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The Best Kids Games for Nintendo Switch: Top Picks

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Best Kids Games For Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo Switch has established itself as a family-friendly gaming platform with an impressive library of titles suitable for players of all ages. Its convenience and versatility, as a home console that can be easily transformed into a portable device, make it particularly appealing for families and kids who are always on the move. The engaging and interactive nature of many Switch games fosters not only entertainment but also creativity, problem-solving, and social interaction among young players.

In choosing the best games for children on the Nintendo Switch, a wide range of factors come into play. Graphics and gameplay are certainly important, but for this demographic, content suitability sits at the forefront. It’s crucial to look for games rated appropriately for children, typically marked as “E for Everyone” or “E10+,” depending on the child’s age and maturity level. Additionally, the educational value, replayability, and whether a title supports multiplayer modes to accommodate family and friends can also be strong determining factors.

With children’s well-being and development in mind, we’ve carefully considered a variety of genres and titles to ensure that our recommendations include only the best of what the Nintendo Switch has to offer for the younger audience. From adventures that spark the imagination to cooperative games that encourage teamwork, we have identified an array of games that will charm, challenge, and amuse children while maintaining age-appropriate content.

Our analysis has led us to a selection of standout titles that combine visual appeal, engaging mechanics, and suitable content for kids, ensuring hours of fun and learning. Let’s take a closer look at the individual games that have made it to our list of the best kids’ games for the Nintendo Switch.

Top Picks for Kids’ Nintendo Switch Games

As we navigate the colorful world of Nintendo Switch games, it’s our mission to find titles that are not only fun and engaging for children but also ones that foster creativity, learning, and friendly competition. We’ve sifted through the latest and greatest offerings to curate a collection of games that will delight younger players. The games on our list promise to provide hours of entertainment while being suitable for a variety of ages, ensuring that the little gamers in your life will have wholesome and exciting experiences.

The Last Kids On Earth: Staff of Doom

The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom

We believe this game’s adventurous spirit and engaging gameplay make it a worthy addition to any young gamer’s collection.


  • Captivating storyline involving a quest filled with danger and heroism
  • Character upgrades provide a sense of progression and reward
  • Supports multiplayer, fostering cooperative play


  • Combat may be too simplistic for some
  • Mission variety could leave more to be desired
  • Constant background music might become tiresome after extended play

Taking on the roles of Jack, Quint, June, and Dirk provides an enthralling experience as you navigate Wakefield’s streets, battling an invasion of zombies and slime monsters. Our journey in “The Last Kids On Earth and the Staff of Doom” immerses us in a narrative that pits everyday kids against the epic threat of Malondre, Queen of the slime monsters.

The joy we find in any game is often tied to how it grows with us. As we upgrade our weapons and armor, we feel a tangible advancement in our power, making the battle against the forces of Rezzoch, the destructor of worlds, all the more exhilarating.

An experience shared can be twice as enjoyable. The game’s multiplayer functionality allows us to team up with friends or family in couch co-op, providing an inclusive gaming session that is perfect for players of varying skill levels.

While the quest to stop Malondre and her devious plans is riveting, the combat mechanics are straightforward, which can be a double-edged sword. Younger players or newcomers to gaming will find them accessible, but those in search of deeper gameplay may yearn for more complexity.

An array of missions propels the story forward, yet some might wish for greater diversity in the tasks ahead. The sense of repetition is a known enemy in the gaming realm, but one that does not take away from the overall enjoyment of the game.

Lastly, the auditory experience, while initially engaging, might not hold the same charm through hours of play. Repetitive music, however, is a small gripe against an otherwise energetic and vibrant soundtrack that accompanies our heroes’ adventure.

Switch Party Pack

Switch Sports Accessories Bundle

Our top pick will bring extra excitement to family game nights with intuitive and child-friendly design.


  • Enhances engagement with physical accessories for various games
  • Tailored for young gamers with a suitable size for small hands
  • A wide range of accessories supports multiple sports games


  • Some pieces may be less sturdy compared to first-party accessories
  • May not suit all gameplay styles, especially for traditional gamers
  • Extra storage space required for numerous components

Nintendo Switch showcases a vast array of games perfect for kids, and the Switch Party Pack by Honghao is designed to enrich their gaming experience. The bundle’s variety ensures that children are physically involved in the action, emulating sports like tennis, golf, and swordplay in a safe and fun way.

We appreciate the kit’s inclusivity; it easily accommodates multiple players for communal fun. Accessibility is also catered for, with designs made to be easily grabbed and maneuvered by smaller hands. The ease of use translates to quick setup times, meaning more time spent playing and less on preparation.

Durability could be a concern for enthusiastic players, and perhaps not all accessories will have the robustness of those made by Nintendo themselves. However, considering its competitive price point, the set presents an impressive value proposition for parents looking to spice up their kids’ gaming sessions without breaking the bank.

Go Vacation

Go Vacation

We think yours should consider “Go Vacation” for a fun-packed experience that brings a variety of activities to family game night.


  • Wide array of activities suitable for all ages
  • Multiplayer mode enables the whole family to play with just one Joy-Con each
  • Customization features offer a personalized gaming experience


  • Additional accessories are required for the full multiplayer experience and are sold separately
  • The large selection of activities might be overwhelming for some
  • Some may prefer games with a more structured storyline

“Go Vacation” offers an extensive selection of over 50 activities, making it nearly impossible to not find something that every member of the family will enjoy. The option to explore Kawawii Island on horseback or speed through snowy trails on a snowmobile keeps the excitement varied.

The multiplayer experience comes to life as friends and family can join in on the fun with just one Joy-Con controller per person. This aspect of the game underlines its potential as a staple for gatherings, ensuring no one feels left out.

Customizing characters, costumes, and vehicles adds a layer of creativity and ownership to the game, making the gameplay more engaging. Collecting furniture to decorate a personal villa gives players a long-term goal beyond the immediate thrill of the activities.

With that said, it’s important to take into account the need to purchase extra accessories for multiplayer mode. Not everyone will be keen on additional investments after buying the game.

Some players might find the sheer variety of activities too scattered and lacking focus. For those who prefer a solid narrative, the open-ended nature of “Go Vacation” could be seen as a disadvantage.

In sum, “Go Vacation” shines as a diverse and customizable game perfect for families and friends. It encourages repeated play with new challenges and keeps players engaged through its fun avatar and setting customization options.

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats

If you’re looking for a heartwarming pet simulation to share with your family, ‘Little Friends: Dogs & Cats’ is a charming choice.


  • Interactive gameplay with motion controls and touch screen features
  • A variety of pets and accessories to personalize your experience
  • Simple mechanics make it easy for younger players to enjoy


  • Some may find gameplay repetitive over time
  • Limited scope compared to other pet simulation games
  • May not engage older players as much as younger ones

Nintendo Switch has the unique ability to engage young players with games that are not only fun but also creatively stimulating. ‘Little Friends: Dogs & Cats’ capitalizes on this by allowing players to take care of digital pets. This interactive game can be a great way for us to explore the responsibilities of pet ownership without the real-world commitments.

With the ability to interact with up to three pets simultaneously, players are given a sense of companionship that’s enriching and delightfully rendered. We appreciate the personal touch added by selecting and caring for your pets, which teaches valuable life lessons about care and empathy. A vast collection of accessories is available, ensuring that every experience is as unique as our preferences.

This game isn’t exempt from limitations, though. While engaging initially, it could lose its appeal for some due to its straightforward gameplay loop that could be perceived as monotonous over time. Hence, the longevity of the game’s entertainment value might be short-lived for more experienced gamers or those seeking a more complex challenge.

We recognize ‘Little Friends: Dogs & Cats’ as a snug fit for families or younger gamers eager to playfully learn about pet care. Its accessible gameplay and adorable visuals provide a suitable environment for children, encouraging nurturing behaviors and offering a digital pet experience that can be enjoyed in the safety of one’s home.

Paw Patrol Adventure

Paw Patrol On A Roll!

We recommend this game as an excellent choice for young gamers who adore Paw Patrol and are new to video gaming.


  • Engaging adventure for Paw Patrol fans
  • Simple controls suitable for young children
  • Cooperative play using different pup abilities


  • May lack challenge for older kids
  • Limited replayability once all missions are complete
  • Could benefit from more diverse gameplay elements

Join the Paw Patrol pups on an exciting and family-friendly adventure across Adventure Bay. The game offers 16 missions that provide plenty of fun for the little ones.

Within Adventure Bay, there’s always someone in need of help, and our Paw Patrol heroes are eager for action. Offering a selection of each pup’s unique abilities, children feel the thrill of completing important tasks.

Despite its many merits, as players grow, they may seek more significant challenges. While the game excels at offering satisfaction to a young audience, older kids accustomed to more complex gameplay might find it overly simplistic. Nevertheless, it’s a perfect entry point into the world of gaming for novices.

In summary, ‘Paw Patrol On A Roll!’ for Nintendo Switch is a solid choice for parents looking to introduce their children to video games within a familiar and beloved universe. Its straightforward gameplay and engaging missions make for hours of fun, although its appeal may diminish once your child seeks more challenging experiences.

Pink Unicorn Switch Case Kit

Pink Unicorn Carrying Case

We believe this charming kit will delight any young gamer with a fondness for unicorns and a need to keep their Nintendo Switch secure and stylish.


  • Adorable unicorn design perfect for young gamers
  • Comprehensive protection with hard shell case and TPU grip cover
  • Includes screen protectors and stickers for customization


  • Specifically for the standard Nintendo Switch model, not for Lite or OLED
  • Challenging to remove and dock with grip case on
  • Case might be too whimsical for some tastes

Making sure our children’s gadgets are both safe and appealing is a must. This Pink Unicorn Switch Case Kit checks both boxes with undeniable charm. The sturdy design ensures the Nintendo Switch is well protected during travel or when not in use.

Functionality isn’t sacrificed for style, however. The kit includes not just a durable carrying case but also a grip cover that enhances the gameplay experience by providing a comfortable hold on the device.

We understand that convenience is key. Being able to charge the Switch without removing the protective case is a thoughtful feature, though it’s worth noting some find it a bit of a tight fit.

Overall, it’s our assessment that this kit presents an excellent blend of fun and function that’s hard to overlook for those in the market for kid-friendly Switch accessories.

Play with JJ

CoComelon: Play with JJ

We recommend “Play with JJ” for children who love interactive and musical games, offering a fun and educational experience.


  • Features familiar CoComelon songs to sing and play along with
  • Interactive environments in JJ’s house, garden, and treehouse encourage exploration
  • Helps in building a sticker collection, adding a sense of progression and reward


  • May be too simple for older kids, lacking challenge or depth
  • Repetition of activities could lead to reduced long-term interest
  • Limited appeal to children not already fans of CoComelon

When it comes to entertaining younger children, musical minigames are typically a hit, and “Play with JJ” taps into this with its array of CoComelon songs. Through this game, kids can experience the joy of music and develop their coordination skills as they engage with a variety of interactive objects in JJ’s world.

The educational aspect of the game is subtle yet effective. As children interact with various elements within the game, they unconsciously learn about cause and effect. The sticker collection feature serves as a motivator, giving them small goals to work towards, which is excellent for their cognitive development.

While the simplicity of “Play with JJ” is perfect for a younger demographic, parents should be aware that children who are a bit older might not find the same level of enjoyment, as the game’s challenges are tailored to the learning pace of toddlers and preschoolers. However, for parents seeking a wholesome and engaging game for their young ones, especially if they’re already fans of CoComelon, this Nintendo Switch option is a charming choice.

Buying Guide

When we look for the best kids’ games for the Nintendo Switch, certain features are key to ensuring a positive gaming experience. Our guide focuses on what to consider before making a purchase.

Age Appropriateness

First and foremost, we must ensure the game’s content is suitable for the child’s age group. The ESRB rating gives us a clear idea of the appropriate age level.

Replay Value

We seek games that offer high replay value, ensuring children remain engaged over time. Look for games with multiple levels, challenges, and unlockable content.

Multiplayer Options

Games that support multiplayer modes are excellent for family and friend gatherings. A game’s description often indicates its multiplayer capabilities.

Educational Elements

For those of us prioritizing learning, games with educational content can be a good investment. These can include puzzles, strategy games, or ones that encourage creative thinking.

Digital vs. Physical

Consider whether we prefer a digital download or a physical copy of the game. Digital games are convenient and can’t be lost or damaged, but physical copies can be resold or shared.

Feature Why It’s Important
Age Appropriateness Ensures content is suitable
Replay Value Maintains long-term interest
Multiplayer Options Encourages social play
Educational Elements Adds a learning aspect
Digital vs. Physical Copy Depends on personal preference

Customer Reviews

We find it beneficial to read customer reviews for other perspectives and to gauge general satisfaction. This can be very informative, especially regarding the game’s quality and longevity.

By evaluating these features, we can make informed decisions and select games that offer the best experience for children.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered some of the most common questions about the best kids’ games for Nintendo Switch to help make choosing the right games a breeze.

What are the top recommended Switch games for young children?

For young children, we recommend games like “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” for its easy-to-learn controls and “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” for its engaging, peaceful world that encourages creativity.

Which Switch games are suitable for children under the age of 10?

Children under 10 can enjoy titles like “Luigi’s Mansion 3,” which offers puzzles and adventures that are fun without being too complicated, and “Super Mario Odyssey,” with its family-friendly content and forgiving gameplay mechanics.

What are the most popular Nintendo Switch games for kids around 12 years old?

For kids around 12, games such as “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” which provides an expansive open world to explore, and “Splatoon 2,” known for its colorful and competitive paint battles, are popular choices.

Are there any free-to-play Switch games that are appropriate for 5-year-olds?

Yes, “Super Kirby Clash” and “Pokémon Quest” are free-to-play and offer age-appropriate content for 5-year-olds exploring gaming on the Switch.

How can I choose the best Nintendo Switch for my child?

Consider the gaming preferences and maturity level of your child. The Nintendo Switch offers titles catering to various interests and age groups, so research games’ content and features to ensure they align with your child’s age and skills.

Which game holds the title of being the number one on Nintendo Switch for kids?

“Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” consistently holds the title for the number one game on the Nintendo Switch for kids, thanks to its universal appeal and multiplayer fun that’s accessible for all ages.

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  • 🎨 Creative Crafts and DIYs
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