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The Best BMX Bike for Kids: Picks for Young Riders

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Best BMX Bikes For Kids
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BMX bikes present a thrilling way for kids to experience outdoor activities while also gaining impressive bike handling skills and confidence. These bikes are specially designed for performing stunts, racing on dirt tracks, and navigating urban environments with ease. BMX stands for Bicycle Motocross, highlighting its origins in the world of motocross racing. Kids’ BMX bikes typically have reinforced frames, single-speed gearing, and 20-inch wheels, ensuring that the bikes are both robust and manageable for younger riders.

Choosing the right BMX bike for a child involves considering several critical aspects, including the size of the bike, the quality of components, and the type of riding the bike is designed for. Safety is paramount, so selecting a bike with the appropriate wheel and frame size is essential to ensure the child has control at all times. The bikes also come with different gear setups and braking systems, tailored to various BMX disciplines, from freestyling to racing.

When deliberating on a purchase, durability should weigh heavily in the decision-making process. A bike that can withstand the inevitable falls and scrapes associated with BMX riding will provide more long-term value and enjoyment. Additionally, though some bikes may come with additional features like pegs for stunts, the most important factors typically revolve around the bike’s fit for the child, the reliability of the components, and the bike’s suitability for the desired style of riding.

Understanding these key elements ensures a well-informed choice that supports the child’s desire for adventure and improves their cycling skills. Our selection process focuses on these factors, aiming to recommend BMX bikes that stand out for their quality, safety, and value, ultimately giving kids the best riding experience.

Top Picks for Kids’ BMX Bikes

When it comes to choosing the best BMX bike for a child, safety, durability, and the right size are paramount. We’ve taken the time to evaluate numerous options, focusing on those that provide a reliable and enjoyable riding experience for young enthusiasts. Our selection represents the cream of the crop, delivering quality and performance that can help foster a lifelong love for BMX riding.

Cubsala Crossea 18” BMX

Cubsala Crossea 18'' BMX

We believe the Cubsala Crossea 18” BMX is a solid choice for budding BMX enthusiasts, blending robust construction with a rider-friendly design.


  • Built with a durable Hi-Ten steel frame to withstand rough handling
  • Comes 85% pre-assembled with tools included for a hassle-free setup
  • Features an adjustable saddle to grow with young riders


  • Some customers reported issues with loose parts after riding
  • Only one color option may not cater to all kids’ preferences
  • Limited to one speed, which might not suit advanced young riders

Finding the right BMX bike for a kid, especially one who’s just starting out, can be quite the challenge. What stands out with the Cubsala Crossea BMX is its beginner-friendly design. It’s sized just right for young riders between 3’5″ and 4’3″, offering a better fit and control.

The importance of a comfortable ride cannot be overstated when it comes to kids learning BMX. This model’s frame is made of Hi-Ten steel, which not only supports the rider well but also promises longevity. Kids who are still growing will appreciate the adjustable saddle, enabling the bike to adapt to their changing heights.

Performance-wise, the bike’s equipped with a reliable aluminum U-brake setup, lending young riders confidence through better speed management. An easy one-piece crank design simplifies the riding experience, while the aluminum single wall rims contribute to the bike’s decent performance when cruising the streets or exploring trails.

However, we note that irrespectively of how well a product is built, maintenance is key. Loose parts could surface, as some parents have noted, so a periodic check-up could save the day and ensure the bike’s longevity. Furthermore, although the black and green color scheme is striking, more variety would be favorable to appeal to a wider range of personal tastes.

In sum, the Cubsala Crossea BMX hits many right notes for a bike of its class. It’s sturdy and thoughtfully designed, tailored for those first few pedals into the world of BMX. While there might be a few hiccups, as with any product, the overall package is a compelling one for kids eager to get into the sport.

Mongoose Legion L20

Mongoose Legion L20

If you’re seeking a sturdy and stylish BMX for a young rider, the Mongoose Legion L20 is worth considering for its solid build and performance features.


  • Durable Hi-Ten steel frame built for freestyle riding
  • Precision speed control with aluminum U-brake
  • Performance-oriented wheelset with 20″ x 2.3″ tires


  • Some components may require upgrades for experienced riders
  • Initial brake tuning may be needed for optimal performance
  • Bearings could benefit from being sealed for longevity

When scouting for a reliable BMX bike for kids, we prioritize both quality and rideability. The Mongoose Legion L20 ticks these boxes with its high-tensile steel frame, which promises longevity and resilience under various riding conditions. This model is specially designed to withstand the demands of beginning riders who are keen to explore freestyle riding and street tricks.

Young riders’ quest for control and precision in a bike is met with the Legion L20’s single rear aluminum U-brake system, which is critical for fine-tuning speed, especially during tricks and jumps. The overall steering performance is bolstered by a robust combination of the steel handlebar, fork, and threadless sealed integrated headset.

We recognize that purchasing a bike for a child is an investment in their outdoor activities. This brings us to the Legion L20’s wheelset, which stands out with its 20″ x 2.3″ tires. They are mounted on aluminum single-wall rims, providing a mix of traction and robustness, suitable for those first-time riders looking to build their riding confidence.

In conclusion, the Mongoose Legion L20 fulfills the requirements for a starter freestyle BMX bike. It’s designed to offer a blend of performance and style, making it a potential choice for your kid’s next two-wheeled adventure.

Mongoose Legion Mag Bike

Mongoose Legion Kids Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike

We believe this BMX bike stands out for its unique wheel design and robust construction, making it a solid choice for young enthusiasts starting in BMX.


  • Durable Hi-Ten steel frame suitable for riders 4’8″ to 5’4″
  • Smooth single-speed ride with straightforward maintenance
  • Comes with a kickstand and freestyle pegs for added functionality


  • Some users reported difficulty with brake adjustments
  • Might be heavier than some prefer for a kids’ BMX bike
  • Assembly might challenge those less mechanically inclined

When we consider what makes a great youth BMX bike, frame integrity and design are at the forefront. The Mongoose Legion Mag Bike’s High-Ten steel construction provides the necessary durability for the rough and tumble of BMX biking. It’s made for riders between 4’8″ and 5’4″, suggesting that it can grow with your child for a period before they move on to a full-sized BMX bike. The single-speed gearing simplifies the riding experience, allowing kids to focus on their form and tricks rather than shifting gears.

We all know aesthetics matter, especially for kids who want their bike to look as cool as their tricks. The Mongoose Legion Mag doesn’t disappoint with its striking orange color and unique mag wheels, which are not only stylish but also come with the practicality of sealed bearings for a smooth ride. Additionally, the included features such as a cable detangler for 360-degree handlebar spins and alloy rear U-brakes prioritize functionality along with style.

However, no bike is without its potential downsides. A handful of reviews have noted difficulty in brake adjustments, a factor to consider if you’re not confident in bike mechanics or if a professional tune-up isn’t in your plans. While the sturdy frame is a plus, it might contribute to a heavier bike, which could be a drawback for younger riders or those who prefer a lighter BMX. Finally, while assembly isn’t a con per se, those unfamiliar with bike assembly might find the process a bit cumbersome, though this is common among almost all shipped bikes.

With our knowledgeable and balanced considerations, the Mongoose Legion Mag Bike presents itself as a reliable and visually appealing option for young BMX riders seeking a dependable and fun bike to start their adventures.



We think the JOYSTAR Gemsbok 20 Inch BMX Bike is ideal for youngsters ready to explore biking with a bit of style and reliability.


  • Offers versatility for new tricks with its freestyle design and front pegs.
  • Safety is enhanced with dual hand brakes for reliable stopping power.
  • Comes mostly assembled which provides an easier setup process.


  • Some users reported shipping delays and inadequate packaging.
  • May require additional tools for assembly not mentioned upfront.
  • Not suitable for professional BMX riding or extreme sports activities.

The JOYSTAR Gemsbok BMX is designed for young riders venturing into the world of BMX biking, offering a solid combination of practicality and cool aesthetics. Its rainbow oil slick finish stands out in a crowd and encourages kids to ride with confidence. The inclusion of a kickstand and the sturdy nature of the steel frame underscore the bike’s blend of functionality and convenience.

Establishing a balance between safety and fun, this bike’s comprehensive brake system caters to parents’ peace of mind. Wide tires provide additional stability, proving beneficial for kids still honing their biking skills. The relatively easy assembly process allows kids to get pedaling quickly, minus the typical wait or additional setup frustration.

Understanding our young riders’ needs, we appreciate the uncomplicated single-speed drivetrain of the JOYSTAR Gemsbok. It offers a straightforward riding experience without the complexity of multiple gears, perfect for learning essential biking maneuvers. The bike’s design focuses on ease and comfort, making it a suitable choice for everyday adventures at the park or on local trails.

Hyper BMX 18 Inch

Hyper BMX Bike

We reckon this bike is a solid purchase for young riders keen on trying out BMX biking, owing to its blend of BMX pro design and durability.


  • Designed by a BMX Pro, making it suitable for beginners to learn tricks.
  • Versatile for both bike parks and trials with multi-surface tires and included pegs.
  • Eye-catching Jet Fuel finish and durable steel frame for style and longevity.


  • Initial assembly and fine-tuning might require some skill and tools.
  • Some customers mentioned the size might not fit the recommended age range well.
  • Reports of missing parts and quality control issues upon delivery.

Hyper crafted this BMX with the enthusiasm and know-how of an experienced BMX pro. Our young riders deserve a reliable start in the sport, and this bike’s design is meant to foster that. The inclusion of premium pedals, a padded seat, and 360-degree handlebar rotation lays the groundwork for mastering tricks.

We’re all about versatility, and this bike checks that box. Ready to roll at bike parks or navigate trickier terrains, its rugged build and included pegs add to its all-terrain capability. Adventure seekers will appreciate its readiness straight out of the box.

Aesthetics matters in BMX, and this model does not disappoint with its multi-colored Jet Fuel finish. More than just looks, the sturdy steel construction is built to withstand the rigors of BMX riding. It’s evident Hyper focused on a quality build to match its standout design.

Hiland Kids BMX

Hiland Kids BMX Bike

We recommend the Hiland 20 Inch BMX for its appealing design and solid safety features, making it a great choice for young riders eager to explore BMX biking.


  • Eye-catching vacuum coating color
  • Safety assured with non-slip U-brake and wide tires
  • Includes 360-degree rotor for advanced riding tricks


  • Assembly can be tricky for some
  • Pegs included but no kickstand
  • Potential issues with customer service responsiveness

When looking into a new BMX bike for a child, the design can be a significant draw; that’s where the Hiland Kids BMX shines. Its vacuum coating gives off a vibe that’s both stylish and exciting on the bike track. The bike is fortified with a hi-ten steel frame and 20-inch wide tires to ensure a comfy and stable ride, which will surely boost a parent’s peace of mind.

We appreciate the bike’s commitment to safety, with features such as a dependable U-brake system that offers better control and reduces the risk of slips. Plus, the inclusion of reflectors on the front and rear increases visibility, a considerable advantage for kids who enjoy evening rides.

A unique perk of this BMX bike is the 360-degree rotor, which paves the way for kids to attempt more advanced tricks. This feature encourages skill advancement and keeps the riding experience fresh, fostering a passion for BMX in burgeoning riders. With this bike, getting into BMX biking is accessible and less intimidating for younger enthusiasts.

Schwinn Elm for Kids

Schwinn Elm Bike

We find the Schwinn Elm to be a solid choice for children learning to ride, promoting both confidence and growth.


  • Designed for kids’ proportions, offering a comfortable and controlled riding experience
  • Growth-friendly with an easily adjustable seat post, accommodating increasing height
  • Dual brake system supports a smooth transition to standard handbrake bikes


  • Assembly required, which may be challenging for some
  • Tools for setup not included, necessitating a separate toolset
  • Coaster brake might require a learning curve for kids transitioning from other bicycles

When seeking a bicycle that will adapt to a growing child, the Schwinn Elm shines. It’s crafted with the awareness that children’s ergonomics differ from adults’. Thus, the bike is scaled accordingly, featuring smaller grips and a lighter frame. This foresight plays a crucial role in ensuring a child’s comfort and confidence on their cycling journey.

Cycling can be an evolving process for kids, from initially mastering pedaling to confidently using handbrakes. We appreciate how this bike supports this progression by including both coaster and hand brakes. This dual system allows kids to learn at their own pace.

The commitment to safety and durability synonymous with the Schwinn brand is evident in the Elm’s design. With its sturdy alloy steel frame and inclusive limited lifetime warranty, this bike is a reliable choice for the long haul. Although it does require some assembly upon delivery, the effort results in a personalized setup that’s just right for your child.

Buying Guide

When considering the best BMX bike for children, there are several features we need to evaluate. The size, weight, and design of the bike, along with quality components, ensure the bike will be a good fit for your child and will last through their growth spurts and learning curves.

Size Matters

It’s essential to choose a BMX bike that is the correct size for the child. A bike that is too large or too small can be challenging to handle and might lead to accidents.

  • 12-inch BMX – Typically for kids 2-4 years old
  • 16-inch BMX – Usually suitable for 5-7 years old
  • 20-inch BMX – Standard size for 8 years and older

Weight and Balance

The weight of the bike is another important factor. A heavier bike can be difficult for a child to maneuver.

  • Lightweight Frame – Easier for the child to handle and learn on
  • Sturdy Construction – Ensures the bike can withstand falls and rough handling

Components and Quality

High-quality components can make or break the BMX experience. We look for durability in areas like the frame, handlebars, and wheels.

  • Handlebars – Should be proportional to the bike size to ensure proper handling
  • Wheels – Need to be robust to sustain the impact of BMX tricks and riding

Design and Aesthetics

While performance is key, the design also plays a role in your child’s enjoyment.

  • Ideally, a bike should be appealing to your child and encourage them to ride
  • Functional design means every part serves a purpose, contributing to the overall performance and safety of the bike

Remember, safety equipment is non-negotiable. We always recommend using helmets and pads to protect against injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addressing common inquiries, we aim to guide you through selecting and understanding BMX bikes for kids, ensuring safety and suitability are at the forefront.

What are the top BMX bike brands suitable for children?

Our research indicates that brands like Redline, Mongoose, and Haro produce high-quality BMX bikes that are specifically designed for children. These manufacturers offer a range of models catering to various skill levels and ages.

How do I choose the right size BMX bike for my 12-year-old?

For a 12-year-old, we usually recommend a BMX bike with a 20-inch wheel size. However, the ideal frame size depends on the child’s height and reach. It’s important to ensure that the bike allows for a comfortable and safe riding posture.

Can kids comfortably ride 24-inch BMX bikes, or should they stick to smaller sizes?

Children can ride 24-inch BMX bikes if they’re tall enough, usually standing over 4’6″. However, younger or shorter children might find smaller sizes, like 18 or 20 inches, more manageable and comfortable for learning and performing tricks.

Are there advanced BMX options appropriate for young, experienced riders?

Yes, there are advanced BMX options for young, experienced riders, including lighter frames, stronger wheels, and customized gear ratios. It’s essential to match the bike’s specifications to the rider’s skill level to enhance performance and safety.

What should be considered when purchasing a BMX bike for a child under 12?

When purchasing a BMX bike for a child under 12, consider the bike’s weight, size, and durability. Ensure it’s appropriate to the child’s height and build, and look for adjustable components that can adapt to growth spurts.

What safety features are essential when selecting a BMX bike for kids?

Safety features like a sturdy frame, reliable brakes, and a well-fitting helmet are essential. Additionally, look for bikes with grips on the handlebars and non-slip pedals to maximize the child’s control and reduce the risk of accidents.

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