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The Best Boogie Boards for Kids: for Young Wave Riders

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Best Boogie Boards For Kids
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Boogie boarding is a thrilling water activity that has gained popularity among children who crave the excitement of riding waves without the complexity of surfing. These boards, typically made from foam, offer a lightweight yet buoyant option for enjoying the ocean. Unlike surfing, which requires significant skill and balance, boogie boarding is more accessible for young enthusiasts and provides an excellent way for them to connect with the sea, develop swimming skills, and enjoy outdoor physical activity.

When selecting a boogie board for kids, it’s essential to consider factors such as size, weight, and material. A board that’s too large or heavy can be difficult for a child to manage, reducing their enjoyment and potentially their safety in the water. Foam density is another critical aspect as it affects the buoyancy and durability of the board. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) or expanded polystyrene (EPS) cores are common materials that provide a good balance between strength and weight.

For young riders, additional features such as a leash to prevent loss in the waves, and a slick, hydrodynamic bottom for improved speed and maneuverability are also important. The board’s tail design can influence how it performs in the water; crescent tails offer excellent control, while flat tails are better for speed. We look for boards that are well-constructed and can withstand the rigors of enthusiastic play while still being easy for children to carry and maneuver in the water.

We understand that a child’s positive experiences in the water hinge on having the right gear. By focusing on these aspects, parents can ensure their little ones not only have fun but also stay safe while boogie boarding. In our assessment of the best boogie boards for kids, we’ve considered all of these variables, striving to offer recommendations that will enhance the young rider’s confidence and competence in the water. With the right boogie board, young wave riders can enjoy countless hours of seaside fun. Moving forward, let’s dive into our top picks for the best boogie boards for kids, taking all the mentioned factors into account.

Top Picks for Kid-Friendly Boogie Boards

We’ve thoroughly researched and evaluated a variety of boogie boards to find the best options for your young ones. Our selection meets high standards for durability, safety, and ease of use, ensuring hours of fun in the water. Whether your child is just starting out or already catching waves, we’ve got something that will make their beach days even better.

Goplus Kids Boogie Board

Goplus Boogie Board

We recommend the Goplus Kids Boogie Board for its vibrant design and balance of control, buoyancy, and durability, making it a great choice for young surf enthusiasts.


  • Versatile for all wave conditions with its dynamic design
  • Strong build quality with XPE, HDPE, and EPS materials
  • Comes with a leash for safety and convenience


  • Might be too lightweight for rougher surf conditions
  • Some users reported confusion with hand strap installation
  • There are occasional issues with foam delamination

The Goplus Boogie Board shines for kids looking to catch their first waves. Its well-thought-out design maximizes buoyancy and ensures easy handling, both of which are crucial for beginners finding their feet in the surf. Besides, the board’s lively color options are guaranteed to stand out on the beach, making it easy to spot for parents keeping an eye out.

Durability is a key feature here, with the Goplus board boasting materials that withstand impacts and wear. Whether at the beach or a pool, we value the added peace of mind knowing this board can endure the often rough-and-tumble nature of kids’ play.

Safety is not an afterthought with this board, thanks to its included leash that attaches comfortably to the wrist. This ensures the board remains close, even if your child wipes out. Moreover, adjusting the leash for the perfect fit is a breeze. Most importantly, having a leash is a basic safety feature we always look for, especially for young surfers.

Back Bay Play Boogie Boards

Back Bay Play Boogie Board

We think this boogie board is a solid choice for youngsters eager to ride the waves due to its user-friendly design and durable construction.


  • Suited for all skill levels, from beginners to pros
  • Highly durable EPS core with waterproof technology
  • Lightweight and easy to carry with a comfortable wrist leash


  • The fabric-covered bottom may not glide as smoothly as a plastic one
  • Some users reported receiving the product with minor damage
  • A few reviewers considered the price to be a bit high for the quality

Whether your kids are just dipping their toes into the world of body surfing or already chasing waves like little pros, the Back Bay Play Boogie Boards make for an excellent companion at the beach. Its versatile design accommodates surfers of any skill, promising heaps of seaside fun.

Durability is crucial when it comes to boogie boards, and this product doesn’t disappoint. Crafted with a robust EPS core, it’s built to withstand both energetic play and the elements. Rest easy knowing this board won’t warp or degrade after a few uses.

Carrying bulky beach gear can sometimes dampen the pre-surf excitement. Fortunately, these boards are incredibly light and portable. When the waves call, simply grab it and go – no fuss, no hassle. The included wrist leash ensures your kids won’t lose their boards in the surf.

However, not everything is sunshine and smooth surfing. Some boogie board enthusiasts prefer a slick plastic bottom for optimal speed and performance on the waves. This board’s fabric covering might not meet those expectations. Though a rare occurrence, a few customers mentioned receiving the board with slight damage, which could be a shipping and handling issue. And while the price reflects the quality for most, a handful believe it leans a touch towards the higher end.

WaveStorm Kids Bodyboard

Barbie Signature 36in Bodyboard by WaveStorm

As we approach the warmer months, we believe this WaveStorm bodyboard is a fantastic pick for young wave enthusiasts seeking both fun and style on the surf.


  • Durable foam construction resists wear and tear
  • High-density slick bottom aids in speed and steady glides
  • Comes with a convenient wrist leash for safety and security


  • Higher price point compared to some entry-level models
  • Limited color choices may not appeal to all kids
  • Graphic foam top design may wear over time with heavy use

WaveStorm’s bodyboard presents us with a dependable option for youth riders ready to tackle the waves. The molded foam core offers lightweight buoyancy, which is great for younger users who are still getting a feel for the water. It’s a solid platform that combines safety with a bit of speed, something parents and kids will appreciate alike.

Durability is an essential factor for any beach gear, and this board doesn’t disappoint. The slick bottom is not only meant for a quicker ride but also provides the rigidity necessary to handle the rough and tumble of kids’ play. It can take a beating, so we’re not constantly worrying about the board snapping in half.

Then there’s the design. The Graphic Foam Top Deck comes with UV inhibitors, a small but crucial detail that helps maintain the board’s appearance after many sun-soaked hours. For kids who are particular about their style, this means the board stays looking good all season long.

Summing it up, the WaveStorm Kids Bodyboard blends functionality with some snazzy aesthetics. It’s a piece of equipment that is built to last and is sure to make the young ones’ beach days more enjoyable. It may be a tad pricier than other models, but the quality and features justify the investment.

Back Bay Play Boogie Board

Back Bay Play Boogie Board

We believe this board strikes an ideal balance between quality and fun for children embarking on their bodyboarding adventures.


  • Suitable for various skill levels, making it versatile for kids as they grow
  • Waterproof and durable EPS core ensures longevity
  • Lightweight design makes transportation and handling a breeze


  • Some may find the lack of a smooth plastic bottom limits performance
  • A tear upon delivery can happen, based on customer reviews
  • Although rare, there could be issues with durability over time

When selecting a boogie board for kids, it’s essential to consider ease of use. This board is designed to cater to all skill levels, from beginners to those who are more experienced. Its user-friendly shape allows for easy adaptability to various wave conditions, and children can enjoy body surfing without feeling limited by their equipment.

Durability is another critical factor to ponder over. Constructed with a robust EPS core, the boogie board is made to withstand the elements. It can resist breaking or deforming, which is vital when it’s going to be used in the unpredictable environment of the ocean.

Another convenience of this board is its lightness, facilitating effortless carrying for both kids and parents. Whether you’re headed to the beach or the pool, the board won’t be an inconvenience. Its portability is a significant advantage for families on the go.

Legendary Pro X Bodyboard

Legendary Pro X Bodyboard

We recommend the Legendary Pro X Bodyboard for youngsters looking for a robust and speedy ride on the waves.


  • Heat sealed technology enhances board durability.
  • Suitable for a variety of skill levels, from beginners to more proficient surfers.
  • Comes with a detachable wrist leash for safety.


  • Some users may find the included leash to be of lower quality.
  • Board graphics may not be perfectly aligned.
  • Packaging may lack adequate protection during shipping, according to some reviews.

The Legendary Pro X offers a strong construction with a heat-sealed design, which speaks volumes about its longevity and ability to withstand the rigors of enthusiastic bodyboarding. It’s made to provide a comfortable grip and smooth gliding over the waves, leading to an enjoyable experience for young riders.

With a range of colors and sizes, this board caters to various personal preferences and physical requirements. Its versatile build is equally appealing to novices and more advanced enthusiasts who wish to tackle serious waves.

Some buyers mention deviations in the quality of accessories and packaging missteps as drawbacks. However, when considering a product for frequent wave riding, the Legendary Pro X Bodyboard largely stands out for its reliable performance and sturdy materials.

Zurssar Kids’ Body Board

Zurssar Kids' Body Board

Considering its sturdy construction and lightweight design, we believe the Zurssar Kids’ Body Board is an excellent choice for young wave-riders.


  • Sturdy EPS core suitable for various water temperatures
  • Soft foam grips and bonus pull rope for secure handling
  • Slick bottom for enhanced speed and maneuverability


  • May not be suitable for advanced bodyboarding tricks
  • Included leash might be less durable than the board
  • Slick bottom may attract scratches over time

Weighing the pros against the cons of this board, it’s clear that the Zurssar Kids’ Body Board offers a balance of durability and performance ideal for beginner to intermediate young surfers. The high-density EPS core promises a blend of lightness and strength, and that matters a great deal when kids spend hours in the water. The addition of a slick bottom not only improves speed but also contributes to smoother rides on the waves.

The grips are a thoughtful addition, aiding young surfers in maintaining control even in choppy conditions. Additionally, a bonus pull rope included enhances the overall value. Whether it’s for fun at the beach or honing early bodyboarding skills, this board seems to deliver.

On the other hand, the rider’s skill level can outgrow the board’s potential for performing advanced maneuvers, so it’s worth considering if the young surfer will soon need a more professional board. Addressing the accessories, while functional, their longevity under rigorous use isn’t on par with the board’s endurance. The super slick bottom, which aids in speed, is prone to wear over time, but this is a common issue among bodyboards and should be expected with regular use.

We recommend keeping these trade-offs in mind when considering the Zurssar Kids’ Body Board for young enthusiasts. It strikes a favorable balance between quality features and cost, making it a strong contender for a day filled with ocean fun.

BPS ‘Storm’ Bodyboard

BPS 'Storm' Bodyboard

We believe the BPS ‘Storm’ Bodyboard offers a delightful mix of quality, performance, and convenience for children eager to tackle the waves.


  • Built with lightweight materials for easy handling
  • Comes with a premium coiled leash to prevent loss in the water
  • Designed for all wave conditions, ensuring a versatile use


  • The durability may be a concern with intensive use
  • Some users have reported bubbling on the outer lining
  • A few instances of shipping damage have been noted

The BPS ‘Storm’ Bodyboard is a great fit for kids due to its user-friendly features. Its lightweight design makes it simple for the young ones to carry and maneuver, ensuring they don’t get tired before even entering the water. This is a board that can help them build confidence as they learn to ride the waves and enjoy the ocean.

Apart from its performance in the water, the board’s included coiled leash is another major advantage. It serves as a significant relief to parents knowing that their investment won’t be lost at sea. The leash also adds an element of safety, as the board will remain close to the child after a wipeout.

However, there’s always room for improvement. While the BPS ‘Storm’ Bodyboard is mostly well-received, some longevity concerns have been aired by users. Intensive or frequent use may lead to wear and tear, which isn’t uncommon with bodyboards but is something to be mindful of. Plus, it’s worth keeping an eye on the delivery condition, as damages during shipping can sour the experience right out of the box.

In conclusion, this bodyboard from BPS is a sound choice for most children. Its pros, like the lightweight build and coiled leash, offer great benefits for young surfers. While there are potential downsides regarding durability and shipping, these are not out of the ordinary and can be addressed with proper care and customer service follow-up.

Buying Guide

When we look for the best boogie boards for kids, safety and appropriateness for the child’s age and skill level are paramount. Comfort, durability, and price are also important considerations. Below, we’ll outline key features to evaluate when selecting a boogie board.

Size and Weight

Weight Capacity: Ensure the board can support the child’s weight for optimal safety and performance.

Age Group Weight Capacity
Under 6 Up to 50 lbs
6-12 50-100 lbs
Teens 100-150 lbs

Board Length: A board that’s the right size will be easier for a child to control.


Foam Core: It should be sturdy yet lightweight.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Bottom: Provides a smooth surface to enhance speed and maneuverability.

Tail Design

Crescent Tail: Generally better for control, suitable for beginners.

Bat Tail: Offers more surface area, which can be good for tricks and advanced moves.

Safety Features

Leash: A quality leash secures the board to the user to prevent loss in the waves.

Soft Top: A gentle foam top reduces the chance of injury during falls.


Fins: For steering and stability.

Accessory Description
Fins For maneuverability and control
Wax For grip on the top of the board

We advise you to compare these features against the child’s needs to ensure you choose a boogie board that is both fun and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we answer common questions about selecting, using, and maintaining boogie boards for kids, focusing on safety, suitability, and value.

What factors should I consider when choosing a boogie board for a child?

We look at size, material, and tail design when choosing a boogie board. It’s important to ensure that the board is proportional to the child’s height and body weight.

How does age and size impact the appropriate boogie board selection for kids?

A child’s age and size determine the board’s length and buoyancy. Younger children need smaller, lighter boards for better control, whereas older kids can handle larger boards.

Which features are essential for a child’s safety when using a boogie board?

Safety features include a leash to prevent the board from getting lost at sea, a smooth, soft top to reduce the risk of injury, and a board with the right buoyancy for the child’s weight.

What are the differences between boogie boards and bodyboards, and which is suited for children?

The term ‘boogie board’ originally referred to a specific brand, but now often means a wider, more stable board ideal for kids. ‘Bodyboard’ is a generic term for boards used in the same way but can be more performance-oriented.

Where can I find high-quality yet affordable boogie boards for children?

High-quality, affordable boogie boards are available at sporting goods stores, online retailers, or specialty surf shops. We recommend reading reviews and comparing prices to find the best deal.

How to properly maintain and care for a kid’s boogie board for long-term use?

We care for boogie boards by rinsing them with fresh water after each use, storing them out of direct sunlight, and avoiding rough surfaces to prevent scratches and dents.

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  • 🎨 Creative Crafts and DIYs
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