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The Best Fishing Rod for Kids: Picks for Young Anglers

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Best Fishing Rod For Kids
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Introducing children to angling can be a joyful way to foster a love for the outdoors and teach them patience, with fishing being a gateway hobby for many lifelong nature enthusiasts. Choosing the right gear for a young angler is essential to ensure their experience is both enjoyable and educational. When selecting a fishing rod for kids, the market offers a variety of options tailored to their smaller frames, lighter in weight, and designed with simplicity in mind to keep them focused on the thrill of the catch.

Based on our research, we found the following best fishing rods for kids:

  1. Best For Toddlers – Zebco Splash Kids Combo
  2. Most Portable – CODEK Kids’ Fishing Adventure Set
  3. Best Overall – Zebco Splash Jr. Combo
  4. Best For Beginners – ODDSPRO Kids Combo
  5. Best For Young Kids – Shakespeare Youth Customize-It
  6. Most Popular – PLUSINNO Kids’ Fishing Combo
  7. Best For Older Kids – WIDDEN Kids Fishing Kit

To see our full reviews on each product below, keep reading. If you are looking for more options, then you can find them HERE.

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While adult fishing rods emphasize precision and power, kids’ fishing rods prioritize ease of use and safety. Instead of complex mechanisms, these rods often feature simple push-button spools, less tangled lines, and resilient materials that can withstand the inevitable rough treatment from excited young hands. Moreover, these rods are typically shorter than adult versions, making them less unwieldy for small arms to handle.

When shopping for the best fishing rod for a child, consider the rod’s weight, length, and ease of casting. A rod that is too heavy or long can lead to quick fatigue and frustration, while one that is too light may not survive the typical energy a child expends during their fishing adventures. Also, look at the rod’s construction materials for durability, flexibility, and safety to ensure a long-lasting piece of equipment capable of catching fish without posing unnecessary challenges.

It is our responsibility to guide these young enthusiasts toward a love of angling through positive first experiences. Therefore, equipping them with the right fishing rod is a crucial stepping stone towards building a lifelong passion. Let’s move on to review some of the top-rated fishing rods for kids that marry functionality with kid-friendly design, ensuring a successful and enjoyable fishing trip.

Top Kids’ Fishing Rods

Fishing can be a wonderful way for the family to spend time outdoors, and having the right equipment is crucial to foster a child’s love for the sport. In our search for the top fishing rods suited for young anglers, we’ve considered ease of use, size, durability, and overall value. Our selection aims to give parents and guardians confidence in making a purchase that will lead to countless hours of fun and possibly the beginning of a lifelong passion.

Best For Toddlers – Zebco Splash Kids Combo

Zebco Splash Kids Fishing Combo

We believe this fishing rod is a suitable choice for young anglers due to its user-friendly features and safe design.


  • No-tangle design simplifies the learning process.
  • Lightweight and appropriately sized for kids aged 3-5.
  • Includes a casting plug for on and off-water practice.


  • Floatation feature may be less useful in fast-moving water.
  • The fixed length of the rod may not suit children of all heights.
  • Right-hand orientation only; no option for left-hand use.

Introducing kids to angling can be a delightful experience, especially when they’re equipped with gear that’s designed for their use. The Zebco Splash Kids Combo boasts features that facilitate an easy and frustration-free introduction to fishing. Its tangle-free design and simple push-button mechanics allow children to focus on the fun of fishing without the common setbacks of line management.

Suitability to the intended age group is crucial, and the Zebco Splash Kids Combo nails it with its lightweight and kid-friendly size. Fishing with a rod that matches a child’s stature improves their handling and comfort, making the whole experience more enjoyable. The exciting colors and durable construction make this combo not only appealing but also a reliable companion for a child’s first fishing adventures.

Our collective experiences in fishing emphasize the importance of practice, and this combo addresses that by including a casting plug. Perfect for backyard training sessions, it helps young anglers to refine their casting technique in a variety of environments. Additionally, equipped with a QuickSet anti-reverse and smooth-performing gears, this combo sets the stage for those precious “I caught one!” moments that can spark a lifelong passion for outdoor sports.

Most Portable – CODEK Kids’ Fishing Adventure Set

CODEK Kids' Fishing Adventure Set

We recommend this portable fishing set for its comprehensive features tailored for kids and its ease of use.


  • Tailored to children’s small hands with a comfortable grip
  • Two fishing rod combo increases versatility and fun for siblings or friends
  • Compact and collapsible design for effortless transport and storage


  • Small buckets might be limited for certain fishing activities
  • Included tackle might not suit all fishing conditions
  • The durability of the telescoping rods needs to be tested over time

When it comes to initiating the younger ones into the joys of fishing, the right equipment is crucial to withstand both their enthusiasm and the rigors of nature. The CODEK Kids’ Fishing Adventure Set is thoughtfully designed with a shorter rod and a lightweight design that children can handle with ease. Its colorful appearance is bound to attract the younger audience, and the complete kit means that they can start their angling journey right out of the box.

Convenience should never be overlooked, especially when dealing with children’s gear. This set scores high in portability; the telescopic rods are collapsible and along with the rest of the gear, fit neatly into the included carrier case. Such features ensure that bringing the set along on family trips is a breeze, allowing the set up or pack up to be just a small part of the fishing experience.

Introducing kids to fishing can have numerous benefits, from learning patience to developing motor skills. However, we understand that for parents, it’s just as important that the gear lasts as it is that it’s fun. The CODEK Kids’ Fishing Adventure Set seems promising but as with any product designed for children, it requires supervision to ensure safety and proper use. Correspondingly, while the small buckets may serve as a charming addition to the set, they limit the quantity of fish or bait that can be held, which might not meet the expectations of every fishing excursion.

Best Overall – Zebco Splash Jr. Combo

Zebco Splash Jr.

We believe the Zebco Splash Jr. Combo is an excellent choice for young anglers due to its user-friendly design and balanced performance.


  • Tailored for children’s use with an easy push-button operation and tangle-free tip
  • Comfortable EVA foam handle suitable for long hours of fishing
  • Sturdy all-metal gears and anti-reverse function for a smooth fishing experience


  • Limited to smaller fish given its size and power
  • May outgrow the rod quickly as children aged 6-9 develop
  • Right-hand orientation only, which may not suit all kids

Introducing youngsters to the joys of fishing is a momentous point in childhood. The Zebco Splash Jr. Combo fits the bill perfectly, with its vivid color and proportions crafted just for kids. This combo ensures that the grip and mechanics are tailor-made for smaller hands, which promotes confidence and ease in learning the basics of casting and reeling.

Carrying this rod to the local pond or lake is hassle-free, as its lightweight design doesn’t burden young adventurers. The pre-spooled 6-pound line takes away the need for immediate setup, so kids can get to fishing sooner. The included casting plug means practice can happen in the backyard, crucial for developing their casting technique.

While being a great starter setup, this rod combo has its limits. Older or more experienced junior anglers might need a more versatile rod as their skills advance. Also, this particular model favors the right-handed, so lefties might need to look elsewhere. Despite these limitations, the Zebco Splash Jr. Combo stands as a solid starting point for any young fisher taking their first step into the angling world.

Best For Beginners – ODDSPRO Kids Combo

ODDSPRO Fishing Kit

We believe this fishing kit is an excellent start for young anglers, combining ease of use with a complete set of fishing tools.


  • Complete fishing kit caters to beginners.
  • Portable design fits young adventurers.
  • Offered in various sizes for different age groups.


  • Pink color may not appeal to all children.
  • Durability may be an issue for rough handling.
  • Limited to basic, lightweight fishing tasks.

Fishing can be a memorable part of childhood, and it’s crucial to choose equipment that’s designed with young users in mind. The ODDSPRO Kids Fishing Pole Kit is a well-rounded starting point. Its all-in-one package includes a fishing rod, reel, tackle box, and carrying bag—each designed for small hands and beginner skills.

The ease of portability is a genuine advantage. This telescopic fishing rod collapses down, fitting into the accompanying travel bag, which makes it a breeze for us to transport and store. Whether it’s a family trip to a local pond or a vacation by the lake, the compact design ensures it isn’t a burden to bring along.

Furthermore, we find the inclusion of various sizes very practical. The kit offers choices suitable for toddlers through to teenagers, so finding a size-appropriate option isn’t a hassle. The tackle box with starter accessories is a nice touch, allowing the kids to explore different fishing techniques right from the get-go. While this kit is beginner-friendly, it doesn’t compromise on the feeling of using real fishing gear, which is essential for a genuine experience.

Best For Young Kids – Shakespeare Youth Customize-It

Shakespeare Youth Fishing Rod

We believe the Shakespeare Youth Customize-It combo is an excellent starting point for young anglers, offering both fun and functionality.


  • Customizable with stickers and markers for a personalized touch
  • Lightweight, durable and tailored for children’s use
  • Comes pre-spooled with line for immediate enjoyment


  • Decorative markers and paint pens not included
  • Some users reported the reel’s durability could be improved
  • The rod may be shorter than expected for some users

Fishing becomes a unique and creative adventure with the Shakespeare Youth Customize-It combo. Young anglers get a kick out of customizing their fishing rod with a variety of stickers. Plus, they have the option to further personalize it using markers and paint pens. This engaging feature heightens the excitement around their fishing experience, making it more than just catching fish—it’s about expressing their individuality.

The rod is designed specifically with little hands in mind; it’s sturdy yet light enough for kids to handle with ease, which promotes longer, more enjoyable fishing trips. This kind of gear is precisely what can transform a beginner into a lifelong fishing enthusiast. Being pre-spooled with 6 lb line means families can spend more time fishing and less time setting up, ensuring a great experience right out of the box.

Our experience has shown that the satisfaction of a child’s first catch is monumental in fostering a fondness for the sport. The Shakespeare Youth Customize-It combo is built to facilitate those memorable moments. It’s a suitable choice for left or right-handed anglers, and the comfortable EVA rod handle helps young fishers maintain a good grip as they learn the ropes. Although it’s packed with features for an optimal start, it’s worth noting that the reel may not withstand rough handling, and additional creative supplies need to be purchased separately, which slightly detracts from the otherwise all-inclusive nature of this product.

Most Popular – PLUSINNO Kids’ Fishing Combo

PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Pole

We believe this fishing kit is a fantastic pick for young anglers, offering an optimal blend of fun and functionality.


  • Specifically designed for children’s smaller hands
  • Comes as a complete kit with the necessary gear
  • Telescopic design for ease of carrying and storage


  • May not be as durable as higher-end models
  • Reel mechanism could be prone to issues with frequent use
  • Not suitable for left-handed use without modifications

Fishing can be an enriching experience for kids, sparking a lifelong appreciation for the outdoors. The PLUSINNO Kids’ Fishing Combo is thoughtfully crafted to cater to children thanks to its easy-to-handle design, making their introduction to fishing as seamless as possible. This tackle offers the right balance between a child-friendly size and real fishing functionality, encouraging young ones to learn and engage with nature through a gratifying activity.

Many fishing kits for kids fall short in quality, treating the sport as a novelty rather than a skill to be developed. However, with the PLUSINNO combo, we see a different approach. The inclusion of a telescopic rod and a spincast reel signifies respect for the young angler’s abilities. The kit does not only mimic adult gear but offers a true fishing experience while maintaining safety with its easy-to-use spincast reel.

Recognizing the diversity of young anglers’ needs, the PLUSINNO kit comes in different sizes and includes a range of tackle, aligning with various fishing conditions and preferences. Although the kit is not indestructible and may not fit every child perfectly—particularly left-handed young anglers—its overall functionality makes it a worthy consideration. We recommend this fishing rod and reel combo for kids eager to take their first steps into fishing, with supervision and guidance from family to ensure the best experience.

Best For Older Kids – WIDDEN Kids Fishing Kit

WIDDEN Kids Fishing Pole

For young anglers, this WIDDEN fishing kit is an excellent choice for its compact design, ease of use, and comprehensive set of accessories.


  • Complete kit with a variety of accessories for an out-of-the-box fishing experience
  • Lightweight and collapsible for effortless transport and storage
  • Robust materials ensure durability and prevent easy breakage


  • May require adult supervision to prevent line tangling and mishaps
  • Small components in the kit could be challenging for younger children to manage
  • Nets included are suited for very small fish, which might limit their use

Fishing is a pastime that bonds us with nature and each other, and the WIDDEN Kids Fishing Kit makes it accessible for the young ones. Designed for comfort and simplicity, it opens the door to countless hours by the water, honing patience and coordination. Its collapsible feature ensures that whether we’re off to a distant lake or the nearby stream, it won’t be a burden to bring along.

Providing more than just a rod and reel, the kit comes ready with tackle and tools to enjoy the whole fishing experience right away. The EVA grip ensures that little hands can hold on securely and comfortably, even during the excitement of reeling in a catch. Moreover, using items made from durable materials means we’re less likely to face the disappointment of equipment failure.

However, the joy of this kit comes with the responsibility of guiding the young ones. It’s best for us to stay involved, ensuring they handle the gear correctly and safely. The nets may not be versatile enough for catching larger fish, which may require additional purchases. Still, these are minor setbacks in what is otherwise a well-rounded introduction to fishing.

In reviewing the WIDDEN Kids Fishing Kit, we recognize it as a solid investment for introducing children to the joys of fishing. With its combination of lightweight design, ease of use, and comprehensive inclusions, it addresses the needs of young beginners while promoting valuable learning and family bonding time outdoors.

Buying Guide

When selecting a fishing rod for kids, we need to consider several crucial features to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Here’s a concise guide to help us make an informed choice.

Size and Weight

It’s important that the fishing rod matches the child’s size and strength.

  • Rod length: 3 to 6 feet works well for most kids.
  • Weight: Light enough for kids to handle comfortably for extended periods.


Durability and performance are dependent on the rod’s material.

  • Fiberglass: Offers durability and a bit of flex, which is forgiving for beginners.
  • Graphite: Lighter and more sensitive but can be more expensive.

Ease of Use

A simple design aids in learning and maintaining interest.

  • Fixed reel: Less complex, easier for children to manage.
  • Simple casting mechanism: Ensures less frustration during the learning process.

Safety Features

There’s no room for compromise when it comes to safety.

  • Blunt tips: Prevent injuries during casting and handling.
  • Secure joints: Reduce the risk of the rod breaking apart.

Handle Design

Comfort is key for young hands that are still growing.

  • Ergonomic grip: Fits smaller hands.
  • Non-slip handle: Provides a firm grip, even when wet.


Low-maintenance options are preferable.

  • Corrosion-resistant components: Longer lifespan, less care required.
  • Easy to clean: Encourages kids to learn about keeping their equipment in good condition.

By prioritizing these aspects, we can provide our young anglers with a suitable fishing rod that’s both enjoyable and practical to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting a fishing rod for children, it’s crucial to consider the specific factors that make the experience enjoyable and manageable for young anglers. We’ll address common queries to guide you through choosing the perfect fishing rod for your child.

What factors should be considered when choosing a fishing rod for a child?

We need to consider the rod’s weight, flexibility, durability, and the child’s ability to handle it. The grip size should be suitable for small hands, and the material should withstand the rough handling often associated with youthful enthusiasm.

How does age affect the choice of a fishing rod for young anglers?

As children grow, their strength and coordination improve. For younger kids under 7, we recommend shorter, lighter rods for easy control. Older children can handle longer rods that offer more casting distance and the ability to reel in bigger fish.

What is an ideal fishing rod length for a child?

The ideal length of a fishing rod for a child typically ranges from 3 to 5 feet. This size balances

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