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Valentine’s Ideas for Kids: Creative and Fun Ways to Celebrate

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Valentines Ideas For Kids
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Valentine’s Day is not just for couples. It’s a holiday that celebrates love in all forms, including the pure and joyful love expressed by children. As we approach this day of affection and warmth, many parents, guardians, and teachers look for ways to involve kids in the festivities. Crafting unique, heartwarming projects, whipping up Valentine’s-themed treats, and engaging in love-inspired games are all wonderful methods to teach children about the spirit of Valentine’s Day, while nurturing their creativity and emotional intelligence.

Our celebration of love can extend into the educational realm, where kids can learn about the history of Valentine’s Day and the importance of showing kindness and appreciation to others. From creating handmade valentines and decorations to dressing up for the occasion, there are endless possibilities to make this day special for the little ones. It’s also a perfect opportunity to guide them in expressing their affection and gratitude towards friends and family members through thoughtful gifts and cards they can craft themselves. With careful planning, Valentine’s Day can be transformed from a simple holiday into a rich educational experience filled with joy, love, and fond memories.

Key Takeaways

  • Engaging children in Valentine’s Day creates opportunities for creative and emotional growth.
  • A variety of activities, such as crafts and recipes, offer ways to celebrate the holiday with kids.
  • The day can be both fun and educational, teaching values like appreciation and kindness.

Valentine’s Day Themed Crafts

Valentine’s Day offers us a wonderful opportunity to engage kids in a variety of fun and heartwarming craft activities. Here are some craft ideas that will help kids express their love and creativity.

Handprint and Footprint Art

We can utilize handprints and footprints to create memorable and personalized crafts. Materials needed include:

  • Non-toxic paint
  • Paper or canvas
  • Markers for decoration

You can follow these steps:

  1. Coat the child’s hand or foot with paint.
  2. Press it onto the paper or canvas.
  3. Once dry, add details such as faces, messages, or decorative elements to transform the prints into adorable keepsakes.

Homemade Valentine’s Cards

Crafting Valentine’s cards is both a personal and creative process for children. What you’ll need:

  • Construction paper or cardstock
  • Decorating supplies like stickers, glitter, and ribbons

Simple steps we follow:

  1. Cut the paper into hearts or card shapes.
  2. Let children decorate them with the supplies.
  3. Encourage them to write a special message inside.

DIY Valentine’s Decorations

Kids can create unique decorations to add a festive touch to their space. Essentials include:

  • Paper (red, pink, white)
  • Scissors, tape, and string

Our process involves:

  1. Crafting paper chains, heart garlands, or paper flowers.
  2. Hanging them up to turn an area into a Valentine’s themed space.

Valentine’s Day Recipes for Kids

Creating Valentine’s Day treats can be a fun way to celebrate with our children. We can make simple and delightful recipes that are perfect for kids to enjoy and even help prepare.

Heart-Shaped Treats

We can start with easy heart-shaped treats that require minimal ingredients. For example, heart-shaped pancakes can be made by pouring batter into a heart-shaped mold on a griddle. Another option is to use a cookie cutter to create heart-shaped sandwiches. Ingredients include:

  • Pancake batter
  • Bread
  • Sandwich fillings of your choice

Pink and Red Snacks

Focusing on the festive colors of Valentine’s Day, we can create pink and red snacks. A fruit salad with strawberries, raspberries, and watermelon cut into hearts is not only visually appealing but also healthy. Alternatively, strawberry milk can be served as a special drink:

Ingredients Quantity
Fresh strawberries 1 cup
Milk or milk alternative 1 cup
Honey or sugar (optional) To taste

Easy Bake Valentine Cookies

Lastly, we can bake simple cookies and decorate them with Valentine’s Day themes. Using a basic sugar cookie dough, we can cut out heart shapes and decorate them with pink or red icing once cooled.

Cookie Dough Ingredients:

  • All-purpose flour
  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Egg
  • Vanilla extract

Valentine’s Day Games and Activities

We have curated a selection of games and activities that are perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day with kids. These playful options are designed to engage children in the spirit of love and friendship.

Valentine’s Day Bingo


  • Bingo cards with Valentine’s-themed images
  • Markers or candy hearts to cover squares
  • Call-out cards with the images or words to match

How to Play:

  1. Distribute a bingo card to each player.
  2. Use markers or candy hearts as placeholders.
  3. Draw call-out cards and announce the item.
  4. The first to complete a line shouts “Bingo!” and wins a small prize.

Heart Relay Races


  • Create a start and end line in the play area.
  • Get enough small, soft hearts for participating players.


  1. Divide kids into teams.
  2. At ‘Go!’, the first player from each team carries a heart from start to finish line.
  3. Hearts must be carried with unconventional means (between elbows, knees, etc.).
  4. Once a player completes the course, the next team member goes.
  5. The first team to finish with all their members wins.

Love-Themed Scavenger Hunts


  • Hide Valentine-themed objects around a designated area.
  • Provide each child with a list of the objects to find.

Game Play:

  • Kids search for the hidden objects, checking them off their list as they find them.
  • The first to find all listed items or the one who finds the most items within the allotted time wins.

Educational Valentine’s Day Ideas

Incorporating educational content into Valentine’s Day activities can be exciting and informative for kids. We focus on incorporating learning objectives alongside the celebration.

Themed Learning Worksheets

We recommend creating Valentine’s-themed learning worksheets that cover subjects like math and language arts. For example, math worksheets might include heart-shaped puzzles with addition and subtraction problems, while language arts worksheets could have Valentine’s themed crossword puzzles that encourage vocabulary development.

  • Math: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication (decorated with hearts and cupid arrows)
  • Language Arts: Crosswords, Matching Synonyms/Antonyms (using Valentine’s Day related words)

Story Time with Valentine’s Books

Selecting Valentine’s Day-themed books is an excellent approach to combine reading with the holiday’s spirit. We can choose age-appropriate books that tell stories of kindness and love. After reading, we can engage the kids with questions to improve their comprehension and critical thinking.

  • Pre-Reading: Discuss the cover, make predictions
  • Post-Reading: Ask questions about the story, discuss the theme

Valentine’s Day History Lesson

A Valentine’s Day history lesson can provide context to the holiday. We can prepare a brief presentation about Saint Valentine, the origins of the holiday, and how it is celebrated around the world. Interactive activities like a timeline creation or a matching game with historical facts can make the lesson more engaging.

  • Timeline: Major events leading to the modern Valentine’s Day
  • Matching Game: Historical facts and figures associated with Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Gift Ideas from Kids

We understand that Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for kids to express their love and appreciation. Through simple and creative gifts, they can convey heartfelt messages to family and friends.

DIY Gifts and Keepsakes

Handmade Cards: A classic that we never outgrow. Encourage your children to create cards using cardstock, markers, and stickers. Each card can be personalized with messages and drawings to make them unique.

Photo Frames: Take a simple wooden frame and let the kids decorate it with paint, glitter, and other embellishments. Insert a special family photo for an instant keepsake.

Customized Valentine’s Goodies

Baked Treats: Kids can help bake cookies or cupcakes, and decorate with red and pink icing, sprinkles, or heart-shaped candies. Package them in clear cellophane with a ribbon to make a sweet gift.

Crafted Candy Jars: Fill small mason jars with favorite candies. Have kids decorate the lids with fabric and labels for a personal touch.

Personalized Valentines for Family

Coupon Books: Create little coupon books that offer services like extra chores or hugs. Kids can decorate and customize these for parents and grandparents.

Video Messages: With your help, kids can record personal greetings or songs. These digital valentines can be a touching memento for family members, especially if they’re far away.

Printable Valentine’s Day Materials

We have curated a selection of printable materials that are perfect for kids on Valentine’s Day. These printables are easy to use and provide a range of creative activities.

Coloring Pages

We offer a variety of Valentine-themed coloring pages that cater to different skill levels. They feature hearts, Cupids, and phrases like “Be Mine.”

  • Simple designs: For younger children.
  • Complex patterns: Suitable for older children looking for a challenge.

Puzzle Sheets

Our puzzle sheets are a fun way to engage kids with Valentine’s Day themes. They include:

  • Word searches: With Valentine’s Day related words.
  • Mazes: Shaped like hearts and other Valentine symbols.

Valentine’s Day Themed Printables

We provide printables beyond coloring and puzzles, enhancing the Valentine’s Day experience with:

  • Greeting Cards: Templates that children can personalize.
  • Certificates of Friendship: To exchange with friends.

Use bold and colorful markers or crayons to bring these printables to life and share the love this Valentine’s Day.

Decorating for Valentine’s Day

We can transform any space into a festive Valentine’s Day setting with a few simple decorations. Kids and their creativity are the ideal match for these fun and easy projects.

Making Paper Heart Chains

To create paper heart chains, we’ll need only construction paper, scissors, and a stapler or tape. We’ll cut the paper into strips and fold them in half, then link the hearts by stapling or taping the ends together. It’s a great way for kids to work on their fine motor skills, and these chains can be draped around rooms or over doorways for a pop of color.

Creating Valentine’s Day Banners

For Valentine’s Day banners, we’ll select paper or fabric in reds, pinks, and whites. Using stencils, we’ll trace and cut out letters to spell phrases like “Happy Valentine’s Day” or “Love.” Alternating the colors for each letter, we’ll attach them to a string or ribbon. These banners can be hung across walls or from the ceiling to add a celebratory touch to any room.

Designing Themed Table Settings

We’ll seize the opportunity to involve kids in setting the table for Valentine’s Day by incorporating themed colors and patterns. We’ll choose plates, napkins and placemats in coordinating colors, and place heart-shaped confetti or paper hearts as decorative accents. As a centerpiece, a mason jar filled with red and pink flowers or heart-shaped crafts adds the finishing touch to our festive table.

Valentine’s Outfit and Accessories

For Valentine’s Day, dressing up can be just as fun for kids as it is for adults. We’ve got you covered with easy, do-it-yourself options to create thematic T-shirts, jewelry, and hair accessories that will add a special touch to the day.

Making Valentine’s Day T-Shirts

  • Materials Needed:
    • Plain T-shirts (preferably white or red)
    • Fabric markers or paints
    • Stencils (hearts, Cupid, love-related phrases)
  1. Choose a T-shirt: Start with a plain T-shirt in a Valentine’s Day color, such as red, pink, or white.
  2. Create a Design: Use stencils for perfect heart shapes or write sweet messages with fabric markers.

Crafting Heart Jewelry

  • Supplies List:
    • Beads (red, pink, white, heart-shaped)
    • Elastic string or thread
    • Scissors
  1. Select Beads: Choose a variety of Valentine-themed beads.
  2. String Them Up: Thread the beads onto elastic to make bracelets or necklaces.

Designing Themed Hair Accessories

  • Tools Required:
    • Plain hair clips or headbands
    • Felt or foam sheets (red, pink, white)
    • Glue (fabric or hot glue)
  1. Pick a Base: Decide whether you’re embellishing a clip or a headband.
  2. Add Valentine Flair: Cut hearts from felt and glue them onto your hair accessory base.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’re answering the common queries about celebrating Valentine’s Day with kids, covering crafty projects, educational ideas, gifts, parties, traditions, and DIY gifting.

What are some creative Valentine’s Day craft projects for children?

Making Valentine’s Day crafts can be a fun way for children to express their creativity. Kids can create heart-shaped cards using construction paper, cotton balls and glitter glue. Another project could be decorating cookies with edible paint and sprinkles to share as sweet, handcrafted treats.

How can parents and educators incorporate Valentine’s Day themes into educational activities?

We can engage children in Valentine’s Day-themed educational activities by using heart-shaped word puzzles to enhance vocabulary or math games that involve counting and sorting red and pink objects. Crafting a ‘Valentine’s Day story’ could foster kids’ writing and storytelling skills, with a focus on themes of friendship and appreciation.

What are some appropriate and enjoyable Valentine’s Day gift ideas for young boys?

For Valentine’s gifts that resonate with young boys, consider items like personalized comic books where they can be the hero, or sporty accessories like a basketball with a Valentine’s Day message. Puzzle games and LEGO sets with a love or friendship theme can also be exciting yet relevant gifts.

How can you organize a memorable Valentine’s Day party for kids at school?

A memorable Valentine’s Day party at school requires engaging activities and decorations. We can set up stations for Valentine’s card making, a photo booth with themed props, and a heart-shaped snack bar. Organizing a small dance or a friendly “appreciation circle” could provide joyous moments as well.

What unique Valentine’s Day traditions can families start with their children?

Families can start traditions that deepen the day’s meaning, such as a gratitude tree where each family member hangs hearts listing what they love about each other. Another idea is a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt around the house with clues leading to small treats and tokens of love.

How can I involve my daughter in making DIY Valentine’s gifts for her friends?

We can involve daughters in making DIY Valentine’s gifts by assembling friendship bracelet kits or baking kits that her friends can use. She could also hand-paint stones or shells with thoughtful messages, crafting a charming and personalized gift for each of her friends.

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