Designed as a safe play option, it emits a harmless infrared beam, ensuring that nothing more than laughter and friendly competition are the outcome of each battle.

Every good game should bring people together, and this set does exactly that. By allowing participants to pick from a spectrum of team colors and weapon modes, it facilitates thrilling playtime. It’s the type of game that can foster teamwork and nurture strategy skills, especially since the different modes require varying tactics for success.

Playtime should be hassle-free, which is why the straightforward operation of the HISTOYE Laser Tag Set is so appealing. Even though it necessitates a good number of AA batteries to keep the game going, the easy setup means more time spent enjoying the game and less time fiddling with complicated instructions. Each match can extend up to a distance of 130 feet, giving ample space for a captivating indoor and outdoor experience. However, as we aim for accuracy in our battles, it’s important to remember that the range outdoor can be impacted by various factors, and strategy will play a key role in each victory.

TINOTEEN Laser Tag Set

TINOTEEN Laser Tag Set Image

If you’re in search of an interactive game that bridges the gap between physical activity and technology, the TINOTEEN Laser Tag Set is an excellent choice.


  • Offers a variety of weapon modes for dynamic play
  • Encourages physical activity and can be enjoyed by different ages
  • Constructed with child-safe, durable materials


  • Requires a significant number of batteries not included in the set
  • The vest straps might show durability issues over time
  • Some adults may find the equipment smaller than preferred

Laser tag provides an energetic way for kids to engage with each other and develop strategic thinking. With this TINOTEEN Laser Tag Set, we can give our children the thrill of a laser

OSALON Laser Tag for Kids

OSALON Laser Tag

We believe the OSALON Laser Tag for Kids is a top pick because it offers a mix of fun and functionality that’s hard to beat.


  • Encourages teamwork and improves concentration
  • Multi-player and multi-weapon modes provide variety
  • High-quality materials meet safety standards


  • Batteries not included, which can be inconvenient
  • May have compatibility issues with other sets
  • Limited to two players without purchasing additional sets

This laser tag set transforms any location into a thrilling laser battle arena. Its user-friendly design ensures that even younger members of the family can join in the fun without a steep learning curve. Whether indoors or out, this game encourages physical activity and can be a great alternative to screen time.

With several modes and color options, the game remains fresh and engaging. Players can team up or compete in a free-for-all. We appreciate how the digital LED vests make it easy to keep track of the scores, contributing to a fair and competitive experience for everyone involved.

The safety of our children is paramount, and OSALON has addressed this concern head-on. The set uses safe infrared technology instead of actual lasers, which means peace of mind for us and safe play for the kids. This attention to safety, blended with the robust build of the guns and vests, showcases the brand’s commitment to quality.

Choosing the OSALON Laser Tag for Kids could mean countless hours of dynamic play for family and friends, fostering both physical activity and social interaction. Although batteries are not included, the small investment in AAA batteries is worth the trade-off for the entertainment value and versatility this set provides.

Buying Guide

Safety Features

We prioritize safety, especially when it comes to children’s toys. Look for sets with:

  • Infrared signal emission under safe levels for human eyes.
  • Durable materials that can withstand play without breaking into dangerous shards.
  • Child-friendly equipment that is ergonomically designed for smaller hands to grip and wear.

Gameplay Options

Variety in gameplay modes keeps the game engaging. Consider sets that offer:

  • Various team settings: to play in teams or a free-for-all.
  • Multiple weapon modes: to experience different “weapons” capabilities and strategies.
  • Scoring system: to track hits and ‘tags’ accurately.

Battery Life & Charging

The longevity of play is essential. Examine the:

  • Type of batteries used: rechargeable vs. single-use.
  • Battery life: to ensure uninterrupted play sessions.
  • Charging time: for sets that include rechargeable packs.

Range & Accuracy

A good set provides a balance between:

  • Range: How far the laser can accurately ‘tag’ an opponent.
  • Accuracy: How precise the tagging is, to avoid frustration during play.

User Reviews & Recommendations

Understanding other users’ experiences can steer our decision. We recommend reading reviews for:

  • Durability and longevity: How well the set withstands regular use.
  • Customer service: Support offered by the company in case of issues.

Additional Features

To enhance the gameplay, also consider:

  • Vests or handset sensors: for different styles of play.
  • Expandability: Ability to add more sets for larger groups.
  • Design and lights: for a more immersive experience.
Feature Why It Matters What to Look For
Safety Protects players’ eyes and skin Low-emission infrared, secure and sturdy materials
Gameplay Options Enhances engagement Multiple game modes, scoring system
Battery Life/Charging Ensures long play sessions Long-lasting or rechargeable batteries, reasonable charging time
Range & Accuracy Improves game experience Long range, high accuracy
User Reviews Provides practical insights Positive feedback on durability and customer service
Additional Features Augments fun Extra sensors, expansion options, engaging design

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a laser tag set for kids, it’s important to consider age appropriateness, specific features for home use, battery types, safety, top products on the market, and tips for gameplay strategy.

What are the recommended age ranges for kids to use laser tag sets?

Most laser tag sets are suitable for children aged 8 and above. However, there are sets with simpler designs and features for younger players around 5 to 7 years old. Always check the manufacturer’s age recommendation to ensure the product is appropriate for your child’s age.

What features should I look for in a laser tag set designed for home use?

For home use, seek sets that offer various game modes, durable construction, and user-friendly equipment. Features like infrared signal emission to prevent eye damage, audio cues, and haptic feedback can enrich the experience. The set should be versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor play.

How does a rechargeable laser tag set compare to those with replaceable batteries in terms of performance and cost?

Rechargeable laser tag sets may initially cost more, but they eliminate the need for frequent battery replacements. Performance-wise, they provide consistent power output and are more environmentally friendly, but you’ll need to remember to charge them before play.

What are the essential safety features in a laser tag set suitable for children?

Safety features should include infrared lasers instead of real lasers to prevent eye damage, secure battery compartments, and equipment with no sharp edges. Sets should also have a sturdy design to withstand rough play without breaking.

What are some of the best-rated laser tag sets currently available for kids’ indoor and outdoor play?

Popular and highly rated sets include Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set, Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag, and Nerf Official: Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX. These sets often receive praise for their reliability, ease of use, and enjoyable features conducive to both indoor and outdoor settings.

How can players develop strategies to enhance their chances of winning a game of laser tag?

Understanding the layout of the play area, utilizing cover, and moving strategically are key tactics. Players should communicate with teammates, aim accurately, and conserve ammo when possible. Learning and adapting different game modes can also provide a strategic advantage.

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  • 🎨 Creative Crafts and DIYs
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