The Best Athletic Clothes for Kids To Play Hard

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Best Athletic Clothes For Kids
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Athletic clothing, designed for physical activities and sports, has transcended beyond just being functional attire. It caters to comfort, durability, and style, factors that become even more significant when it comes to children’s athletic wear. Young, active bodies need clothing that can keep up with their energy, provide freedom of movement, and withstand the wear and tear of daily play. Not only that, but the aesthetic appeal of these clothes also matters to the young wearers, who often have preferences as strong as adults when it comes to what they want to wear.

With specific regard to athletic clothes for kids, the selection is extensive, ranging from moisture-wicking T-shirts to stretchable leggings and shorts designed for various activities such as soccer, basketball, or gym class. The dynamic nature of children necessitates fabrics that are breathable and can handle the rigors of multiple wash cycles without losing shape or color. Moreover, these clothes often come with special features like UV protection and antimicrobial properties to safeguard children’s skin during outdoor activities.

When considering a purchase, the key factors to keep in mind include the type of material, fit, and versatility. Materials should ideally be hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and capable of managing moisture to keep the child dry and comfortable. The fit is important not just for comfort but also to ensure that the athletic wear doesn’t restrict movement. As for versatility, the garments should be suitable for various sports and weather conditions to provide value for money. Parents should also consider ease of maintenance, looking for clothes that are easy to wash and quick to dry.

Keeping these factors at the forefront of our selection process, we aim to guide families toward making informed choices. With the right athletic clothing, children can engage in their favorite sports and activities with ease, comfort, and confidence. Moving forward, we’ll examine a variety of options that stand out in the category of best athletic clothes for kids.

Top Athletic Apparel for Kids

We understand the importance of high-quality athletic clothing for children who are constantly on the move. Our selection of the best athletic apparel for kids combines comfort, durability, and style, ensuring they can play, run, and engage in sports while being well-equipped. We’ve carefully curated a list that includes items known for their excellent material, fit, and versatility, catering to various sports and activities.

Under Armour Boys’ Tech T-Shirt

Under Armour Boys' Tech T-Shirt

We recommend this Under Armour T-shirt for kids who need comfortable, breathable athletic wear that keeps up with active lifestyles.


  • Quick-drying material helps manage sweat
  • Soft fabric ensures comfort during activities
  • Loose fit provides ample freedom of movement


  • The loose fit may not appeal to those preferring a tighter silhouette
  • Fabric durability could be an issue over the long term
  • Limited color options may not satisfy all style preferences

Under Armour has effectively harnessed a blend of technology and design in creating their Boys’ Tech T-shirt. The quick-drying, ultra-soft fabric makes it an optimal choice for young athletes who engage in intense physical activities. Whether it’s a day at the track or a rigorous PE class, this top is designed to wick away sweat and keep its wearer cool and dry.

When it comes to usability, this athletic shirt shines. The fuller cut ensures that kids have complete comfort throughout a range of motion, making it a versatile addition to their wardrobe. Whether they’re sprinting or stretching, they won’t feel restricted.

However, the importance of proper care cannot be overstated; while the T-shirt holds up well over regular wear, like all athletic gear, mindful washing will help maintain its condition. Recognizing this, parents can confidently invest in this high-performing athletic attire for their young sports enthusiasts.

Liberty Pro Athletic Tees

Liberty Pro Girls Tees

We recommend these athletic shirts for any young sportsperson in need of comfortable, performance-oriented wear.


  • Sweat-wicking fabric keeps kids dry
  • Stretchy material for full range of motion
  • Thumbholes offer a modern look and secure fit


  • May run larger than typical sizes
  • Not available in solid colors
  • White option may be less practical for messy activities

When outfitting children for sports or active play, comfort and functionality are key. These athletic tees from Liberty Pro meet such needs with sweat-wicking fabric ensuring that perspiration isn’t a distraction. Their stretchability grants freedom of movement which is vital during any physical activity.

Parents searching for versatile clothing will find the thumbholes a useful feature; they add a stylish touch and help keep sleeves in place. Such thoughtful details can increase a child’s confidence and enhance their experience in sports.

Clothes that can withstand the rigors of both play and constant laundering are essential in a child’s wardrobe. The fabric composition of these shirts endures regular machine washing, which simplifies maintenance. We find the durability beneficial for parents who juggle multiple loads of laundry each week.

Under Armour Girls’ Play Up Shorts

Under Armour Girls' Shorts

We believe these Under Armour shorts are a fantastic choice for active kids who value both comfort and style.


  • Superior comfort with lightweight, breathable fabric
  • Moisture-wicking material to keep kids dry during activities
  • Soft elastic waistband with an external drawcord for a customizable fit


  • Some may find the 2.5″ inseam length too short
  • Limited to looser fit; not for those preferring a tighter fit
  • Potential transparency issues when the fabric is stretched

Under Armour has established a reputation for quality, and their Girls’ Play Up Shorts stand as a testament to that. These shorts offer a breezy fit that won’t hinder movement, making them perfect for sports or leisure. Comfort is enhanced by the soft, lightweight knit construction, which means kids can stay focused on the game without the distraction of discomfort.

The incorporation of fabric that wicks away sweat is a key feature that ensures your child remains dry and cool, no matter the intensity of their play. It’s this kind of functional design that sets Under Armour’s athletic gear apart from others. Parents can easily imagine the benefit of their kids indulging in play without the hindrance of moisture-related discomfort.

However, it’s important to keep in mind the practical aspects of use. With the 2.5″ inseam, these shorts are on the shorter side, which may raise concerns for certain buyers. Also, the fabric’s level of opacity when stretched could be an issue, though it seems to be a minor point that doesn’t impact overall satisfaction.

Our take is that for active children who need reliable, comfortable sports attire that keeps up with their pace, these Under Armour shorts are a solid choice. They combine the practical aspects of athletic wear with a chic style that kids are sure to love.

Boys Athletic 5-Pack Tees

5 Pack Boys Athletic Shirts

We think this 5-Pack of Boys Athletic Tees by Liberty Imports is a great choice for active kids who need comfortable, durable wear for any sporty activity.


  • Moisture-wicking fabric perfect for active kids
  • Durable and retains shape and color wash after wash
  • Variety pack offers multiple color options


  • May run large, consider sizing down
  • Limited stretch compared to other brands
  • Some users report thin material

Comfort is key when we select athletic clothes for kids. The Liberty Imports 5-Pack offers just that, thanks to its moisture-wicking polyester blend, which helps keep youngsters dry and cool during vigorous activities. The pull-on closure is hassle-free, making it easy for kids to dress independently.

Style should go hand in hand with function. This pack comes with a variety of colors, ensuring there’s a shirt for every taste and preference. They’re a solid staple for any child’s wardrobe, serving them well from the classroom to the playground.

Yet even the best products aren’t without their potential drawbacks. Some customers find these shirts to run on the larger side, suggesting the possibility of sizing down for a better fit. And while the fabric is designed for active use, those looking for more stretch might find these shirts falling a bit short in flexibility compared to some other brands. Lastly, although durability isn’t in question, the material might feel too light for some, possibly impacting the product’s perceived quality.

In balancing the pros and cons, we find these tees to be a sound purchasing decision for parents seeking a combination of value, versatility, and comfort for their child’s athletic needs.

Adidas Tricot Joggers for Boys

Adidas Boys' Big Active Sports Athletic Tricot Jogger Pant Medium Iconic Black

We recommend these joggers for active kids who value comfort and style during their various activities.


  • Crafted for comfort with 100% polyester
  • Easy to maintain with machine wash convenience
  • High consumer satisfaction with a 4.7 rating


  • Fit might vary for those in-between sizes
  • Imported from China, preferability varies by consumer
  • Some concerns about the durability of the logo

Encouraging young athletes starts with providing them with the right apparel that supports their active lifestyle. Adidas has long been recognized for manufacturing sports clothing that combines quality, comfort, and style—an ethos embodied in their Boys’ Tricot Joggers. Cut from 100% polyester, these joggers promise to keep kids comfy whether they’re aiming for a goal on the soccer field or swinging high on the jungle gym.

The importance of easy-care garments can’t be overstated for busy parents and these joggers, being machine-washable, hit the mark. Parents can rejoice in the face of inevitable grass stains and mud splatters as these pants are simple to clean. Plus, their impressive rating of 4.7 from plentiful reviews underscores the confidence parents have placed in this product.

That said, no product is without its drawbacks. Some reviews express concerns about the sizing; particularly for kids caught between traditional size brackets, finding the perfect fit might be challenging. There’s also a recognition that while the product is imported with quality in mind, the outsourcing factor may affect buyers’ preferences. Additionally, there have been a few mentions regarding the longevity of the logo after several washes, though this appears to be a less common issue.

In essence, these Adidas Tricot Joggers serve as a practical and stylish option for kids on the move. The brand’s dedication to children’s activewear shines through, allowing your young athletes to play hard and look good without compromising on durability or comfort.

Vsaiddt Flowy Athletic Shorts

Vsaiddt Flowy Athletic Shorts

For young athletes seeking comfort and style, the Vsaiddt Flowy Shorts for Girls make for an appealing choice.


  • Lightweight material offers comfort during activities
  • Includes convenient pockets for small items
  • Elastic drawstring closure provides an adjustable fit


  • Hand wash only may not be ideal for active kids
  • Limited color availability might not suit everyone’s preferences
  • Low rise cut may not align with all school dress codes

These Vsaiddt shorts offer a blend of function and style, displaying a sporty yet flirty flair with their butterfly design. Created with an 87% nylon and 13% spandex fabric composition, they promise elasticity and resilience, key qualities for clothing that will see a lot of movement and activity.

Addressing practicality, each pair of shorts comes equipped with a drawstring closure, allowing a personalized fit that can manage the rigors of running, jumping, and playing. It’s not just about performance; style is equally attended to, with a fun neon green color and a flowy silhouette that resembles a skirt while maintaining the versatility and comfort of shorts.

We shouldn’t overlook care instructions. While the hand wash only tag ensures the longevity and vibrancy of the shorts, it could be a slight inconvenience in the fast-paced life of a child constantly on the go. Similarly, while the color is vibrant and eye-catching, having more options could enhance the offering to buyers looking for variety. Lastly, the low rise style demands consideration, as it may not meet all dress codes for school or certain sports teams.

Still, for the active child who wants to make a statement while enjoying their favorite sports, the Vsaiddt Flowy Athletic Shorts strike a balance between fashion and function.

Meikulo Athletic Set for Girls

Meikulo Athletic Set

For youngsters who value comfort and style, we recommend the Meikulo Athletic Set, as it balances contemporary design with functional fabric.


  • Fashion-forward design catering to current trends
  • The material provides a soft and comfortable experience
  • It received positive remarks on true-to-size fit


  • Top may be too cropped for some preferences
  • Some reviews mention quality concerns post-washing
  • Reports of the material as being thin or slightly transparent

Active kids need clothing that keeps up with their energy and enthusiasm. The Meikulo Kids 2 Piece Outfits offers just that, with a dash of style. Its polyester construction means it’s designed to withstand the rough and tumble of child’s play while remaining easy to clean by hand washing.

Taste in fashion is personal, especially for kids who love to express themselves. This outfit hits the mark with a trendy crop top hoodie and matching sweatpants. It’s an attire that resonates with the young and vivacious spirit, making it a hit for those looking to stand out.

We’ve taken note of the feedback on durability and transparency, and we consider this in our recommendation. While snug and visually appealing, the Meikulo set may require some extra care to maintain its look. It provides a stylish option for kids’ sportswear but may need an extra layer underneath for complete comfort and coverage.

Buying Guide

When selecting athletic clothing for children, we must prioritize a few key factors to ensure that our kids are comfortable, safe, and can perform at their best during any physical activity.

Material and Fabric

Comfort: Look for breathable, lightweight materials like polyester or nylon that wick moisture away.
Activity Level: Make sure the fabric matches the activity; stretchable fabrics like spandex are good for a wide range of movements.

Fit and Size

Proper Sizing: Ensure clothes fit appropriately; not too tight to restrict movement, nor too loose to cause tripping hazards.

Growth Consideration: Opt for slightly larger sizes to account for growth spurts—it’s economical and practical.


Quality Construction: High-quality seams and stitches prevent early wear and tear.
Easy Care: Machine-washable and quick-drying fabrics simplify maintenance.

Safety and Visibility

Reflective Strips: If outdoor activity is involved, clothes with reflective materials enhance visibility.
Protective Elements: For certain sports, look for built-in padding or reinforcement in high-impact areas.

Special Features

Versatility: Multi-use garments that can transition from one sport to another provide better value.
Personal Preferences: Consider your child’s favorite colors or patterns that encourage them to be active and confident.

Following this guide, we ensure that we focus on the most important aspects when shopping for kids’ athletic wear, with an emphasis on their comfort, safety, and our budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll address some common questions about selecting the best athletic clothes for children, focusing on durability, sizing, brand recommendations, and features that enhance safety and comfort.

What are the most durable materials for children’s athletic apparel?

For durability, we recommend materials such as polyester, nylon, and spandex blends. These fabrics are known for their resilience and ability to withstand frequent washes and vigorous activities.

How do I choose the right size of athletic shoes for my child?

When selecting athletic shoes, it’s important to leave about a thumb’s width of space between the front of the shoe and your child’s longest toe for proper growth and movement. Measure their feet regularly to ensure a proper fit as they grow.

What are some recommended brands for high-quality kids’ workout clothes?

Our recommendations for high-quality children’s athletic wear brands include Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas, as they offer lines specifically designed for kids with a focus on durability and performance.

Are there specific features to look for in children’s gym wear for safety and comfort?

We advise looking for gym wear with moisture-wicking fabrics, flat seams to reduce chafing, and elastic waistbands for a secure fit. Reflective elements and appropriate padding can also enhance safety during activities.

How can parents ensure their kids’ workout clothes fit properly for different sports activities?

To ensure a proper fit, we suggest choosing clothes that are not too tight or too loose. Consider the type of activity and opt for stretchable fabrics for sports that require a wide range of motion and a snugger fit for activities like swimming or cycling.

Why is it important to invest in specialized athletic wear for children?

Investing in specialized athletic wear is important because it provides the necessary support, flexibility, and breathability that children need during sports. Quality gear can also help prevent injuries and improve their overall performance and enjoyment of the activity.

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